50 Cent Gave Himself Some Christmas Cars

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Mac damion
Mac damion - 6 hours ago
50 putting his yt ppo act is the greatest event on earth
Munyaradzi Zvavanyange
Ja Rule that was a pain😂
Abakar Sagour
Abakar Sagour - Day ago
He is never coming back
God the cringe and the awkwardness
Nits Cheetos
Nits Cheetos - Day ago
"Everything is easier when you have money" - 50 cent TRUTHHHHH!!!!
Nits Cheetos
Nits Cheetos - Day ago
He's such a cute teddy bear..., 😍
Lunamaria - 2 days ago
The ultimate troll lol
tipa561 - 3 days ago
He lied he got 2 kids 😂
S1deH0e101 - 3 days ago
"That is beautiful you do not want to f with you"
3-Yabancı. - 4 days ago
Half dollar 💵 hahajajajaahah
Christopher Santos
Christopher Santos - 4 days ago
this was the biggest flex interview and i love it
Bruder Johann
Bruder Johann - 5 days ago
Where are his eyebrown
Bristian Neri
Bristian Neri - 6 days ago
When my mom ask me what i bought from the store with her money
Subscribe to Pewdiepie
Subscribe to Pewdiepie - 6 days ago
He legit acts like one of those people who would just randomly hug you but then you listen to get rich or die trying
Ayman O.Elfadil
Ayman O.Elfadil - 6 days ago
💰 talk's
Bikel Tyron
Bikel Tyron - 7 days ago
"Now we gotta test your showmanship" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jill Wunderlich
Jill Wunderlich - 7 days ago
Did he still got a bullet in his speaking area of the brain
markmac - 4 days ago
no but one bullet messed up his jaw so bad it causes people like you to make comments about his speech.
Poetic Frost
Poetic Frost - 8 days ago
I like 50 but I think Eminem is more black
Fernando Luna
Fernando Luna - 9 days ago
Am I the only one that sees how unhappy this guy is?
Larry Clark
Larry Clark - 9 days ago
the seats is the most epic fuckery ever
Nick Rhoades
Nick Rhoades - 10 days ago
Ole half dollar😂😂😂
adam pratt
adam pratt - 11 days ago
He’s a funny fuker lol bought the 1st 4 rows classic 🤘
TG1982 - 11 days ago
Calling a rolls Royce suv a truck, yeah thats america.
Chris Jones
Chris Jones - 11 days ago
8:51 LMAO The expression on his face was as funny as what he said.
The One
The One - 11 days ago
How can people watch this is so fake
He’s broke
They all rentals
That’s why they play lottery cause they so rich come on people
Masud Saeedi Physiotherapy
I feel like stephen is trying too hard
ARE - 14 days ago
5:08 damn that came outta nowhere.. Especially with how fucked up his relationship is with his eldest.
Divine - 15 days ago
50 cent is such a troll 😂😂😂
Jay Mour
Jay Mour - 15 days ago
4:59 The coldest line a black man can say to a white guy.
nOseGoPro - 16 days ago
i don't know what it is about fifty but daaaamn evertime he smile's i'm feeling lucky
יעל סילוני אטעיששכטא
Hes seem not present!🙄
Chacha Lu
Chacha Lu - 17 days ago
He said he got one kid wow
Krasimir Kostov
Krasimir Kostov - 18 days ago
goooood fiiiiive staaaaaaaers from nl goooood
danceparttyy - 19 days ago
Money money money money 💰. Fml :/
xanax - 19 days ago
he's like a kid
Dramatello - 20 days ago
lolll never knew 50 had this low key sense of humor without even trying.
CrazypOOlDiver - 20 days ago
he's like a shy, modest boy talking about his new toy cars
Bob Saget
Bob Saget - 20 days ago
you can tell he lives by the 48 laws
Alex SM
Alex SM - 20 days ago
The way he says fiddy makes me physically cringe
S w E n e K A f
S w E n e K A f - 20 days ago
Great actor he is , you would not guess by his attitude he is a psycho ghetto crack dealer , killer
Ashley Dunk
Ashley Dunk - 20 days ago
It would have been funnier if in the first four rows Em, 50, and Dre were just sitting there lol
SW 505
SW 505 - 20 days ago
So he knows who 50 cent is but not Eminem wtf??
um t
um t - 21 day ago
50s vocie and demeanour is always softer quieter when he on white people shows but every bit as savage
Nice - 22 days ago
Fuck him. Give that money to some poor duds instead.
Jonas Johnson
Jonas Johnson - 23 days ago
Helen Mirren is hot though lol.
Sarah Pedro
Sarah Pedro - 23 days ago
He said "half-dollar" and I just died.
Rebecca South
Rebecca South - 23 days ago
50 cent it so cute seems shy on the low
Dominic Garrison
Dominic Garrison - 23 days ago
Legend has it Stephen Colbert owes fofty money from his time spent on the show😂
halimkosturi - 23 days ago
Trinavara - 23 days ago
Man made it out of bankruptcy,big respect..
cland123 - 23 days ago
Even though he filed for bankruptcy if you think he was actually bankrupt you are a special kind of slow 😂
Jj Rem
Jj Rem - 23 days ago
He sounds bare shy
Errol Brown
Errol Brown - 24 days ago
I watched the first interview. He's definitely drunk or buzzed in this one. Edible , something.
Kebo Kev
Kebo Kev - 24 days ago
Remember when ppl thought 50 was going broke?? Lmao dudes a genius he will never be broke
RAP-GODS - 16 days ago
@3milio0o yeah he did the smart thing
3milio0o - 22 days ago
I believe he filed for bankruptcy only to protect his assets when he got some girl pregnant, stuff like that can cost you an arm and a leg.
Edoardo Eichberg
Edoardo Eichberg - 24 days ago
“Everything’s easy when you got money” im fuckin dead
D L - 24 days ago
His net worth is only 30 million..
Preston XP
Preston XP - 25 days ago
Dang I thought he would sound so much different in real life then music
Brownie Garcia
Brownie Garcia - 25 days ago
Half a dollar is a savage
koketso sepakwe
koketso sepakwe - 25 days ago
all chilled laid back , like nothings happening
Camille Imperial
Camille Imperial - 27 days ago
did they cost 50 cents???
GUNO6 - 27 days ago
Music in his entry was just to unavoidable .
udaya 123
udaya 123 - 28 days ago
He got no eyebrows
MultiTHEJOKER - 29 days ago
last minute shopping for cars
Israel M
Israel M - 29 days ago
That's so hilarious the first four🤣
David Merrick
David Merrick - Month ago
Colbert: "I hear you've got a crush on Hellen Mirren"
50: "Yeah, she's sexy"
No hesitation there, fair play Mr half dollar 😂👏🏻👏🏻
Diãs El
Diãs El - Month ago
Bought the 1st four 1st row hahahah this is crazy
Kaki - Month ago
"Now we have to test your showmanship"
Barney Stinson
Barney Stinson - Month ago
I wounder how much dope he smoked before that interview?
Cameron Espinosa
Cameron Espinosa - Month ago
Lol hot wheels yeah?
Lymon Lyfft
Lymon Lyfft - Month ago
He sucks
Bling Blaw
Bling Blaw - Month ago
5:13 damn he dont even claim his 1st son thats crazy
Dreadhead Sedd
Dreadhead Sedd - Month ago
Protect 50 Cent at ALL costs, people 😂😂
Jose R Benítez Autrey
Don't tell bullshit 50cent you know what in france wtf underground's mansion roulette table of sex type situation shh.
SuhDude Gaming
SuhDude Gaming - Month ago
Question be how fifty can afford all that shit when his networth of 2019 is $30 million and last year it was $150 million, the fuck.
Inoge Maya
Inoge Maya - Month ago
Sorry 50, Are you not supposed to be bankrupt???, or act like it!!!!!!!?????????
Allnight Purging
Allnight Purging - Month ago
They don't call him Ferrari 50 for nothing
Christopher Ultravergonico
Half dollar 💵
Ash Wynn
Ash Wynn - Month ago
You can use his teeth as headlights
delieyo01 - Month ago
Lmao watching his interviews is like watching a fat kid eating chocolate cake 😂😂
euroyen420 - Month ago
#black privilege
Mercio Filipe Jeque Junior
6:08 savage 50😂😂😂
Tega Okorigba
Tega Okorigba - Month ago
Lmaooooooo 😂😂😂😂😂😂💀
MrAdmiralKush - Month ago
The real fifty came out at 7:39
med bona
med bona - Month ago
I don't care what anybody says but a lot rappers talk money but when its done by 50, its lit, this nigga n money are perfect couple cause he knows how to kick it better.
Tomas T
Tomas T - Month ago
"I got the Rolls royce...truck, the jeep" nice.
Morris Mungai
Morris Mungai - Month ago
Fake 50cent
Vicência Luís
Vicência Luís - Month ago
Love you "50 Cent" ❤😘
Amlandip Buragohain
Amlandip Buragohain - Month ago
Mike Khachikyan
Mike Khachikyan - Month ago
I've never seen 50 so calm
Jaclyn H
Jaclyn H - Month ago
He is so handsome... love him! I feel him to be quite calm and child-like which is beautiful.
Mamuani Qolhring
Mamuani Qolhring - 10 days ago
True 💯
Michael Coel
Michael Coel - Month ago
50 the truth
lisa lisa
lisa lisa - Month ago
I just likeded it so much...
Ezoism !!
Ezoism !! - Month ago
Ain't nobody wanna f with fofty
StillHdz17 - Month ago
His sense of humor is something i wanna have as i get older 😂
King of New York
King of New York - Month ago
Please bring back the 50 from queens!! Who is this dude??? 50 acts different in front of white folk.
varelaable photography
Half dollar “savage” 🙌🏽😎
jo eri
jo eri - Month ago
5:08 50 cent's tell that he's lying is biting his upper lip
red b
red b - Month ago
Jt remember he still a mf from Jamaica Queens cheating after the bag
Helena Damas
Helena Damas - Month ago
woow 50 is so funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Info Newhiphop
Info Newhiphop - Month ago
Nelson Dias
Nelson Dias - Month ago
God Bless 50¢
Nelson Dias
Nelson Dias - Month ago
Sexy??? Ok
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