Goat And His Dad Have A Very Important Conversation | The Dodo

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albert orkenbjorken
albert orkenbjorken - 6 days ago
This never gets old haha
ердан осмонгача
😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 vaaa vaaaaaaa.....
Junomaster2006 - 28 days ago
The goat sounds just like every American women
A. M.
A. M. - 29 days ago
Their lips are so similar! LOL
wubba lubba dub dub
wubba lubba dub dub - Month ago
Goats are so fucking cute aahhh
FuzzY DaN
FuzzY DaN - Month ago
That baby goat is too cute. He's not bad either!! lol
T Hobbs
T Hobbs - 2 months ago
I can’t get enough of this! ❤️ this little goat so much that I barely notice the cute guy!
Glenna Rose
Glenna Rose - 2 months ago
The goat is a buck in rut. He's not "talking" but getting ready to climb aboard.
Nik KiD
Nik KiD - 2 months ago
This guy looks so beautiful!
Blue Boop Creations
Blue Boop Creations - 2 months ago
*That’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen*
FuzzY DaN
FuzzY DaN - 2 months ago
I love this, this is so funny!!!! I keep coming back to watch it.. (@!@)
M94Otaku - 2 months ago
Omg this is my fav video at the moment! Watched it at least 10 times😂 makes me laugh every time
Quarter2ASeel - 2 months ago
*He’s speaking the language of the Gods*
Rosario Garza
Rosario Garza - 2 months ago
That was hilarious 😂😂😂😂!!!
Eva Cupcake
Eva Cupcake - 3 months ago
Im going to get goats and im sooooo EXITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I also have peacocks I think our neighbor's hate us
SPRICIEST 41 year old gamer
Funniest thing I've ever seen xx
DancingKingZigiSnake - 3 months ago
When goats do that that means they want to give love or kiss or hump
deborah lariscy
deborah lariscy - 3 months ago
What KIND of goat is this?? Saw a large Ibex (in Europe somewhere) who "argued" with a man and made similar sounds, and the air action. Really funny!
Michael Mckenzie
Michael Mckenzie - 3 months ago
The goat wasn't spitting on purpose, he just has a lisp!
George Bobb
George Bobb - 3 months ago
Good stuff
juli9140 juli9140
juli9140 juli9140 - 3 months ago
Lindsay Kenneyd
Lindsay Kenneyd - 3 months ago
0:20 he just kept spitting 😂
Lindsay Kenneyd
Lindsay Kenneyd - 3 months ago
He spit at him 😂😂😂
Meg Xxx
Meg Xxx - 3 months ago
Is it just me but at the start the goats voice sounded a bit like LaurenDIY in SNUGGLE song 😂😂😂
Don’t give me hate it’s just for a laugh 🥰😝😝
Lisa Collins
Lisa Collins - 3 months ago
Shelley Campbell
Shelley Campbell - 3 months ago
Love a sassy goat.
I had one named snickers🙂❤
Eyal S
Eyal S - 3 months ago
So cute!
Dont eat them. Hug them 💙
Emma The depressed
Emma The depressed - 3 months ago
“I won’t take the trash out”
Emma The depressed
Emma The depressed - 3 months ago
I love your Channel because it doesn’t just have rescues it has funny stuff and happy stuff
hiko73 - 3 months ago
There were 4 conversations going on here...I counted
spookybass1966 - 3 months ago
That sums it all up. 😝
ViewSonic - 3 months ago
it sounds liKE A HUMAN AHSHSHSGHHhdhdhssgfhfffhf
ahmed nasir
ahmed nasir - 3 months ago
furious pete
Eileen Murray
Eileen Murray - 3 months ago
0Turbox - 3 months ago
I'm curious about that behavior, will that goat do the same air blowing to other goats, and why does it do that?
II Nida Hasnain II
II Nida Hasnain II - 3 months ago
I loveeee that goat😘💕
serious BEAR
serious BEAR - 3 months ago
12% of the worlds population r animal lover.. And the other r just jerks
Julia Barca
Julia Barca - 3 months ago
Nathan Gold
Nathan Gold - 3 months ago
Boss Lady
Boss Lady - 3 months ago
Way too adorable!! The goat is such a beauty and a talker lol
Uniqq :3
Uniqq :3 - 3 months ago
Show..... mE MORE!!!!!!!
Kayla James
Kayla James - 3 months ago
The 57 people who hit the dislike button.. I bet you their family tree has one goddamn branch
Seth Ellison
Seth Ellison - 3 months ago
Trump is a BAAAAAAAAAAAAd president!!
Sandra Baxendell
Sandra Baxendell - 3 months ago
Typical buck behaviour
Sakonema - 3 months ago
Ok so that's the goat and his dad. Who is the goat's mother?
B FOSTER - 3 months ago
alexandra salcedo
alexandra salcedo - 3 months ago
Genial! 😃
jan mxa
jan mxa - 3 months ago
Kip Loretta
Kip Loretta - 3 months ago
Goats rock!
Daniel DeLater
Daniel DeLater - 3 months ago
I love this video just as much if not more as I love DODO videos. They are very amazing and it sure does open your eyes up. Some are funny sad happy cute and some are just unbelievable. This video is cute and funny. Thank you DODO for sharing
DebbyAbqNM - 3 months ago
If the kid is spitting, that reminds me of a llama or a camel... all distant cousins perhaps :)
nebraskahusker247 - 3 months ago
Too funny!😂
aisy rahmawati
aisy rahmawati - 3 months ago
The goats wanna marry..
sandy - 3 months ago
Too sweet! And the goat too!
prachi pandey
prachi pandey - 3 months ago
Jolene Hauck
Jolene Hauck - 3 months ago
That is hysterical! My dog talks to me all time it's so funny. She comes up & starts jabbering! If she gets too loud I tell her to whisper so she does for the most part unless she has something she really needs to get across.i love it!
TubeScavenger - 3 months ago
Luka Doncic be like...
GH 12
GH 12 - 3 months ago
Goats have more manners than a 5 year old, amazing
Idle Onlooker
Idle Onlooker - 3 months ago
They're only platonic, right?
Shamara Danielson
Shamara Danielson - 3 months ago
The 53 people who dislike this are actually jackasses . Awesome vid especially when the goat won the argument lol !
Beki Hunt
Beki Hunt - 3 months ago
No matter how many times i watch this , i still laugh, goats are just so funny 😂😂
Farrah Susana
Farrah Susana - 3 months ago
I seen this on FB before but I didn’t know that was *his* goat! I thought he was visiting a sanctuary! Very cool to know it’s his goat!
A Tube
A Tube - 3 months ago
i love this lmao
sameer basha
sameer basha - 3 months ago
My brain loaded with mutton biryani... 🙄🙄
caitlinjane92 - 3 months ago
OMG this brought a huge smile to my face and had me laughing so hard! I love the colors of that goat's fur btw. Very unique-looking.
Olga E Rivera
Olga E Rivera - 3 months ago
Jesus Christ this has to be the most cutest, the most funniest, the most precious video ever👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🙏
Dog Doodle Dandy
Dog Doodle Dandy - 3 months ago
Dude! A goat just spit in your mouth!
Kiya E
Kiya E - 3 months ago
That Goat LowKey loves you
Emily Tolliver
Emily Tolliver - 3 months ago
Looks like a nice pet to have 😂
Tanner Burton
Tanner Burton - 3 months ago
C goats r smart
Manju M
Manju M - 3 months ago
I Goatcha!
ssoozee - 3 months ago
C’mon, that has to be one of the cutest videos I’ve ever seen. I wonder if the goat and his “dad” have a channel dedicated to their adorableness. Anyone know?
Nash Lantey
Nash Lantey - 3 months ago
Man: No, I won't
Man: I won't take the trash out, it's your job-
Goat: *spits*
Man:You wanna kiss?
Ibraheem Al hadede
Ibraheem Al hadede - 3 months ago
That's one horby male goat.
Ana Angel
Ana Angel - 3 months ago
Cindy Brown
Cindy Brown - 3 months ago
Ahaha he gets his goat hehe pretty cute
Maggie Burt
Maggie Burt - 3 months ago
That goat is Awesome 🥰
Shannon Aycock
Shannon Aycock - 3 months ago
I’m not like people that talk to goats 🐐
Blanca Reyna
Blanca Reyna - 3 months ago
😂 how cute!!!
Gayle Carroll
Gayle Carroll - 3 months ago
Love this!
Jie Ling
Jie Ling - 3 months ago
You look like each other I have to say. No offense
R Wing
R Wing - 3 months ago
Goats are cool....
Mdt 69ers
Mdt 69ers - 3 months ago
That was cute 🥰
Sue Churchill
Sue Churchill - 3 months ago
Ivy Broussard
Ivy Broussard - 3 months ago
If anyone didn't laught, you are a party pooper
Pri P.Santos
Pri P.Santos - 3 months ago
0:32...no..no..no kkkkkk
JA C SA - 3 months ago
This guy is hot
Mr Heru
Mr Heru - 3 months ago
Hail Satan and Baphomets 😂😂😂
Caluxthor - 3 months ago
43 people lost the trash challenge against the goat! 😂
Fiery greetings,
Caluxthor 🔥
Daphne Loose
Daphne Loose - 3 months ago
this video is just too cute!!
Charlie X
Charlie X - 3 months ago
Goats sure seem to have a limited repertoire of behaviors
jeb brook
jeb brook - 3 months ago
Duckminifarm - 3 months ago
He really doesn't want to kiss that little buck. That buckling thinks he's flirting with a doe. That's too funny how the kid answers him, though.
Uday Kiran
Uday Kiran - 3 months ago
Sakura Nakamura
Sakura Nakamura - 3 months ago
That was to cute ._.
I love Goats where so... AWESOME OwO
Cricket Vision
Cricket Vision - 3 months ago
Beware of dogs Philippians 4:2 kjv Bible
Queen of Judah Judah
Queen of Judah Judah - 3 months ago
Laughing.... So fun!
Bob Weber
Bob Weber - 3 months ago
I actually watched this 5 times!
Bob Weber
Bob Weber - 3 months ago
That was too funny!
cristian aguilar
cristian aguilar - 3 months ago
That was funny and awesome Hahhaha stay meloooo✌️
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