9 Hecklers Get Thrown Out - Steve Hofstetter

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Steve Hofstetter
Steve Hofstetter - 4 months ago
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Jeff De Kimpe
Jeff De Kimpe - 14 days ago
Steve - you’re heckled all the time because you’re not funny and you come off as arrogant. Try new material and look inward a little bit, self deprecation goes a long way.
Kabuki Kitsune
Kabuki Kitsune - 24 days ago
Should make the tetris thing part of your bit.
Jay Bee
Jay Bee - 29 days ago
Instead of kicking out the hecklers, they should have kicked out the comic. That guy was a dumpster fire.
SquareRootOf2 - Month ago
They were not thrown out at all, they just fucking left coz you were boring the fuck out of them. Just admit it. They fucking fled.
Jeff Caligari
Jeff Caligari - 2 hours ago
And you wasted an opportunity for some good roasting material...and "that escalated quickly" memes
So a guy walks into a bar, oh shit its steve let go.
Throws light on annoying table.
Look at these guys, does your mom know you arent in bed at this time?

People dont want to go watch some guy lecturing them, you are just like that teacher with a bunch of kids but you dont have a lesson to teach...maybe it was a slow night and people were bored and you were just the background ambience for a night out.
It isnt who's got talent.
Balwinder Ghuman
Balwinder Ghuman - 19 hours ago
I love the fact that the dog keeps scanning the room like who the f*** is he talking to L0L K-9 0Ut...
Nacholover239 - 2 days ago
Boise people are usually nicer then this
MigueDam3 - 2 days ago
That Dogue looks lost😂
kevin herrera
kevin herrera - 3 days ago
Taking a shit while watching this 😂😂😂
Wyatt Ekalo
Wyatt Ekalo - 4 days ago
That dog looks guilty as shit lol
angie c
angie c - 4 days ago
Like really why so many talk during show. They dont have respect.
Gregory Fabrizio
Gregory Fabrizio - 5 days ago
I know I'm not the first, or last to comment this, but what a cute dog!
NightRider5600 _
NightRider5600 _ - 6 days ago
Look at that U N I T D O G G O on da bed
m16chick - 7 days ago
That's Eagle, they are entitled rich fucks that think they are above everyone else.
ShineAqua - 7 days ago
Trying to pay attention to Steve and in the background is a dog with a massive cock just staring my down.
Pun Midas
Pun Midas - 8 days ago
•Sammy •
•Sammy • - 10 days ago
Taking a second to appreciate that old feller just chilling in the back for the first couple minutes.
•Sammy •
•Sammy • - 10 days ago
He actually comes back into view shot and I must say... that fella has a kissable face.
TooTallPaul - 11 days ago
Nobody goes to McDonalds....orders a whopper and jumps the register to yell PUT SPAGHETTI ON THAT!!!
Brian Urso
Brian Urso - 11 days ago
0:13 PUPPY!!!
bronco devil
bronco devil - 11 days ago
Respect isn't being taught.
Mandy Lynn
Mandy Lynn - 11 days ago
Peter Susi
Peter Susi - 11 days ago
Great job, you handled that really, really well. Best of luck on the rest of your current tour - hopefully the audiences will be more well-behaved going forward.
paulaxa1 - 11 days ago
the fuck is that dog. He's so fuckin adorable oh my god.
Braden Ingraham
Braden Ingraham - 12 days ago
Guys this is why good comedians don’t come to boise please shut the fuck up so they come back
bfmv416 - 13 days ago
I would love to come see all of your stuff is hilarious! If your ever near the eastern half of Pa I’ll be there in a heart beat!
Not gonna lie I wanna yell something just so you insult me it’s hilarious to watch!
69adrummer - 13 days ago
Boise is full of transplant assholes from socal and arizona and they're rude selfish assholes!!
Cali kid
Cali kid - 14 days ago
Thought about how hard you work every night and the people you deal with your bad a** . Ohhh and taking about working hard you edited this in your hotel room on the road dedication is on point !! You rock !!!
Trashed Identity
Trashed Identity - 15 days ago
I have been on four stand up comedy shows and never did people be so fucking careless
Kazu Nabe
Kazu Nabe - 16 days ago
Jeez is this a comedy show or a class room? I mean, I wouldn't wanna be a comedian, it looks brutal, but I also don't feel too bad when they get heckled. Part of the skill is keeping people engaged. If you gotta turn into teacher mode to keep their attention then maybe the whole comedy thing ain't going too well. But then again, some people probably just get a kick outta heckling just for its own sake, so I kinda get it.
Keagan McCrary
Keagan McCrary - 16 days ago
There's a reason my parents dont like going to boise
j borrego
j borrego - 16 days ago
Lol your dog is like what’s going on dad mmmm I’m going to leave oh wait Ill just stare at u
Chandler Crossno
Chandler Crossno - 16 days ago
Mike Kannard
Mike Kannard - 16 days ago
Whats up with your dog?
Cody Page
Cody Page - 16 days ago
Are u from kansas
Ivory Clouds
Ivory Clouds - 16 days ago
I live for the moment I see your dog 🤣🤣🤣
strawberry satori
strawberry satori - 16 days ago
Otter InBham
Otter InBham - 16 days ago
Who does this? Seriously?
Tiffany Looper
Tiffany Looper - 17 days ago
Walter is photo bombing in the background just being adorable
Danny Eric Benavidez
Danny Eric Benavidez - 17 days ago
Dammit...the constant people walking past that stage REALLY got to me also as well as the endless chatting...beyond Rude Sit Your Asses Down!!!....And Shut The Fuck Up!!!!!!
Ken G
Ken G - 17 days ago
Falk Heerdeburg
Falk Heerdeburg - 17 days ago
shit! there's a fucking murloc behind you!
James Nash
James Nash - 17 days ago
Awwwww, your pup is in the background in the beginning. He is soo cute.
sean m
sean m - 17 days ago
LOL y'all been to a movie theatre it's just like that except for the movie can fucking see you lmfao love it
Lesley Boulant
Lesley Boulant - 18 days ago
Oh meh God, your puppers is so freakin' cute; I can't stand it.
Love you, btw
YEETUS FEETUS - 19 days ago
On behalf of Boise I have to say sorry smh
zzaa2691 - 19 days ago
You are so good at handling hecklers. Very impressive. Do you feel disappointed when the audience behaves?
Neil Slocum
Neil Slocum - 19 days ago
I’m 30 seconds in and Walter photobombs the shot hahaha yes!!!
Frank - 19 days ago
Andrew made it so funny! Haha holy shit absolutely amazing job picking it up
Stayce Hill
Stayce Hill - 19 days ago
Just about anybody was raised better than you. Quit whining. Lame
Jellyfish man
Jellyfish man - 19 days ago
Chryptopher - 19 days ago
Just plough through and drop your ego. You get paid regardless and if the crowd don't like the other tables, let them deal with it. Pretending you're doing them a favour is paper thin, what you want is everyones attention, just do your job like an adult. You have a mic and a p.a, everyone who's listening can hear you. The fragile ego of comedians is part of the deal of course, but you don't fool a psychologist. They're being non politically correct.....big wow. Nobody will think it's your fault if others annoy them during a show, they can go speak to security. You weren't hired as crowd control - it's just a liberty you can take and just cos Bill Hicks went off on Hecklers doesn't mean everybody should. Typical fragile comedians. Triggered? Yeah, see? I'm not even meaning any of this, I'm just showing you something about your ego. Fuck those people.
Leahpayne 25
Leahpayne 25 - 20 days ago
wow, what a bunch of children! You guys did amazing with what you had to work with!
tbocain - 20 days ago
Can I be your Padawan when Walter gets his Knighthood?
Gothus Touchstone Singularity
Come to Singapore & do a show here. The people here are more polite, they don't talk during a show.
danmacq94 - 20 days ago
Sydney ns?
howdyhowdyhow - 20 days ago
I’ve never seen any comedian get heckled more than any other comedian.
Karstens Creations
Karstens Creations - 20 days ago
As someone who has lived in Boise Idaho for over 25 years, I would like to officially apologize for those assholes great.. I promise, the majority of people who reside here are not like that at all they're wonderful people you just had an extremely bad streak of luck and having to deal with those losers great.. Please don't let it taint your view of what Idaho is like as a whole and thank you for coming here I hope you will come back again and give us another chance...😁👍
Scarabic Enterprises
Scarabic Enterprises - 21 day ago
Wow, that was brutal. How the hell do you not choke? Experience?
Queso Blanco
Queso Blanco - 22 days ago
Ha. Schumer'd
jaxen enni
jaxen enni - 22 days ago
This makes me ashamed to be from Boise
Jono - 23 days ago
I wanna see you so bad. You gonna come the UK anytime?
Mr Demoncrusher
Mr Demoncrusher - 23 days ago
All the thumbs down got kicked out of the show.
So1othurn - 23 days ago
Walter is wondering what the funny smells are on that hotel bed.
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