We're Finally Going To Get Trump's Tax Returns

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Bill Baldwin
Bill Baldwin - 7 days ago
Looking down an empty well???
Susan Ponti
Susan Ponti - 16 days ago
Tell me he did not say abolition of civil rights and get away with it? He's the most ignorant President we have ever had.
gudgen2004 - 18 days ago
Always pissed you didn't get your two scoops of ice cream make sure you have a fresh depend on also in case you dirty it LMAO Trump in 2020 oh yeah baby
Big Electron
Big Electron - 26 days ago
Hasan minhaj is right. Comedians can’t do shit. Trump is still humping America and even Colbert the great can’t do shit. Dejavu jon Stewart and George bush.
Gregory Smith
Gregory Smith - 26 days ago
It's just sad that we have so much evidence. So much crap and nothing will change his supporters mind about who he is..it's actually scary. If Obama did 1/100th ( real proveable stuff not conspiracy caca) I would have said bye bye birdie. Then why have we not seen his tax returns????
Lindalee Law
Lindalee Law - 26 days ago
MRI followed by a proctology exam....
Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez - Month ago
I'll bet you Mr.trump has financial ties with the Russians through his siblings,so I believe they should also be investigated and check their dealings with foreign affairs...revenues transferred over to their father like foreign accounts which is illegal as being so called commander.
Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez - Month ago
Did you get shot on the leg Mr.trump?...They kind of slowed you down,Didnt they?:)lol
Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez - Month ago
"You are a citizen",...Didn't you want the foreign countries to investigate our fellow own,"Mr.Biden"?,..in which is Treasonist!,maybe now you should pull out and admit defeat of your own downfall,Mr.egotisc Ass
Amanda Nicole
Amanda Nicole - Month ago
You weren’t wrong for that Stormi Daniels joke, it’s the truth & republicans went BALLISTIC over a blowjob back inna day so you have EVERY right
Amanda Nicole
Amanda Nicole - Month ago
It’s crazy how people ( republicans ) can be so worried about Hillary’s emails but WERE the crazy ones for wanting his taxes.
Lofts Sympatico
Lofts Sympatico - Month ago
People citing individual anecdotes can support any positon if given enough instances. But when one sees the entire arc of Trumps carreer- his petty greed, garish taste for gold and his own name, con-man tactics, evasive answers, liying about outright facts, general ignorance and inability to construct sentences containing more than one 3-syllable word, as well as the ATROCIOUS Court record of people forced to actually sue him to get paid their rightful due, or for justice- ANY thinking person can only conclude, Trump was, is and shall forever be- UNfit for public office.................... of any kind !
Jordi Nagel
Jordi Nagel - Month ago
For some reason this is being recommended to me in October 2019... Well, so far still no tax returns, but there’s no shortage of scandals, lemme tell you!
Lindalee Law
Lindalee Law - Month ago
There are no tax returns. Just watch.
Josny13 - Month ago
pat gal
pat gal - Month ago
Being a two legged rat himself Trump likes to be with other two legged rats. Like Putin, Kim, Boris, Prince Mohammad Bin Salman etc.
Walt Schmidt
Walt Schmidt - Month ago
Nobody cared except the dirt digging dems. Trump is getting re-elected anyway...
Elhaam E
Elhaam E - Month ago
I could not stop laughing out loud. Thanks for the entertainment. With lots of love from the UAE.
Gwen Goodrich
Gwen Goodrich - Month ago
anyone but the VILE DOTARD in 2020
Barrie Holditch
Barrie Holditch - Month ago
I think Trump is still taking the UPs and Downs. That’s why his speeches make no sense.
Robert Lavoie
Robert Lavoie - Month ago
Trump 2020!!
JAG - Month ago
Do we really think he has time to write all those Tweets??? negative those are fake bots most likely orchestrated by the Saudi regime, on Trump's favor.
CaptEoNinja83 - Month ago
"Abolition of Civil Rights"
My reaction to that was same as Jon's. BSOD to maximum stunned-levels
Richard Dastrup
Richard Dastrup - Month ago
What's the difference between Stephen Colbert and Mark Leavin. Mark Leavin knows what he is talking about. Stephen Colbert gets all his information off of Rachel mad cow. Now that's funny
Shashank Sharma
Shashank Sharma - Month ago
The black guy is there to get Stephen a glass of water in case he's thirsty
Raxta Emu
Raxta Emu - Month ago
September now...🤔
Roasted Locust
Roasted Locust - Month ago
Shouldn't voters have access to the investments other politicians have as well? Does anyone else think it's a conflict of interest when members of congress who are invested in defense contractors are voting in favor of wars? If you stand to profit from your actions as a governing official, you should abstain from voting or leave office.
Dan Mega
Dan Mega - Month ago
Too bad if you don't like your crocked ass to be investigated, you are not Putin or Kim Jun Un and neither above the Law.
Kathleen H Kelly
Kathleen H Kelly - 2 months ago
Whatever is going on between NEXSTAR and the “local stations” has cut off my S. Corbett. Now I have to find him and get “tidbits” on Messenger. UNFAIR!
Eva Jeduthun
Eva Jeduthun - 2 months ago
Check Kushner. ..it will be obvious...
꧁Lil Fairy꧂
꧁Lil Fairy꧂ - 2 months ago
I'm convinced trump is a closet drunk and his voters just really felt sorry for him because I refuse to believe someone is this stupid, even by accident. Mentally challenged individuals still sound more intelligent than he does!
David Wallen
David Wallen - 2 months ago
when exactly?
Bobby Three Sticks
Bobby Three Sticks - 2 months ago
When Mnuchin stops pissing on the constitution.
Bill Baldwin
Bill Baldwin - 3 months ago
Our FAKE president needs to be locked up. He is a trew thread of democracy.
xadam2dudex - 3 months ago
Nothing came of this as of August 2019
aravindh babu
aravindh babu - 3 months ago
Jon’s face 😂😂
Chantel - 4 months ago
It's just a witch hoax! Everyone knows that😂😂😂😂
MeltingCGI - 4 months ago
Saying we’re going to see trumps taxes has become the new smash bros DLC leak
Jerardo Rosario
Jerardo Rosario - 4 months ago
Seen a pres whom has gottem so far w lames excuses, whom give rat ass on VERY IMPORTANT THINGS like climate ,health care , ppl n childs N STILL COCKY BOUT IT. think only one state will stop him from still gettin w murder., we got nother thing coming., I Hope proved wron.
Agape Bang-asan
Agape Bang-asan - 4 months ago
you are sucks TRUMP 2020
User name
User name - 2 months ago
Wait sorry you might be a Russian troll. How is Putin by the way?
User name
User name - 2 months ago
Agape Bang-asan learn to write before you get into politics...
Jason Lambek
Jason Lambek - 4 months ago
I've just been bunge watching a ton of these and this one’s beyond hilarious. G-ddamn we are in trouble.
Jeen - 4 months ago
4 months later and still nothing...
J L - 4 months ago
Hahahahaha thats what we all thought
Liza Tanzawa
Liza Tanzawa - 5 months ago
Skippable ad or I WON'T BUY IT!
conan Smith
conan Smith - 5 months ago
Stephen Colbert, will you please release your tax returns for the last 5 years! Make them public for everyone to see!
needabettername - 6 months ago
Hopefully our next president has a voice that SC can copy as well as Trumps...
Kevin Benderman
Kevin Benderman - 6 months ago
I want to see Donald Trump's father's birth certificate. I want to know if he really was born in Germany. :)
chuyo caca
chuyo caca - 6 months ago
Russian golden showers? just ask How Donald really loves them!,,, Meliania's? does even come close ?
Janel Myrick
Janel Myrick - 6 months ago
Susan Pickett
Susan Pickett - 6 months ago
Call your senators and ask to impeachment be started and get yourself involved in this movement of LOCK HIM UP before we have no Democracy!
Susan Pickett
Susan Pickett - 6 months ago
He looks like an orange rangatang who loves to golf and close down our government at our tax payers cost . How many workers lost their homes because not being able to pAy
Susan Pickett
Susan Pickett - 6 months ago
Why can’t we see Trumpet taxes... but we have to pay but he doesn’t have too We need to see why Jared Kushner goes with Ivanka to Middle East security clearances by pretend Trumpet 🎺 lock him up incompetence possible schizophrenia his fits of anger to anyone in oval office
Susan Pickett
Susan Pickett - 6 months ago
Why wasn’t Trumpet given a competency test before allowing him to be okey by Senator Chris Christi by the Republicans party
Emily Roberts
Emily Roberts - 6 months ago
"Abolition of civil rights" yeah, sounds about right!
manyy people have said
manyy people have said - 6 months ago
Once an a hole what do you expect a tiget is a tiger a liar is a liar
Kathleen Henley
Kathleen Henley - 6 months ago
Jayron Van L Arizo
Jayron Van L Arizo - 6 months ago
Where is John Wilkes Booth when u need him??
l-_- Merlaut -_-l
l-_- Merlaut -_-l - 6 months ago
I'm just waiting for the day Stephen to have the best show of his life; Trump has been arrested for conspiracy, tax evasion... and having that awful hair and fake tan
Xellos Kaczor
Xellos Kaczor - 6 months ago
Can you imagine the shitstorm that would happen if the tax returns came out 100% clean right before election?
knotkool1 - 6 months ago
ok libtardians. here's a question for you. think real hard. if trump gets audited every year, what makes you think they have not found anything of note and that you will?
Jacquella Mack
Jacquella Mack - 6 months ago
ASeasonedWitch - 7 months ago
It's April now and we're NO closer to seeing Cadet B.S. papers. Somehow the guy slithers out of so many troubling situations. He's non-stick somehow. Please my fellow americans VOTE in 2020. It's apparently the only way we're going to rid ourselves of this parasite in the oval office.
Yael Bailey
Yael Bailey - 7 months ago
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