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No no no
No no no - 13 hours ago
The human mail challenge!
Also knows as illegal immigration
etskuboy _
etskuboy _ - 14 hours ago
Ssniperwolf is a *thot*
Jay Plays
Jay Plays - Day ago
Tf is that hand writing wtf lmao
xX_LONEWOLF_xX - 2 days ago
Racoon like how you disliked the videos in the beginning
Chronic Killer
Chronic Killer - 2 days ago
Sniper wolf was holding the camera
recucirt plaz
recucirt plaz - 3 days ago
Car-son and raccoon I ship it
RedPanda PowerPoints
RedPanda PowerPoints - 4 days ago
Ok not a normal comment but do you see Red Pandas as friends or doppelgängers trying to rip every single raccoon’s style with more colors
Average Joe
Average Joe - 4 days ago
Also I saw a creepypasta if this actually happening
Irish Ostrich
Irish Ostrich - 5 days ago
Remember when a black slave did this legitimately and became free after it
Sans Epicc
Sans Epicc - 5 days ago
Human male challenge
RancidBathwater - 6 days ago
How does a Squirrel inhale Bread?
Christian Trent
Christian Trent - Day ago
With its nuts
Super FNAF plush Boy
Super FNAF plush Boy - 9 days ago
Why did I see killing raccoons for the next video
Ibrahim Katbeh
Ibrahim Katbeh - 8 days ago
What's the map?
Alyssa Bacon
Alyssa Bacon - 9 days ago
"Then he get's his asshole resized by a killer clown." 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ronald Mcdaddynuggets
Ronald Mcdaddynuggets - 10 days ago
Sniperwolf a thot
Zesty Lemons 77
Zesty Lemons 77 - 10 days ago
4:54 I died laughing🤣🤣🤣
Zesty Lemons 77
Zesty Lemons 77 - 10 days ago
At the time I watch this video there were 69,000 likes. Y’all know what that means🥴
Incxrnxte - 11 days ago
I hate faze rug
notanimperialspy - 11 days ago
1:38 I knew there was something off about that
Spython S
Spython S - 12 days ago
4:49 me at 3 am trying not to wake up my mom
K1NG OF The Hill
K1NG OF The Hill - 15 days ago
Racc what about Killem's Vid is it real?
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ - 16 days ago
We ran Out of food four days ago
Stick Movie Maker
Stick Movie Maker - 19 days ago
Is killem fake? I don't think so
K1NG OF The Hill
K1NG OF The Hill - 15 days ago
Wi1d B0y
Wi1d B0y - 20 days ago
I hate the game play is just the same thing
Nik Manocha
Nik Manocha - 22 days ago
Nicky jasper
Nicky jasper - 22 days ago
I lost it at "That's it that's my Intro" 😂😂🤣🤣
AnyTime Bot
AnyTime Bot - 22 days ago
I’ve never seen someone hold and write with a pen like that
goldkat 1234
goldkat 1234 - 23 days ago
That last clip is so fake 🙄🙄🙄
Neck da quek
Neck da quek - 23 days ago
Ur_w4ck - 23 days ago
4:55 I was screaming
Insane Insane
Insane Insane - 24 days ago
MrTheSwoop - 25 days ago
One YouTuber went in a solid container in Great Britain, filmed the entire thing without cuts and ended up in America, fuck you Racc
Jay Moriarty
Jay Moriarty - 24 days ago
Seems weird you hate Racc but liked more than 3 videos on his channel, hm?
shut the front door
shut the front door - 25 days ago
raccoon eggs cures every thing
Muggy plays
Muggy plays - 25 days ago
I wheezed at the rattle part
random boio
random boio - 25 days ago
2:57 my sister's alarm that woke me up and annoyed the hell out of me for years like shit I despise that song now
Korben Roberts
Korben Roberts - 26 days ago
No no don't look at that
TheGamingOwl _
TheGamingOwl _ - 26 days ago
Rose Elisarraraz
Rose Elisarraraz - 27 days ago
I started cracking up at the point where he mails himself
Joey Yasin
Joey Yasin - 27 days ago
3:05 had me dead
Jason 7335 xTension
Jason 7335 xTension - 28 days ago
Fucking amazing
neon 74348 4576
neon 74348 4576 - 29 days ago
Is it just me or Is the raccoon in the thumbnail doing a nazi salute?
Infinate blizaro
Infinate blizaro - 29 days ago
Waaaaaiiiiiiiiitttttttt you’re left handed?????????
Genesis Master
Genesis Master - Month ago
i can go a day with less than 400 calories
Hi there Buddy
Hi there Buddy - Month ago
Sources: Bro trust me
Alexis Aguilar
Alexis Aguilar - Month ago
This guy fucking killed me of laughter
James White
James White - Month ago
Wow this is probably the only REAL mail vid
TxhLuis - Month ago
As soon as the video started I was crying😂😂💀
soggy wonton Productions
If someone mailed themselves to me I'd have quite the feast
Joseph York
Joseph York - Month ago
plenty to last us about 4 or 5 days
Joseph York
Joseph York - Month ago
4:56 lol my dad is fucking sleeping
marko backman
marko backman - Month ago
I laughed so hard😂😂
TTV_bythaway___ YT
TTV_bythaway___ YT - Month ago
Epic games : I’m going to be fucked in 3 hours starter pack
Fortnite players: hmmm that’s pretty good
Skygaming 459
Skygaming 459 - Month ago
Left handed pussy
Ben Polens
Ben Polens - Month ago
I thought this would be you mailing out random stuffed racoon plushies to people
Micah Rigdon
Micah Rigdon - Month ago
Then shows up in a haunted tunnel and gets his asshole resized by a killer clown
Logan Ganier
Logan Ganier - Month ago
Raccoon I will always watch ur Vida 100% so u get it LOVE UR VIDS BRO
FAST OBEY - Month ago
DarkNess_1 1
DarkNess_1 1 - Month ago
LMAO nest vid ever
SlimJimothy - Month ago
This guy fucking writes with his pen between his fingers
Harrison Roberts
Harrison Roberts - Month ago
Your the American Memulous
some random cuber yt
some random cuber yt - Month ago
Human male challenge
Sam Smith
Sam Smith - Month ago
Yes because human male Boi r u gay dat make no sense
Zenthen 228
Zenthen 228 - Month ago
2:30 "I'm going to be fucked in 3 hours starter pack" Its so true XD
PatientPilot - Month ago
I think it’s fake
Frisky CornBrea2
Frisky CornBrea2 - Month ago
The raddel made me laugh
Aiden Compagnion
Aiden Compagnion - Month ago
What if I told you my aunt is a Ups driver and I could actually do the challenge?
Marsupial Mason
Marsupial Mason - Month ago
Bunch of nunces
CritiZ - Month ago
My face.looks like a rug so am i facerig?
Jazukoplayzz Z
Jazukoplayzz Z - Month ago
4:55 Rip headphone users
Send Noodlesm8
Send Noodlesm8 - Month ago
All I would need is lotion and a magazine
Jair Cabrera
Jair Cabrera - Month ago
4:52. R.I.P. headphone users
Kai Geselle
Kai Geselle - Month ago
Isnt human mail challenge the same as human trafficing shit
ItsScruffy - Month ago
Ew rac is left handed
BabyGirl 0926
BabyGirl 0926 - Month ago
The fuckin chips😂😂 idk why but when he was munching on them I was fuckin laughing my brains out
ramiiz z
ramiiz z - Month ago
I wonder how it looked like when he had his head in the box and shaking it around
Dylfish - Month ago
Did anyone notice that his “rattle” was a box of pills
a cool channel cool
a cool channel cool - Month ago
Racoon is a smart ass
Josh D.
Josh D. - Month ago
i clicked on this thinking fan mail
Shxdow _
Shxdow _ - Month ago
Idk if rug is gay or not but his voice sounds a little gay...

(Rug fans plz don't hate)
Trix R4Kidz725
Trix R4Kidz725 - Month ago
So like we just not guna talk ab how he holds a pencil?
TOXiCK 03 - Month ago
WAH none of your buisness
Ricegum is shit
Cringy Boi
Cringy Boi - Month ago
Who else died laughing at 4:54?
Cash0311 - Month ago
4:55 Why are there no comments about that “rattle”?
blacksheep - Month ago
Hey guys racooneggs here today we will show how to not be gay
Eli Hoover
Eli Hoover - Month ago
He did say he was bringing super smash
m ellow
m ellow - Month ago
Oh I'm dumb I forgot that he's not reacting to Imjaystation he used a cardboard box to ship himself across the sea and almost got caught and deported
m ellow
m ellow - Month ago
Has any of these retards thought the CARDBOARD box will get wet
Banana Dee
Banana Dee - Month ago
This video was sponsored by UPS
TDC_DeadH3x /
TDC_DeadH3x / - Month ago
Like the black plague
A Basic C00K13
A Basic C00K13 - Month ago
*rattle intensifies*
Onyx R3sxrrect
Onyx R3sxrrect - Month ago
4:25 what the fuck is ur thumb and who tf writes like that
XxKarl xX
XxKarl xX - Month ago
If there is a youtuber who can help me sleep its yours :3
CityOfAngels7x - Month ago
Damian Mcconnell
Damian Mcconnell - Month ago
When the rattle of the Phill battles broke me 🤣 well earned like 👍
Starr Kinto
Starr Kinto - Month ago
Animationstation - Month ago
Oof sniperwolf.
Ashlee Luxe
Ashlee Luxe - Month ago
Orion The Light Of Hope
4:54 racc you fucking bastard I had my airpords in on max vol and I got my ears raped
Roman Lange
Roman Lange - Month ago
Almost thought this was apandah
Frostyboy2016 - Month ago
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