Zero Death, Pewdiepie game!

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K4ze K4mi
K4ze K4mi - 4 days ago
C-R-I-N-G-E ???
Cringe Fruit
Cringe Fruit - 9 days ago
you gotta do your a gayme
DOOMBOY - 11 days ago
This should get a sequel, its a bad ending
Just Watch
Just Watch - 11 days ago
Thomas you're such a legend dude.
Leod1012 Playz
Leod1012 Playz - 20 days ago
Thomas: What would you think Edgar will do?
PewDiePie: I think he'll poop somewhere.
Edgar: You're right Pewds, I poop lasers
Super Verde
Super Verde - 23 days ago
Wow this game is so good, and in just 2 weeks?? It's not just the artwork, it's the story, the playability... He's amazing!
Uzur Honazar
Uzur Honazar - 27 days ago
It is like a new version of pewdiepie legend of the brofist
But they are both cool
Niko Leven
Niko Leven - Month ago
I hate those caption authors who just pump out captions without actually caring about the quality of them. COUGH COUGH NORGEFILMS
Aerode Floresta
Aerode Floresta - Month ago
F*ck me I'm going to play this game
Capo-flow-atom - Month ago
Who came here after playing Pew Dew Redemption aswell?
Can we get no subs With no vids
AwesomeGuy4444 TA
AwesomeGuy4444 TA - Month ago
I could play this for myself.
ItsCheesy - Month ago
lol the game is called "Zero Deaths" not "Zero Death"
Anthonial.Majesty - Month ago
Well... that game was insanely fun! Just played it and recommended it to about a dozen friends, awesome job, guys!!!!
Lodzic - Month ago
Noway he did this in 2 weeks
blooberth - Month ago
coming to switch?
True Dark Reality
True Dark Reality - Month ago
I want this on mobile pls
Hai Duong
Hai Duong - Month ago
Louise Fist
Louise Fist - Month ago
Thomas hyping up Felix for 30 min straight is the energy we need in 2019
a person on the internet
watch out, the android revolution will take place about 5 years after this

i swear if nobody gets this reference
StrangeHackerDJ ROBLOX & More
This could be a good steam game
Olaru Cristina
Olaru Cristina - Month ago
PewDiePie=the king of youtube
Im romanian bro
Emil Torkelsson
Emil Torkelsson - 2 months ago
Svara gärna på denna enkäten angående självkörande bilar i Sverige (16 frågor , endast kryssfrågor) används för min C-uppsats tack i förhand för alla svar :)
Играю Как Боженька
Look last video on my channel 🙏💣💥
travis jessee
travis jessee - 2 months ago
PART 2 reclaiming the sub gap
Prophet GeoKnight!
Prophet GeoKnight! - 2 months ago
This should be a full game
Jasper Dela Cruz
Jasper Dela Cruz - 2 months ago
-BeyondAir- - 2 months ago
when you running out of ideas
eduardo robles
eduardo robles - 2 months ago
So this plot is basically the scooby doo the movie
Kyomi Chan
Kyomi Chan - 2 months ago
Le punch power
Sashko - 2 months ago
Ах засранец
Perpetually in the Past
Perpetually in the Past - 2 months ago
The barrels should have audio from when pewds played amnesia of the barrels saying "hello pewdie" every time u hit them
arkirob37 - 2 months ago
It was good but I really wanted to see him fight t-series
D-Hawk Beats
D-Hawk Beats - 2 months ago
Wow very good game and cool video
Spieler Subliminals
Spieler Subliminals - 2 months ago
But can T-Series do THIS?!?! (flings himself into the air, spontaneously generates chair, and falls to the floor whilst reclining)
TNL_Insomnia - 2 months ago
Great game i think making it a full series and overcoming t series at the end would be great
Charmeleon Hockey Kid
Charmeleon Hockey Kid - 2 months ago
Omg! It’s Mr. Beast!
Franchesca Lei
Franchesca Lei - 2 months ago
i tried downloading this but i wasn't able to unzip
aria *:・゚
aria *:・゚ - 2 months ago
i love that they had Ben say jewish slang
Kazuro Gammaru
Kazuro Gammaru - 2 months ago
Part 2!!!!!
Natalie Haggang
Natalie Haggang - 2 months ago
Try to play mobile legends if youre a good gamer you can earn money if you defeat other players and try to record it
Le Me
Le Me - 2 months ago
Mannnn this game is actually really touching my kokor kudos to the maker dude youre the bomb
Liokardo - 2 months ago
hold on imma just speedrun this
Liokardo - 2 months ago
Is Felix an actual idiot?
Liokardo - 2 months ago
You could have comboed those enemies so easily...
Bruno Chinchilla
Bruno Chinchilla - 2 months ago
P S - 2 months ago
Pewdiepie seems drunk on power in the beginning
imanapple - 2 months ago
How's goin bro---
Welcome everyone!
Abel SM
Abel SM - 2 months ago
Cause of death meme review👏👏
100,000 Subscribers Without Video Challenge
World War 1
World War 2
World War Of Idiots

World War Z
Pewdiepie Vs T Gay 🔥
Đồ Gỗ Lee Hiếu
Đồ Gỗ Lee Hiếu - 2 months ago
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Noir FOS
Noir FOS - 2 months ago
The video that finally got me to subscribe to PewDiePie. Good job Thomas. You've convinced me.
Simon Wu
Simon Wu - 2 months ago
what about maya
SonOfTheEvil - 2 months ago
Noone gonna comment how insecure thomas looks? lol xD
Alphex - 2 months ago
playing this rn
with me luk
Aaron Hirsbrunner
Aaron Hirsbrunner - 2 months ago
Enyone else realize he said 2009 instead of 2019
Scott - 2 months ago
awesome game!
Helen Gunn
Helen Gunn - 2 months ago
Helen Gunn
Helen Gunn - 2 months ago
Deadass my favorite game fuck detroit become human
MASTER SHREDDER - 2 months ago
At the sub gap part I got an T-gay ad!
FätMään - 2 months ago
If this was a full game i would actually buy it!
FloppyGamer 9000
FloppyGamer 9000 - 2 months ago
Part 2 boss= Maya
Part 3 boss = Belle Delphine
Part 4 boss = Blue shirt mid
Part 5 boss = Jackseptictank and Markitweezers or antisepticeye and darkiplier
Carrie Morrison
Carrie Morrison - 2 months ago
Erica Raths
Erica Raths - 2 months ago
Imagine how nerve wracking that would be to be talking to Felix *while* he is reviewing/playing *your* game that you made!!!
But damn he did an awesome job!
keelyn_hart - 2 months ago
This game is absolutely amazing
Anasyub - 2 months ago
goddamnn thats such an awesome fuckin game omg
simo jamed
simo jamed - 2 months ago
i cant save the game why???
Krystal Hyun
Krystal Hyun - 2 months ago
I wish i can make a game like this! 😭😭
Krystal Hyun
Krystal Hyun - 2 months ago
I want a part two of the game! 😂💕 Wish Thomas would make another one.. like Pewds would time travel and the boss would be the bro :') 💕 then he'll meet Cry and Ken 😭
CocotheLoco Cat
CocotheLoco Cat - 2 months ago
i bought the wholetrack on i tues and i honestly dont regret it at all UwU
I love the music!!!
John DOES random Stuff
John DOES random Stuff - 2 months ago
hey you didnt help elon on mars
Ethan B.
Ethan B. - 2 months ago
/ BAJIYO / - 2 months ago
هل هناك عربي غيري
Boogs Boogie
Boogs Boogie - 2 months ago
Tommy Wiseau as Johnny: 1:15
Zimrian Zimrian
Zimrian Zimrian - 2 months ago
Danielius V.
Danielius V. - 2 months ago
Did you leave Elon on Mars!? Nooooes!
Game station
Game station - 2 months ago
Play pubh
Алманбетов Омар
1000 Dollar Giveaway
1000 Dollar Giveaway - 2 months ago
colbert : if you play games for living, what do you do for relax? go to an office?

pewdiepie : probably just play more games.
Tor Tor
Tor Tor - 2 months ago
Is there Filthy Frank?
Ruth Liantluangzeli
Ruth Liantluangzeli - 2 months ago
Tseries is so close
カニ TAKOウニ
カニ TAKOウニ - 2 months ago
Default Dance
Default Dance - 2 months ago
Youtube is on pewdiepie's side cause they still haven't deleted his channel even if his racist af
PowerLego V
PowerLego V - 2 months ago
Love Gonzales
Love Gonzales - 2 months ago
Everyone subcribe to pewdiepie cause t series is a trash
SupremeGii - 2 months ago
Yes, im a gamer too
Cracer - 2 months ago
One simple "Edgar! Deutschland" could have ended the fight XD
fresh ollie
fresh ollie - 2 months ago
29:22 the planet explodes into a brofist
White343 - 2 months ago
Hey Pewds, play Generation Zero.
jadson dias
jadson dias - 2 months ago
Rumo a 100k
PURGE - 2 months ago
wow this game is amazing!
Sophia Frantzi
Sophia Frantzi - 2 months ago
In the start he said 2009
Abir Hasan
Abir Hasan - 2 months ago
Pewdiepie has 3 hands. Ok. sure.
yoh 2a
yoh 2a - 2 months ago
Play a brawl sarts
Yusoph Mangandog
Yusoph Mangandog - 2 months ago
Wait, the pewds character died on mars?
Megh Shah
Megh Shah - 2 months ago
Jaa bey behen ke lode maa chuda na apno
Vishal br
Vishal br - 2 months ago
This video sucks so bad that I puked at the start of the video
LukaTNTdragon - 2 months ago
Make a sequel pls
I mean if you want to.....
Dimapelo Manual
Dimapelo Manual - 2 months ago
The game soundtrack is absolutely awesome!
Anshu Gayakwad
Anshu Gayakwad - 2 months ago
Tere maaa ki
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