Google Map Top Fails (very epic fails)

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cao ta
cao ta - 2 hours ago
Mị kkkk
Bodee Block
Bodee Block - 3 hours ago
Legend Says that google map street dog is still chasing after you
kit lindberg
kit lindberg - 4 hours ago
If you go to google maps and search Odense zoo you can find a camera man in random weird places
datiktokwae - 4 hours ago
0:39 Dancing crab had me rollin'!
Mikiou623 - 6 hours ago
Oof, I live in Tokyo Japan
Alyssa Pennywell Ross
Alyssa Pennywell Ross - 6 hours ago
Where is Nemo
Juan Miguel Yap
Juan Miguel Yap - 6 hours ago
Its not actually a circle its actually a sphere😑😑😑😂😂
Damian Krol
Damian Krol - 7 hours ago
Pee Pee Island has the shape of a Crab Claw
OMG !!!
Harry kilgarriff
Harry kilgarriff - 9 hours ago
u make me laugh every vid
KyleTheDecentNoob - 9 hours ago
How.. How could you call Mr beast stoopid?!
Blazzar - 10 hours ago
We wouldn’t have hills and mountains if the world is flat you idiots
Laura Venckutė
Laura Venckutė - 11 hours ago
Ester bunny
Abhishek Shaw
Abhishek Shaw - 11 hours ago
668k people including pewdiepie wants to visit pee pee island
George Loewy
George Loewy - 11 hours ago
Still don't get what T series do and how they've passed Pewdiepie in subs
ItsVictorPlayz YT
ItsVictorPlayz YT - 12 hours ago
Jeez pee pee island looks like larva island!!!
Kara Woodward
Kara Woodward - 12 hours ago
Yea pewds has bleeped out swears
Wyatt Watson
Wyatt Watson - 12 hours ago
Whoever did these captions is a hero we need
Andre Escanilla
Andre Escanilla - 12 hours ago
Alex Duggins
Alex Duggins - 12 hours ago
You laugh you pee pee
Łößër._Gäćhä :3
Łößër._Gäćhä :3 - 12 hours ago
Anybody want to know where I came from???
Mistake island look it up on google maps it’s real!
Cords Gaming
Cords Gaming - 13 hours ago
0:25 that's called Newfoundland and I live there
Dayni ganing
Dayni ganing - 13 hours ago
Pewdiepie: Why do people always look at the camera
Me:because they want the pic for themself
TheRobertsFamily - 13 hours ago
100% pew you need to do this in VR its amazing, thums up for him to see guys 😊
Deepak phogat
Deepak phogat - 13 hours ago
It's not round it's oval u dum asss
Maria Renner
Maria Renner - 13 hours ago
I’m literally shaking and quaking right now 😰😰😥😓😰😥😰😥😰😥😰
Modell Mm
Modell Mm - 14 hours ago
Am​ thai​ peepee​ island
Gaming_kaikyang YT
Gaming_kaikyang YT - 15 hours ago
Where do you find the google maps
Sacro Gaming
Sacro Gaming - 15 hours ago
The secret society of pigeons
Taser Tip
Taser Tip - 17 hours ago
Pee pee island!
paige snook
paige snook - 18 hours ago
google breaks the law.
Gacha Gamer
Gacha Gamer - 18 hours ago
Pee pee island got me 😂 and
GREY & WILD KIDS STORE - 19 hours ago
Goggle breaks the Law
Joshua Dzidrums
Joshua Dzidrums - 21 hour ago
You know there’s a poo poo island in Hawaii, right
Ms. Fancy Queen
Ms. Fancy Queen - 21 hour ago
Poor pewdiepie
Lottie Aldous
Lottie Aldous - Day ago
I'm moving to pee pee island
wallaal sadoon
wallaal sadoon - Day ago
I. am. a. Big fann
XxAngel Luis 123
XxAngel Luis 123 - Day ago
The hate is from t series
CrYpTH0N - Day ago
The last place was the best!!!
SmolAZ - Roblox
SmolAZ - Roblox - Day ago
ikr why people so stupid ;_;
Minceraft Gamer
Minceraft Gamer - Day ago
8:00 They're trying to take the cat for a walk on a leash.
Adapt SHRUBBY - Day ago
Logan paul=Dumball
Robbie Lavoro
Robbie Lavoro - Day ago
Lets get him to 100m
Nothing Last Forever
Incredible cow's exist.😂😂😂
M0M0’s W6TCH1NG - Day ago
The Scooby Doo Channel
One like = one time Felix/pewds said Jesus Christ
Adryel Rosales
Adryel Rosales - Day ago
Pee pee Island!
Callum Barker
Callum Barker - Day ago
Lol 666 likes ps go pewdiepie
S.D gaming and more
We are cursed I clicked on this and there’s 666k likes help
beyblade unicorns
beyblade unicorns - Day ago
Look at the likes
Phoenixx Mafia
Phoenixx Mafia - Day ago
The video is on 666k likes!
ItsGonzy YT
ItsGonzy YT - Day ago
666K likes... Pewdiepie is the devil
96 BallersB
96 BallersB - Day ago
Do a diss
Irma Escobar
Irma Escobar - Day ago
Is that your normal voice
gamer vaquiax pro
gamer vaquiax pro - Day ago
666k likes xd
Konkey Dongster
Konkey Dongster - Day ago
corey gaming weird vids
On streat view you can see my grandad loding the boot in hove England
inquisitive turtle
inquisitive turtle - Day ago
*pee pee island*
Sandra Legotti
Sandra Legotti - Day ago
Go PEWDIEPIE T-Series sucks
Cloud _G1rl
Cloud _G1rl - Day ago
Guys help I went on to yt and it gave me t series story
Gamer Bois
Gamer Bois - Day ago
when i looked it was 666k likes
Gamer Bois
Gamer Bois - Day ago
Illuminati boi is here
DerpCake Playz
DerpCake Playz - Day ago
Omg Lol 666k likes
Mein_Wunderland2 13
The One who died is Not die a dog is wet Walk there
Ali Alwaeli
Ali Alwaeli - Day ago
Pai Das Catioras
Pai Das Catioras - Day ago
pee pee island
gaming demon
gaming demon - Day ago
ttv tychuth3ninja
ttv tychuth3ninja - Day ago
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Hektori2 Games
Hektori2 Games - Day ago
Omg the like 666k
djFrainter - Day ago
666 000 likes!
Stryder Sammet
Stryder Sammet - Day ago
Why does everyone not like this video it’s awesome
Leafy Levi
Leafy Levi - Day ago
Pee pee island ya
danielbob1290 - Day ago
BK_ gaming
BK_ gaming - Day ago
Jesus Christ 666k likes the devil is here
Savage Riles
Savage Riles - Day ago
Felix: The earth is not flat, it is...
Me: Technically the earth is apparently GEOID because of the North and South points are flat to a certain extent...

Too far maybe?
Liverk The Lizard
Liverk The Lizard - Day ago
The devil took over the likes
antonio martinas
antonio martinas - Day ago
I live in romania=)
Explain That
Explain That - Day ago
5:37 big chungus is the road!
xd my ass
xd my ass - Day ago
666k likes lets keep it there
Parry - Day ago
Thats what I thought
ZvRm Lemonboy
ZvRm Lemonboy - Day ago
Mustard 7
Mustard 7 - Day ago
What if u look at area 51 in google maps
Tik Toker
Tik Toker - Day ago
Em the # of likes is 666k
x Angai x
x Angai x - Day ago
Keiko-Chan - Day ago

Mégalo_Maniaks P J S R
8:08 It's McFly&Carlito : French Youtubers!!
Spaleyandsparta - Day ago
In the parrarel world it is poo poo island
CITYZEN_ AR - Day ago
Google breaka the law.
Stephania Borg
Stephania Borg - Day ago
Can you come to Malta please!
Ultra instinct Savage dude423
Everyone that disliked this is a fan of t series
Theadrianmill Games
All the dislike are T series supporters
Good job
Good job - Day ago
Pee pee island
PEE 💦💦
Rafael Lora
Rafael Lora - Day ago
Pee pee island lolll
Juben 22
Juben 22 - Day ago
Pewdiepie:Logan Paul nice try,Dissapointed
KSI:*Likes and Subscribes to Pewdiepie*
Gacha Potato
Gacha Potato - Day ago
The earth is flat
Tsensali Jungi
Tsensali Jungi - Day ago
I want to go to pee pee island and pee
Evelina Ricecrispies
All the dislikes are from the flat earthers
Just a random vloger
Praise peepee island
GunTheBun - Day ago
Have you seen disappointment island yet?
Sophia Pica
Sophia Pica - Day ago
How else had an advertisement of t series😐
Like wot the fock
Febriansyah Noor
Febriansyah Noor - Day ago
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