Google Map Top Fails (very epic fails)

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Bryn Snideman
Bryn Snideman - 5 hours ago
There's a panoramic view of a lake in Montana where they caught a guy peeing
Haleigh - 6 hours ago
i had no idea my country had such an amazing place!
VIPkittenz - 7 hours ago
Pee pee island had me wheezing
Luke - 8 hours ago
Pee pee island lmao
Sara McCarthy
Sara McCarthy - 9 hours ago
Tbh I didn’t find this funny
Seen Satan
Seen Satan - 11 hours ago
Why does everyone use google maps?
For me,google earth is better.
Grzybek2001 - 12 hours ago
Mario Serbanescu
Mario Serbanescu - 12 hours ago
Pewidepie: All hail Chad!
Romanians: Am I a joke to you?

Btw, I am Romanian. XD
Emelycharllote - 13 hours ago
Time to diy
Time to diy - 13 hours ago
The stuffed bunny looked like he got stabbed
Freddie Leonard
Freddie Leonard - 13 hours ago
Google break tha law
Rossella PARRINI
Rossella PARRINI - 14 hours ago
I went to pee pee island when I was 6
ANUBIS GAMING - 16 hours ago
Does anyone relised that pewdipie got a little worry I mean he look worried or sad I don't know I hope he's ok
阿雯Max - 19 hours ago
9:01 epic to me
Milosbojan Kajtez
Milosbojan Kajtez - 22 hours ago
Vlog on pee pee island
Paul H. Kircher III
Paul H. Kircher III - 22 hours ago
Fly up to Caligula and check that out.
Andrew Bslnig
Andrew Bslnig - 22 hours ago
Subscribe to Pewdiepie!To beat T series !
random artist
random artist - Day ago
Did anyone see 2019?
_.Killer_Switch._ - Day ago
I’m name a borat
Winter Wisher
Winter Wisher - Day ago
What about *dissapointment island*
Khánh Trần Nam
Khánh Trần Nam - Day ago
pee pee island
Aliya Eadie
Aliya Eadie - Day ago
“It’s a nice weather” 😂😂😂😂
Andrea Toth
Andrea Toth - Day ago
The one with the “dead body” was a real image a few years ago however it wasn’t a man dragging a dead body it was a dog who was in the water walking on the boardwalk path and the color of the water and the boardwalk made a blood like color.
Cool Dude
Cool Dude - Day ago
“Naked man in Sleeping trunk”
~ Pewdiepie
Houseplant 9
Houseplant 9 - Day ago
The earth is a triangle
Pee pee island
Chris Mann
Chris Mann - Day ago
10/10 Pee Pee Island 👏
Sean Rau
Sean Rau - Day ago
Disappointment island
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin - Day ago
Logan Paul..... You are Stupid
John O'Brien
John O'Brien - Day ago
I live in Chicago
Philipp Lama
Philipp Lama - Day ago
Me: Google Street View is really cool.
Also me: Living in Germany
Robert Weidamoyer
Robert Weidamoyer - Day ago
1:15 that’s what she said
NightmareFoxy192 - Day ago
If the Earth was round, Australia would fall off
Robert Weidamoyer
Robert Weidamoyer - Day ago
I want to own pee pee island
Mobile Cyclop
Mobile Cyclop - Day ago
Hah that was fun
Mobile Cyclop
Mobile Cyclop - Day ago
Goes to search it on map*
Mazed/Мэйзед :з
He has 98 millions subs, but he have 8 millions views|lol|
Osim Kamal
Osim Kamal - Day ago
If go to peepee island I would die
Cicak Kobeng
Cicak Kobeng - Day ago
*pee pee island, the place where the first human loses its virginity*
Skyrim Lover 73
Skyrim Lover 73 - Day ago
Legend has it the man is still falling to this day
Vidar Isaksson
Vidar Isaksson - 2 days ago
3:10 creepy...
grymtgris 05
grymtgris 05 - 2 days ago
Im from Hisingen, Gothenburg
nam hero
nam hero - 2 days ago
Chào anh
Karen Hammett
Karen Hammett - 2 days ago
Ya I well live in pee pee island
Tin Kucelj
Tin Kucelj - 2 days ago
Hello Mr. Pewdiepie.
Tammy Vo
Tammy Vo - 2 days ago
Pee pee island i would love to go to pee pee island
frans mcdonald
frans mcdonald - 2 days ago
Hogwarts is on pee pee island
Kids Sustaire
Kids Sustaire - 2 days ago
712 thousand people want to go to Pee Pee Island
Whyare_youreadingdis - 2 days ago
There is a Pee Pee Poo Poo River
SENSEI GAMING gt - 2 days ago
lennyboi_1 - 2 days ago
Earth is flat
木木殊遇 - 2 days ago
8:15 TAIWAN!
Prithviraj Abrol
Prithviraj Abrol - 2 days ago
712K people want to go to pee pee island
Just pretend im a YouTuber
intro 16/-9
Rana Shihab
Rana Shihab - 2 days ago
Let’s play a game try to guess where am from here is a pic of my flag
Rana Shihab
Rana Shihab - 20 hours ago
Pianomaster Dany no but your close Hint: in africa
Pianomaster Dany
Pianomaster Dany - Day ago
Rana Shihab Palestine?
Barbara Fuhrmann
Barbara Fuhrmann - 3 days ago
Pee pee wass
Tushar Dhall
Tushar Dhall - 3 days ago
Pew die pie 🏝🏝🏖⛳????
Sarah Harris
Sarah Harris - 3 days ago
You're hot af
JENNIE rosé - 3 days ago
Legend says this dog still follows goggles track lol
Papyrus - 3 days ago
I just remembered there’s a country named niger... 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
kroven009 - 3 days ago
4:37 good thing they blurred the cow's face, he wouldn't want to be embarrassed
Mason Thomas
Mason Thomas - 3 days ago
Take it from me a guy who's never done anything elligal
Geo Gaming
Geo Gaming - 3 days ago
Chad the best country in the world

Taha Ekici
Taha Ekici - 3 days ago
Why is the titel german
Boss Man
Boss Man - 3 days ago
kto robił spolszczenie ja pierdziele...
高愷擇 - 3 days ago
peepee island looks like mushroom😂😂
jaz - 3 days ago
Pointless User
Pointless User - 4 days ago
I can’t wait for the street view car to go by my house so I can wear a colonel sanders mask...
OchO! - 4 days ago
Go back in the Philippines Pewds. Theres an Inception-ish Place over there.
Arceli Brioso
Arceli Brioso - 4 days ago
Very luxury island is

Rey Logan
Rey Logan - 4 days ago
What happens in Pee pee Island,remains in Pee Pee island.
Banana Blitz
Banana Blitz - 4 days ago
I live in nova Scotia noobs
Ghost Blade3
Ghost Blade3 - 4 days ago
GodlyPotatos 1
GodlyPotatos 1 - 5 days ago
your math is wrong the earth is a donut
Ruby Thomas
Ruby Thomas - 5 days ago
I’m a kid and Ik how do drive and you dont
Skelly - 5 days ago
4:00 Now we know why pewds got demonetized for a long time
Robert Bates
Robert Bates - 5 days ago
lol pee pee island
Sara Drover
Sara Drover - 5 days ago
In Newfoundland you have pee pee island, and you also have a town called dildo
DKGameZ 298
DKGameZ 298 - 5 days ago
Fucking, Austria yep a real place
No Name
No Name - 5 days ago
Гспд,кланяюсь в ноги тому,кто сделал русские субтитры..они просто офигенны! Не просто машинный перевод💕🌚
Star Raiden
Star Raiden - Day ago
Crash Skyz
Crash Skyz - 5 days ago
*Smashes the dislike button super quickly*
Jeff Onan
Jeff Onan - 4 days ago
FIYD_ VANHE - 5 days ago
Kabkek TV
Kabkek TV - 5 days ago
Corey RossTheBoss
Corey RossTheBoss - 6 days ago
I Went To Pee Pee Island In Thailand
M43 t0
M43 t0 - 6 days ago
All the people on doctor Phil will go to...

Kitty Kain
Kitty Kain - 6 days ago
There is a place in New Zealand called chew tobacco bay
Laura Iturralde
Laura Iturralde - 6 days ago
Sive had to do a great edit to top the fiverr guy
IGNITEDpotato124 - 6 days ago
1 like to go to pee pee Island
Yarin Orlev
Yarin Orlev - 6 days ago
What's the song in the background?
Carolina Martins
Carolina Martins - 6 days ago
How to people find this stuff😂😂
Player Emily
Player Emily - 6 days ago
We All Should've Known! Pigeons Will Take Over The World!
Okura Haku
Okura Haku - 6 days ago
What's that EPIC song in 2:11 ?
Gamer Berapi
Gamer Berapi - 6 days ago
Too gagal nya (Top Fails ... (Not know :v)
The bomb boy 6 awesome
The bomb boy 6 awesome - 6 days ago
the 2nd one is blurred now
linkgame 2999
linkgame 2999 - 6 days ago
Google why
XxRickyLiexX Milovers
XxRickyLiexX Milovers - 6 days ago
What its *pee pee island*?
Nathan Gonzalez
Nathan Gonzalez - 7 days ago
Most people who disliked the video is probably people who think the Earth Flat (People who think the Earth is Flat = DUMBASSES)
AWEE Gaming
AWEE Gaming - 7 days ago
You have less subs than T Series but you do have merch while they don't!
In America:
You lead your cat
In Russia:
Your cat leads you!
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