World's LARGEST JELLO POOL- Can you swim in Jello?

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Mark Rober
Mark Rober - Month ago
My bucket list is now one item shorter. This was a brutal amount of work but a worthy engineering challenge. MASSIVE thanks to my buddy Devin Super Tramp for filming this so don't get used to this high quality from me. He is a living legend.
Tuesday Bandy
Tuesday Bandy - Hour ago
Mark Rober what other things are on your bucket list?
koolaidrybot - 14 hours ago
Do a rocket plane with help from Kevin
Brayden Robertson
Brayden Robertson - 15 hours ago
Kc12t - Day ago
When the deodorant says “48 hrs” But you drink it in 10 mins I Am KERCHOO we know you can’t drink deodorant ITS A JOKE so don’t make me put 1 of you on r/woooosh
Kc12t - Day ago
Mark Rober no chance u see this but I watch you EVERYDAY the content is already great but it’s STILL getting,(play music) it’s natural talent.
Brian Tumlinson
Brian Tumlinson - 59 minutes ago
It turned from a "wow this is so cool" video to a "WOW DATS SATISFING"
Mas Dody
Mas Dody - Hour ago
fun science video
i subscribe
The unknown User
The unknown User - Hour ago
Why you look like scooter from borderlands
Benjamin Moore
Benjamin Moore - 3 hours ago
that looks awsome
The View Animations
The View Animations - 3 hours ago
You should do a video with Michael Reeves
petting namjoon’s crabs :D
Don’t play with your food, kids.
Fluffy Paws
Fluffy Paws - 5 hours ago
😁 Please Do they glitter bomb package prank again instead of glitter use iching powder
Burrito pug
Burrito pug - 6 hours ago
I would try to run across it
Luxurious - 6 hours ago
No one:

Literally NO ONE:

Not a single soul:

Dinosaur: Oh heheh hi i'm just gonna run past your fence!!Nothing much to see here now ta ta
Emily Doster
Emily Doster - 6 hours ago
Android Ken
Android Ken - 6 hours ago
Mark, I told my son that you are the Mr. Wizard and Bill Nye of his generation. However, you might be closer to Beakman of Beakman's World. 😂 Regardless of which one you are, you are pure inspiration! Kids are going to grow up and say you are the whole reason they are scientists or engineers. 🚀
flat catcher
flat catcher - 6 hours ago
People be like:The bucket list goes to the moon and back.
Me: To Pluto and back lol.
netta suomi
netta suomi - 9 hours ago
Am i the only who just pray for that one kid white shirt?
Hussain Tube
Hussain Tube - 12 hours ago
Joslyn Holden
Joslyn Holden - 12 hours ago
Yes!! The office
Pikes Peak Jeep Rentals Maniak
Can you pls do an experiment with shade balls
Andrea P
Andrea P - 16 hours ago
55 gallon of trash!
iTz mE dORaAaA
iTz mE dORaAaA - 16 hours ago
Those kids are having their best childhood memories with you
Iver Namsos
Iver Namsos - 16 hours ago
6:02 grabbin that posssssy
Nikka Chua
Nikka Chua - 18 hours ago
Super cool! 😁👌🏻
Mika Mirsham
Mika Mirsham - 18 hours ago
Yummy 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋
it's it's anime playz
it's it's anime playz - 21 hour ago
Good job you have alot to clean 😂
Edit: 9:51 you dead a !!!! *dies*

(Not really)
YMS - 21 hour ago
Mark Rober,

A question was presented to my crew and I involving orbital motions between planetary objects and their satellites in reference to revolution times. We are coming to a split decision as to whether who is "correct" and are hoping that you may be able to apply a solid scientific standard to identify which is fact; or who is "more" correct.

The question presented was, "Given our earth, and referencing a satellite locked into a geostationary orbit, how long does it take for the satellite to complete one revolution around the earth?"

We have come to two points of conclusion:

1. That a satellite is in an orbit around the earth, regardless of whether it is a geostationary or not. It develops that orbit by creating a motion path that "encircles" the earth and therefore follows the rules for a geosynchronous orbit time which equates to one sidereal day(approx 23hr 56min 4sec) to complete a revolution around the earth. This argument is further supported by thinking of the satellite orbit based on the center mass point of the earth being a "single point" in space as the reference and that the satellite orbits that center mass point(point in space not in motion).
This argument is countered with the logic that in order for the geostationary satellite to complete a revolution, its "stationary" position would have to be forgone and either the satellite itself must accelerate or decelerate in relation to the referenced point(earth) in order to complete its revolution; or vice-versa(earth accelerates/decelerates its rotation).
2. Since we are using the earth as the reference point, that the "Geostationary" orbit locks the "0 degree" reference point with the satellite to the ground point and degree reference on earth and as such, a geostationary satellite cannot complete one revolution around earth.
This argument is countered changing the point of view of the observer. If an observer is external to both the earth and it's geostationary satellite, it appears that the satellite will rotate around the earth(not accounting the earth's rotation)

Please help, does a geostationary satellite complete a revolution around the earth? If so, how often?

In the case that you make a video and If you can prove that a geostationary satellite does not make a revolution around the Earth, please say in your video, "Curtis Longoria, you owe 1st Squad Pizza" at some point towards the end.
Icy Lovette
Icy Lovette - 23 hours ago
Hard work makes a dream work
finallyanaccount - Day ago
One of the coolest things I've ever seen. Thank you!
Galaxy Girl
Galaxy Girl - Day ago
8:11 That was my favorite episode omg.. 😂😂😂
Jeanne Lyday
Jeanne Lyday - Day ago
yungblud tbrum
yungblud tbrum - Day ago
rip pool
yungblud tbrum
yungblud tbrum - Day ago
rip pool
MF DOOM - Day ago
Seeing the kids and simply knowing how thrilled I would have been as a kid really makes my day
Jack Mk. Gumber snaget
The kid at 6:29 looks like a who
TheAsianGamer - Day ago
Congratulations! You made it into the OWL magazine with your skipping stone robot! :)
chris_dat_youngin._ Va shii
Those kids Ruined it
Vinicius Medeiros
Vinicius Medeiros - Day ago
Waiting for the next video Bro !
When new vid it's been a month
Mariana Garcia
Mariana Garcia - Day ago
A mam giving birth 7:04
Nita Vincent
Nita Vincent - Day ago
You are gross eating it out a pool
Gavin's Clubhouse
Gavin's Clubhouse - Day ago
I like jelo
robert storey
robert storey - Day ago
Wish it were beans :(
Reesa Rodriguez
Reesa Rodriguez - Day ago
Wow! A lot of work went into this project.. 😭😜😉 PS it was satisfying
Comfortable Sofa
Comfortable Sofa - Day ago
Very nice upload schedule.
Parker Helsel
Parker Helsel - Day ago
Who else is here waiting for this mounts upload
Raquel Riano
Raquel Riano - Day ago
Darcy C
Darcy C - Day ago
My second question, totally unrelated, and I only ask it because you seem to have such creative ideas and the desire to figure things out (so I get it if you want to pass), and because I was having a fun conversation with my prepper mom the other day. You are going on a 600-mile trek on foot. You don't have to worry about food or water. Assuming that you are not getting help elsewhere, and knowing ahead of time that you are making the trek, you place small caches of supplies at intervals along your predetermined path. Assuming that you are going about 20 miles a day, at what interval would you place the caches? What items would you include in each cache? What material would your cache be made of so as to be impervious to extreme temperatures?
Darcy C
Darcy C - Day ago
@Mark Rober, I've watched a few of your videos now, almost on accident, stumbling onto your videos because you answer questions I need answers to. :) Do you respond to questions from fans? Because I have two questions for you. 1. There is a lava tube cave in Washington state. It is about a mile and a half long. The terrain is rough, with few flat spots, multiple narrow spaces you have to crawl or climb through, and multiple piles of uneven boulders and rocks you have to scale to move forward. About halfway through the cave is an 8 ft lava fall that you have to get up, otherwise you have to turn back. There is 1 good foothold and few useful handholds. It's hard to use rope, as there are no obvious places to anchor it. Usually it takes at least 2 people to get up, and it really helps if one of those people is tall. The Parks people, probably for liability reasons, have not built in any helps for people to get up. If you were going on this hike, and it was just you, or you and a short person, how would you get up the fall? Carrying a ladder or other similar device would be exhausting, even if you left it behind once you got up. Using an inflatable step to get up could maybe work, but the ground is so rough and sharp, it would have to be strong enough not to pop under the weight of a person. I would love to hear any ideas you might have on this.
Łôßêr Kïm
Łôßêr Kïm - Day ago
I wish I we're there
Rene Calderon
Rene Calderon - Day ago
Ok while it was in the first part you should have walked on the water
twins - Day ago
This is on my bucket list
Cameron Shears
Cameron Shears - Day ago
your shirt is op because mike tysons punch out is so dope
DJ p
DJ p - Day ago
Hello oh you mean jelly speak England good
LionxD.J Lilysnowolf
It looks fun!! If I did this, I would say it was worth it!
Muna Karim
Muna Karim - Day ago
So good
Heather Klepp
Heather Klepp - Day ago
This reminds me of phineas and ferb
WM trainiert
WM trainiert - Day ago
Sorry, aber was ist das für eine Verschwendung ?
Vernon Law
Vernon Law - Day ago
Hi what is your name?
Alexis Cruz
Alexis Cruz - Day ago
What do you do with it after?
Lorena Aguico
Lorena Aguico - Day ago
Can you walk on it
Deutsch rap Bass Boosted
Bruh I wanna eat it
Mary Poppin’
Mary Poppin’ - Day ago
*doesnt fall* I’m okay *falls*
Blaseeni - Day ago
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Nicole Miner
Nicole Miner - Day ago
Am I the only on who would love to do that
Matt Sinke
Matt Sinke - Day ago
I waited an hour for your video to load and I think your video is inspiring can I please get a shoutout
Dooglewo - Day ago
Mark i know this is british speak but what american equivalent of a GCSE did you take and how many?(thats like high school for you)
Markimus - Day ago
How many cows do you think died to fill this pool?
Kc12t - Day ago
Kc12t - Day ago
Mark no chance u see this but I watch you EVERYDAY the content is already great but it’s STILL getting,(play music) it’s natural talent
Brilliani Ulya
Brilliani Ulya - Day ago
It is so cool!
Mr Galaxy
Mr Galaxy - Day ago
Dei hav didet in Norway on dont do dis hom but det you bild a biger ai em fron Norway
Jocelyn morales Morales
How is your son doing btw I went to San Miguel with him
Is it Eatable tho?
Shailesh shailesh
Shailesh shailesh - Day ago
Is he also wok for NASA?
Sean Johansson
Sean Johansson - Day ago
WOW, just WOW!!!! If I could, I'd com,e live by you in a tent for free just to see what you come up with :)
w0w amazing
princess kitty
princess kitty - 2 days ago
uhhh is this photoshop?
DaMingWay - 2 days ago
Proper content
Nash1a - 2 days ago
New fan!!!
Angelica Ramos
Angelica Ramos - 2 days ago
Marquis Palmer
Marquis Palmer - 2 days ago
This is what happens when smart people win the lottery
Heather Gamble
Heather Gamble - 2 days ago
Wat if somebody peed in the pool
CreeperBoy - 2 days ago
I watched unspeakable do this and he failed but you did it you should get a reward
Lisa's cat from Blackpink
I love that Juarrasic Park reference you did 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ben Matthew
Ben Matthew - 2 days ago
Who what’s to do that
thomas hardin
thomas hardin - 2 days ago
9:30 🤘💃🏽💀😉😎📡
OoGa bOoGa ToOgA gOoGa
OoGa bOoGa ToOgA gOoGa - 2 days ago
You know how cool it would be to be part of this guy's family or even just know him
O.M.F Bless Up
O.M.F Bless Up - 2 days ago
We Can’t Go To The Moon
Bridget Tuft
Bridget Tuft - 2 days ago
Just get a huge oven and boil
Obviously.... then get a huge refrigerator... yea so... do that *but were u gunna find big stuf?* some guy said well some guy... shut
Rachel - 2 days ago
Pool of cool whip!
ViperNate YT
ViperNate YT - 2 days ago
6 months?😂
Prisha Naik
Prisha Naik - 2 days ago
Why did he wear a hat in the pool😂
David Staneart
David Staneart - 2 days ago
Steve Smith has entered the chat
Sagar Thakur
Sagar Thakur - 2 days ago
I appreciate this guys work. I mean how much effort he put into his videos🎥🎥
Když Mikasa Hraje
Když Mikasa Hraje - 2 days ago
Hey man , it's looking awesome
Kat The wolf
Kat The wolf - 2 days ago
I’m just imagining all the flys and bees and how sticky they were after
Marvel fan Number one
Marvel fan Number one - 2 days ago
I wanna eat it so bad
Andy Stroman
Andy Stroman - 2 days ago
Mark Rober!!! You are seriously the COOLEST GUY!!!!!!!!
Taylor and tenley Kajmowicz
Good job 😃
TheKnightMan Freeze!!!!!!
collab with mrbeast mark
Jayrome Babag
Jayrome Babag - 2 days ago
This fun and all, but i just remembered the "how much pee is in a pool" episode.
Димитар Стојаноски
Can you make a gun that shots paper balls
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