Philadelphia Sixers vs Brooklyn Nets - Game 3 - Full Game Highlights | 2019 NBA Playoffs

Jackie Singleton
Jackie Singleton - Month ago
SOOOoooo… Why is Ed Davis getting no playing time? He played really well most of the season. He is maybe THE best rebounder in the NBA (after Drummond), his rebounding per minutes played numbers are crazy good. He averages 17 boards per 36 minutes, Only Andre Drummond gets more offensive rebounds per than E.D. who grabs over 16%, and a third of all available defensive rebounds. Dude is an absolute beast! He plays solid D. He sets great screens, has close to the best screen-assists per minute numbers. Is all around a great center and in my opinion is criminally under-rated. I don't get why they are playing him like a third string bench-warmer. Is he hurt? Did he punch the coach? Anyone have an idea why they are not playing him? P
MID LANER - Month ago
Wheres embiid?
Alexander 3 Face
Alexander 3 Face - Month ago
DRuss improved in quick fashion after a few years in the league watch what Kuzma and the young Lakers do after this off season training they are just much more gifted with size and they all show ALL STAR POTENTIAL AT 18-21 Zo is a fucking teenager with the best court vision for ball movement in the younger bracket to the best but if the pros and his Defense is highly underrated healthy they were destined for .p.o. run B.I will be a fresher polished inside/outside and driving young Trevor Areza'esk forward with a inside/driving stop and pop J Kuzma was better at DRuss age and younger and he's learning from one of the greatest if not THE GREATEST player of this past era Mark my words cuz when Lakers go crazy next year it's all free agency and them locking it down with a nice pick and player development Kuz finds a stroke he will be an All star and them other role players will create something special. We just need a second or even first fiddle to LeBron while they continue to develop but it's like with Giannis it's always been 1 more year next year is the "one more year we need" and a dynasty will be in the works the guys are freaking 20 with all the pressure on them but they will mature they have the brightest future next to Phenix just need front office to dig their heads out thier asses lol
Donald Barrett
Donald Barrett - Month ago
I'm tired of hearing so called Basketball fan's, 76er fan's, supposedly knowing the game!! What ignorance, talking about trading Ben, listen, he'll get a jump shot, a 3 point shot a be very respectable at the line, he's young, he never needed a shot cause of his immense TALENT, NO DOUBT HALL A FAME PLAYER. I want him as a career 76er, don't chase this unbelievable, young, raw talent to the West Coast. Your all assholes if you think otherwise
cee spell
cee spell - Month ago
Harris out here lookim like Melo
Just Someone
Just Someone - Month ago
finally someone noticed
Donald Barrett
Donald Barrett - Month ago
Like which Melo, 50 shots a game, or years ago when he was efficient, he, Harris has a sweet stroke, just needs touches
MrDarksword123 - Month ago
Watched the whole game, very exciting.  But sixers man they were just making it pour, the Nets played well but they just couldn't stop Philly
Ricardo Bertuldo
Ricardo Bertuldo - Month ago
brooklyn needs 2 basketballs. one for russel and 1 for the rest of the team
The Ficchi
The Ficchi - Month ago
one for russell and one for levert
Ryan Chan
Ryan Chan - Month ago
that boy simmons niiice
mjdot - Month ago
Yo someone lemme know bout those jerseys
Good Music
Good Music - Month ago
I got a few, loved em n I ordered more and am waiting til they arrive. Great quality for the price
Rob774 - Month ago
Dennis Richard Roma
Dennis Richard Roma - Month ago
Simmons,Harris and Redick was terrific tonight
Emmanuel Abijo
Emmanuel Abijo - Month ago
+MrDarksword123 don't forget about Jimmy playing point
MrDarksword123 - Month ago
They really were, they were just making it pour. I wonder what Philly's shooting percentage was. I'm going to say at least 58 percent from the field, they played brilliant
rellwill231 - Month ago
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