大島あやか - Hour ago
Inflection HD
Inflection HD - Hour ago
0:35 Jungkook step on Taehyung foot😂
jae Lee
jae Lee - Hour ago
♡Hope joa ♡
Oissii - Hour ago
2:57, Only true Army’s would know where this came from! Hint=(Boy in luv)
Camila Buyua
Camila Buyua - Hour ago
Digen Krong
Digen Krong - Hour ago
V ,😘😘😍😍😍 I love u
bnyjournal - 2 hours ago
Jimin's legs are so defined!
Chi Mai
Chi Mai - 2 hours ago
Also RM didnt tie his short up
Basm Gabar
Basm Gabar - 2 hours ago
louie valiente
louie valiente - 2 hours ago
i love you jungkook and v
Atha meonk
Atha meonk - 2 hours ago
Chayil Willette
Chayil Willette - 3 hours ago
Who ever disliked this is just a hater
ARMY makes this blue❤️❤️😍
COSMO - 3 hours ago
2017: Steve Aoki
2018: Nicki Minaj
2019: Halsey
2020: ???

Jungkook in the backround : *ChArLeY PuTh*
stan everglow
stan everglow - 3 hours ago
let’s all wear black and not tell tae
Joy of the Snowflakes
Joy of the Snowflakes - 3 hours ago
You say JungKook accidentally step on TaeTae's foot right? 😂 LOVE YOU KOOKIE!!!!!! >.
Martinha Leite
Martinha Leite - 4 hours ago
I loveeeeeeee coreograf
grxzl park
grxzl park - 4 hours ago
Literally no one: Missing JK wearing brown combat boots
Suzy Game Playz
Suzy Game Playz - 4 hours ago
*Am I the only one who was satisfied by this video?*
Maha •
Maha • - 4 hours ago
I can’t stop looking at Suga..
Suzy Game Playz
Suzy Game Playz - 4 hours ago
*That shoe sound tho*
Leo Flores Andres
Leo Flores Andres - 4 hours ago
I bighit
I bighit - 4 hours ago
Jimin's legs | |
My legs | |
IVANI DIAS MENESES - 5 hours ago
Me is suga💜💜💜💜💜
Eliza Gutierrez
Eliza Gutierrez - 5 hours ago
Asmr with bts !
Suravi Tamrakar
Suravi Tamrakar - 5 hours ago
I watched this 8 times.
1st time- for looking at their dances
2nd- to look at Kim Seokjin💜
3rd- to look at Kim Taehyung💜
4th- to look at Kookie💜
5th- to look at Jimin💜
6th- to look at RM💜
7th- for Suga's rap part💜
8th- for jhope💜
Dewi Purnamawati
Dewi Purnamawati - 5 hours ago
I love you rm bts :)
EDB BATALLA - 6 hours ago
los amooo
itsme Angiee
itsme Angiee - 6 hours ago
How does Jimin even dance in those shoes?!?
xemst - 6 hours ago
Love you 💞💞😭.
isabella oficial Macedo
isabella oficial Macedo - 6 hours ago
I Love bts 😍😍😍😍
isabella oficial Macedo
isabella oficial Macedo - 6 hours ago
gamingwithizzy roblox
gamingwithizzy roblox - 6 hours ago
jin look his trying yoongi at 1:00 like if you agree
gamingwithizzy roblox
gamingwithizzy roblox - 6 hours ago
let all pants lets not tell
Layla Kattash
Layla Kattash - 6 hours ago
No one:

Literally no one:

Me: nO oNe iS WeArINg TiMbErLaNdS
문화빈 - 6 hours ago
한국인 찾아요....
Typical Teresa
Typical Teresa - 6 hours ago
1:57 jungkook trying not to laugh and failing
Pemika Pun
Pemika Pun - 7 hours ago
I like the jungkook outfit
Δ AʂɧƖɛყo_o Δ
Δ AʂɧƖɛყo_o Δ - 7 hours ago
I notice that Jung-Kook accidentally stepped on V's foot xD
순영 김
순영 김 - 7 hours ago
luis guzman
luis guzman - 7 hours ago
aaaaah jin a mejorado tanto en el baile lo amooo
Thiago Barreiro
Thiago Barreiro - 7 hours ago
Whatttt New music the BTS!!! Mys babys
Lunes de Terror
Lunes de Terror - 7 hours ago
1:03 Ramón levante el pie
Amal Amal
Amal Amal - 7 hours ago
MysteryGirl9000 - 8 hours ago
Is it bad I’m laughing just because of the shoe squeaks 🤣🤣
natsuquie chan neko dak armiii cute anime
Crai 😭😭😭😭
Lit Tifu WRY
Lit Tifu WRY - 8 hours ago
0:41 😂😂
kawai- chan
kawai- chan - 8 hours ago
Why I'm 11 yeas old
kawai- chan
kawai- chan - 8 hours ago
He is bigget than me
kawai- chan
kawai- chan - 8 hours ago
Rap Monster mý oppa
Allan W
Allan W - 8 hours ago
Excellent choreography. The only part I can do is the last with the fingers.
just kitten
just kitten - 8 hours ago
0:37 junkkok steps on v's foot
Jôse Santos
Jôse Santos - 8 hours ago
lkvjrhs bts
lkvjrhs bts - 9 hours ago
Like por la etiquete del pie de Jin
Romulo Small
Romulo Small - 9 hours ago
Laura Marmion
Laura Marmion - 10 hours ago
Oof jimin let me live please this is illegal
Iliq Ivanov
Iliq Ivanov - 10 hours ago
If u focus on jk the think that i always do u see how he step on teas foot
Ventyy - 11 hours ago
squeak stomp squeak
U R - 11 hours ago
노래좋당 이런 흰배경에서 안무 보여주니까 잘보이고 좋당
Deneesuuuh ____
Deneesuuuh ____ - 11 hours ago
str34m dance practices too,, bc y not ?
Fernanda -neko :v
Fernanda -neko :v - 12 hours ago
Jungkook 😏❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💓😍😍😍😍😍
miiich. elle
miiich. elle - 12 hours ago
Who loves BTS??
Pferde Mensch
Pferde Mensch - 12 hours ago
I love Kookie and Tae Tae 😍
Kookies Outfit and TaeTaes Hair 😍❤️
Calliope Penna
Calliope Penna - 13 hours ago
Some people: BWL choreography is the easiest one except for maybe Go Go.
Me: What about the freaking 0:55.
Tri Vo
Tri Vo - 13 hours ago
I'm living for the squeaking sound 😭😭😭😭😭
국 뽕
국 뽕 - 13 hours ago
싫어요 쪽바리 우익들인가...
한심하다 진짜.
haechanTheOnlyLight i need to shine
3:35 why this step is so fucking hard
Kroo - 13 hours ago
Loving Nam-joon's hair color
Naz Hosam
Naz Hosam - 13 hours ago
Im seriously in love right now like when he said “come be my teacher” I’m fallen.
Ngân Nguyễn
Ngân Nguyễn - 13 hours ago
Jin and Namjoon have improved dancing skill a lot. Stop telling them not good at dancing
Iam Theone
Iam Theone - 14 hours ago
J-Hope out here wearing Jordan
Ariana Playz
Ariana Playz - 14 hours ago
Everytime Jungkook jumps
*His hair looks like its a wig lmao*
HaBiBa RaNgOoNwAlA
HaBiBa RaNgOoNwAlA - 14 hours ago
I love u BTS
Monica Laureano
Monica Laureano - 14 hours ago
Amo muito vcs até o show
Adiaris army 23
Adiaris army 23 - 14 hours ago
0:36 - 0:37 Look at jungkook’s feet and taehyung
앤미 Anne
앤미 Anne - 14 hours ago
예전에 호르몬전쟁처럼 흥넘치게 추는건 이제 없나유... 슲흔걸... 방탄오빠들이 더좋은데서 하는건 좋다만 예전에 오빠들을 볼수없단게 너무 슬프네요ㅜㅜ
Oreo безумное
Oreo безумное - 14 hours ago
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥ YOU ARE COOL!!!!! 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😘😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Murali Lawyer
Murali Lawyer - 15 hours ago
The flower was so blessed and lucky
A Syrdal
A Syrdal - 15 hours ago
1:27 I love this move so much!!!!!
Luniva Maharjan
Luniva Maharjan - 15 hours ago
Is v a thief... Cause everytime I look at him, he steals my heart.
jely ace
jely ace - 15 hours ago
HẰNGđoan loahú ĐINH
HẰNGđoan loahú ĐINH - 15 hours ago
Galaxy Gamer
Galaxy Gamer - 15 hours ago
Poor V
Someone(Jungkook) step one his shoe😩
아아 - 16 hours ago
짐늬 바지 별론데 짐니가 입으니깐 섹시하다 ㅋㅋ
Joe Marie Millado
Joe Marie Millado - 16 hours ago
I just wanted to know bias is V and I named my puppy taeyang cuz she’s a girl... a few days past she died..😢 and she’s a shih szu. ...... {I’m to forget it because I can’t focus..} (edit:thanks for 5 likes..)
Suravi Tamrakar
Suravi Tamrakar - 16 hours ago
Who the faq says Jin doesn't dance nicely?! He dances trillion times more better than me💜💜💜💜
Jimin HD
Jimin HD - 16 hours ago
Aline Oliveira
Aline Oliveira - 16 hours ago
Jimim ❤️❤️
Amrapali Gautam
Amrapali Gautam - 16 hours ago
0:40 sope smiling♥️♥️
1:57 jk
XxLisa_ BlackpinkxX
XxLisa_ BlackpinkxX - 16 hours ago
*Rips legs*
Sean Yim
Sean Yim - 16 hours ago
RM loves cold air because he is wearing shorts
Chi Mai
Chi Mai - 16 hours ago
0:40 J hope and Suga looking each other and laugh
1:06 Jimin is quite far from Suga and Jin
1:44 everyone put their hands on their pants , but Jin put his hands on his stomach
2:29 Jin is far from the members
zahra .b.
zahra .b. - 16 hours ago
Jimin taehyung😍
jupi hazel
jupi hazel - 17 hours ago
I dont know why but i have a huge crush on Jimin☺☺☺☺
Daz Hg
Daz Hg - 17 hours ago
Khursand Pirmakhmadova
Khursand Pirmakhmadova - 17 hours ago
BTS super😙😙😙
Fauziah Khoirunnisa
Fauziah Khoirunnisa - 17 hours ago
Аэлита Сивцева
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 내가 사랑 하는 당신 나는 러시아에서!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
김선일 - 17 hours ago
Thanh Hai Tran
Thanh Hai Tran - 17 hours ago
giày của v từ đầu đã bị jungkoo đạp rồi kìa
B3rry M0ji
B3rry M0ji - 17 hours ago
Love you, Jimin 😃❤️
Melissa Alice
Melissa Alice - 18 hours ago
Im Army and Jimin legs like a girl legs
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