The Professor Teaches James Harden a Signature Move 'The Teleport'

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Supreme TMN
Supreme TMN - 8 hours ago
Kyrie and A.I are better
Supreme TMN
Supreme TMN - 8 hours ago
Like like how harden can’t do that in the nba because in the nba they don’t fall for behind the legs shit
Dustin Surprises
Dustin Surprises - 19 hours ago
Why Harden doesn’t use this in a real game is beyond me.
bb996 - 2 days ago
LeBron James LeBron James
PÜBG का TV - 2 days ago
Amazing brother
Marco T
Marco T - 2 days ago
The prof > harden
Lawn Pros
Lawn Pros - 6 days ago
You need to work with J Crossover... His handles are so nice already!!!
Dream Walker
Dream Walker - 6 days ago
Scary move for james harden to try on NBA
Aniket Tomar
Aniket Tomar - 9 days ago
What's the music at 0:42 seconds
Awie Elf
Awie Elf - 10 days ago
Prof . QnA , can u play basketball without dribble ?
Testy Templar
Testy Templar - 10 days ago
You guys see Marcelas Howard and T Jass standing up against the wall getting ready to teach him flashy layups?
Testy Templar
Testy Templar - 5 days ago
melikememesboi YT that's what I meant
melikememesboi YT
melikememesboi YT - 5 days ago
It wasn’t Jesser it was t jass
Mineaxes - 11 days ago
You should be an NBA player instead of a basketball pro on youtube
Mineaxes - 8 days ago
+Bakuza too bad
Bakuza - 8 days ago
+Mineaxes He tried, he wasn't good enough
Mineaxes - 9 days ago
+Bakuza why doesn't he try?
Bakuza - 9 days ago
If he could he would
Stock Investing and Trading 101
why they talking to Harden like they better or smarter than him
Ryan Soriano
Ryan Soriano - 12 days ago
Professor dribbling skills will not work in NBA players
Muntan Tangliban
Muntan Tangliban - 12 days ago
One on one with kyrie irving professor
J C - 13 days ago
I was a kid the first time I saw this move, Bow wow was the first person I ever saw do this move.
Bet no one will be ever to tell me where from!
tallman862713 - 14 days ago
bet even if he got it work out, he would still do the double step back...
Elijah Payne
Elijah Payne - 14 days ago
Still couldn’t beat the warriors tho
Slikk - 14 days ago
Not trying to rain on Professor’s parade....this is not a move he created🤔 we were doing this in my days on the playground...I’m over 40 yrs old.
BasicTruth1109 - 14 days ago
We don’t want you to just show them to them. We want them to earn it, by them having to defend you once or twice in order to get the chance to learn it.
Asterios Kypraios
Asterios Kypraios - 14 days ago
elalexsantos - 14 days ago
teleported right outta the playoffs 😭
Jesus Izrael Video
Jesus Izrael Video - 15 days ago : )
Jesus Izrael Video
Jesus Izrael Video - 15 days ago
Jesus Izrael Video
Jesus Izrael Video - 15 days ago
Jesus Izrael Video
Jesus Izrael Video - 15 days ago
Jesus Izrael Video
Jesus Izrael Video - 15 days ago
we can always learn something from each other and from God :) ,brothers should help each other =)
DevEnt - 15 days ago
Hardens handles are underrated? Boy what
IKonic _NOM
IKonic _NOM - 16 days ago
Bruh harden better be doing this at the warriors😂😂
Tony Stark
Tony Stark - 16 days ago
James Harden learns *teleport* on his third try
Me learns *teleport* after 5 years of practice
Hiten Chauhan
Hiten Chauhan - 16 days ago
Show off
N.W. Native
N.W. Native - 17 days ago
Better than rb
julio trejo
julio trejo - 17 days ago
April Sheem Pariñas
April Sheem Pariñas - 17 days ago
Tj jass is standing did you see him? Like if u agree
Damon Magele
Damon Magele - 17 days ago
If he did this in a game and pulled it off, that would be amazing
Leandro Tuti
Leandro Tuti - 18 days ago
Sensational! Congratulations!
Greetings from a fan of Brazil!
Joshua Crayton
Joshua Crayton - 18 days ago
Aye bro it'll be cool to see you and Kyrie. East Texas Hooper here.
vincent manila
vincent manila - 19 days ago
Whooa!!! T jazz was there
mineee Romero
mineee Romero - 21 day ago
Link with kirie
Wali Bashir
Wali Bashir - 22 days ago
Professor & Uncle Drew must see YT.
Andrue Dusaban
Andrue Dusaban - 22 days ago
I want to learn that Teleport signature by professor 😁
Big J
Big J - 22 days ago
Caleb with lebron James
B3NG vZoufa
B3NG vZoufa - 22 days ago
u should do Stephen curry
Daniel S
Daniel S - 25 days ago
My brother in christ love bro just if can put some bible verses in your shirt that we do
Mr. Brading
Mr. Brading - 26 days ago
This man just got more dangerous. #WORK
elijah johnson
elijah johnson - 27 days ago
Kyrie Irving and Jamal Crawford
FuzZie - 27 days ago
The Professor Should be on the Celebrity basketball game
shelldeez - 27 days ago
bone collector looks like yg
A Great Beats
A Great Beats - 27 days ago
Would have really liked to see the professor make it to the league than rafer 🗑 Alston
raider150reborn#!!!sm reborn
Wow amazing moves
Monzer - 28 days ago
FBI Agent 2.0
FBI Agent 2.0 - 28 days ago
This is why James Harden got some skills
FBI Agent 2.0
FBI Agent 2.0 - 27 days ago
+Александр Король that's not nice 😒😒😒
Александр Король
FBI agent hahahahahahhahahah. You are as much an agent as a balarina. Hey fbi take this 🖕
Frances Key
Frances Key - 28 days ago
Stephen curry
Mart'1 Rvr
Mart'1 Rvr - 28 days ago
Hair of the professor...
The Hypnotic Girl
The Hypnotic Girl - 28 days ago
Stephen Curry should be the next
Quig the stig
Quig the stig - 28 days ago
Juries Irving or Jayson taytum
DidioGamer - 28 days ago
Dude if harden ever uses that in a real game its gonna be so sick. I hope he actually trains that and try to implement in his arsenal.
Matthew _ Playz
Matthew _ Playz - 28 days ago
2:52 TJaas
Fo Reel
Fo Reel - 28 days ago
they both looked nervous around Harden lolz
Alvaro Lopez
Alvaro Lopez - 28 days ago
The professor needs to teach this fool how not to travel all the damn time.
KJ Grey
KJ Grey - 29 days ago
Mad respect to Professor here. talk about intimidation: the league MVP and highest scorer high-fives you for showing him a court move. Way to hold it together--no frontin just humility and respect. Props
THE MICAH MICAH n - 29 days ago
Michael jordan
John Freeman
John Freeman - 29 days ago
I think you should collaborate with Westbrook...
Brent - 29 days ago
All-Star game.. hope he breaks it out :D
wilroc23 - 29 days ago
I would like to c u with Steph Curry. That would be classic
Александр Король
Classic ? With that punk curry?
Anthony Visco
Anthony Visco - Month ago
At 00:39 that teleport is SICK
Drake Johnson
Drake Johnson - Month ago
I recommend "Steph Curry"
TheHoudini Fix
TheHoudini Fix - Month ago
Should have been with curry
Vasilhs Prokopis
Vasilhs Prokopis - Month ago
I got a question... If u fail and hit em on the nuts... it's called a foul? xD
Eric Maza
Eric Maza - 27 days ago
No man is a technical. Cuz it will hit him in the technicals.
Jue Min
Jue Min - Month ago
Yo I subscribe you ‘cause I made my promise when I played dota with ya~
Michael Soto
Michael Soto - Month ago
1:47 LOL
DBZBOYZ24 - Month ago
Giannis antetokounmpo for mvp
mary esele
mary esele - Month ago
HaRdEn bought to do this move in a game and be like yo fam I made this God move # BIGGEST CAP
mary esele
mary esele - Month ago
mary esele
mary esele - Month ago
HaRdEn be like my beard too heavy 2 do that
FernExtra FernExtra
FernExtra FernExtra - Month ago
mcbrizzle82 - Month ago
would LOVE to see professor and kyrie irving
Z in Oklahoma
Z in Oklahoma - Month ago
well that was awesome!
Jose Orellana
Jose Orellana - Month ago
Stephen curry
ice cold
ice cold - Month ago
Lebron do this move multiple time
YT CrazyTalent
YT CrazyTalent - Month ago
Collaborate with Kyrie Irving. He's a really great ball handler
Douglas Lacy
Douglas Lacy - Month ago
Meet up with the splash bros
The Person
The Person - Month ago
I feel embarrassed
TrAiLeRpArKpiMp N
TrAiLeRpArKpiMp N - Month ago
Fear the Beard!!! James is the F-N man!!!
Toryan Respress
Toryan Respress - Month ago
professor is a cool as dude one dude I would want to hang out with for sure.
Surg Rubin
Surg Rubin - Month ago
The Professor should not be shown ing his tricks until after he retires !!!
young nigga
young nigga - 27 days ago
It doesn't matter hes not an NBA player any waysp
Erica Ferguson
Erica Ferguson - Month ago
Should be easily done TO Harden. His defense is atrocious.
Skipp3rBuds - Month ago
Anyone have a video of him doing this in game?
Joaquin Hernandez
Joaquin Hernandez - Month ago
Fear the beard
Kyros ll
Kyros ll - Month ago
Y don’t u play in the nba
Unsatisfactory Zackary
Professor: this is a hard move to learn that might take a while to learn
James Harden: hold my beer
Jennie Fanny
Jennie Fanny - Month ago
4FIVE STUDIOS - Month ago
Kyrie Irving
Peyton Phillips
Peyton Phillips - Month ago
Teach steph curry
Hiraku - Month ago
idk if anyone said this before but professor be the eminem of hoopers
Shaun Ryan
Shaun Ryan - Month ago
Harden looks 3 feet taller and 150 pounds heavier than the white guy
Celine 셀린 MXY
Celine 셀린 MXY - Month ago
tristan jass inside
Ninja Scroll
Ninja Scroll - Month ago
James harden is going to modify the move so that instead of going between the legs you hold the ball and walk around the defender. It will be known as the “wait what?”
Christian Thomas
Christian Thomas - Month ago
It’s called the travel
Z A Dubs
Z A Dubs - Month ago
Great move, great video. So Harden is lefty for sure.
Z A Dubs
Z A Dubs - Month ago
Bruh, I love you... do you have to put your suitcase on the bed?
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