Guys Drop Everything To Save A Baby Horse | The Dodo

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diane9247 - 8 дней назад
Where was this? The names and language seem Italian, but maybe Portugese. The red dirt...looks like Brazil. Great work, guys! 👍👍👍
loopedprism Roblox
loopedprism Roblox - Месяц назад
this breaks my heart that people could just walk by look at the foal take a picture and walk away some people huh
Isa_ Tube
Isa_ Tube - Месяц назад
Brazil 🇧🇷❤️
Dee Kobald
Dee Kobald - Месяц назад
Give the mum some food.. Alfalfa please.. Too skinny! She's eating for two!
Kim - Месяц назад
Awesome job !!!!
Clotho Fate
Clotho Fate - Месяц назад
Oh my god he is a life saver
cshula1 - Месяц назад
Poor mama. So worried!!!
Neha Vishwakarma
Neha Vishwakarma - Месяц назад
What if no one had noticed that baby under thr..... it shivers even of thinking the same
kate kay
kate kay - Месяц назад
Isso foi no Brasil com certeza....em que estado?Alguem sabe?
kate kay
kate kay - Месяц назад
Muito obrigado for salvar este bebe.....homens coracao de ouro.....Deus abencoe todos....
Nadz - Месяц назад
can i just ask how this happened
llynn76 - Месяц назад
Hahahaha! Ant hole.
Sharon Steimle
Sharon Steimle - Месяц назад
tranquility - Месяц назад
Awwwww how sweet
Lauren - Месяц назад
So he had NO IDEA this hole existed and that a horse could drop a leg in there while running and BREAK his leg or a baby fall into the hole? Foresight guys foresight! Oh right..guys only fix stuff when they go Wrong they don't have foresight capabilities...women prevent stuff from happening guys just try n fix it.
Neagu Cosmin
Neagu Cosmin - Месяц назад
Congratulation guys!
Second birth of this little horse, thanks to you.
Brenda Atlas
Brenda Atlas - Месяц назад
We should care this much about the young of our species.
Snowman Rainmaker
Snowman Rainmaker - Месяц назад
Hahaha and Humanity wins again!
Paula Mahaffey
Paula Mahaffey - Месяц назад
Awesome save Paulo !!!!!! Good to have filled in the hole.....
Paula Mahaffey
Paula Mahaffey - Месяц назад
How in the hell ???? What are the chances of a mare having her foal right over a freaking hole ????
Kirsten Foote
Kirsten Foote - Месяц назад
Well done gentlemen good job
Becky Strahan
Becky Strahan - Месяц назад
God bless
Alicia Johnson
Alicia Johnson - Месяц назад
The literal version of born again!
JJ Kern
JJ Kern - Месяц назад
i know this video is about the horses... and i don’t know where this video is, but wow!! that dirt it absolutely incredible! i’ve never seen dirt that color!!
MegaValarie - Месяц назад
Hopefully they will fill the hole in so a horse doesn’t step in & break a leg
bread - Месяц назад
an ant baptism would be dirt
Lynda Compton
Lynda Compton - Месяц назад
Thank you good guys
Aiko Akuma
Aiko Akuma - Месяц назад
that foal was born two times.
Dominique Martinache
Dominique Martinache - Месяц назад
Comment c possible. La maman est maigre on voit ses cotes
DeAnna Dutton
DeAnna Dutton - Месяц назад
Looks like the little guy was delivered twice within a day, once from his mama and once from the earth.🤩
JewelryMaker 1
JewelryMaker 1 - Месяц назад
❤ Love these Hero's!! ❤
Basia Novorr
Basia Novorr - Месяц назад
Command BlockGuru
Command BlockGuru - Месяц назад
Why is the dirt RED?!
MBZ Metalsmithing
MBZ Metalsmithing - Месяц назад
Omg baby was born twice- once from mamma and again by Mother Earth. Thank God they had a good midwife!
Татьяна Мит
Татьяна Мит - Месяц назад
Кормил бы получше лошадь свою.
Celina Fernández
Celina Fernández - Месяц назад
How did it get there? Such a tiny hole? Poor little colt? The hole looks narrower than the birth path ...
gm346553 - Месяц назад
I just yelled “WATCH HIS HEAD PAOLO” in my apartment alone
Sandy Elliott
Sandy Elliott - Месяц назад
What dummy leaves holes in a horse pasture. Can you say broken legs?
All Will Be Well
All Will Be Well - Месяц назад
How do babies of any species fall into tiny holes? I don't get it. Do they fold up or what? God bless them all and God bless the souls of the ones who don't make it. Mother horse's ribs are a little too prominent. Please feed her more. Thank you.
Shundi 5
Shundi 5 - Месяц назад
God bless you my son. You are great.👍👍
Ehorses 272
Ehorses 272 - 2 месяца назад
Tina McLaughlin
Tina McLaughlin - 2 месяца назад
Bueno Paulo! Saved the little one!
Edie Koller
Edie Koller - 2 месяца назад
So glad the baby was saved...!
True Hokage
True Hokage - 2 месяца назад
How did he get in ther
Dill Pickle
Dill Pickle - 2 месяца назад
Don’t let the rescue distract you from the fact that you still don’t know how the horse got in the hole in the first place
Pat Rooney
Pat Rooney - 2 месяца назад
Wow, how did that happen!!!!!🐎🙏😚💕💕💕💕💕
Siti Nadhirah
Siti Nadhirah - 2 месяца назад
A horse in the hole.. Let's make a new night story
HamNugget Nugget
HamNugget Nugget - 2 месяца назад
"He was born last night and then fell into a hole"
My whole life in one sentence
JD Scala
JD Scala - 2 месяца назад
Why don't they tell you the circumstances? How in the world did that foal wind up buried? What part of the world are they in? Etc, etc, etc...
Baby Boo
Baby Boo - 2 месяца назад
May God Bless the men who saved the baby horse, we need a lot more people like them. Many Many Blessings to them.
Kip Loretta
Kip Loretta - 2 месяца назад
Applause!! Nice job guys
Sharon Bayliss
Sharon Bayliss - 2 месяца назад
Another man earth angel.
Hannah Meaker
Hannah Meaker - 2 месяца назад
What language is that
Giulia Peterlongo
Giulia Peterlongo - 2 месяца назад
Brazilian Portuguese. I'm actually from Brazil, so this video was a pleasant surprise :)
cassie hall
cassie hall - 2 месяца назад
That was soo good them! But it gave me so much anxiety cuz I thought he was gonna hit the horses head. Glade he didn't !!!!😂
Tem_fan ;-;
Tem_fan ;-; - 2 месяца назад
^_^ thx for that clip
Catherine HFD
Catherine HFD - 2 месяца назад
well done .. beautiful
john vespa
john vespa - 2 месяца назад
To the comments of these horses looking thin. It’s a cultural thing. I’m sure they just live on pasture. no worming or vaccines. They all look a little thin and wormy! The foal was hungry after a night without mom! He was all over that!
Lazurkri - 2 месяца назад time, don't edit in such ridiculously loud music please...
MadLad_Randum - 2 месяца назад
You're alright boah
It’s wild animal ShELby
It’s wild animal ShELby - 2 месяца назад
Animal moms are so wonderful. That momma horse was so worried but so patient
Lola - 2 месяца назад
The little grunt the momma makes in the background after the baby is pulled out makes me so happy haha. It's a happy noise that horses make! My horses make the same noise when they see me
Elena Zuniga
Elena Zuniga - 2 месяца назад
omg this made me sad cuz i have a fool
IISAGIRAFFE 7827 - 2 месяца назад
Gabby's World
Gabby's World - 2 месяца назад
Kinda looks like South Hoof on sso.
kayceejay - 2 месяца назад
yeah.. but.. HOW?!
Abigaile Fordyce
Abigaile Fordyce - 2 месяца назад
james pisano
james pisano - 2 месяца назад
Good work, men!
meme gaming
meme gaming - 2 месяца назад
A good slav is helping motherland animal's
ronn leon
ronn leon - 2 месяца назад
Nice staged video! Love how you make youtubers feel it’s real...
Cathy Holley
Cathy Holley - 2 месяца назад
Excellent job. 👍🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😇😇😇😇💖💖💖💖🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🥀🌷⚘🌻👍🏻👍🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😇😇🐎🐎
Michel Guy
Michel Guy - 2 месяца назад
Wonderfull ! :)
D RolyPolyMan
D RolyPolyMan - 2 месяца назад
How does this happen? A baby horse falling into a hole 🕳? WTF! How about plugging up the damn 🕳 hole so it doesn’t happen again? Thanks for saving the baby’s life!
Raine Sonne'
Raine Sonne' - 2 месяца назад
What idiot puts horses in an area with a bunch of holes?! The horses could break a leg!
Astrid Kienitz
Astrid Kienitz - 2 месяца назад
That's called a foal.
linux750 - 2 месяца назад
You could say that that baby horse was...BORN AGAIN.


Horatio Caine memes are still cool right?
Vanna Rocha
Vanna Rocha - 2 месяца назад
In Brasil
Void Critter
Void Critter - 2 месяца назад
These are the people I love
Jekku - 2 месяца назад
"Baby horse." you mean like A FOAL????? Come on Dodo, do better.
Sheigh Pullen
Sheigh Pullen - 2 месяца назад
Super adorable name! ❤
Reitta Handa
Reitta Handa - 2 месяца назад
KUDOS PAULO!!! 👍🏻👍🏻💪💪
Coconut ScienceGirl92
Coconut ScienceGirl92 - 2 месяца назад
I like how it isn’t a choice for these men. They know it’s this duty and obligation and they didn’t think twice to do it!
Mastermav11 - 2 месяца назад
How’d he even fit in that hole
Animal Lover
Animal Lover - 2 месяца назад
That must have been such a traumatic experience for the foal! Thank you to the people who saved him!!!
Earth Truth Hunters
Earth Truth Hunters - 2 месяца назад
3 toenail poxes on the 24 thumb downers. May vomit be your sustenance for 3 years. Great work from all involved. Blessings be upon you all, Ant and Momma as well.
April Thompson
April Thompson - 2 месяца назад
I am addicted to your channel!
Kimberly Padgett
Kimberly Padgett - 2 месяца назад
God the music is annoying!!! So happy they found and saved the foal❤️
Jaaman06 - 2 месяца назад
Mais comment a-t'il était se mettre dans un si petit trou 😲 ? Merci aux gentils sauveteurs 👍😃💕. Merci à vous The Dodo pour avoir mit en ligne cette vidéo 😃👍💗.
Firefly 17
Firefly 17 - 2 месяца назад
Non ho capito,da dove vengono i piccoli cavalli 🐴?Dalla terra??🤭
TheWeardale1 - 2 месяца назад
poor baby :( well done guys :)
Robbit Bobbit
Robbit Bobbit - 2 месяца назад
Great rescue of the horse, but he may have just buried alive any other animal that may have been living down there.
s flo
s flo - 2 месяца назад
Sat at the end of my chair the whole time. Glad baby and mommy are well.
Adarsha Dan
Adarsha Dan - 2 месяца назад
Thanks for saving the poor baby horse..but I wonder how did he manage to get in there ? 🤔
Mustard Seed
Mustard Seed - 2 месяца назад
Thank you from his mom. XO 😘
Pausen Think
Pausen Think - 2 месяца назад
Anyone know what language they are speaking? I would love it if dodo gave more detail about videos like this.
Giulia Peterlongo
Giulia Peterlongo - Месяц назад
This video takes place in my country, Brazil, where we speak Brazilian Portuguese ;)
Pausen Think
Pausen Think - 2 месяца назад
I don't know much about horses but doesn't that mare look really skinny, with her ribs showing? I hope they take good care of her.
spider boi
spider boi - 2 месяца назад
I read the title as "Guy drops baby to save horse"
ShinyGirafarig - 2 месяца назад
I also wonder how a foal ended up down in that tiny hole... good job saving Ant ^^
LavenderLushLuxury - 2 месяца назад
Cute Cuties.
Chris Williams
Chris Williams - 2 месяца назад
How did the horse fit in there
shannon o'neill
shannon o'neill - 2 месяца назад
Those men are a lifesaver just gave 2 questions how is the dirt red and how did any even manage to get in that tiny tiny hole
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