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Kaylee Bitler
Kaylee Bitler - 22 hours ago
James: "A light spritz"
Also James: *pours whole bottle of setting spray on his face*
Alanah Horsten
Alanah Horsten - Day ago
Rn, this video has 1k likes for everyday in a year
ceIzne - 2 days ago
When he says light spritz, he's not saying he's not going to do a lot, he's saying he's doing it from further away so it's a lighter spritz.
Norelis Rodriguez
Norelis Rodriguez - 3 days ago
No one:
Absolutely no one:
James: Let me cut the wave
MadiStrong MN
MadiStrong MN - 4 days ago
Getting back into eye art Also James HUUUUHHHH
LittleMonkey Badass
LittleMonkey Badass - 5 days ago
He really loves highlighter
Susan Martin
Susan Martin - 5 days ago
Do you want to know what is so annoying James? It's when you tell us how horrible things look and how things are "going downhill fast!" It's just sooo annoying because YOU KNOW how talented you are so why do you pretend to doubt yourself like you do?..
Susan Martin
Susan Martin - 5 days ago
You must be high to think any average person could be as artistic as you are. Especially putting on eyeliner and eyeshadow as magnificently as you do. You sing you draw you create you make up... you're just one giant ball of talent!!
Lyriq Walker
Lyriq Walker - 5 days ago
Nun unnecessary
Crystal Clear
Crystal Clear - 5 days ago
Omg the waves are so beautiful!!! I DONT EVEN WEAR EYELINER
Darcy Smith
Darcy Smith - 9 days ago
Do a vid with Ariana grande pls
LORD OF PUGS - 12 days ago
Am I the only boy that watches James Charles
•Maheen •
•Maheen • - 13 days ago

*Miranda Sings has entered the chat*
Nicklepickle 1
Nicklepickle 1 - 13 days ago
Can we just notice that he IS WEARING A WHITE SHIRT AND does not Evan get anything on it! Like sister that is called.... SISTER talent and omg 😮 I love u James :]
Savannah Vondohlen
Savannah Vondohlen - 13 days ago
Your butt chin is so cute
Brittaney Pierce
Brittaney Pierce - 14 days ago
Omg James you are so amazing at makeup art!! Like watching this come together is therapeutic. The sunflowers are my favorite. Seriously you are so so talented and I so want to wear this look but mine will not come out this good. Love ya
ღ NotLily! ღ
ღ NotLily! ღ - 17 days ago
This is how many times he has said he’s sisters in his intro’s
Dancerkk 2008
Dancerkk 2008 - 18 days ago
Lol listen to 9:40. Gonna graab
Dancerkk 2008
Dancerkk 2008 - 18 days ago
Omg James are you wearing foundation? IT LOOKS BOMB
haha funny yes
haha funny yes - 18 days ago
i will forever love james but i realised james is a part of the butt chin mcgee community and we stan
ALICIANA YouTube - 19 days ago
That sunflower
Emily Makeup
Emily Makeup - 19 days ago
James: my favourite look ever
Me: tries to recreate and fails terribly
J. T.
J. T. - 23 days ago
They are all lovely; I think on myself, I would like the flowers the most. xxx
Morgan Playz13
Morgan Playz13 - 24 days ago
james those looks are BEAUTIFUL!!!
ღMichiღ - 25 days ago
James: *Peaches and cream*
Me: *This reminds me of...*
Quintecia Cha
Quintecia Cha - 28 days ago
I loved the sunflower look it was beautiful 😍
Lourdes Urbina
Lourdes Urbina - 28 days ago
Hermoso, me encanto, Excelente trabajo
BonJournal - Month ago
I love that first "wave" look, and that you matched the lipstick with the look of the eyes by adding a blue metallic shine. Beautiful and so well-done. I didn't think I would like that second look, but I did. I like how you did the flowers. You are so good with the smallest details. I liked how you added "freckles". Thanks for sharing these with us!
Hanna Wrede
Hanna Wrede - Month ago
drink game with key word crease
Grace Till
Grace Till - Month ago
who else is watching in 2019
Raika Tahsin
Raika Tahsin - Month ago
I love the 2nd one
Claire Jurd
Claire Jurd - Month ago
when you run out of ideas for makeup looks
Shyanne Crawford
Shyanne Crawford - Month ago
not to be rude but if you look closely you have never seen James's arms so hairy love you sister James
dianapaula salazar
dianapaula salazar - Month ago
Personalmente pienso que el que sigas haciendo esto es grandioso, ya que así vemos cosas muy geniales en ti, maquillaje muy artístico en alguien que sabe del maquillaje de una manera expectacular
A mi me ayuda mucho a practicar
¡Gracias por esto! 💚💚💚
Jimmy Rodríguez
Jimmy Rodríguez - Month ago
Este es el comentario en Español que estabas buscando
Saliha Rashid
Saliha Rashid - Month ago
oh my god i love youuuu i love your makeup and your video i love see you video
Hailey Miyamoto
Hailey Miyamoto - Month ago
What cleanser do you use??!!?
paula sandez
paula sandez - Month ago
Bmj squad
Bmj squad - Month ago
Charlotte flair woo wwe
Ghosty - Month ago
Nick R.
Nick R. - Month ago
LaUrEn_Is_WeIrD - 2 months ago
this is how many time James talked like miranda sings
Divita Joshi
Divita Joshi - 2 months ago
and then im gonna greeeeeeb
Justus Hightower
Justus Hightower - 2 months ago
you’re literally so talented wow
Ashlynn Fitzgerald
Ashlynn Fitzgerald - 2 months ago
2:41 that’s better than I can do and I’m an artist
Raven Hirko
Raven Hirko - 2 months ago
Into... a bright yellow shade
Raven Hirko
Raven Hirko - 2 months ago
Tb to when James didn’t use his palette for everything he ever does
Daniela Pavon
Daniela Pavon - 2 months ago
You're just amazing sweetheart sooo good in what you love doing you're an inspiration
Tanya Thomas
Tanya Thomas - 2 months ago
!!!!!!!!!!!!!You look like a beautiful Kree!!!!!!!!!!!! You should do a Marvel Universe photo shot!!!!!!!!!! Captain Marvel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and David Bowie!!!!!!!! It would be absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!! You are beautiful sister!
Consu Morales
Consu Morales - 2 months ago
I love your videos 😍 you are the best ❤ I love so much!
keira debolt
keira debolt - 2 months ago
make a positive comments makeup video please?
Kim Jennie
Kim Jennie - 2 months ago
Brystol Clark
Brystol Clark - 2 months ago
Stop hating on him he is amazing! You guys are just jealous of him because he is perfect
Joc.Kosiba - 2 months ago
They made you a mango drangon refresher. I work at Barns and Noble. 😂
k b
k b - 2 months ago
James: I'm gonna give myself a light spritz
*Literally sprays 30 times*
But we love a set sister!
Kerma :
Kerma : - 2 months ago
0:10 what happened there? Haha
macey - 2 months ago
4:25 me in the mirror
Just a Lokison
Just a Lokison - 2 months ago
Sis, you’re scarily talented 💋
B l u e m o o n X
B l u e m o o n X - 2 months ago
0:24 *He accidentally put the straw in his nose*
Gracie quick
Gracie quick - 2 months ago
1:41 he sounds like miranda
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