Blanco Brown - The Git Up (Official Music Video)

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Shi Luo Yizhuo
Shi Luo Yizhuo - 4 hours ago
Damn this kinda lit
Pheonix Dead
Pheonix Dead - 5 hours ago
Wooooooooo this is my favorite song going on my playlist!!!!!!!!!!!!!
俺ナワ - 5 hours ago
kerwin fischer
kerwin fischer - 5 hours ago
this song has generated more good will and fun than be easily measured. ive had soooo much fun watching different folks get up for this song! thank you Blanco! spreadin the good stuff!
Jonathan Palmer
Jonathan Palmer - 5 hours ago
This should be for country falk's
nath6400 nath6400
nath6400 nath6400 - 5 hours ago
cory4890 cory4890
cory4890 cory4890 - 5 hours ago
I love it
Little HuskiesDragon
Little HuskiesDragon - 6 hours ago
My morning is starting good.
Murray Bahadur
Murray Bahadur - 6 hours ago
Love this song. Got my friend granny say let me show you young guys how to do this one.
November Starr
November Starr - 6 hours ago
Jeanene Gunn
Jeanene Gunn - 6 hours ago
I saw you at central church yesterday#❤Blanco Brown
thomas denison
thomas denison - 7 hours ago
one of the best videos where get real fans in the video blanco brown when u coming to the uk
laura82love - 7 hours ago
Idk how you can hear this song and not smile
DAVID BUCKLE GOLD - 8 hours ago
Got a good version of this Check it out
Katie Schumm
Katie Schumm - 9 hours ago
That little kid is sooo cute
Aarnon Shaji
Aarnon Shaji - 10 hours ago
dosent he have the isis beard
Sxtanaa - 10 hours ago
Wow now tweaking or cussing I’m so proud he probably brought the whole neighborhood together
Little Shreky
Little Shreky - 10 hours ago
Nice bro
Joyye TE
Joyye TE - 11 hours ago
Am I the only one who doesn't come from Tiktok?
The Kindly Ratel
The Kindly Ratel - 12 hours ago
and 100% awesome
Vivien de Tusch-Lec
Vivien de Tusch-Lec - 12 hours ago
Alex - 12 hours ago
That kid is from Tik tok
Supercell Lover
Supercell Lover - 12 hours ago
Your the lucky one to see this comment and this is such an awesome song and I can’t let go.
Also who else is listening to this in 2019 or 2020...
Anita Nelson
Anita Nelson - 13 hours ago
This my best song
Faffy Clash
Faffy Clash - 13 hours ago
Talk about 5 seconds of fame.. tik tok doesn't make you famous
man of steel Goodmanll
man of steel Goodmanll - 14 hours ago
Pretty good song.
Burrus Houston
Burrus Houston - 15 hours ago
Well if u factor we created country music. What did you think was gon happen? Hmmmmm hold my beer. - its #mauzeworld
Carson Ross
Carson Ross - 16 hours ago
Great song man
Toxic Reaper
Toxic Reaper - 16 hours ago
Are you related to Kane Brown
Simon Kay
Simon Kay - 16 hours ago
Oddly catchy 😀
PaPa Drag
PaPa Drag - 16 hours ago
No homo but I love his voice this is a sleeping Spotify song and a football pre game pump up song
Felicity Cowie
Felicity Cowie - 16 hours ago
Yanso - 17 hours ago
Bitches and hoes and thots so 2018.. this the next generation music evolution
Stacy Stalstone
Stacy Stalstone - 17 hours ago
A future classic! This one is gonna be in the dance party mix for generations
Angel Anne Abella
Angel Anne Abella - 17 hours ago
Came here from tiktok💖
FordFighter0718 - 17 hours ago
William Whittaker
William Whittaker - 17 hours ago
I love this song
Jaime Lopez
Jaime Lopez - 18 hours ago
This is my favorite song 2019
Jaime Lopez
Jaime Lopez - 18 hours ago
This is my favorite song ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡❤️❤️❤️
LolaIsbae2 - 18 hours ago
OMG im so glad the tik tok boy is in it
Tyson Graham
Tyson Graham - 18 hours ago
im playing this song at meh wedding! any my little bros wedding and my sisters too!
Karsen Kosse
Karsen Kosse - 19 hours ago
It has a couple tik tok referees but overall its ok
Saray Free time
Saray Free time - 19 hours ago
I saw you In central crush in las vegass
W0mbatNipples22 - 19 hours ago
I love how he involved everyone in the town, the kid from the tik tok video, really just involving everyone makes this video very unique, here lately singers haven't been paying attention to the people who actually make them famous; their fans!
Music's about havin fun and this is a perfect display
bubba newman18
bubba newman18 - 19 hours ago
Making people smile cause I'm dancing to it and it's a good feeling
Glendia González
Glendia González - 19 hours ago
Oof I mean bruhh
Glendia González
Glendia González - 19 hours ago
James Straughter Jr
James Straughter Jr - 20 hours ago
Old town road is so much better than your sorry
James Straughter Jr
James Straughter Jr - 20 hours ago
Im serious racist
James Straughter Jr
James Straughter Jr - 20 hours ago
Best song human history i've ever heard but its racist
King L.V
King L.V - 21 hour ago
I don’t dance, but I just danced
Tammy Brisson
Tammy Brisson - 21 hour ago
My My uncle likes your video
Bullnutz 379
Bullnutz 379 - 21 hour ago
Dang that is a goo song
Meredith McCarson
Meredith McCarson - 22 hours ago
Best song ever!❤️😊
Baby Kitten Emerald
Baby Kitten Emerald - 23 hours ago
Number one song of all time my favorite song ❤🥰
Sebastian Dominguez
Sebastian Dominguez - 23 hours ago
Jefri Orizon Rodriguez R
Jefri Orizon Rodriguez R - 23 hours ago
I think I'm the only Peruvian who listens to white brown! I like your music ( Greetings from Peru) 🇵🇪🇵🇪
Xxxfortnitexxx Riley
Xxxfortnitexxx Riley - 23 hours ago
I saw that on TikTok and i saw you at my church
Manner Hall
Manner Hall - Day ago
How America should be dont y'all agree?
Bella_boo the dog
Bella_boo the dog - Day ago
Blanco Brown seems to be such a nice guy!!!! Finally a song that isn't inappropriot
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