If You FLINCH, You LOSE - Scary Haunted House Challenge

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FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug - 29 days ago
Maria Yepez
Maria Yepez - Day ago
Lakeshia Jones
Lakeshia Jones - 3 days ago
FaZe Rug I wouldn’t last I’ll flinch the whole time
HeyitsTay Marie
HeyitsTay Marie - 10 days ago
Bryan: was that a flinch Woman actor:M*nods head yes* Me: ahahahahhaha
Princess Lyka Mae Salvador
There have a part 3
Adgrienna Berry
Adgrienna Berry - 18 hours ago
If any one of y'all waz to take me to a haunted house like this, lemme pray to God and hope I make it out alive and I didn't p my pants and let you kno the thingz I'm scared of bc I will cuss all of the actors out if I get jump scared
ultimate gaybo
ultimate gaybo - Day ago
Brian:I ain't scared of nothing
Me: why did you lose the challenge
Brian: uhhhh👀
Maria Yepez
Maria Yepez - Day ago
bootifulchxld - 2 days ago
Everybody was hella worried for the chainsaw. Brian kept asking the workers if there was a chainsaw 🤣
Carlos Hernandez
Carlos Hernandez - 2 days ago
Good luck
Beverly Joanne
Beverly Joanne - 2 days ago
Subscribe to me too lol I woul neverrrr be able to do this 😫😂
Nae Evans
Nae Evans - 2 days ago
He should do more videos like this ND I haven't seen any actual haunted vids lol but I ain't forcing u to that 😂
david vlogz
david vlogz - 3 days ago
Koby would kill this challenge
Sassy Sapphire
Sassy Sapphire - 3 days ago
I don’t see how you guys do these but they are great to watch
Michael Portiyo
Michael Portiyo - 3 days ago
12:12 did u really flinched 119 tIMESSSS!?!??!!
Rachelle Flores
Rachelle Flores - 3 days ago
Real life I’d be throwing blows at everybody 😭 no wonder my friends can’t take me to no haunted house 💀 jk ion got friends 🥰
Vickyy Silva
Vickyy Silva - 3 days ago
It's impossible not to finch
Lorretta Lewis
Lorretta Lewis - 4 days ago
i been to a really haunted house and accidentally punched one of the actors
Alli Nicole
Alli Nicole - 4 days ago
when they said you’ll never make it out of here alive i would have laughed and said “jokes on you i don’t wanna be alive anyways”
Frank Martinez
Frank Martinez - 4 days ago
Get a job!
Andrew Arreola
Andrew Arreola - 4 days ago
8:21 that one got me
Angela Huynh
Angela Huynh - 5 days ago
they be so broke that they use the bark sound on alarms
Arwand The Savage
Arwand The Savage - 5 days ago
can you prank the chanesour guy by pretending to bleed
Stormi Floyd
Stormi Floyd - 5 days ago
3:46 she wants him to flinch so she tells him
yung keif
yung keif - 5 days ago
Last time I went to one a little girl in a crib touched my hand and she got rocked , I was 13
Kaye O
Kaye O - 6 days ago
massive respect to NOAHHHHHHHHH HAHAHAHAHA 😎😎😎
WaffleHorns - 6 days ago
labib radman
labib radman - 6 days ago
Anthony flinched twice and the camera didn't count it so he has 9 flinch
David Gachanja
David Gachanja - 7 days ago
they should add granny in the next hunted house
Q - 7 days ago
7:58 nien(nine)!!!!!! LOL
forgotten bang
forgotten bang - 7 days ago
Feels bas for the camera guy, had to go through it 3 times
Alyssa Ashford
Alyssa Ashford - 7 days ago
Yo go to cutting edge lol
Cristal Rodriguez
Cristal Rodriguez - 7 days ago
This haunted house was not scarier than the first lol, it made it scarier bc you guys were going through it on ya own 😂
m7sophiar - 7 days ago
m7sophiar - 7 days ago
Chaseluck FN
Chaseluck FN - 8 days ago
High key the best vlogger I watch
Audrey Phillips
Audrey Phillips - 8 days ago
The nurse Low key looked like molly
Nathan Sawyer
Nathan Sawyer - 8 days ago
Imagine doing this high it would be scary
David Decatoria
David Decatoria - 9 days ago
Him: aS lOnG aS tHeRe Is No ChAiNsAw We GoOd.
Also him:has 11 flinches
Chainsaw magically comes:
Naledi - 9 days ago
Brian: is there a chainsaw in this?
Zombie: hgaaaaaa
Self health
Self health - 9 days ago
Should have came to the same haunted house that Tom Holland aka spiderman came to. Which is also the number one haunted house in the state of Ohio and the same that I work at lol escape from blood prison gang gang.
MaggieB - 9 days ago
Part 3
Sam Powers
Sam Powers - 9 days ago
Bro like 5m
Raeleigh Hall
Raeleigh Hall - 9 days ago
If I did this with my friends I’d be rich cause they get scared easily and I don’t get scared in haunted houses
Phoebe Cole
Phoebe Cole - 9 days ago
this is Molly
this is his old she is
.Rainbow-unicorn-poop - 8 days ago
Phoebe Cole happy birthday
camillemarie asmr
camillemarie asmr - 10 days ago
technically they didn’t go in alone because they had the cameraman with them😂
Mac _PulzeYT
Mac _PulzeYT - 10 days ago
Noah should get credit!
RJ ISGOD - 10 days ago
Lemme win that money from you. I wont scream or run from the chainsaws
Harriett Washington
Harriett Washington - 10 days ago
The fact that she answered yes when he said did i flinch
Vita Drew
Vita Drew - 10 days ago
Who the heck is faze rug
Diana Pearson
Diana Pearson - 10 days ago
They should try the haunted house that actually tortured people
Amiya Hansra
Amiya Hansra - 11 days ago
I can relate because At my school, we have a haunted house for Halloween and it is so terrifying, Brian would still flinch.
Kevin Baker
Kevin Baker - 11 days ago
19 for faze rug
Owen Pamalaran
Owen Pamalaran - 11 days ago
Where is jessicha?
𝔸𝕝𝕛𝕖𝕟 𝔻𝕒𝕪𝕣𝕚𝕥
is it okay that i flinched too ?
Porfirinchi Bustamante
Porfirinchi Bustamante - 11 days ago
Whats a chinsol:)?
Simple Canadian Life
Simple Canadian Life - 11 days ago
Do they follow you when you don’t get scared that’s just wrong they wanna kill you then oh and he actually got 23 but ok
Nathan Ngimbi
Nathan Ngimbi - 11 days ago
Noel Wilson
Noel Wilson - 11 days ago
u sre asome where is the girl
Hadley and Raleigh
Hadley and Raleigh - 12 days ago
I subscribed to Brawadis
JAY GEE - 12 days ago
5:04 smaller version of tanker😂
Salvador Lopez
Salvador Lopez - 12 days ago
I wAS FixInG mY arM!!!!
Big tooth Boy
Big tooth Boy - 12 days ago
make another haunted house video
Alexx Davis
Alexx Davis - 12 days ago
BRYAN.... BRYAN your wrong😂 the REAL winner is the camera man bro.😂😂
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