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Michalika Tułowiecka
8:07 Little Mermirad
brittany burney
brittany burney - 2 days ago
I’m not going to lie the sunset look was my favorite
Kiya Washburn
Kiya Washburn - 2 days ago
I think you did such a beautiful job sister James!! I liked the sunflowers but the last look was my favorite. You are so talented
Saige Foxwood
Saige Foxwood - 2 days ago
kelly the editor you're also amazing. love the looks james x
Jessica McDonald
Jessica McDonald - 2 days ago
Omg those makeup skills seriously they are amazing
Cynthia Brant
Cynthia Brant - 2 days ago
It is a Dragon grapefruit drink
Cynthia Brant
Cynthia Brant - 2 days ago
@Saige Foxwood you are so correct
Saige Foxwood
Saige Foxwood - 2 days ago
and it's DELICIOUS!
lynda davis
lynda davis - 3 days ago
I wonder how long this took???

At least 17 hours
Jordyn Tully
Jordyn Tully - 4 days ago
I started watching makeup videos with Ben J Pierce, so I'm used to the artist saying "And let's cover up those brands because they're not paying me anything", so then switching to James, "uSE cOdE JamEs FoR 10% oFf", was a lil bit alarming.
Loyda Borrego
Loyda Borrego - 4 days ago
James, you can put sister in front of anything and make it sound good
Me, don’t try, cause people with look at you like wth
Amai {Nҽƙσ Qυҽҽɳ}
EaR RapE
Naomi Rheude
Naomi Rheude - 5 days ago
I LOVE YOU!! but no offence but is it just me or is his eyebrow uneven AF?? But I love you and your the best
Naomi Rheude
Naomi Rheude - 6 hours ago
@lynda davis no its not
lynda davis
lynda davis - 3 days ago
It's just you
Jay Bryant
Jay Bryant - 5 days ago
Katerine Salcedo
Katerine Salcedo - 5 days ago
Aaliyah-Mari Golz
Aaliyah-Mari Golz - 7 days ago
Why are u soooooo talented I loveee u
Lizzy Serrano
Lizzy Serrano - 7 days ago
THE CREASSSSSSS......lmao , I love all of them but the Sunflower look was my favorite!!
fwrrwrw dfsdfdws
fwrrwrw dfsdfdws - 7 days ago
love it
Aide Rivera
Aide Rivera - 8 days ago
Soy el comentario en español que buscas❤❤😍
Riłey mallørie
Riłey mallørie - 9 days ago
James: oh **** I screwed the moon up
Me:well I guess the moon wants to be a little more thiccc
Beth Clewes
Beth Clewes - 9 days ago
james charles these looks are amazing 😍😍😍😍😍
Kat Lae
Kat Lae - 10 days ago
someone please tell me wtf a transition shade is
Rosey Artist
Rosey Artist - 10 days ago
Take a shot everytime he says "pop/popping on"
Gacha_Wolf UwU
Gacha_Wolf UwU - 11 days ago
How is your teeth so white!? 🧐🧐🧐🤨🤨🤨
You know me !
You know me ! - 11 days ago
20:20 😂
Khira Van bogaert
Khira Van bogaert - 13 days ago
everything is sooo gorges!!
Luisa Lopez
Luisa Lopez - 14 days ago
hermosisisiisismo el segundo maquillaje omgg
Adeline Moritz
Adeline Moritz - 14 days ago
the crease
Ana Brito
Ana Brito - 18 days ago
Wish I had a little of your talent. Love your makeup!
Magical Emoji Hailee
Magical Emoji Hailee - 18 days ago
No hate but your going to wipe off all that beautiful makeup that took hours to do I feel like it is not worth it to even do the makeup look if ur going to wipe it off right away in my opinion . Love your videos so much bye sister
Dimitra Alexopoulou
Dimitra Alexopoulou - 19 days ago
James plzzzzzzzzzzzzz come to Greece I reallyyyyyyy want to see u in real life ❤️💙💜💄 💗💕
Ilove Corpseparty
Ilove Corpseparty - 19 days ago
“I’ve been checking on these weird berry things”
Alex Eldridge
Alex Eldridge - 19 days ago
James do you ever get sad taking off a really cool makeup look?
Jerzy An
Jerzy An - 24 days ago
Danelle Kerry
Danelle Kerry - 25 days ago
I liked the waves best. Than the flowers. The last one just was okay.
Lana Staprlberg
Lana Staprlberg - 25 days ago
Crease Crease crease crease
Dianna Brown
Dianna Brown - 27 days ago
James is Sooo darn good at everything makeup , he should do that for a living he would have some happy customers......I'm surprised he hasn't done that instead of you tube shows......Thank you for all your great makeup looks !!!!!
Bailee Jean
Bailee Jean - 28 days ago
【the crease】
Jazzy Meep
Jazzy Meep - 28 days ago
1 year ago 😩✌️
Colton Martin
Colton Martin - 28 days ago
0:04 it has been a long time since i got a subscribe am i right 😂
Jeremiah I miss
Jeremiah I miss - 28 days ago
cloudkru - 29 days ago
when james says he's mediocre we need to send pictures of how amateurs do makeup
Natasha Simmons
Natasha Simmons - Month ago
why every time he do his makeup his eyebrows are so thick like just ,,,why just WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. but i do LOVE HIM like i do but usually peoples eyebrows are thin but if he like his eyebrows thick then that's he LOVE YOU muwh
Reelinnpeelin Fishing
Reelinnpeelin Fishing - Month ago
15:52 he has lipstick on his teeth. love that
Tatyana Hill
Tatyana Hill - Month ago
2019? Anyone
Louise Halliburton
Louise Halliburton - Month ago
Spookmagooded idekv how the heck to spell it
Sh.o.n O.n
Sh.o.n O.n - Month ago
I love you.
Kayelynn Lynch
Kayelynn Lynch - Month ago
I caught that wig! 7:52
Annisa Olivia
Annisa Olivia - Month ago
15:16 damn. Rich people be spraying setting spray 30 times 😭
sarah the grapes
sarah the grapes - Month ago
I like how the thumbnail is actually in the video
kaylees awesome life
kaylees awesome life - Month ago
"I went to Starbucks this morning to get a pink drink..But it's purple and I've been chocking on these berries things so they'll be hearing from my lawer"
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