Streamers UPSET After Myth *LIES* & *OFFENDS* All CONSOLE Players! (Fortnite Moments)

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TM Hussam
TM Hussam - 7 days ago
I am a consle player and i was the biggest fan of myth😭 Now time for the consle gang to show up and be the best platform in every game

Georgie Williams
Georgie Williams - 8 days ago
I do get offended how he has no respect for console players because I’m one and I bet ghost aydan would beat him in a 1 v 1 and he’s on console
AMM Gamer
AMM Gamer - 9 days ago
Myth more like
Awake Gen
Awake Gen - 19 days ago
Wow freshians ping was at 0 and didn’t move
Flaze - 21 day ago
What’s the cod he was doing
Yvng Bliff
Yvng Bliff - 21 day ago
It’s fine bc why would we need respect when most of our console pros could beat him
Ajd Gaming
Ajd Gaming - 21 day ago
I'm a console player and I'm not offended. It was a joke lol.
ttv_xdjoseph - 22 days ago
JKe Asia
JKe Asia - 22 days ago
Myth is just salty that he knows controller players are better and he wants free clout cause he knows what he is doing
OFFDEKA - 21 day ago
yeah no🤦🏾‍♂️
JKe Asia
JKe Asia - 22 days ago
Let’s be honest we all know that there is some good pc players but when o
Datkidtayzz Yt
Datkidtayzz Yt - 22 days ago
Myth if your watching
Datkidtayzz Yt
Datkidtayzz Yt - 22 days ago
Next time in the tournament try not to take myth damage
Datkidtayzz Yt
Datkidtayzz Yt - 22 days ago
Myth sucks idc
747 Hydra
747 Hydra - 23 days ago
Myth is a loser and should quit streaming
I want Minecraft
I want Minecraft - 23 days ago
Myths jealous cuz he's short
Stormy TV
Stormy TV - 24 days ago
Myth is just mad because he's becoming less and less relevant and console players are starting to grow.99% of the console scene could easily clap nick in a 1v1 like chikzy
defaulty boi
defaulty boi - 24 days ago
4:40 Lmao look at the name
Reem Alessa
Reem Alessa - 24 days ago
It’s disgusting
Tania Blair
Tania Blair - 24 days ago
It’s a fucking video game why does it matter
MrLoading - 24 days ago
Myths falling of no one watches stream and as each day passes he becomes more irrelevant so he did this just so people can't talk about him and I'm pretty sure 99 percent of console players are better than myth 😂😂😂😂
yagssaggin ‘
yagssaggin ‘ - 24 days ago
Except the 10k people that watch him lol
Fogzz - 24 days ago
Myth is trash tho
Daman Saran
Daman Saran - 24 days ago
stop hating on myth buddy #skully gang
Jose Crespo
Jose Crespo - 24 days ago
Elijah Benton
Elijah Benton - 24 days ago
>makes video of myth saying he lied
>thumbnails nickmercs and tfue quoting they ain’t say
Lmao come on bro really?
Lance Harry
Lance Harry - 24 days ago
Izac Pimentel
Izac Pimentel - 24 days ago
We know he lied you only copied the video stoopid
Lance Harry
Lance Harry - 24 days ago
F*CK him
Lance Harry
Lance Harry - 24 days ago
ISAIAH DEODATH - 24 days ago
I would clap myth and I am on console and many other people players (no offense pc players)
Zander Marino
Zander Marino - 24 days ago
i got more wins this season 8 then myth and on PS4 zander3445 1v1 add me
BL4cK_ starz17
BL4cK_ starz17 - 25 days ago
Dickmercs is not a console player! he play controller on pc, make that clear!
Yung Bise
Yung Bise - 25 days ago
I respect PC players so much. I hopped on a keyboard and mouse and could edit better than myth. Fuck myth
Genuine Cool Meme
Genuine Cool Meme - 25 days ago
the fact they dont get its sarcasm scares me.
Oh Yeah yeah
Oh Yeah yeah - 25 days ago
Myth is an A-hole
jhas - 25 days ago
F myth
Jay - 25 days ago
Bro this intros gave me aids
Wolfgang Sniperz
Wolfgang Sniperz - 25 days ago
Your a clout chaser
Hero Sledge
Hero Sledge - 25 days ago
everyone un follow myth like we console players show respect to  pc players unfair
Opz Sky
Opz Sky - 25 days ago
Nobody cares
Lemmons20 - 25 days ago
God I hate this account
Ryerden Todd
Ryerden Todd - 25 days ago
Myths a b*tch
Muhammad TTV
Muhammad TTV - 25 days ago
Fuck myth
Naz - 25 days ago
not even that serious.
Revert Hutsman
Revert Hutsman - 25 days ago
I know why he did it he knows he dying
Cyber_ owl
Cyber_ owl - 25 days ago
What he actually played fortnite on a console.
The hidden gamer 010011
The hidden gamer 010011 - 25 days ago
I’m a console player and I don’t give to shits I’m still going to watch him
Izzo - 25 days ago
It was a joke...
Harusami - 25 days ago
"People need to step back from hating on him" he literally said he doesn't have respect for console players
Harusami - 24 days ago
+yagssaggin ‘ that wasn't a joke
yagssaggin ‘
yagssaggin ‘ - 24 days ago
It was a joke
Blaze Magnetic
Blaze Magnetic - 25 days ago
When you know Fortnite rare loves his ads he puts 4 ads wtf
MRhoodmoney20 - 25 days ago
Lol niggah idc if he like console players he ain’t even the best pc player shit Ik can’t console pros better than this man 😂😂
zoom cold
zoom cold - 25 days ago
I'm a consal
Iconical - 25 days ago
Lol console players deserve this lmao
I’m a mobile player, I honestly am sick of the fact that every single console player in 'under-rated.'

I’m sorry lol
Ahmed Ghorzi
Ahmed Ghorzi - 25 days ago
Sarcasm is something that Fortnite montage channels don’t know
GENGER Zap21 - 25 days ago
F myth
SVGSlayR - 25 days ago
he is playing candook beginner Lmfao what a bot
Dark Agent
Dark Agent - 25 days ago
Bro what a dog I’m a consol
Dillon ツ
Dillon ツ - 25 days ago
Good, console players deserve this always bragging saying , “oh look how fast I can edit I can destroy everyone” #PS4 it’s so fucking stupid
Cluchzz Joogie XD
Cluchzz Joogie XD - 25 days ago
ONLY 🔥CONSOLE🔥Players can like this and show Myth that console players is a big community 🔥Mad Respect for all console , nateendo ,Mobile players 🔥
Jack S’mores
Jack S’mores - 25 days ago
Lol 1v1 me myth I’ll clap u
SnipZ FN
SnipZ FN - 25 days ago
Myth is probably mad that he fell off and most of the console players would body him.
AcroNYM - 25 days ago
Myth is just stupid and niave, he's young and don't anybody act like you've done nothing stupid before. Even ninja himself said it, he even act like that and he's ashamed of it.
thug luck
thug luck - 25 days ago
Fuck myth
SUPREME ICON - 25 days ago
Myth keeps shooting himself in the foot, he keeps pissing people off and losing viewers. Talking shit about console players, telling his own viewers to go watch other steamers if they dont like his stretched res, and failing for over a year now in tournaments even though hes a "pro" player. Myth's streams are boring and hes not even funny.
Stldylan - 25 days ago
Honestly no one should give a fuck
XFredd TV
XFredd TV - 25 days ago
Bruh everyone in chronic could beat Myth
Justin Laspada
Justin Laspada - 25 days ago
Pc players get mad at us when we start rising then guess what “epic please please we’ll suck you off just please make it stop there getting better”
Bailz GT
Bailz GT - 25 days ago
Click bait
Admire Eco
Admire Eco - 25 days ago
Sway would obliterate him.
Sam Snowden
Sam Snowden - 25 days ago
Bro this is why their are no click bait titles about him anymore.....
drehughnotbeingblack - 25 days ago
All cringy people in every fortnite clips comment section thirst for likes so badly..
KaMpLeX Zombie
KaMpLeX Zombie - 25 days ago
Bruh honestly we need to respect each other for what we do, if I play on console let me fucking play on console you don’t have to criticize me because I’m not as “superior” as you are
Chandler Edgar
Chandler Edgar - 25 days ago
Cant believe myth did that
litzy ruiz
litzy ruiz - 25 days ago
A one of you guys make me 1v1 that bitch for the disrespect
Пот вцkу Oof
Пот вцkу Oof - 25 days ago
2:53 uhhhhh
The Chimp
The Chimp - 25 days ago
Fuck mtyh he a slow ass editer doing stuff for veiws and likes are gay sometimes why people like that
TinyGamingvloger72 - 25 days ago
I hate myth I don’t care what anyone says like if your a console player
RiPsliNG - 25 days ago
Chill out man
Im - 25 days ago
Yoo I can’t wait for a controller player to 1v1 myth and destroy him
Erik Juarez
Erik Juarez - 25 days ago
People really are soft
Owen Watson
Owen Watson - 25 days ago
Wait Myth is 19 I thought he was like in his 20s
DeadlyDilly - 25 days ago
B̸͟͞T̸͟͞S̸͟͞ S̸͟͞
Myth talks like he good at the the game, like what has TSM done on competitive Fortnite nothing they don't win a damn thing competing for anything

Kexzel - 25 days ago
What has this generation become? People asking for likes. shieet ay.
B-Ball-Man- - 25 days ago
It's really not that big of a deal
Cantay - 25 days ago
Fuck this channel he didn’t lie bro do your research are you older then the age of 5
Player_unknown Sp
Player_unknown Sp - 25 days ago
Fuck myth
Landon Jbaker
Landon Jbaker - 25 days ago
Myth is f.cking dumb
ogga booga
ogga booga - 25 days ago
Does it matter console players have no life if you get good with a controller
purpp - 25 days ago
Last time I checked a console player got into faze and myths irrelevant ass is just in a dead team called tsm
Juan Wick
Juan Wick - 25 days ago
Wow. Fuck this channel. I did see what I wanted to see, but this fucker straight stole other people's content and played it for ten minutes.
Dead Meat
Dead Meat - 25 days ago
Don't really care
Mixzey - 25 days ago
Nice intro
lazyyz j
lazyyz j - 25 days ago
get off myth it wasn’t serious for you can give him hate your prolly a skinny or fat nerd tryna get views with other people’s content
Kevin Lopez
Kevin Lopez - 25 days ago
I have so much respect for nick
Ali Haydari
Ali Haydari - 25 days ago
Fuck myth
YT Uncensored gaming
YT Uncensored gaming - 25 days ago
I’m unsubbing from myth anyone else
The Kid
The Kid - 25 days ago
You are no immune to all spam/annoying comment

*N O. N E E D. T O. T H A N K. M E*
LilGjon - 25 days ago
Man who tf gives a fuck only virgins take that shit to the heart man I can’t wait to see what the future will be
OG alliutionary
OG alliutionary - 25 days ago
I’m a console player but I find it kind of funny
Dysmo is My dad
Dysmo is My dad - 25 days ago
Loved tfues reaction very cool
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