Manchester United 3-2 AC Milan 2010 UCL Round of 16 All goals & Highlights FHD/1080P

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aziz khouama
aziz khouama - 7 hours ago
Cloctic - 17 hours ago
When United was actually a team
Romadhani Syahputra
Pirlo accuracy 99%
Ahmad Imam
Ahmad Imam - 2 days ago
Clearly Ronaldinho was fouled at 2:30 ..and and how cool was that from seedorf at 9:54
hognigk96 - 2 days ago
0:32 I feel violated after seeing Ronaldinho licking his fucking lips like that
Natty Pearce
Natty Pearce - 2 days ago
What did Beckham do lol?
Osman de souza
Osman de souza - 3 days ago
I miss Ronaldinho. He is a Legend football. Also seedorf, pirlo, inzaghi, rooney, Beckham...👌👌 Legends ❤
Hessan YT
Hessan YT - 3 days ago
Can’t Believe my eyes watching pirlo Beckham and ronaldinho in the same fucking team
Galvistrainer - 3 days ago
que corte la que tenia el milan !!
Esteban Palacio velez
Esteban Palacio velez - 3 days ago
Nunca entedere por que dejaron morir el milan
Ner382 Tutoriales
Ner382 Tutoriales - 4 days ago
Is it me or UCL games don’t feel like that anymore
김정현 - 4 days ago
나니 크로스가 거의 홍철급이네
Ken Nguyen Game
Ken Nguyen Game - 4 days ago
I like Ronaldinho
GRIZZLY BANKER - 5 days ago
Back then when players used to wear gloves and loose kit...... the good days, now they so tight you can see the players tits!
Ivan Syckovs
Ivan Syckovs - 5 days ago
Baki Azaklı
Baki Azaklı - 5 days ago
Nani bi orta yapamadın amk
Fatih Kayhan
Fatih Kayhan - 5 days ago
Bu maçı nasıl vermiş lan Milan
MED KAY - 6 days ago
football is the best thing in life for me right now
Sonicfeli | Zac Supp!
Sonicfeli | Zac Supp! - 6 days ago
2:28 he´ll never do it like Ronaldo nazario
albert prawira
albert prawira - 6 days ago
ah the memories.
Mo_MuHa - 6 days ago
Nesta was a beast
Abdulkadir Asci
Abdulkadir Asci - 6 days ago
Büyük topçulardı büyük
Izz Rusyaidi
Izz Rusyaidi - 7 days ago
Nani cross remind of young
Calogero Argirò
Calogero Argirò - 7 days ago
età media milan 50 anni
Nosaveddata - 7 days ago
Would love to have seen Ronaldinho and Huntelaar play in the premier league.
Angga New
Angga New - 8 days ago
Нуржан Намазбаев
Вот у Милана состав всех можно было выносить
윤용현 - 8 days ago
박지성.. 큰 경기에 강한..
Good match
doe zaa
doe zaa - 8 days ago
ParcoDK - 10 days ago
Literally just a video of Ronaldinho skills and Nani bad Crossing.
Kênh Nhật - Việt
Kênh Nhật - Việt - 10 days ago
Beckham cố tình đá trượt &@
Birtek - 11 days ago
That Ronaldinho - Seedorf action. Woah.
Stephan Teixeira
Stephan Teixeira - 11 days ago
que seleção o Milan tinha
Ahmet - 11 days ago
if you missed the football between 99-08 you can find all of them in one game, yes it is.
pajonk - 11 days ago
ronaldinjo wali po nosie teraz
Cristionela Ronalessi
Cristionela Ronalessi - 11 days ago
9:52 What a play by ronaldinho and seedorf😲
notorious MIG
notorious MIG - 11 days ago
Ronaldinho, Seedorf, Nesta, Pirlo, a young Pato....on the other side Rooney, Ferdinand, Scholes, Park, Nani ....big names, nostalgic feelings, childhood days....
I miss this mentality, football seemed such more real than it is today
HiRoki Kun
HiRoki Kun - 12 days ago
Only Barcelona still performs such a football nowadays
Rishard - 12 days ago
We are so lucky coz we evidence such wonderful matches before money rule football
Bowyy1 - 12 days ago
4:40 that has to be one of the luckiest goals in football history :D
Surisetty Praveen
Surisetty Praveen - 12 days ago
Carlos Antonio Sepúlveda Urra
Ronaldinho celebraba los goles antes de que entrara la pelota, era un autentico crack
Javier Vidal
Javier Vidal - 13 days ago
Cuando el Milán daba miedo, ahora hay puro pelele más preocupados por sus peinados que por su desempeño futbolístico
ech0wz Gaming
ech0wz Gaming - 13 days ago
Nani missed every single cross in this game lmao
shadowfallenable - 13 days ago
Tiago Silva is the Tony Jaa of defense!! :)
bla bla
bla bla - 13 days ago
LMAO @ Scholes' goal (4:30). That's gotta be the only "luft" goal scored in the entire history of football xD
Also, when you keep Seedorf and Inzaghi on the bench in a UCL game against Man Utd and have Beckham, Pirlo, and Ronaldinho on the pitch it means that you have a team capable of winning anything, against anyone, at any given time. The AC Milan of the 2000-2010 decade is the only team I have TRULY liked in the entire history of football. I didn't even like my local team (Universitatea Craiova) as much as I have liked that Milan team. I miss that team like you can't even imagine :(
Gunt Rose
Gunt Rose - 14 days ago
Mantap bujanginam
Henry Uleanya
Henry Uleanya - 14 days ago
I miss milan😢
Fedor Tytchev
Fedor Tytchev - 14 days ago
Наикрасивейший матч
اا اال
اا اال - 14 days ago
ويجيك واحد مثل بيل يسوى 100 مليون
ااااااااااااااه على ايام الكوره الحلوه والاساطير
Monsieur Candie
Monsieur Candie - 14 days ago
Nani couldt put a cross
Fc Fay
Fc Fay - 14 days ago
Monster Rooney
Gioele De Carlo
Gioele De Carlo - 14 days ago
Omg dinho
HUSEYIN ERYILMAZ - 15 days ago
9:34 balgam atcak aq
Madridista 7911
Madridista 7911 - 15 days ago
Marcos Fernandes
Marcos Fernandes - 16 days ago
Qwando o Ronaldinho da a pedalada, o cara bota o pé pra impedir a passagem, era pênalti!!!!!
walios hiramilus
walios hiramilus - 16 days ago
2010 and 2011 it was the end of milan best days in cl .
ทวีทรัพย์ นันทัชัย
Abbas loucifer
Abbas loucifer - 16 days ago
Golden boy wayen Rooney best player in United ever 😢😢
Filipe Aranha
Filipe Aranha - 16 days ago
Ronaldinho Rei
Pato fraquinho demais
MW2fanatic - 16 days ago
Whoever edited this video isn't overly fond of Nani haha every hightlight was a terrible cross just about
my to
my to - 16 days ago
🌷TẶNG 300k khi tham gia
🌷 THƯỞNG 200k/tuần,
🌷 THƯỞNG 300k cho hội viên giới thiệu hội viên mới
Razer Bujii
Razer Bujii - 16 days ago
Ronaldinho is the really goat !
A-Z MVs - 16 days ago
Fuck man. This Milan team tho.
시베리아에서 살아남기
In this video, Nani is very poor but I don't know why uploader uploaded many scene of Nani.
Jose Bonilla
Jose Bonilla - 16 days ago
No entiendo quién es el estupido que dice que Cristiano Ronaldo es mejor que ronaldhino
مجود الرويلي
مجود الرويلي - 17 days ago
اخ ع ايااام KAKA
Jairo Fornazier
Jairo Fornazier - 17 days ago
Pirlo, Beckham e Ronaldinho para bater a falta. Ta aí o tanto faz.
Chum Vanny
Chum Vanny - 17 days ago
oh good
fendiofnight - 17 days ago
man u score cheap goals
Muslim Artist
Muslim Artist - 18 days ago
Prime football
the best
the best - 18 days ago
When Rooney was a beast
Rebeca Fonseca
Rebeca Fonseca - 18 days ago
Manchester United, AC Milan cuando eran de los equipos más temidos en europa
Zochhuanawma Zote
Zochhuanawma Zote - 18 days ago
Felipe Mariano
Felipe Mariano - 19 days ago
Pato e Beckham 2 mortos no time.
Khairul Umam
Khairul Umam - 19 days ago
Kelas ini mainya
Anup Adhikari
Anup Adhikari - 19 days ago
How good was rooney then
Peter Games
Peter Games - 20 days ago
Ac milan was so good back then that they had to bench inzaghi amd seedorf
Adno Silva Tv
Adno Silva Tv - 20 days ago
Último Milan decente!
Kaan Keles
Kaan Keles - 20 days ago
The crosses from nani...
دس طلا
دس طلا - 20 days ago
Cl misss ac milan
Leo Freitas
Leo Freitas - 20 days ago
Ronaldinho jogou muito nesse jogo
Jendral Alien
Jendral Alien - 20 days ago
Beckham, pirlo, ronaldinho accurate 100%
Car Crispín
Car Crispín - 20 days ago
Dios como quisiera que los partidos actuales volvieran a ser como estos
Edgar Quiñones Pire
Edgar Quiñones Pire - 21 day ago
love this, thanks
Bill JAFFAL - 21 day ago
ZFAM ZaDeFan - 21 day ago
where is Ronaldinho penalty
deepesh gokulam
deepesh gokulam - 21 day ago
JEJEn JAENudin - 21 day ago
Hendry Tanamas
Hendry Tanamas - 21 day ago
Beckham subbed by Seedorf.. This team is fire! Only one problem, Lord Daniele Bonera
Juventus Turin
Juventus Turin - 21 day ago
Seedorf, Ronaldinho, Pirlo, Beckham, Nesta, Maldini, Kalatze, Pato, Kaka, Dida, Thiago Silva, Inzaghi, Shevchenko, Ibrahimovic, Gatuso, and so on and so on...
Milan was a MONSTER!
Jeylani Moalim
Jeylani Moalim - Day ago
And stillll lost
Bola Habeeb
Bola Habeeb - 5 days ago
+Juventus Turin Milan's team between 2004 & 2007 were outstanding. The class of 09-10 were ageing. Still could produce moments of brilliance.. But compared to the likes of Gattuso Kaka, Crespo, Shevchenko, Maldini, Nesta, Cafu, Pirlo (note most of these players were in their prime at this stage)
Gosciu XD
Gosciu XD - 14 days ago
+ Baloteli
Die Straße
Die Straße - 17 days ago
But they didn't all play together.
Die Straße
Die Straße - 17 days ago
*Ronaldo R9 *Robinho *Cafu
Heitor Rocha
Heitor Rocha - 21 day ago
Ghosteryyy Human
Ghosteryyy Human - 22 days ago
Vaselty Beckham
Enes Cantürk
Enes Cantürk - 22 days ago
09:54 gol resmen ben sanat eseriyim diyor. Seedorf ve Ronaldinho başrolde
Kora Crockett
Kora Crockett - 22 days ago
Possible subscribe
Zika Do Pantanal
Zika Do Pantanal - 22 days ago
Anderson souza
Anderson souza - 22 days ago
Ronaldinho jogava demais o Manchester ganhou, mas o Bruxo jogou demais !!
Quang Trí Đan
Quang Trí Đan - 23 days ago
ronaldinho đá dã man nhỉ
Ivan Olivera
Ivan Olivera - 23 days ago
Esa calidad de jugadores del Milán, ya no se ve en estos tiempos! Pirlo, Ronaldinho, Beckham, didá😱😱😵
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