We're Finally Going To Get Trump's Tax Returns

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Chantel - 6 days ago
It's just a witch hoax! Everyone knows thatπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
MeltingCGI - 20 days ago
Saying we’re going to see trumps taxes has become the new smash bros DLC leak
Jerardo Rosario
Jerardo Rosario - 21 day ago
Seen a pres whom has gottem so far w lames excuses, whom give rat ass on VERY IMPORTANT THINGS like climate ,health care , ppl n childs N STILL COCKY BOUT IT. think only one state will stop him from still gettin w murder., we got nother thing coming., I Hope proved wron.
Agape Bang-asan
Agape Bang-asan - 22 days ago
you are sucks TRUMP 2020
Jason Lambek
Jason Lambek - 26 days ago
I've just been bunge watching a ton of these and this one’s beyond hilarious. G-ddamn we are in trouble.
Jeen - Month ago
4 months later and still nothing...
J L - Month ago
Hahahahaha thats what we all thought
Liza Tanzawa
Liza Tanzawa - Month ago
Skippable ad or I WON'T BUY IT!
conan Smith
conan Smith - 2 months ago
Stephen Colbert, will you please release your tax returns for the last 5 years! Make them public for everyone to see!
needabettername - 2 months ago
Hopefully our next president has a voice that SC can copy as well as Trumps...
Kevin Benderman
Kevin Benderman - 2 months ago
I want to see Donald Trump's father's birth certificate. I want to know if he really was born in Germany. :)
chuyo caca
chuyo caca - 2 months ago
Russian golden showers? just ask How Donald really loves them!,,, Meliania's? does even come close ?
Janel Myrick
Janel Myrick - 2 months ago
Susan Pickett
Susan Pickett - 2 months ago
Call your senators and ask to impeachment be started and get yourself involved in this movement of LOCK HIM UP before we have no Democracy!
Susan Pickett
Susan Pickett - 2 months ago
He looks like an orange rangatang who loves to golf and close down our government at our tax payers cost . How many workers lost their homes because not being able to pAy
Susan Pickett
Susan Pickett - 2 months ago
Why can’t we see Trumpet taxes... but we have to pay but he doesn’t have too We need to see why Jared Kushner goes with Ivanka to Middle East security clearances by pretend Trumpet 🎺 lock him up incompetence possible schizophrenia his fits of anger to anyone in oval office
Susan Pickett
Susan Pickett - 2 months ago
Why wasn’t Trumpet given a competency test before allowing him to be okey by Senator Chris Christi by the Republicans party
Emily Roberts
Emily Roberts - 2 months ago
"Abolition of civil rights" yeah, sounds about right!
manyy people have said
manyy people have said - 2 months ago
Once an a hole what do you expect a tiget is a tiger a liar is a liar
Kathleen Henley
Kathleen Henley - 2 months ago
Jayron Van L Arizo
Jayron Van L Arizo - 2 months ago
Where is John Wilkes Booth when u need him??
l-_- Merlaut -_-l
l-_- Merlaut -_-l - 3 months ago
I'm just waiting for the day Stephen to have the best show of his life; Trump has been arrested for conspiracy, tax evasion... and having that awful hair and fake tan
Xellos Kaczor
Xellos Kaczor - 3 months ago
Can you imagine the shitstorm that would happen if the tax returns came out 100% clean right before election?
knotkool1 - 3 months ago
ok libtardians. here's a question for you. think real hard. if trump gets audited every year, what makes you think they have not found anything of note and that you will?
Jacquella Mack
Jacquella Mack - 3 months ago
ASeasonedWitch - 3 months ago
It's April now and we're NO closer to seeing Cadet B.S. papers. Somehow the guy slithers out of so many troubling situations. He's non-stick somehow. Please my fellow americans VOTE in 2020. It's apparently the only way we're going to rid ourselves of this parasite in the oval office.
Yael Bailey
Yael Bailey - 3 months ago
Betty Owens
Betty Owens - 3 months ago
He only made1 dollar his taxes before President don't count any more he only made four dollar for4 years.that his taxes ...and that that.....
George Keith
George Keith - 3 months ago
Too funny.. :-0
Malone Mantooth
Malone Mantooth - 3 months ago
NPC Colbert's show is just awful now, Mueller for 2 years and nothing, now it's on for taxes, when that fails what is he gonna talk about till 2024.
BOB WADAS - 3 months ago
He is the smartest Republican by keeping democrats chasing their tails till the next lection when Dems say " whoops...whos gonna run for us ?"
BOB WADAS - 3 months ago
He can have hem sealed like Obamas birth certificate and financial aid applications. he keeps making America better by distracting them with nonsense...he doesnt do his own taxes and IRS auditited them..lol... Dems running that guy who eats dirt ?
BOB WADAS - 3 months ago
Trump should take all his money, close all his businesses, have thousands of dollars
BOB WADAS - 3 months ago
We want our unemployment money back
BOB WADAS - 3 months ago
Hey, Mayby you should try looking for a canidate to run against him....Maybe AOC can spend more money that exists in america
Barry Soetoro
Barry Soetoro - 3 months ago
The russians hacked colbert's Bluetooth buttplug.
Barry Soetoro
Barry Soetoro - 3 months ago
No you're not, asswhole.
Iain Andersen
Iain Andersen - 3 months ago
Number One or Number Two?
Sunny's Side
Sunny's Side - 3 months ago
8:54 I can just picture Hillary Clinton throwing popcorn at her TV screen
Eric Rodriguez
Eric Rodriguez - 3 months ago
Wouldn't, "presidential harrassment" be, if he was doing the harassing?
King Louie
King Louie - 3 months ago
Been working on a little song, goes something like this: 🎢 Trump is a bloated, fat ass half-breed - lalala-lah, lalala lah! Everyone leaves the building when he takes a dump - lalalalah-lalalalah, lalalahlah!🎡🎢 That’s all so far. Anyone like to finish it?
maddspice Thomas
maddspice Thomas - 3 months ago
I am not an American but I know that civil rights was never abolished 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣
Wa Wa
Wa Wa - 3 months ago
I probably cant tell you that. I might be in trouble. I may have thought of that. I think i dont care. I frKn love. J-3 by J-3 produced and distributed by sum1 not J-3.
By J-3
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Owned operated and licensed by everyone nose how to laugh at a joke.
By J-3
Btw We. Areally not fake Really but Really Really Really most realistcally real. Sir Steve N.
Wa Wa
Wa Wa - 3 months ago
Also they say its not possible to use the resulting water again as water. They went on to tell me how sorry they were that i invented something that violates the laws of the universe.
By J-3
Wa Wa
Wa Wa - 3 months ago
Turns out steve that the oil companys solved the energy crisis. They just made it against the laws of the universe. (Ishtunt) i had a call unknown number from invent.help corporate telling me that cracking water and burning the resulting gases not only reuniting the molecules but creating a huge heat by product idk perhaps to spin a 2mkw turbine generator.
Is not possible.
By J-3
InnocenceSweetcherries - 4 months ago
lmbooo castles in the saaand 1:07 hahahaha nice though
milady santos
milady santos - 4 months ago
colonoscopy tooo......
Yaz Nei
Yaz Nei - 4 months ago
I love you Steven, cudos to the you and the staff who are always right on point about the orange moron.Got me louhging the entire segment!
Steve Miller
Steve Miller - 3 months ago
yeah he points out how stupid we are as humans and how easily the masses can be manipulated in believing BULLSHIT over a 2 year period
Craig Dishner
Craig Dishner - 4 months ago
Congress wants to pass a law to require the presidents to display his tax returns. This Republican is ok with that. But!, it should with start with candidates for the 2020 election. Don’t start with a sitting president of the opposite political party. Do you disagree that the next congressional candidates should also be required by the same bill to disclose their tax returns ? If not ,why? Pelosi , increase of 80 MILLION dollars while she was in office.
Andy Higs
Andy Higs - 4 months ago
Even if he does get his collar felt,he will get even less time than his traitor buddy manafort.
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