Picking up Moms with a Puppy!

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down LowG
down LowG - 7 hours ago
Why u blurred the face tf I'm unsubscribing
Jordan Pocza
Jordan Pocza - Day ago
Need more of this character!
savageangel - Day ago
Plan B pill😂
oscar ubaldo
oscar ubaldo - Day ago
3:10 you know she wanted to keep the flower 😂
연아Yeonah - 4 days ago
Baby what am I gonna do with you huh
Travel with James
Travel with James - 5 days ago
Coconut Oil Massage
Ayy Zim
Ayy Zim - 5 days ago
0:08 the music was so perfect😂
Mike Jones
Mike Jones - 6 days ago
Bro whatever you do keep the music mane just keep the music every video plz
rainbowthegod - 7 days ago
moncheri 07
moncheri 07 - 8 days ago
11:13 i swear dude that’s MIA KHALIFA!
jdjewellpa - 7 days ago
Nah, No way that's her. That dude was speaking Spanish. Mia's parents disowned her, and doubt she is living in Plano Texas.
moncheri 07
moncheri 07 - 8 days ago
PUKI in philippines means vagina. LOL
Moises Ayala
Moises Ayala - 8 days ago
He sounds like Al Pacino at some point💀
mix_ Aliean
mix_ Aliean - 9 days ago
It’s johnbaby!! 😂😂😂
A GOOGLE USER - 9 days ago
Them hoes in TX think their Diamonds
Worst place to live as a single guy
Dean Wingfield
Dean Wingfield - 9 days ago
Bath candles wine and a John massage...
Trapstar Cien
Trapstar Cien - 10 days ago
That Dog is so lovely bro my kinda one to hang with !
Trapstar Cien
Trapstar Cien - 10 days ago
Can you use my line one time on your next upcoming videos, instead of asking "are you single "try using '" are you sleeping next to anybody tonight""? I think it's a bit more complex lol 😂
destroyerplayer - 10 days ago
The guy at 4:40 what a fool! He will never get laid being so passive!
MinaLee Marlow
MinaLee Marlow - 10 days ago
If I had Cassady's confidence I could have gone places in life
Carlos L.
Carlos L. - 2 days ago
MinaLee Marlow this is the most accurate comment i’ve seen in 4 days
Chris Belair
Chris Belair - 11 days ago
It was actually petco they have a shelter lol
mrrr407 - 11 days ago
I need to try this lol
Cheesy roast beef curtains
John baby ploughed that cougar for sure
Jenaro Rios
Jenaro Rios - 12 days ago
“Le voy a romper la madre”😂💀
Victor manuel Gonzales ray
Okkkk baybeee hahah crazy crackaa
Martin Codes
Martin Codes - 13 days ago
The face blur was out of place at 1:08 😂
Brokeboy Hugo
Brokeboy Hugo - 13 days ago
Te vas pendejo 🤣
thatTUESDAYchannel - 13 days ago
Myguppies - 13 days ago
What kind of face censorship was that saw her face like 10 times
NumbCorns - 14 days ago
Damn what's the milf ig
GEET JETHWANI - 14 days ago
Cassady u r amazing dude...! Love from India 🇮🇳 💯 😘
vol vol
vol vol - 14 days ago
first girl blurring face ;am i joking to you
Zephyr360 - 15 days ago
7:57 “it” bothers me so much
neidaxo - 16 days ago
Te vas pendejo te voy a romper la madre 🤣🤣lmaooo
Vanessa L
Vanessa L - 16 days ago
10:48 lmao
tim jimbu
tim jimbu - 16 days ago
Dude you are loser white boy with insecurity
Damon Wicketts
Damon Wicketts - 16 days ago
This is his best character because it is not so outlandish that it just creeps everyone out.
Awan Aseel
Awan Aseel - 17 days ago
1:08 the video editor must work for the CIA
J Rocky
J Rocky - 17 days ago
Masahiko Kumashiro
Masahiko Kumashiro - 17 days ago
"Don't forget the plan B pill" that fucking killed me it was so unexpected 😂🤣
ChoDuhMax - 17 days ago
Baby 😂😂
Bash TN
Bash TN - 17 days ago
1:09 the blurred face revealed 😂
Brandon Duffy
Brandon Duffy - 18 days ago
great job at blurring 0:58
P atrick
P atrick - 19 days ago
2:08 blurred for nothing lmao
Erick P
Erick P - 19 days ago
lol sloppy on the blurring I know the girl from 1:10 I’m totally exposing her-said no one ever
God - 19 days ago
*if only cassady was good looking. he'd be pulling pussies with this character like no other.*
Josh Mcaloon
Josh Mcaloon - 19 days ago
Reese and mongo lol
bob A
bob A - 20 days ago
Saved PirateOfGod
Saved PirateOfGod - 20 days ago
Blone Russian mom sexy af.
Oh Elio
Oh Elio - 17 days ago
Saved PirateOfGod Cassidy drop her @
Aizen Ravenholm
Aizen Ravenholm - 20 days ago
you got so much pull even though you're just trolling people lol. Much love bro, love your vids
keyboard freedomfighter
10:52 Beta ALERT!!!. A man that's insecure does shit like that.
L'One - 21 day ago
MIlf for life
Eduardo Palacios
Eduardo Palacios - 22 days ago
Mannn these hoes ain’t loyal 😂
SULLIVLOGSZ - 22 days ago
How you doing baby. Ooh im talking to the dogg🤣🤣🤣
Arpit Roy
Arpit Roy - 22 days ago
Plz i need more videos of this character. Just the best!!!
Fucking President
Fucking President - 22 days ago
This character doesn’t do it for me. Chester is the best character and spoilt rich kid is pretty good too.
Alacrityness - 22 days ago
love it when a girl says i have a boyfriend, rejects your offer for her number..but gives you another form of direct contact which is instagram or snapchat........like bitch, might as well give the number, its the same shit basically.......................
WhoElseButJamal - 22 days ago
7:43 she said she had to go, but continued to talk for like 5 mins😂 cassady got game
keyboard freedomfighter
everything changed once the dog came through.
Jason Marshall
Jason Marshall - 23 days ago
Go Sharks! Go Warriors! Go Niners! Go Giants! A's sucks!
Foxdie525 - 23 days ago
Lol!!! Keep the Jersey Jonny videos coming.
sdsteve1000 - 23 days ago
all the chicks that genuinely like Him and give their number and then he says it's just a joke. Imagine if he passed up a good one doing a joke.
Smash - 24 days ago
U should do acting lol
Youneak - 24 days ago
Who’s in charge of censoring the face lol 😂
Himynameis What
Himynameis What - 24 days ago
The “bebaby” kills me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Udit Sharma
Udit Sharma - 24 days ago
11:36 oh look at his balls they're hanging so low
Space Jellyy
Space Jellyy - 25 days ago
Nova politan
Nova politan - 25 days ago
That frign puppy is so cute
Andrew Yung
Andrew Yung - 25 days ago
I discovered who Cassady resembles: "Tintin."
Joskero - 19 days ago
Ah pas faux ! Bien joué mon gars!
Ugly Champion
Ugly Champion - 20 days ago
more like the "fallout" game icon guy
Daniel King
Daniel King - 22 days ago
Andrew Yung oh shit
Ghebrehiwet - 25 days ago
1:08 oops
Angel Ramirez
Angel Ramirez - 25 days ago
11:19 Lol he said in spanish he was gunna "Whoop your fucking ass" Lol.
CuCuz - 25 days ago
I'm new to this channel. This video is cringe AF. Is it always like that? So painful. 😂😅
GlockWiseSB - 26 days ago
LoL the accent fades
Random Gamer
Random Gamer - 26 days ago
Those people look to real for my 5.8 21 year old 11th grade drop out live at home broke but f u
toxicilly RAINZ
toxicilly RAINZ - 26 days ago
Holy shit I live in this area
Shaun H
Shaun H - 26 days ago
Cassady kills it in character and then becomes super awkward when he’s normal 😂
anthony patronaggio
anthony patronaggio - 26 days ago
Bro you have a 2nd instagram account? Hah
CowManuver - 26 days ago
I loved the approach before this, but this had me laughing out loud !! 10:40 how he ignores the guy to talk over him and get to her, then just says straight up, I'm not talking to you, I'm talking to her. LOVE IT!!!
Laz Mhmm
Laz Mhmm - 26 days ago
He didn’t reveal himself to the blonde one cuz he’s gonna use his “baby” character to try and smash since she seemed to like mr “hey baby” and his dog 🐕 😂😂
D - 26 days ago
Funny stuff
Collin Ervin
Collin Ervin - 26 days ago
"I dont see any single chicks" "Were going to go to wholefoods"
Jeevan Rosario
Jeevan Rosario - 26 days ago
More more john bravo 👅👅
Alex Oster
Alex Oster - 26 days ago
Cassady: i'M GoNnA PoSt A vIdEo EvErY TuEsDaY....

Everybody: It's Wednesday
harry apples
harry apples - 26 days ago
Thanks cassady for getting me through anther shitty day at the office !!!
egboye elvis
egboye elvis - 26 days ago
What am i gonna do with you baby!!!😄😄
John Mead
John Mead - 26 days ago
Try watching this while on the treadmill with noise cancelling headphones. Everyone in the gym is looking at you weird why you're laughing like a hyena
MrRobotPapa - 26 days ago
Sunday Venom
Sunday Venom - 26 days ago
8:30 lost character.
Forntoh Thomas
Forntoh Thomas - 26 days ago
I can clearly see her face at 0:58
Preston Meyers
Preston Meyers - 26 days ago
Dude Cassady dress poor and go into dealerships and when they blow u of show that $$$$
sunnymars - 27 days ago
11:17 fucking inmigrant pork !
Geeky Cristian
Geeky Cristian - 27 days ago
12:30 why ole girl looking like that 😂
Tv Series Addict's
Tv Series Addict's - 27 days ago
I missed somethin but couldn't figure out,then this was in my recommendations,and this was it
K-Tech - 27 days ago
Just because of those ask me anything videos I'm going to unsubscribe
Matthew Trujillo
Matthew Trujillo - 26 days ago
Fake ass fan
M Orellana
M Orellana - 27 days ago
Hi i like your videos you might not see this comment but hey you should use a big BABY BOTTLE with pre-workout drink if you make a bodybuilder video next time 😂
lukhele sibisi
lukhele sibisi - 27 days ago
this guy is quite a character
Nicholas Queen
Nicholas Queen - 27 days ago
It's sad when it's all said and done when he has to say he's filming a YouTube video he's so awkward
jon doe
jon doe - 27 days ago
@3:24 McGregor?
Khabib cherrypicking Weight bully
6 entire days feels like a month I’m
Getting withdrawal symptoms
Guilherme Teres
Guilherme Teres - 27 days ago
1:07 This is what happened when you not pay your video editor.
Jesus DSantos
Jesus DSantos - 27 days ago
Just here for the coconut oil massage.
Andrew Webber
Andrew Webber - 27 days ago
Before she even said it you can already see she isnt a dog owner 10:20. Who pets a dog like that? 🙄😂
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