The Professor Teaches James Harden a Signature Move 'The Teleport'

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Jay Jay
Jay Jay - Час назад
Harden gon be a monster he do this in game
Nicholas Verando
Nicholas Verando - 17 часов назад
Thats kool. But henot going to try that in no game.
ThisAwesome - 20 часов назад
2:31 is that Tristan Jazz and Marcela’s Howard?
kravenofspider - 21 час назад
Love the Professor. I always wonder why guys who are "team players" (excluding Harden in this case) who are horrible free throw shooters won't suck it up to learn to granny shoot foul shots? If you really want to be a team guy and help the team win.
fantastico mdz
fantastico mdz - 22 часа назад
No se xq jarden acepto ir a perder suu tiempo
CiCLoDoL - День назад
Didn't watch till the end. How many free throws did James Harden have?
Muse Russell23
Muse Russell23 - День назад
Nice man
Gray Man
Gray Man - День назад
I tried this move for the first time and i hit my opponents ball.. this move needs to be practice everyday so you could master it and do it efficiently..
CROWN - 15 часов назад
What? You mean balls* right?
Gray Man
Gray Man - День назад
I tried this move for the first time and i hit my opponents ball.. this move needs to be practice everyday so you could master it and do it efficiently..
ShubbyVideogames - День назад
That beard makes him soooooooo uglllyyyyyyyy
ShubbyVideogames - День назад
If sabi the truck driver and Christian Gray had sex .. professor would be the =
Bigg Redd
Bigg Redd - День назад
Do kyrie
Marcel and Tristan in the background 😂😂
Kevin GHOST Needham
Kevin GHOST Needham - День назад
You are all carrying the ball when you are dribbling it.
Alano Eckiwardy
Alano Eckiwardy - День назад
Y’all shoulda played 1v1
STONEY BURK - День назад
That move should be called "The Professor" he mastered his own move and now class is in session.
Kane Garvey
Kane Garvey - День назад
Everyone ripping on Hardens traveling, see lebrons like half court travel the other day? Lmao NO CALL
Ian B
Ian B - День назад
Kyrie can street ball and Pro
DK THEMAN - 2 дня назад
You could never do that against real nba players in a real nba game lol
hello12345579 - 2 дня назад
3:20 this fool actually called himself out for flopping everywhere
CFN Chris
CFN Chris - 2 дня назад
He’s gonna do that in a game 😂😂
The Chopboard
The Chopboard - 2 дня назад
Harden should've been on the opposite side of the court. He's left handed. Can't show a southpaw a right handed move and expect it to work. You have to do the mirror image
Underrated 77
Underrated 77 - 2 дня назад
Why isn't Professor in the NBA? I know he can play against those guys
666 LactoseFreeOcto666
666 LactoseFreeOcto666 - 2 дня назад
Underrated 77 he’s not athletic enough he probably weighs a few 50-100 pounds less then them all. He’d die in there, not to mention most of his moves are illegal
King Lo
King Lo - 2 дня назад
Hope Harden does it in a real game now
Drew Wachter
Drew Wachter - 3 дня назад
Congrats Man!
EaZyKiNg - 3 дня назад
Harden facts bout to do that in game
xmchughs - 3 дня назад
Talk with Harden at 0:54
Driftking5213 Gang
Driftking5213 Gang - 3 дня назад
I wanna see I video where you show Kyrie Irving some moves
Volve - 3 дня назад
Can you go against Kobe Bryant ?
Sound Fun
Harris Choudhary
Harris Choudhary - 2 дня назад
They don’t have enough clout to get Kobe
박준수 - 3 дня назад
Collaborate with Steph Curry.
Jin Wook Kim
Jin Wook Kim - 3 дня назад
Harden may be too tall to try this move
JACOB'S LADDER - 4 дня назад
Good job... just glad to see a pro baller that said he would participate... HARDEN!
JACOB'S LADDER - 4 дня назад
We got a lot of criticism here... mabe that's why he is in this video... and we are not.. just enjoy the show.
King Keelo13
King Keelo13 - 4 дня назад
Slurpiii _Angeles
Slurpiii _Angeles - 4 дня назад
Slurpiii _Angeles
Slurpiii _Angeles - 4 дня назад
Mdmchannel - 4 дня назад
I can’t believe you’re white
Jose Luis Osorio najera
Jose Luis Osorio najera - 5 дней назад
Walter Martin
Walter Martin - 5 дней назад
Video with curry
Bryan Johnson
Bryan Johnson - 6 дней назад
I just think it's great a every day Street baller teaching a professional moves
star x
star x - 6 дней назад
Teach LeBron James how to do a few of your skills
Kristian Ravlić
Kristian Ravlić - 3 дня назад
You mean he should teach him how to shoot FT?
Brian.K - 6 дней назад
2 free throws for Harden
jamie Russell
jamie Russell - 6 дней назад
It's okay to learn something Hardin....
James Barr
James Barr - 6 дней назад
Valk3 - 6 дней назад
Next video: James Harden teaches Professor "The Travel"
Jordan Key
Jordan Key - 4 дня назад
Its not a travel... .Its a Journey ;p
Nathaniel McTaggart
Nathaniel McTaggart - 7 дней назад
you guys see tjazz
Winsy Delos Denver
Winsy Delos Denver - 7 дней назад
Hi tj jass
The Sports Brothers
The Sports Brothers - 7 дней назад
Wave check niqqa
M J - 8 дней назад
hes huge lol
Pranav Kite
Pranav Kite - 8 дней назад
Chef curry
Not Santa
Not Santa - 8 дней назад
Ohhhh, the SpiderVerse Jordans!!
Alfred Nicholas
Alfred Nicholas - 8 дней назад
Stephen curry
Dan Dimasakto
Dan Dimasakto - 9 дней назад
Sir Prof. Do you have a video challenging NBA player for best of 3?
Lai Yong Shao apink
Lai Yong Shao apink - 9 дней назад
If the ball hit his ball
aigarm - 9 дней назад
TJass in the back
Very Nice Video..God Bless You Professor..
Blackmachismoo - 10 дней назад
That would be sick if he did that in a game
Human Resources
Human Resources - 10 дней назад
Wigger with skillz.
Silver Orgold
Silver Orgold - 10 дней назад
Dude....Kyrie Irving would be awesome with that move and his cross over.
Theo Dutra
Theo Dutra - 9 дней назад
exactly bro, kyrie could pull it off in game
Deridivis Star
Deridivis Star - 10 дней назад
Yeah I think Harden can pull this off in a real game.
Overwatch Gale
Overwatch Gale - 11 дней назад
I’m glad travelers and carryovers are teaming up together
Davi2810 - 11 дней назад
Should be teaching him the basic's of dribbling without traveling...
Regan Bent
Regan Bent - 11 дней назад
Kyrie irving
Klorel - 11 дней назад
Now he can teleport out of the Nba finals !
Mark the Shark
Mark the Shark - 12 дней назад
As cool as the Professor may be,
Trying this move against Street Level Ballers is one thing,
But attempting this against Actual, "TRAINED" NBA Pros during a Live Game,
is an Entirely 'DIFFERENT' Matter All together...LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!! :D :D
Danny Martinez Martinez
Danny Martinez Martinez - 12 дней назад
Hope Harden does this move on Durant or any of the GS Worriers lol
Guess Who
Guess Who - 12 дней назад
Is there anybody out there that can give professor a good match up? Would love to see that video. Professor seems like a down to earth guy.
Jon Hohensee
Jon Hohensee - 12 дней назад
So... at what point in basketball history did it become legal to "carry" the ball?
Tom Halliday
Tom Halliday - 12 дней назад
Giannis is MVP
ehrgieiz - 12 дней назад
Manuel Roberts
Manuel Roberts - 12 дней назад
Hell nah mvp this year is Kevin Garnett next year mvp Kevin Garnett year after Kevin Garnett
Adrian Banuelos
Adrian Banuelos - 12 дней назад
LeBron James
Gregorius Byers
Gregorius Byers - 12 дней назад
If this professor dude is teaching james harding moves y isnt he in the nba then
Kienan Laframboise
Kienan Laframboise - 12 дней назад
Collab with steph curry
o man
o man - 12 дней назад
You should play a game with Harlem globetrotters
Landon Christian
Landon Christian - 12 дней назад
this is sick... why couldn't I be 12 years younger learning
Calub Chapeck
Calub Chapeck - 13 дней назад
I’m from 50 miles away from where professor is from, and I have no idea where he got that gangsta accent lol...definitely not a Salem Oregon accent
Landon Christian
Landon Christian - 12 дней назад
at least it aint straight hood like the guys he plays with on a daily basis
Angel Lou Poyaoan
Angel Lou Poyaoan - 13 дней назад
Step back after teleport would be nasty lol
rice - 13 дней назад
James harden can teach his signiture move "The refs"
Landon Christian
Landon Christian - 12 дней назад
lol... I always imagine the guys of today like Harden playing in the 80's - 90's and getting man handled without a call.
Hurley Cape town
Hurley Cape town - 13 дней назад
Should have taught him the basics of defense.
Shaidie Aliyul
Shaidie Aliyul - 13 дней назад
FedorMachida Last
FedorMachida Last - 13 дней назад
That defender did look retarded, imo. You always look at the guy's waist to see where he is going. Same as in football. Plus, the defender was up too high and was too close. He sucked. If I wasn't an old bastard, I would volunteer to replace that asshole.
They need to try this teleport crap on a great defender like, Jrue, or even Patrick Beverley.
FedorMachida Last
FedorMachida Last - 13 дней назад
Harden is my favorite player. I love that guy. I am glad The Rockets are starting to surge. If CP3 can stay healthy, The Rockets can def. make a move in the Playoffs.
ABSays 0
ABSays 0 - 13 дней назад
love him or not harden is one of the best.
LUAJ 15 - 13 дней назад
Teleport followed by t jass lay
TheDragon Slayer540
TheDragon Slayer540 - 13 дней назад
Yeah thats woud be a great ending move fir the final shot
Frank Silva
Frank Silva - 13 дней назад
Illegal. If I was refing and a player pulled that move I’d whistle him for palming the ball before the teleport. Every damn time.
Anthony D
Anthony D - 14 дней назад
Why you talk like a black dude
Anthony D
Anthony D - 12 дней назад
+Landon Christian right, so whites are talking black, which means it's so prevalent that it catches on. So there fore blacks are oppressed
Landon Christian
Landon Christian - 12 дней назад
I think it's basketball lingo.... and today, most white kids are playing video games or golf (i.e.) instead of basketball. What you hear on a daily basis makes a big difference in the way you talk.
Ryan B
Ryan B - 14 дней назад
Why dont you teach him how to not be a bitch
Liem Patrick
Liem Patrick - 14 дней назад
Perfect Move but miss the shot LOL
Landon Christian
Landon Christian - 12 дней назад
does the shot even matter anymore ? : )
Carlos Kim
Carlos Kim - 14 дней назад
wow collaboration with an NBA superstar. That’s impressive!
Robyn Timal
Robyn Timal - 14 дней назад
Work with curry!
Sangeeta Pandey
Sangeeta Pandey - 14 дней назад
i think u should collaborate with Kyrie Irving as he has way better handles than James Harden
Landon Christian
Landon Christian - 12 дней назад
Kyrie don't need handle help
John Alexis Mojica
John Alexis Mojica - 14 дней назад
id like to see harden use it in playoffs...
Tayvo - 14 дней назад
if he hits this move in game just end the season bro
Landon Christian
Landon Christian - 12 дней назад
slap a VC "it's over" on it.
MR007P - 14 дней назад
Zach Levine please
sam gee
sam gee - 14 дней назад
Derek2k - 14 дней назад
I love this man damn. Bro I wanna see him throw it in a game too. I can tell he has the first part down pat easy pease nasty quickness with it too
Daveed da sick
Daveed da sick - 14 дней назад
He doesn’t need that move when they allow him to pick up the ball and hop away three or four times
900evan The Real McCoy
900evan The Real McCoy - 14 дней назад
What that nigga say at 3:24 ???! “Foul Ayeee” Nigga we know !!😂😂😭🤣
Adrian Green
Adrian Green - 14 дней назад
James Harden is the NBA
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