Conan Visits Waze HQ In Tel Aviv - CONAN on TBS

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Lee Johnson
Lee Johnson - 12 days ago
Waze is genius
Stevie Ford
Stevie Ford - 12 days ago
There’s a light there now
M L - 16 days ago
Free Palestine!
sbtopjosh - 21 day ago
Most of the guys there are millionaires. That 1st employee is worth more than $10 million
filippiasec - Month ago
Waze sucks compared to google maps
filippiasec - 27 days ago
@miri amichai Its much more intuitive for me, it allows to also see details of objects on map, ratings etc. Its also clearer in its navigation.
miri amichai
miri amichai - 27 days ago
filippiasec I only use waze. And this is made my life so much better .. why do you think google maps is more good?
miri amichai
miri amichai - 27 days ago
filippiasec so that’s mean that waze is so good that google wanted it
filippiasec - 27 days ago
@miri amichai I know, but so what?
miri amichai
miri amichai - 28 days ago
filippiasec google bought Waze..
Hiram Abiff
Hiram Abiff - Month ago
Always a token Ghetto Gagger as a pet just to make it look like "HEY. WE LOVE BLACK PEOPLE!" 🤣
Adhithya Aston
Adhithya Aston - Month ago
Please bring selena gomez into the show😭
ubiquity - Month ago
I love using waze, but sometimes it does some weird things especially when it comes to making certain turns. For example instead of telling you to make a U-Turn, waze would much rather you go around the block. Also when it can't find the way, instead of giving up, it goes into 5th gear and has you drive around in crazy circles (like it literally will draw a bunch of polygons on the map as direction to basically no where).
I still like it because when it does work, it does so beautifully and I also love how they try to inform you of speed traps (definitely cool)
guitarbrother - Month ago
Esperanza Spalding works at waze?!
babak deghat
babak deghat - Month ago
Conan went Jordan Shlansky at 3:00 :)))
Antonio Ortiz
Antonio Ortiz - Month ago
CBt be hard to run an app...
Wolfsschanze - Month ago
So many noses
Christus Terran
Christus Terran - Month ago
Israel better than palestine
Ariel Gold
Ariel Gold - 27 days ago
Maw 3615054 the Palestinians can’t do anything. They are not smart enough.
Maw 3615054
Maw 3615054 - 28 days ago
@miri amichai if they would "channel" the same energy they have to- instead of destructive causes - positive causes, they could Save the world!! But they gotta let go of the Resentment..
miri amichai
miri amichai - 28 days ago
Christus Terran so true. The Palestinians gave nothing good to the world
Maw 3615054
Maw 3615054 - 29 days ago
Ain't that the truth!!
Kayleb Moore
Kayleb Moore - Month ago
Who els has never heard of waze
Billy Golding
Billy Golding - Month ago
I thought google brought waze
Maw 3615054
Maw 3615054 - 29 days ago
They did, from Israeli entrepreneurs.
Roy Margos
Roy Margos - Month ago
Israel is such a cool place!!
Adeel - Month ago
3:07 sounds like female Arnold Schwarzenegger 😂😂😂
JP - Month ago
2:48 he just went full Schlanaky
bb soni
bb soni - Month ago
he's really not funny at all here, it's embarrassing for him
Salvador Flores
Salvador Flores - Month ago
Oh man made a wrong turn ended up in Palestine.
Deeson Jame
Deeson Jame - 2 months ago
That last girl had no idea what she just signed up for.
Anna P.
Anna P. - 2 months ago
0:21 is that John Lennon with Conan hair??
Hannz - 2 months ago
Waze, where's my sandwich?
RebelBelle - 2 months ago
The sperm lol
Vonka Abbas
Vonka Abbas - 2 months ago
manobal bajwa
manobal bajwa - 2 months ago
# justice for red heads.. They need social life too.
Shankar - 2 months ago
Lol Waze is used so extensively here in Malaysia and I’m going to have a good time seeing some members of our public flip out knowing its an Israeli enterprise. Waze is a true lifesaver by the way.
David Castillo
David Castillo - 2 months ago
2:58 Schlansky
Frosty Pixels
Frosty Pixels - 3 months ago
"it's how we all get around"
Legends-of Matty
Legends-of Matty - 3 months ago
Waze ?? Never heard of it ??
roald dahl
roald dahl - 3 months ago
why does the coo (fedge?) look mega baked?
Don Ochetti
Don Ochetti - 3 months ago
Without Waze I would of lost my license 5 times over at least. Thank you team!!!!
Alexei Smirnoff
Alexei Smirnoff - 3 months ago
2:54 It is official, Jordan has gained control over Conans mind. All hope is lost. Get in your bunkers and stay there until Jordan is killed.
katsuma - 3 months ago
2:14 is that conans home address?
Basketball With Ido
Basketball With Ido - 3 months ago
It's not fair. All the women from Israel are so damn beautiful
John Quest
John Quest - 3 months ago
Why are they not wearing those little hats on there heads? Jewish?
Eli Weiss
Eli Weiss - 3 months ago
Not everyone in Israel is Jewish/observent
iva m
iva m - 3 months ago
miri amichai
miri amichai - Month ago
iva m palaSATANS the most evil terrorists child killers fuckers. The palaSATANS are in the hell,. Devilllllllllllllllllllll🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿
All Seeing Eye
All Seeing Eye - 3 months ago
"Start up nation" funny
Wahyu W B
Wahyu W B - 3 months ago
Conan, CONGRATS !! You've technically married to that woman by 'I do'.. very weird way of propossing, but it works !
yiftach - 4 months ago
2:51 looks like the spirit Jordan Schalnsky somehow entered Conan's body
Changmi Sober
Changmi Sober - 4 months ago
Verny Mora
Verny Mora - 4 months ago
tallswede80 - 4 months ago
Waze doesn’t mark the pigs reliably anymore
Philip Marshall
Philip Marshall - 4 months ago
I lived in Israel for two years and I have to say that they are the most amazing people ever. Not only are they all the most incredibly beautiful people that you will ever see but, they are so nice too. Israel is constantly being bombed and shelled by the Arabs and so they never know where or when they might get killed. Because of that they live like there’s no tomorrow because for many there just might not be.
ray r
ray r - 4 months ago
That black girl looks like the singer from Thin Lizzy
Takeshi - 4 months ago
Conan's humor transcends borders, timelines and the space-time continuum.
schmock911 - 5 months ago
Disgusting sun glasses, Conan...
Daw00d - 5 months ago
Free Palestine
Not A Government Agent
Not A Government Agent - 5 months ago
So Waze is a Mossad operation
Dnaking R8mg
Dnaking R8mg - 5 months ago
That sperm does look depressed 😂
OAT351 - 5 months ago
I need closure...does he have to take that left now or not???
Sara - 5 months ago
I know that intersection well. there is indeed no light
Shahaneh Limonadi
Shahaneh Limonadi - 5 months ago
Funny to say this out loud, but I do love seeing the diversity of jews at Waze main HQ, from the ginger jew to the Ethiopian jew.
Also fun fact, redheaded jews aren't sensitive to the sun 🌞. I think.
Mister Mills
Mister Mills - 6 months ago
Israeli women are gorgeous af
Viki Demos
Viki Demos - 6 months ago
Hug me Conan. Love his hugs....
Daniel Nikolovski
Daniel Nikolovski - 6 months ago
1:05 he’s like ‘no no no shut up shut up shut up’
Zetsuke4 - 6 months ago
LOL this is hilarious
kys - 7 months ago
2:57 this sign says יציאה means exit its spelled yetsea
Dha Na
Dha Na - 7 months ago
I love Conan O' Brien
Brad - 7 months ago
I hope conan never died.
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