What Is Your Familys Dark Secret? (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)

Storytime With Reddit
Storytime With Reddit - 24 days ago
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。Jacksonシ - 21 day ago
FailerShino ya
FailerShino - 21 day ago
@。Jacksonシ lol exactly
。Jacksonシ - 22 days ago
i was your 86k subscriber lmao
Wolf Noir *wolfissimo*
We are proof that Stalin and Lenin are related
And also, my great uncle who recently died, he was buried with the possible world record longest receipt, which he had..
Husham Hucham
Husham Hucham - 17 days ago
Holy fuck what’s up with white ppl and fucking their own family 😂
Dan Hersey
Dan Hersey - 20 days ago
Not so sure it is a secret anymore, but my older sister and I live together, I know for sure that our oldest sister suspects something is up, so do a lot of people, Oh well.
Drew Cowlthorp
Drew Cowlthorp - 21 day ago
My great aunt was killed my the green river killer
stikynyps - 16 days ago
Drew Cowlthorp welp
Some Kid
Some Kid - 21 day ago
My friend's uncle is part of the Filipino mafia
Wolf Noir *wolfissimo*
Wolf Noir *wolfissimo* - 22 days ago
Well uh, not really dark but..
My family is related to much of the royal family and to a bit of the Red Army...
MELEKH HA OLAM - 22 days ago
12:13 Did your grandmother realize and do you and your mother realize
that your mother is just as much a descendant of that white "rapist" as
she is your grandmother's descendant? (I put quotations marks around
rapist because that kind of rape is essentially totally nonexistent
while the opposite is TREMENDOUSLY prevalent.) It seems as though, just
like in the cases of slaves supposedly raped by white men, you are
identifying with the one and not the other while being descended from
both, not even calling the white man your grandfather nor admitting that
your mother is half white, but instead calling her "light-skinned".
MELEKH HA OLAM - 22 days ago
Man, I thought about mentioning a certain relative and then the very next post reminded me of yet another thing relevant to that same relative!!

There's someone to whom I am related who was a "faith healer" who had sex with the wives among his congregation, sold drugs, and even permanently injured someone in a car accident. Instead of being "miraculously healed", the person crippled in the collision was compensated by way of the garnishment of the wages of the "healing pastor".

Additionally, he and this guy swapped wives as mentioned about someone's grandparents. It was kind of weird because we all knew those people and their children beforehand.
Annie HoVu
Annie HoVu - 22 days ago
My uncle was in a gang and he was killed by a drug dealer.
ChopStyx - 22 days ago
I'm the family's weed plug
James MacNCheese
James MacNCheese - 23 days ago
1:55 bro that guy sounded like an absolute madlad
David Harness
David Harness - 23 days ago
Okay guys let’s get this to 100k subs. Start subbing you duckers!
Its ASetUp
Its ASetUp - 23 days ago
My cousin who was supposedly adopted is actually my aunt and pool boys. Not sure how my uncle copes. Btw my aunt and uncle are white, pool boy was obviously hispanic.
Lucas R
Lucas R - 23 days ago
Guess they aren't secrets anymore...
louisz - 23 days ago
I found out about this a few months ago after a huge family fight (which was caused partially because of this). My grandaunt (my grandma's youngest sister and the one she was closest too) fell off the balcony in her 40's and broke her neck, and was dead instantly. Nobody really knows how it happened but they suspect that her husband, who was quite abusive, pushed her off the balcony, or that she killed herself.
Alexandra Windfeather
Alexandra Windfeather - 23 days ago
I dont have an actual dark secret in my family
Well maybe other than the fact that my dad was once a drug addict
Crystal meth
It got pretty bad
He was close to death multiple times and was in rehab multiple times
He eventually got over it, with the help of my mom (she broke up with her 10 years long boyfriend for my dad, a chemical drug addict on the verge of death, I believe it's a big deal, but noone ever talks about any of this)
He is a really intelligent man and fixes technology and cars for nearly the whole village
Everyone knows and loves him and greets all the time
But you can still see some aftereffects
His hands are absolutely dry, in winter the skin literally cracks, and I mean literally literally.
And he also cant sit still he always moves his upper body, most of the time he just goes from front to back, sometimes side to side, and sometimes he actually rotates his upper body
I love him dearly and I'm proud that he overcame everything
(Lol now that I think of it, when my dad was young his mother just ran away without a word. That witch came back later fighting for custody but thank goodness the children in court could decide themselves if they wanted to see her, my dad said no he was super hurt about it understandably.(I saw her the first and only time when I was at the funeral of my uncle, the husband of her daughter. I was told afterward when I asked who she was. Lo and behold even though I didnt know who she was when I met her, I really didnt like her) My dad was also really poor for some time. He doesnt mention it other than on the side if he tells some childhood stories and never wants to mention money in front of us. He wants us to live a childhood without any worries, no matter how bad it is around us (when my brother and me were toddler they didnt have enough money, I was too young to know and only found out a few weeks ago). He is an angel I love him so much.)
t e r I N E E D L E R
t e r I N E E D L E R - 23 days ago
They're nouveau riche! The horror!
Ubayda Basith
Ubayda Basith - 23 days ago
8:29 aki sora
JG_sing Z
JG_sing Z - 23 days ago
I made a video on my biggest family secret
JinzoDefiler - 23 days ago
Grandmother's 5th husband on my moms side was a major drug dealer. Prolly single highhandedly in a big section of my city added to the opioid epidemic in the US. Would take a few van loads of people per week to a pill mill Dr. on the next state over. The Doctor didn't give a fuck cause he was retiring in less then 5 years and wanted to make as much money as he could and he was only an hours drive each way. Never got busted retired.
shadowplay kilgannon
shadowplay kilgannon - 23 days ago
Not to discredit a story. But my son had black hair when he was born. Babies lose a good chunk of hair after a couple of months. And for my son, the hair that stayed and the new hair that came in were both strawberry blond. I know that the person found out that the blond baby was a different relative. I just wanted to put it out there that babies' hair color can change 😀
UnicornFire - 23 days ago
Y'ALLS GREAT GRANDPARENTS ARE SO OLDD! MY GREAT GRANDMA (from my mom's mothers side) IS 78 AND MY OTHER GREAT GRANDMA IS LIKE 90(from my moms dads side)
FailerShino - 23 days ago
Mah mom wished me to never born
Timothy O'Neill
Timothy O'Neill - 23 days ago
Though I enjoy these vids, the music is on every single video and is getting annoying, please mix it up with some different music in the future, otherwise your doing great
Turbo - 24 days ago
My grandfather chased down my aunts ex boyfriend for dealing her meth he hasent seen the man since and it has been 12 years
Lorenzo Hills
Lorenzo Hills - 24 days ago
Y'all ever think 90% of these are cap?
Sizza FN
Sizza FN - 18 days ago
Yeah lol
Diet Glue
Diet Glue - 24 days ago
Drink every time incest is mentioned
Happy Ameoba
Happy Ameoba - 15 days ago
@Jes Parsons w-wut
Diet Glue
Diet Glue - 15 days ago
Jes Parsons uuuuuuhhh
Jes Parsons
Jes Parsons - 15 days ago
Unfortunately some of us play this same game, but it's not about how many times it comes up, but that it's actually happened.
Happy Ameoba
Happy Ameoba - 23 days ago
*Hic* H-Hows all *Hic* of y-yous doin?
Big Chungus
Big Chungus - 24 days ago
imagine dating some one then your mom marries there dad so you cant date them anymore because they are your step brother
karen b
karen b - 22 days ago
I always wondered how I would handle a situation like that............but as long as all are adults and NO blood relation involved...........I say go 4 it........I would...............IF my dude is a good match for me (that is), im going forward with my relationship....and if my daughter's mate makes her happy then I will support that too....Life is too short to sweat the small stuff.
Big Chungus
Big Chungus - 24 days ago
for 2:34 if I was the judge I would let him off scot free for killing a rapist
ImExalted IRL
ImExalted IRL - 24 days ago
More of my secret. My family is one of the biggest problems in my life. They are complete opposites of me, they are the people you would hear at a sports game while I'm a socially awkward teen. It would be fine at that, but there's more. All I come home to is being told what to do and being yelled at, then my brothers screaming and doing things that I can't stand. I need safety and relief when I get home, but I just hear about how I should do better in life. No, I'm not a teenager that is super emo and really has supportive parents, I do everything they want without a peep out of me. I'm tired of their shit, but I know if I speak up they will yell and not care, because that's all they do.
Wacking Cactus
Wacking Cactus - 24 days ago
Get a job try to get out m8, gl
MzClementine - 24 days ago
Damn! My father married his cousin. Long ago on a trip to California he met her at the beach. Never knowing they were cousins. This is after he and my mum divorced. They had a summer fling. A few months later invited to a family wedding there she was. The family introduced her as his cousin. He did a Diamond heist and his best friend shot him in the back. My dad beat him within an inch of his life with one arm. After he did hard time for 10 years he and his cousin married. They had 2 kids. One boy and one girl. The little girl died of complications. - I mean come on seriously first cousins are not to mate!
Seriously 😐 🙄 go figure. Duh
She was so depressed and was severely emotional over this. My brother @ 3 years old told her not to worry, he would be her little girl. She allowed him to dress up as a girl. Makeup and all. When he wanted to have a sex change she lost it. And my brother never followed though with it. I mean come the 🤬 on woman. You seriously are twisted!
Actually all of them are. Very narcissistic egotistical arrogant manipulative personality types. I’ve helped them over the years. But am not in contact with them anymore. My dad still has that Mob mentality and my cousin is a nut, my brother- seriously 😒 not any better than either of them.
I have a half brother from my mum. I adore him. He is 11 years younger than me. So happy to have him. A little piece of normalcy in a sea of 🤬 up family members. This is only the tip of the iceberg of secrets in our family.
Diet Glue
Diet Glue - 24 days ago
finny - 24 days ago
My family tree is just a straight line
Haitian Gal
Haitian Gal - 4 days ago
Ash Ketchum
Ash Ketchum - 16 days ago
family tree a square
UnicornFire - 21 day ago
@Oancea Adrian their family just went and fucked themselves lmao
Oancea Adrian
Oancea Adrian - 21 day ago
Luke Larson
Luke Larson - 23 days ago
iiConuts - 24 days ago
VoLtAgE _1453
VoLtAgE _1453 - 23 days ago
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iiConuts - 23 days ago
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VoLtAgE _1453
VoLtAgE _1453 - 23 days ago
Joe two gay dads
juan lopez
juan lopez - 24 days ago
Joe mama
Telorix - 24 days ago
What who is that
Gianni Van den Bosch
Gianni Van den Bosch - 24 days ago
Not dark secret, but my moms aunt was the local druglord, she made around 2 millions a year on selling drugs. She blew it all. Then we have uncle #1 he did armed robbery and got caught but changed and i always thought he was the calm one. Then uncle #2, he was one who always fighted for everyone, good uncle and if i get in a fight he beats them up. Then we have my moms uncle, he was shot while running with a knife inside a police station.
That’s basically it in a short version.
Oancea Adrian
Oancea Adrian - 21 day ago
Well... That's a gangster family
nelsontheyoutubedoggo - 24 days ago
the grandparents who swapped spouses made that whole situation ALABAMA yee yee.
Better than your boy
Better than your boy - 24 days ago
Is this a repost?
CjBeast 101
CjBeast 101 - 24 days ago
Nobody Knows Why This Is The Top Comment 🤷
CjBeast 101
CjBeast 101 - 23 days ago
@VoLtAgE _1453 yes ik lol I tried
VoLtAgE _1453
VoLtAgE _1453 - 23 days ago
Literally the bottom comment😂🤦‍♂️
Nischal Kandel
Nischal Kandel - 24 days ago
Bold of you to assume i have a family
A Sad Pigeon
A Sad Pigeon - 22 days ago
Jimmz Leet Bold of you to assume that they assumed it was about them
Jimmz Leet
Jimmz Leet - 23 days ago
Bold of you to assume it was about you
Hilary Bermúdez
Hilary Bermúdez - 24 days ago
Love the grandpa who shot his daughter’s rapist, that’s a good father!
Glad he didn’t spend much time in jail.
I don’t have a name
I don’t have a name - 22 days ago
Hilary Bermúdez any good dad would do it
Nikki Gulayan
Nikki Gulayan - 22 days ago
That proves that he loves her and would protect her no matter what would happen to him.
FailerShino - 23 days ago
For me is normal
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