50 Cent Gave Himself Some Christmas Cars

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Yang RiQ
Yang RiQ - Day ago
This guy my GUY
Willy Wachira
Willy Wachira - Day ago
"you look down your haLl and you dont want to go down there''
Joseph Nnaji
Joseph Nnaji - Day ago
Just imagine please, for a second. Indulge me. Just for a moment.
What would the reaction be, if, for example, DENZEL WASHINGTON DID THE SAME THING TO, I DON'T KNOW, MAYBE LETS SAY ANY WHITE FEMALE (Host or not. Stranger or acquaintance) IN TODAY'S CLIMATE!!!???
Men. Women got it good. Women got it good.
Liam Kush
Liam Kush - 2 days ago
If the head silver back from tarzan was a human he would be 50 cent
Sarah Weise
Sarah Weise - 3 days ago
He is still sexy a.... f....
The Body Snatcher
The Body Snatcher - 6 days ago
💁 FACTS: 50 went from 150mil net worth to 30 mil net worth in the last year in a half.. WTF!
Master of all Trades Tuhin
He is my idol....money focused
mochno1 - 7 days ago
Is he for real like this? :D
LOADING... - 8 days ago
He has a good Ora.
official lorenge
official lorenge - 8 days ago
This dude buy car doesnt know the name 😂😂
Kebron My
Kebron My - 10 days ago
I love this dude..lol.....he’s damn straight guy
syed saad
syed saad - 10 days ago
I was dead when he said half dollar to 50 cent
SENoR Sanchez SPANKSY Longbottoms
Does 50 cent really have that money.... To buy himself the new Ferrari?
Sibo ndebele
Sibo ndebele - 14 days ago
Ever looked down your hole-way and you don't wanna go there
Davit Hovhannisian
Davit Hovhannisian - 14 days ago
He looks so ashamed that he bought those cars😂
Hun Bun
Hun Bun - 14 days ago
100% real: Everything is easy when you got money
Carlos Fonseca
Carlos Fonseca - 15 days ago
How can a x gangster be this soft
Raiginima420 - 15 days ago
is it me or does Stephen looks like the guy whit the glasses from the hangover movie
Om B
Om B - 16 days ago
Rolls royce JEEP ? Seriously ? It's called an SUV . Jeep and rolls royce are two separate brands .
Om B
Om B - 14 days ago
iLLimitable Recordings but because so many people call suv cars JEEP , many people think it is a model . It's just a common mistake
Om B
Om B - 14 days ago
iLLimitable Recordings JEEP is a brand of cars owned by fiat Chrysler automotive. They make the JEEP wrangler and JEEP cherokee ... and other JEEP cars of course . But because JEEP were one of the first companies to make SUV cars , people started calling any suv a JEEP . Which is basically mixing two brands , like saying "oh yeah i have a mazda toyota " which of course does not make sense
iLLimitable Recordings
iLLimitable Recordings - 15 days ago
Om B could have sworn jeep was a car model. Like sedan, suv, etc., and that they just coined it Jeep. Guess I was wrong.
Beast - 17 days ago
7:35 😂😂😂😂😂
Skinny Hardaway
Skinny Hardaway - 17 days ago
50 cent stupid dog. I died listening to him explain them cars lol
Roj Cherian
Roj Cherian - 18 days ago
Funny how Stephen has more money than 50 cent.
BlackWidow - 19 days ago
half dollar jackson killed me
Faze Faza
Faze Faza - 20 days ago
Fifty cents really buying cars like me buying lunch
Devon Zastre
Devon Zastre - 21 day ago
I mean he's sexy but suite looks like a shirt.
mhYw A
mhYw A - 21 day ago
He was high
Liu Tze Long
Liu Tze Long - 22 days ago
50 cent talking like his mom got him hot wheels cars for christmas
NastyBoi Elias
NastyBoi Elias - 22 days ago
I seriously love the fact that I grew up to 50 cent. Out of the womb I was listening to him, such a big inspiration honestly. Very very very smart guy very fucking! Smart
Emmanuel - 22 days ago
50 cent has a gret sense of humour
Lee Moika
Lee Moika - 24 days ago
"I got me presents" this touched me so deep. Wish i was rich as my man 50 😭
Steve Kilimanjaro
Steve Kilimanjaro - 24 days ago
One of 50s best friend and mentor in the streets "black just"had the govt name colbert johnson, his death surprised alot of people i was shocked like who would wanna do that to him he wasnt the type to have enemies he was a real humble dude could his name be the reason 50 is relaxed and chill with steve colbert and perhaps he is also a cool host.
Anthony Gonzalez
Anthony Gonzalez - 24 days ago
50 can’t has came along way since the get rich or die tryin days ! 🤧🏆
nader1373 - 24 days ago
I love 50 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣he’s one of the kind 👌👌👌👌
Wahid Rahman
Wahid Rahman - 24 days ago
Hilarious prank!
hassan Qazi
hassan Qazi - 25 days ago
Real gangsters wear suits and tie 👌💯
Cheelo C
Cheelo C - 25 days ago
He's so chilled.
TEC 5/325
TEC 5/325 - 25 days ago
Does fiddy even have eyebrows lol
touraneindanke - 26 days ago
50 cent never forget where he came frome, never looking back again.
,,I must be in love with himself ,, like always!
And the poor are so ugly.
ivanbarbosa81 - 26 days ago
about the cars "they looked so good ...i wanted all of then" lmao
Alvin Mah
Alvin Mah - 26 days ago
50cent lied about owning all the ferraris on mtv crib. Lies, lies, lies
Andy Macedo
Andy Macedo - 26 days ago
He's soft spoken ! That's funny ! Wow 55,000 square feet that's crazy ! Almost Donny trump style ! Rich people are definitely boring ! Annoying yup ! For sho ! But not necessarily better dang ! Wonder if he's married ? I'll google it so it can comeback with lesbian and gay and obnoxious pointless suggestions ! Like twenty other times a day ! A lot of good that does for everyone ! Oh big time ! Productive informing and excellent for confidence and self esteem ! But that's y'all entire point your so insecure about yourselves that you always put others down ! For whatever reason ain't really ever matter ! It's just more evidence and annoying ! Same old same old like the commercials ! Trash and trash and trash that's destroyed the entire world and internet and free markets !
Timothy Rasinga
Timothy Rasinga - 27 days ago
Oh damn I love 50 cent, man this guy makes my day
Owen Elias
Owen Elias - 28 days ago
50 a legend the real goat 🐐
Rafael artiga
Rafael artiga - 29 days ago
I feel like 50 and Stephen would have a good time just hanging out
joe f
joe f - 29 days ago
Now show your showmanship😂😂😂😂
George Ortega
George Ortega - 29 days ago
Buying the first 4 rows!!! All time greatest FU Ja you clown!!!
Brave Fart
Brave Fart - 29 days ago
Bought Mike Tyson's mansion and share the same soft-spoken voice while still maintaining that alpha aura...
Boro mama
Boro mama - 29 days ago
50 seems like he's dumbdown-- no substance or any intelligent things coming out of his mouth. The host talking to him he was a child..this is BS....
Sergiu Salcău
Sergiu Salcău - Month ago
so funny, wtf :))
C. M.
C. M. - Month ago
The video cuts before the segment where Stephen asks 50 Cents, among other things, to say something nice about Ja Rule!
And 50 Cents says: Well, he's alive!
JS J - Month ago
So hilarious 😄
UFO IODO - Month ago
He's so soft-spoken.
Hailey Veldhuizen
Hailey Veldhuizen - Month ago
Hahahahaha😂😂😂😂 i like 50 hahaha
j G
j G - Month ago
Colbert you just contradicted yourself saying that you didn't know that 50 Cent bought Mike Tyson's 55,000 square foot mansion.... because you had said it previously in one of your skits that he had bought the mansion with G-Unit
So you're a liar
and a puppet and a b******* artist
and I used to think you were funny and I used to watch you for 10 years and now I just don't respect you and admire you as a comedian you just sound like a talking head by the for the mainstream even though you try to be funny ... and you lost your credibility ...you lost your integrity.
Funny Bunny
Funny Bunny - Month ago
He kills me with the half dollar
enuabanosa Davido
enuabanosa Davido - Month ago
50 cent did legal revenge on Ja rule by buying his first front row’s on his concert right? lol
Sound savage right? lol
Plastic Hooks
Plastic Hooks - Month ago
I think it's official by now: 50 is Colbert's favourite guest.
Jimmy - Month ago
50 always been a hustler deep down. Even when he filed for bankruptcy look at him now from rapper and he's transitioned into a business person.
Tony Francis
Tony Francis - Month ago
50 :i brought a lambo, ferrari, RR
Floyd Mayweather :hold my beer
Grace B. Addey
Grace B. Addey - Month ago
50: ".....When? When I die???" That delivery with his facial expression got me hollering 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. 50 Cent is hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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