Hot Popular Girl Crashes My Summer Party! *I Invited Her Ex Boyfriend!*

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Itzel Hernandez
Itzel Hernandez - Hour ago
Rebekutes - 13 hours ago
Now you are just making me hungry 😋 haha 😂
Irene H
Irene H - 13 hours ago
I. Hate. Cinnamon
Food DIY's
Food DIY's - 10 hours ago
Irene H calm down she makes the videos more fun
Imanie Ortiz
Imanie Ortiz - 19 hours ago
II of➡➡➡➡ 9
Imanie Ortiz
Imanie Ortiz - 19 hours ago
Imanie Ortiz
Imanie Ortiz - 19 hours ago
Juwan Lugor
Juwan Lugor - Day ago
Lipstick is red
So is cinnamons hair
This was 4 months ago
I think I am to late
Senpai LemonPop
Senpai LemonPop - Day ago
Look tootsie is the worst and rudest because she always casing cinnamons party and being jealous she deserves a pie in her face like yeah
Asma Khanoussi
Asma Khanoussi - Day ago
She is so dramatic
Misty Teton
Misty Teton - Day ago
Cinimon vs tootsie
Eva Mendez
Eva Mendez - Day ago
Cinnamon and tootsie
Jankeh Jabbie
Jankeh Jabbie - 2 days ago
Love you riya
Laura Martinez
Laura Martinez - 2 days ago
Toosi to win
Uson Usang
Uson Usang - 2 days ago
When the ballon figth is so funny i was laugh so hard😂😂
May Leemoi
May Leemoi - 2 days ago
May Leemoi
May Leemoi - 2 days ago
May Leemoi
May Leemoi - 2 days ago
May Leemoi
May Leemoi - 2 days ago
Maria Sanchez
Maria Sanchez - 2 days ago
How many times cinnamon said I had to do everything
Linda Ranish
Linda Ranish - 2 days ago
I love how strawberry say drama drama drama.
iiRxiny Rxses
iiRxiny Rxses - 2 days ago
8:15 cinnamons face xD
frijj2k - 2 days ago
i wish i was popular and cool at my school
Lek Dodd
Lek Dodd - 3 days ago
How can there be many riya and dan.
Marites P. Chavez
Marites P. Chavez - 3 days ago
Riya your so beutiful💖
Krinjal Patel
Krinjal Patel - 3 days ago
You guys should do a video of riyas dad dating tootsies mom
Christine Tran
Christine Tran - 3 days ago
Yappyabby 2010
Yappyabby 2010 - 3 days ago
I love how cinnamon said, “Granny Got Strength.”
Shaniya Bines
Shaniya Bines - 3 days ago
I want cinnamon vs tootsie prank wars
XLilyXxx Zagal
XLilyXxx Zagal - 3 days ago
XLilyXxx Zagal
XLilyXxx Zagal - 3 days ago
Not everything has to be perfect
XLilyXxx Zagal
XLilyXxx Zagal - 3 days ago
Shelly Bundschuh
Shelly Bundschuh - 3 days ago
*granny's got strength*
Gwenasha Tenney
Gwenasha Tenney - 3 days ago
Dan and raiy gang all day every day
Nia Suong
Nia Suong - 3 days ago
Tootsie is a loser and she is a baby
Doggie Doge
Doggie Doge - 3 days ago
Cinnamon vs tootsie
tamiyah curry.
tamiyah curry. - 3 days ago
It’s good that some of her friends because that’s not nice and you invite only your enemies that’s really dumb damn that’s really weird why you do that like it’s probably because rhubarb is super dumb and Riya The entity is so mean that cinnamon 😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾gonna punch him in the face with a pie
Jayla Irby
Jayla Irby - 4 days ago
“Granny got Strength” 😂😂😂😂😂
Nattakitta Tantaweewong
i really doo
Helen Orourke
Helen Orourke - 4 days ago
Who do you like tootsie or roobarb
Noor Norma
Noor Norma - 4 days ago
XD blindshot 24
XD blindshot 24 - 4 days ago
My sister is moving to Malan Italy for a year for rotary
Kaylie van dyk
Kaylie van dyk - 4 days ago
i want cinnamon and tootsie prank wars to
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