Michael Blackson Addresses His Haters, Trashes Kevin Hart + More

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Lee Joseph
Lee Joseph - 5 hours ago
"Codafy Hendrix" a female with a fucking twisted brain. Block head. She has no sense. Very toxic female. And the other 2 guys are acting like their brains are micro - managed. Very toxic show.
Let your show be about PEACE, LOVE & UNITY.. Not chaos, confusion & drama.
Nehemia Mokgaliphe
Nehemia Mokgaliphe - 8 hours ago
KH wasn't sensitive about the gay joke was he,SMH.
Peppermint - 19 hours ago
Josianne Ash
Josianne Ash - Day ago
Michael find a woman who will stand by you, not one that sides with those who take pleasure in seeing you humiliated.😑
ayah farag
ayah farag - Day ago
Gido - Day ago
5:52 yikes Angela.
James Danquah
James Danquah - Day ago
Kevin going through these comments crying like"c'mon yall... I thought yall said you loved me😂😂😂😭😭😭😭
Zeke Da sneak
Zeke Da sneak - 2 days ago
This guy is freakin hilarious🤣🤣
vMypxrkl3ully - 2 days ago
Nigga keep saying NEEGAS 😂😂😂
Daina Clbks
Daina Clbks - 3 days ago
Why does everyone make fun of him? 😂
Leon Dreamcast
Leon Dreamcast - 4 days ago
"Im kinda jealous of Kevin when he cheated he had two bitches I only had one" LMFAO
John Chidiebube Okpara
John Chidiebube Okpara - 4 days ago
Michael is true hustler. True African. Keep being happy and being thankful Bro.
George Mwaura
George Mwaura - 5 days ago
Michael BLACKSON did Mudafacker is 46 years old. 46!!!! HE looks 28. Black don't crack, but blackest Africa Don't Crackest the most......
ubeidu musah froko
ubeidu musah froko - 5 days ago
This is the best so far.
Ayks - 5 days ago
Charlemagne: You gotta respect Sinbad
Michael Blackson: He's still alive?
Nicholas Origah
Nicholas Origah - 6 days ago
I've watched this video and I feel they were against MB
Devito - 6 days ago
Yall thought kevin was funny, wait till you see dis mudafucka talk
dave rinker
dave rinker - 6 days ago
how bout trans crapper smellette he graet rep for you
MRK - 7 days ago
"we weere neeegaaaaas"
illy Xx
illy Xx - 7 days ago
But now he clowing hiself cheating 🤔🤔🤔🙄
Bianca Toscano
Bianca Toscano - 7 days ago
It’s interesting hearing “my nigga” said in an accent
Saaya Mistuboshi
Saaya Mistuboshi - 7 days ago
Heavy accent, handsome, and talented?
He's your guy
Mick McDonald
Mick McDonald - 7 days ago
Dealing in pepperoni and anchovies lol
J Jones
J Jones - 7 days ago
Kevin was in his feelings, lol and it was his own fault for cheating 😂😂
AKIM aka CHICO - 8 days ago
Kaiden Eakle
Kaiden Eakle - 8 days ago
"I lost emotions a long time ago", "Do you still love her, "yes"
Pfunzo Nevhusenga
Pfunzo Nevhusenga - 8 days ago
They didn't even try to listen to his story. It was very interesting but they kept talking about Kevin Hart.
marcellus2486 - 9 days ago
I hate Angela
Jose Malave
Jose Malave - 9 days ago
kevin hart had his time. is michael blockson time
roberto sadio salah ynwa
I want a pair of those sunnys
panmanafro - 10 days ago
so Kevin wasn't thinking bout his wife feelings when he cheated...
Corrina - 11 days ago
Kevin Hart fell off years ago. He tries way too hard....sorry. His new special on Netflix was garbage!!!
RamzaBeoulve02 - 11 days ago
I lost respect for Blackston for this. People who don't think sacred things are off limits are ones like Eddie Griffin and I just can't watch him either. I'll watch his comedy for now but just no more interviews.
mohamed osman
mohamed osman - 11 days ago
Want to see Kevin Hart on roast like that
Snake Pliskin
Snake Pliskin - 11 days ago
You have a penis. You have a penis. I have a DEECK
Essie Parks
Essie Parks - 12 days ago
Hit the like button if you noticed how much you noticed Michael Blackson 🤚🏿’s are shaking?
Shawn Collar
Shawn Collar - 12 days ago
My favorite interview
FLSouthBoyz - 12 days ago
Maaaaan this nigga got in his feelings as soon as his girl started speaking lol he looked hurt
HOTROD SOUNDS - 12 days ago
he is good lol come to Trinidad and Tobago
TrapKing Productions
TrapKing Productions - 13 days ago
Both interviews were straight up jokes. Jus fun comedian shit.
De Shane
De Shane - 13 days ago
Yeah breakfast Club hella lame for this one bruh. Mike I applaud you brother for conducting yourself in such a great manner and keeping composure. They really tried my dawg.
Cosmic Flow DN
Cosmic Flow DN - 14 days ago
Michael Blackson is a funny man!!! He is gifted lol. This interview felt like it ought to have never ended. He is a true comedian. Much love to him.
stacey spencer
stacey spencer - 15 days ago
The ex is wack too. She talking too much 🤦🏽‍♀️
stacey spencer
stacey spencer - 15 days ago
They tried it... Angela is amazingly WACK!!!!!!
stacey spencer
stacey spencer - 15 days ago
... let’s get the legendary Sinbad take..
MB:is he still alive??🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Frieda Thompson
Frieda Thompson - 15 days ago
Frieda Thompson
Frieda Thompson - 15 days ago
GET WITH THE NEW BLACK MEDIA FOOLS. and STOP watching while the least of US are suffering.
Frieda Thompson
Frieda Thompson - 15 days ago
That if you close your eyes you'd swear
They were a WHITE PROGRAMMING trying to be black FOLKS
Nashawn Brooks
Nashawn Brooks - 16 days ago
Rename this show kevin Harts club,🤨🤨
Half Glass
Half Glass - 16 days ago
My dick got its own page
😂 😂
Fried Apple
Fried Apple - 16 days ago
Thats female is Fucking lame. She called his X. That was fucked up but MB took it like a man and thats how Kevin was supposed to take it like. LOVE YOU MB
Music streams For everyone
I was dealing pepperonis and anchovies 😂
stabbs VU
stabbs VU - 17 days ago
MY DICK GOING online!!!! im dead
RM Love
RM Love - 17 days ago
The day kev put on the lady clothing I don’t Fuk with him
pip soul
pip soul - 17 days ago
Breakfast club hypocrites they always do the same shit bout people too envy like the only kinda chill person
google user
google user - 17 days ago
I luv that he keep his African side though
pamela counts
pamela counts - 18 days ago
A comedian get upset when another comedian roast him?. Such a whimp.
Kevin can get on stage an roast people all day an can't take it. GET OUT THE BUSINESS KEVIN.
Luv ya Mr.8 ball in the corner pocket. You're the funniest
TroopersHollar - 18 days ago
Is that a Wu hat Charlemagne has on?
Brian Everett
Brian Everett - 18 days ago
This dude actually asked an African if he was ashamed of being an African. Never
Brian Everett
Brian Everett - 18 days ago
I don't think Kevin Hart should be talking. He says how Mike is the Instagram model that's constantly showing her ass... Then Kevin Hart constantly tryna show off his ass (not literally) to social media, stand up, movies, I mean I see the mother fucker so much, if he goes into voice acting, I can't watch it
BossKitty ***
BossKitty *** - 18 days ago
Hahahaha cant stop laughing yo!
TehutiBrim 59
TehutiBrim 59 - 19 days ago
The last time I laughed this hard watching this show DMX was there speaking on his arrest
Yasha Yakov
Yasha Yakov - 19 days ago
GONNA ELVIS - 19 days ago
"you are not eating today!"
SiiK Rococo
SiiK Rococo - 19 days ago
Gloria looks like she can beat bitches down tho
Glenn Mcgollie
Glenn Mcgollie - 19 days ago
Fake Accent Smdh
akos ua
akos ua - 10 days ago
He is Ghanaian u hate
Dre Mac
Dre Mac - 20 days ago
Uncle Drew
Uncle Drew - 20 days ago
Angela Yee , you are such an instigator. Nobody likes you after this.
Alan Bustillo
Alan Bustillo - 20 days ago
Say what you want...MB real and funny as Faaak!!!!
Zuko Travis
Zuko Travis - 20 days ago
WOOOW breakfast Club
David Gomez
David Gomez - 21 day ago
Darkblaze333 - 22 days ago
Im light skin and honestly i hate even saying that because at the end of the day im still black. But i felt for him when he said mfs used to mess with him when he move to the states. Thats actually one thing i never did was make fun of someone skin tone. Never came to my mind.
asfDevon - 23 days ago
“My shit went through immigration” 😂😂😂😭
C Jay C Jay
C Jay C Jay - 23 days ago
I used to be a fan of M.B but now I'm his AC.
NizzyNizerson - 23 days ago
Michael blackson has the wildest Instagram in the game, He didn't turn all preachy like Kevin did, just straight jokes
Ghetto Dragon
Ghetto Dragon - 25 days ago
I have never met him but if I do neega better be wearing white and he better not be wearing that gotdamn blanket !!!
Trevis Turner
Trevis Turner - 25 days ago
This was good until it turned into a relationship thing Eww
Mohd Ebrahim
Mohd Ebrahim - 25 days ago
Blackson just being funny and the rest is just extra sensitive snowflakes
Unknown A
Unknown A - 25 days ago
I’m so mad at that call wtf 🙄 bunch of dickheads
Unknown A
Unknown A - 25 days ago
I’m sick they really tried to tear him down 😤
Unknown A
Unknown A - 25 days ago
They tried it, love Micheal Blackson❤️
Atlas24gh - 28 days ago
His girl seem like a kool person and she has a sense of humor. They are good for each other
Nino Da Don
Nino Da Don - 28 days ago
That’s a duo for the world to see seriously
Asteroid Arts
Asteroid Arts - 29 days ago
Kevin Hart, kiss my ass, so what!
Sam Brimmer
Sam Brimmer - Month ago
So we gone ignore the fact Charlemagne asking bout niggas dick size?🤔
LoLiKitty x
LoLiKitty x - Month ago
'sinbad? He still alive?' 😂
John Oats
John Oats - Month ago
The breakfast club r Dick's 😪😫😒
Daniel Rosario
Daniel Rosario - Month ago
Lol Women r always hungry
Brian Zvaita
Brian Zvaita - Month ago
Yooh @29:20, Michael kills me
Calvin Payne
Calvin Payne - Month ago
Kevin's American and we don't understand lower african domestic politics
Adam Brinn
Adam Brinn - Month ago
Gimme my money bakk and no I don't no have goddamned recipt. Kiss mah ass so what!!
steve - Month ago
Keith Williams
Keith Williams - Month ago
His accent keeps going away. I don’t think he has an accent. I think that’s his character
Life of Petrovich
Life of Petrovich - Month ago
n M
n M - Month ago
Stop comparing her to Kevin’s wife. Georgia you were a girlfriend, not Michaels wife
dldudley61 - Month ago
That true
Lykin Godson
Lykin Godson - Month ago
😂😂😂 my niggah!
James Hayes
James Hayes - Month ago
973!!!!! Newark breed the illest Africans lol
Sak ReliGious
Sak ReliGious - Month ago
peanut live is the best comedian in philly tho
Cameron Payne
Cameron Payne - Month ago
Did he get that coat off the set of candyman?
Capri l. Miller
Capri l. Miller - Month ago
Loooooovvvveee you !!! OMG
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