Manchester United 3-2 AC Milan 2010 CL Round of 16 All goals & Highlights FHD/1080P

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HAIKAL SUMARNO - 5 hours ago
Gerald Ng
Gerald Ng - 7 hours ago
I miss this Milan
I miss this United
don't let me down
don't let me down - 14 hours ago
At this time. Rooney most score 10 goals from Header in a row
erfan elfariza
erfan elfariza - 14 hours ago
Njit Seru Banget, Nonton Tahun 2019.
john superhist
john superhist - Day ago
Nani can't cross for life jeez
Lucas Xavier
Lucas Xavier - Day ago
Pato sucked so much... my god...
Martyn Stembridge
Martyn Stembridge - Day ago
On PAPER that Utd team looked bang average ... But old bacon face could squeeze every last drop of effort from a team ... and back then Scholes and Rooney were often enough to win most games.
معتز علي
معتز علي - Day ago
Rooney fuck golden boy
rey Nold
rey Nold - Day ago
Goish Ronaldinho was soooooo godly with the ball. In every single match
dingypt - Day ago
The amount of great players in this game is insane...
This looks like an ALL-STARS game:
Van Der Sar; Evra, Ferdinand, Rooney, Carrick, Scholes, Dida, Nesta, Pirlo, Thiago Silva, Beckham, Ronaldinho, (benched:) Seedorf, Inzaghi, Gattuso, Gary Neville and Michael Owen.
Also, some honorable mentions: Huntelaar, Pato, Abbiati, Ambrosini, Carrick, Fletcher, Park Ji-sung, Nani, Valencia and Berbatov.

I really love everything Ronaldo and Messi have done in football, but in a way i miss the times when there were no "aliens" playing football and every 2 or 3 years the best players in the world would shift.
Peter Li
Peter Li - Day ago
its fucking criminal that dunga didn't include ronaldinho (and pato) in brazil's 2010 WC team
Tommy Dougal
Tommy Dougal - 2 days ago
Nani has his worst game ever 😂
thoufeek khan
thoufeek khan - 2 days ago
Golden days of football
Leonidas IV
Leonidas IV - 2 days ago
When we will get back CB like Fardinan and Vidic 😰😰😰
Aly Konate
Aly Konate - 2 days ago
Quelle math incroyable 💪🏽💪🏽
Johan Rodrigues
Johan Rodrigues - 3 days ago
Just how good was Ronaldinho!
Ahmed Lassoued
Ahmed Lassoued - 3 days ago
تخيلوا لو رونالدو بقي مع المانشستر . اخبروني في التعليقات ماذا سيحدث؟
A Z - 3 hours ago
Ahmed Lassoued بيطقع
Ahmed Lassoued
Ahmed Lassoued - 3 days ago
a legendry match
batuhan akımser
batuhan akımser - 3 days ago
Duran top oluyor topun başına Ronaldinho, Beckham, Pirlo rüya gibi be. Duygulandım amk PlayStation 2 dönemleri geldi aklıma
Zepher Gaming
Zepher Gaming - 4 days ago
Antonio was the best right mid in the world at this point
Federico Bernardeschi
Federico Bernardeschi - 5 days ago
Absolutely legend ronaldinho
Denisa Andira
Denisa Andira - 5 days ago
You tube bagus updatenya
Bluee Buff
Bluee Buff - 5 days ago
Nani orta açamayınca hemen Valenciayı sokup asist yaptıran alex ferguson adamlığı
zころばし屋 - 5 days ago
따도독 - 5 days ago
Ronaldinho lol
John - 5 days ago
great game
Anthony King
Anthony King - 5 days ago
Imagine getting a free kick around the box and having Beckham, Pirlo and Ronaldinho in your team! Man those where the days!
Erick Arciniega
Erick Arciniega - 6 days ago
Eres la verga Ronaldinho
Hasan Al-Jarrah
Hasan Al-Jarrah - 7 days ago
i cant believe ive never watched ronaldinho play live
was a little kid
what a joy it is to watch him now on youtube clips lol
world class player!
Hasan Al-Jarrah
Hasan Al-Jarrah - 7 days ago
1st time watching this game - man utd fan
i missed the old days footy
Estucmed Estucmed
Estucmed Estucmed - 7 days ago
nani se canso de tirar malos centros, entra valencia, centro y gol jajj
Edielson 182
Edielson 182 - 7 days ago
this Manchester United team was very good, super tight.
Tito Anointed
Tito Anointed - 8 days ago
After all Manchester is the Best💯✌🔥
.....Coming from England and Winning at San Siro
Joe Hickey
Joe Hickey - 5 days ago
Javier Alcaraz
Javier Alcaraz - 8 days ago
LOOOL Scholes trying to shot with his right foot but scores with the left one!
alfred pn
alfred pn - 8 days ago
Things u can’t do
1. Bark like a dog
2. Jump like a kangaroo
3.Bend it like Beckham...
Arctic_sacs - 9 days ago
ronaldinho 😍🤤
André Pedersen
André Pedersen - 10 days ago
What a legendary team AC Milan was back then. Holy shit!
Evallyhood 254
Evallyhood 254 - 10 days ago
Ronaldinho is the beauty of football wow
Ivan Buffon
Ivan Buffon - 11 days ago
Dimana Milan dihuni pemain legend
zhen liu
zhen liu - 11 days ago
never see it again in UCL
ariel Fuenzalida
ariel Fuenzalida - 12 days ago
dida no sale a cortar nunca ??
Fr Srabon
Fr Srabon - 12 days ago
Ronaldinho was playing like video game!
D Loso
D Loso - 12 days ago
Trust me when I tell you the best player to ever grace the pitch is Ronaldinho!! Not Messi or Ronardo.. they’ll just go down in history because of their longevity and achievements but I’m telling as a player throughout history the greatest ever player to touch and perform on that pitch was Ronaldinho, I just wish he had the discipline and mentality of C.Ronaldo and then it wouldn’t of even been a dispute in this day and age!
That ball was a part of Ronaldinho.. even that elastico flick he did in the box out of nowhere it’s just second nature to him! Who even thinks of doing that in that moment with that many defenders on you lol
R10 THE ONE & ONLY !!! 👑
Ivan Slpts
Ivan Slpts - 12 days ago
Ronaldinho 👍
Najib SF
Najib SF - 12 days ago
Worst player of the match was nani.
Der Nex
Der Nex - 14 days ago
2 : 3, not 3 : 2
ANDREW MORRIS - 14 days ago
Amazing match and amazing players
Abdullah Al Mamun
Abdullah Al Mamun - 14 days ago
When AC Milan used to play UCL.....😶😶😶😶
COC LTVIP - 15 days ago
My thoughts: Pato, Huntelar was a joke, should not be started. But particularly joke was Bonera. He ruined all that defence with his play. It is the same as to play by ten man.When Ferguson realized that, he commanded Rooney to be more in the Bonera zone. Ronaldinho was pure genius. He should be played alongside better forwards.
UFH University Of Fort Hare
With VAR AC millan won this game
onuncu köy sakini
onuncu köy sakini - 15 days ago
manu'nun son golüne bakınca anlaşılıyor şike olduğu.
yalan bu futbol işi yalan...!
Erik Vikingo
Erik Vikingo - 16 days ago
Ronaldinho fue el puto amo del futbol! su gambeta nadie la ha tenido
Cabeça de Gelo
Cabeça de Gelo - 16 days ago
Name a Milan player these days
マイケルけん太 - 16 days ago
The Celtic Magician
The Celtic Magician - 16 days ago
Imagine having Ronaldinho, Beckham and Pirlo lined up to take a free kick
Hasan Hüseyin Nas
Hasan Hüseyin Nas - 16 days ago
Belmin Krestic
Belmin Krestic - 16 days ago
Eugeno Thercaj
Eugeno Thercaj - 16 days ago
I saw two penalties and couple hands and fouls wich they didn’t give it to Milan
Juan Fernando Castilla
Juan Fernando Castilla - 17 days ago
4;09 what a miss from Huntelaar
aim alif Rais Ariff
aim alif Rais Ariff - 17 days ago
I miss sir alex ferguson
HustlerHorstRuediger - 17 days ago
Did Scholes wanted to score like this or was he just lucky?
Dinesh Kiran
Dinesh Kiran - 18 days ago
Take a look at Milan's lineup. A dream team.
kadim iraq
kadim iraq - 18 days ago
Big like from Iraq to 👑 rony
Henry Paredes
Henry Paredes - 18 days ago
sale nani entra toño valencia!cambia el partido!
RAUNAK BELWARIAR - 18 days ago
seedorf's goal oooffffffff
khldoun ibrahim
khldoun ibrahim - 18 days ago
Ronaldinho was good there ..I never thought he was good after he left barca
Много лишних фрагментов записано в видео(
SzweckaPanda - 19 days ago
Watching every action of Ronaldinho makes me smile on my face
Md. Ehsanul Haque Kanan
Md. Ehsanul Haque Kanan - 19 days ago
Ronaldinho was destroying everyone with his skills.
Yusuf Çiftçi
Yusuf Çiftçi - 19 days ago
Nani'nin ne kadar çep oldugunu gorduk
Typical acid
Typical acid - 19 days ago
nani's crosses reminds me of young . just sayin' ...
briggaskin - 19 days ago
Ronaldinho has goofy teeth...... there, ive said it.
Gabriel Jesus
Gabriel Jesus - 19 days ago
Plantilla leyenda del United de esos tiempos
XxSiLvAxXx - 19 days ago
paulrostron1 - 20 days ago
Nani's delivery here was like Yodel, you know it'll come but it's never to the right place....then Valencia came on and he was Royal Mail. Ronaldinho was amazing here.
Footz Highlight
Footz Highlight - 20 days ago
Van der sar god
HUMOR KAMPUNG - 20 days ago
A_ O_
A_ O_ - 20 days ago
back when football was actuall good and entertaining
Gaz Manson
Gaz Manson - 21 day ago
Seedorf was one of the most underrated players of that time. A prime CS nowadays would be a £150m player if the pretender that is Pogba is supposedly worth that.
Khoirul Rifki
Khoirul Rifki - 21 day ago
Denis1902 - 21 day ago
Pirlo was better than bechkam at passes and free kicks.
John O’Rourke
John O’Rourke - 21 day ago
Easy for people to forget legends when there’s a Ronaldo v Messi debate can’t compare with trophies but quality
Абдулла Патахов
Super match
anodroide melo
anodroide melo - 22 days ago
I got the uploader's ponit... Nani couldn't make a single decent cross and Rooney knew it.
simone castelli
simone castelli - 22 days ago
ma un commento Italiano no? Milanista? no? che pena ? si.....che pena nessun commento per un video cosi bello. riceve tantissimi complimenti quella squadra dagli stranieri e da noi no , mah.....
Verde B
Verde B - 22 days ago
7:28 rip tottenham
Chris Sykes
Chris Sykes - 22 days ago
9:34 WTF with the commentarist hahahaha
Robert Mako
Robert Mako - 23 days ago
When someone tells you, that you are shit at spitting
You: 9:35
Furkan Maraz
Furkan Maraz - 23 days ago
Why Nani?
byrijesh - 23 days ago
Ronaldinho playing like champion even when losing. Messi dont play like this when team is not doing well. And to call him goat is disgrace on other players like Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Maradona, Pele and CR7 All of them play similar way in any team but Messi outside Barca is like fish out of water.
Birkan Berk Atmacs
Birkan Berk Atmacs - 24 days ago
Naniden soğudum
peter green
peter green - 24 days ago
So many legends. But when Scholes was running the fastest of his entire career to get to Nani so he could cross it instead....but failed...Then Nani kicked it behind! Nani had great skill but was the worst crosser I had seen: DDD
Matthew Henry
Matthew Henry - 24 days ago
2019 anyone??
Rodrigo de Lima Carvalho
Rodrigo de Lima Carvalho - 24 days ago
Good times of football.
Ronaldinho, Beckham and Pirlo omg, every free kick is too much apprehension for the opposing team! I miss this giants teams, so sad how they are today.
Aahan Atrey
Aahan Atrey - 24 days ago
Yo did anyone notice how absolutely shit most of Nani's crosses were?
German Lopez
German Lopez - 24 days ago
Partidos 5 estrellas,increible saber que esa epoca era oro👏🏻
เนม ม่อน
เนม ม่อน - 25 days ago
tinto Bagus
tinto Bagus - 25 days ago
Ng D Manh
Ng D Manh - 25 days ago
Rooney - 25 days ago
From now I'm sure that Sir Alex is with ronaldo and messi atmosphere
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