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Desi Perkins
Desi Perkins - 2 years ago
Already tearing up reading all your comments 😭❤️😍
Bhim.paswan paswan
Bhim.paswan paswan - Year ago
Desi Perkins SSC
rajat kumar
rajat kumar - Year ago
Desi Perkins pron xxx
Ramavter Verma
Ramavter Verma - Year ago
Desi Perkins xxx
Choe Claire
Choe Claire - Year ago
Cattaleeya Pennell sorry it's they will do a third and final restock this oct, not sure when but you can head over to their instagram page to see their update.
Cattaleeya Maxwell
Cattaleeya Maxwell - Year ago
where do you purchase this make up
Tamara - Month ago
I can't buy more creamer please anywhere!!! I need this in my life wish I knew you guys when it launched 😭😭😭
Jasmin Quinones
Jasmin Quinones - 7 months ago
Will you be brings back this 1st collection please 🙏🙏🙏😍😍😍🙌🙌 I want it all I just got the round 2 friendcation pallet for christmas along with some highliters fuego and chashing the sun , along with (the most) lip gloss , so excited to use it and review it on ig and I love the Packaging you guys did an amazing job I'm so obsessed with glitter they literally look like a luxurious box of chocolates the rose gold is amazing I love the formula of the palette friendcation the glittery eyeshadows are so creamy and so foil thank you so much for creating this amazing set I'm so obsessed I want to buy it all I need to have this in my collection please please let me know if you are thinking of bringing back the first collection I'm so in love with your second collection and now I need to have the first and I don't know how to get it love always Jazzy much blessings and happy New Year
Tangentgirl71 - 10 months ago
I guess I'm a year late to this party :) Will this collection be restocked on DOC site? The eyeshadow quad is absolutely perfection!!! I must have......
melissa morales
melissa morales - 11 months ago
Dirty $$$🤑🤑
melissa morales
melissa morales - 11 months ago
Can’t wait for round 2!!💕😍💕😍
veronica munoz
veronica munoz - Year ago
Im sho sad im watching this a year later and drooling over those highlighters but only one is still available 😭 I really want fuego, ugh.
I wish it could be a permanent collection
samantha cisneros
samantha cisneros - Year ago
Veronica Vargas
Veronica Vargas - Year ago
I’m in love with your collection
Kara O
Kara O - Year ago
Love your Dose of Colors! My absolute favorite is your liquid lips. OMG! You both knocked it outta the park ladies! In love with the creamy formula so comfortable to wear. Love you both ❤️
Dóra Méhes
Dóra Méhes - Year ago
I just enjoyed watching how you guys love talking about your products and how good friends you are... sweet
Angel Franks
Angel Franks - Year ago
I can’t want to get my YouTube channel going we’re I can get a PR page of your two makeup to show it off that would be amazing to do on it 🙌🏻🤗😍🤩😃
Angel Franks
Angel Franks - Year ago
Yea 🙏🙏🙌🏻🙌🏻👏👏
Jenaya L
Jenaya L - Year ago
I'm so mad we dont have an ulta down here in hawaii!!!!
Vanessa Anne
Vanessa Anne - Year ago
I think I got a bad batch of Fuego cause when I try to do a swatch it doesn’t show its pigmentation. When I swatch the Fuego I have, it’s swatch is sheer looking.
jc belcher
jc belcher - Year ago
Please make these available again 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Shadab istkar.saifi
Shadab istkar.saifi - Year ago
Amber Loudenburg
Amber Loudenburg - Year ago
I just went to Dose Of Colors website to buy all of the products but they only have 5 :( of them.... SUPER SAD
rajesh mishra
rajesh mishra - Year ago
Mum html
Theresa Carmody
Theresa Carmody - Year ago
will the gloss ever be back in stock?!
Br AM - Year ago
Suz is life!
Lilibeth mejia
Lilibeth mejia - Year ago
mdrtvp1 - Year ago
Soggy! LMFAO I love you guys! !
Riss728 - Year ago
Omg that quad omg Suz is my favorite but I'm just in love
Riss728 - Year ago
Those highlights are amazing
Sabrina Garcia
Sabrina Garcia - Year ago
I laughed a little more than I should have when desi said “like Edward Cullen” 😂
Santiagos Vids
Santiagos Vids - Year ago
I gotta say i love u guys but i was soo dissapointed with fuego
nesar ahmad
nesar ahmad - Year ago
X dlse. English
Alli Marie
Alli Marie - Year ago
what drink is desi drinking
sophie - Year ago
Do you recommend highlighter on textured skin? I'm afraid it will make the texture pop and more noticeable in person. What do you suggest? Alternatives?
Veronica Quinones
Veronica Quinones - Year ago
😭😭I want the gloss and ITS GONE! I hope they bring it back
Марина Ковалева
DOSE OF COLORS promo cod ?
Spicy Brown
Spicy Brown - Year ago
”Slutty Spaghetti Day" #imstealing lol
Marley Hutchison
Marley Hutchison - Year ago
love those colours!! BFF goals
jaazia hernandez
jaazia hernandez - Year ago
Honestly my biggest dream is for them to bring the colab back😭😭😭 i was broke back then😭😭😭😭
Jac_key Reyes
Jac_key Reyes - Year ago
I need this 😭💘
Bhupesh Katariya
Bhupesh Katariya - Year ago
देसी. भाभी वीडीयो
Sanjay Mahato
Sanjay Mahato - Year ago
xxx. com
Carsonred1010 - Year ago
When are you guys bringing back the eye shadow palette??????????????????
Alana Thompson
Alana Thompson - Year ago
you guys should swap makeup bags for a video. also, love your collection so much
Adania C-Solis
Adania C-Solis - Year ago
I've been trying to find the lipgloss over the top on the website and it's the only thing they don't have??? Was it discontinued or anyone know where I can get it?
Karen Ngo
Karen Ngo - Year ago
which shade of nude does Desi have on??
Ariana - Year ago
Bellos TODOS los colores!😍
b - Year ago
what lip liners do yall pair with no shade?? mine just came in the mail today 😭😭❤️
NikkiMaria xo
NikkiMaria xo - Year ago
I wish this wasn't limited edition! I have the same skin tone as Desi & More Creamer Please is PERFECTION! 😍
Thett Project
Thett Project - Year ago
After 23 years of searching, I found it! You finally created the REAL nude lipstick! Looooovee!
LeeAnne Fetters
LeeAnne Fetters - Year ago
Can't believe I had the money for at least the girls palette and a lipstick on the last relaunch!!!!! Can't wait to use them! Love you ladies!!!
Jessica Rajerison
Jessica Rajerison - Year ago
I had an issue with my order 😭😭😫and I couldn't get the gloss. Please bring it back. So many people didn't get the chance to get it.
Maria Chicago Native Maria Zucchero
Girls!!! Just bought everything but your gloss is sold out! Boo 👻
Macy Hayashi
Macy Hayashi - Year ago
Katy at 8:35 is exactly how I feel about this collection...just waiting for it to be restocked 🤞🏼
Maria Chicago Native Maria Zucchero
Hi ladies, when will it restock? Mom of three here and I love the collection. I could see myself living it up with a pop of color. Keep me in the loop
Skyler Brown
Skyler Brown - Year ago
this is my first time on your channel and this was the video that started playing and i was like omg thats jlo shes with jlo because i thought you were on the right then i eventually realized you just look a lot like jlo. you rock keep doin you
Nkauj Nag Xiong
Nkauj Nag Xiong - Year ago
Hot fire was brighter than their white shirts. (I'm now blind)
alexa quintanilla
alexa quintanilla - Year ago
when will it restock :(
Kristel Bourgeois
Kristel Bourgeois - Year ago
Hi! I really want to order or buy the collection but here it's not available in Dubai. In fact, they've never heard of it before :-(
Melissa Villa
Melissa Villa - Year ago
I have “the girls” eyeshadow palette and the colors are beautiful but when I put them on my lid my eyes burn like crazy. Don’t know if I got a bad one but I’ve heard from others that their eyes burn too. Any idea why??
Tess Allan
Tess Allan - Year ago
When r they coming out with more?? Says all sold out???
Dutch Girl
Dutch Girl - Year ago
It's she and I. Not her and I.
Paola M
Paola M - Year ago
She looks like jlo
analyzer - Year ago
this collection is so extra i love it
James Dillon
James Dillon - Year ago
Latina Influencer Desi Perkins Urges Congress To Support DREAM Act. Perhaps you might want to collaborate with our work.
Cristina Vasilache
Cristina Vasilache - Year ago
Hi Desi, do you have a discount code for the Dose of colors products? Thank you, Cristina.
Natalie Diaz-Ruiz
Natalie Diaz-Ruiz - Year ago
Your collection is sold out!!! When are you guys re-stocking your products online?
Queen Lace
Queen Lace - Year ago
I just received mine today and I'm a bit disappointed with the eyeshadow palette?.. the shade harpoon is so chunky! I know it's supposed to be applied wet but the results weren't that different then if applied dry if that makes sense? For me it was just super chunky there was a lot of pieces of glitter that irritated my eyelids and eyes. It’s a pass for me.. I'm super disappointed because I really wanted to like it but it's just meeehh!
Angelica Mora
Angelica Mora - Year ago
I'm sitting here alone re-watching this to prepare for the re-stock because i worked on launch day and missed it!!! Congrats you too! I love the collection!
Katy Beaver
Katy Beaver - Year ago
Sooooo stoked for this new drop! Everything looks awesome and I gotta support me girl desi! Wish I could get it all.
lostinthemoment14 - Year ago
I'm so ready for the restock!! I'm so excited 😭😭
My friend introduced me to you guys and I can't believe I missed out watching your vids.
mori mor
mori mor - Year ago
When can i buy your product again when all will be on stoke again??!!
Claudia Mora
Claudia Mora - Year ago
I Love them!!! Great job girls 🤗🤗🤗
Zeev Delgado
Zeev Delgado - Year ago
Which shade does Desi have on? Anyone want to verify that for me 😭
Pappu MouryA
Pappu MouryA - Year ago
Riya Rani
Riya Rani - Year ago
Trix Morales
Trix Morales - Year ago
What's the shade of lipstick desi's wearing in this video?
Pintu Singh
Pintu Singh - Year ago
Trix Morales xxx
Dana Jordan
Dana Jordan - Year ago
Congrats 🎈🎊 ladies!!!!! Hopefully I will be able to get something from the collection because. Everything was sold out. I will keep checking for a restockaa and those nudes omg 😲
Linda Boizo
Linda Boizo - Year ago
Hi Desi, are these products sold sin México?
NxF - Year ago
Anybody here who would like to buy my 2 Lipsticks? (No Shade & More Creamer Please). I absolutely hate them on me. The undertones are waaaay to orange for me I look like a Zombie with them :( HELP! :(
Nicki Doyle
Nicki Doyle - Year ago
I got paid Friday and was SERIOUSLY excited to buy the colab but it's ALL sold out
:( obviously I'm late to the game. I have been binging on you lovely ladies ( not like creep but more immediate fan thanks to Stephanie Nicole) anyways you 4 ( including your supportive " girls " I mean husbands ) are so hilarious. PLEASE tell me there will be another restock for later this month or OCT or even better this is permanent line?
Samantha Smiles
Samantha Smiles - Year ago
You girls NEED to make more stuff. I bought your last collection, no joke, some of my favorite makeup. I need more.
Geo Silva
Geo Silva - Year ago
I Pray I can get my hands on "the girls" such beautiful palette+ both nude lipsticks because I can never find the perfect nude, and they are both such beautiful nudes. It's hard for us latinas to find the perfect nude! . Please make them permanent shades on dose of colors! Also congratulations on making such a beautiful collection, I know anyone who doesn't manage to get their hands on it they will be devastated because I know I will if I don't
Martha Arnold
Martha Arnold - Year ago
Love all the products! Huge congratulations girls. All the best. X
Lexi Marie
Lexi Marie - Year ago
What color are Katy's nails?!!! I need to know! 😫😍
Miranda Snowdon
Miranda Snowdon - Year ago
Amazing products I HAVE to try these are they still sold out??
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