9 Hecklers Get Thrown Out - Steve Hofstetter

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Steve Hofstetter
Steve Hofstetter - Month ago
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Scott Weyland
Scott Weyland - Day ago
Steve Hofstetter fell into your videos, laughed for hours and didn’t get enough sleep before work next day, watched more AFTER that day of work, waiting to see you in Vegas, love your comedy, will bring my beautiful wife for a night of laughter and fun..thank you for the RUvideos videos
sean riopel
sean riopel - 3 days ago
It looks like your old dog is taking a dump on your bed.
T. Sean E. [KRT]
T. Sean E. [KRT] - 3 days ago
Hi Steve, new subscriber here. I'm in the UK. I thought I'd share a clip of a British comedian having an epic battle with a drunk heckler. ruvideos.org/H8IQYSp0EuE-video.html
Robert Wurdack
Robert Wurdack - 5 days ago
You suck at comedy, that's what the audience is telling you
Vogel Account
Vogel Account - 6 hours ago
Those guys in the crowd...I've never met those guys, but I know those guys.
AgentMinor ReligionBrigade
"Rich suburb"
Me: ooooohhhh they're just inherent pieces of shit I get it.
dannyd464 - 8 hours ago
Could it be you're not a very good comic ?
TWOP 33 - 16 hours ago
Respect to you Mr Hofstetter
Keichimaru - 16 hours ago
Yeah, but can we facetime with Walter? That's the real question.
cophatter - 17 hours ago
Its because you are not funny
Nisha Trevor
Nisha Trevor - Day ago
Your dog in the background though! XD XD
GTbigfeetj - Day ago
Schultzy wouldve had them leaving ASAP he wouldve roasted them so bad bro
GTbigfeetj - Day ago
Yall got the WRONG andrew handling the hecklerz, yall need ANDREW SCHULTZ on these bois.
Tristan D
Tristan D - Day ago
Can we get this man a Netflix special
me thatguy
me thatguy - 2 days ago
This is outrageous, but like I said on another video of yours, you have made a profit from these people despite all the bullshit you had to deal with.
Cliff Biniarz
Cliff Biniarz - 2 days ago
Walter Matthau in the background made my day 😁
Anthony C.
Anthony C. - 3 days ago
Maybe my math is off but if 4 tables of 9 people were thrown out shouldn’t the title of the video be 36 hecklers thrown out? 🤔 I feel Steve is lying to me, one way or another. Not cool dude. Not cool.
Tim Cunningham
Tim Cunningham - 3 days ago
Did anyone text Steve to 484848?
Kat Heymann
Kat Heymann - 3 days ago
It must have been difficult trying to keep your train of thought after having to deal with all those idiots. Shows how smart you really are because there were only a few times you seemed uncertain how to move forward. You definitely have a quick wit.
Minx Magic
Minx Magic - 3 days ago
Welcome to Boise 😂 I hate it here
Hector Preston
Hector Preston - 3 days ago
500 dollars that these people disliked it and other hecklers disliked as well since you know they don't have any good jokes and always get burned
kenzie spohn
kenzie spohn - 3 days ago
You’re coming to Orlando 6 days before my 21st birthday and I can’t even get in because I’m not old enough. You’re my favorite comedian and now my heart is sad 😭 I’ve been waiting for you to come to Orlando forever and the moment you do it’s right before I’m almost legal to get in 😭
Jan Gunter
Jan Gunter - 3 days ago
wtf with all those rude ass people? what was there a sociopath convention in town?
Staples - 3 days ago
You look homeless.
Bobby Boucher
Bobby Boucher - 3 days ago
Saw you at the show on May 30th! Can’t wait until you come back to Sacramento
Lucas Lemoine
Lucas Lemoine - 4 days ago
What is the text thing for?
MyQueenFreddieMercury - 4 days ago
I LOVE your analogy about the movie theatre. That was hilarious.
Hi Walter! ❤️
Barry West
Barry West - 5 days ago
You sound like an angry principal instead of a comedian
Sophia Theurer
Sophia Theurer - 5 days ago
Walter in the background being adorable 🥰
Michael Fried
Michael Fried - 5 days ago
It's such a shame, cuz Steve seems to have such low energy in this bit. Completely justified it just reminds me of how he always says that you know those people it shouldn't be ruining it for everybody else that's there and it seems like these people did
Frosty Phoenix
Frosty Phoenix - 5 days ago
entitled young people who think their whole life is about them and who can't take any form of criticism.
It's amazing how you can keep making jokes while you throw them out :D
HL Vlogs
HL Vlogs - 5 days ago
Lmfao “it’s like that except the movie can fuckin see you”
BeachFishing - 6 days ago
Walter in the background is literally looking bored as fuck and has an expression like "can you STFU and get off that camera and play with me".. lol His face is like "I have not seen a dime of royalties yet, I am getting a lawyer, is Johhny Cochran available?"
Jessica Feldman
Jessica Feldman - 6 days ago
The dog
Simon Ervin
Simon Ervin - 6 days ago
0:12 that dog is so fucking cute
The Golden Hidden
The Golden Hidden - 6 days ago
5:03 the dog didnt know who you were
BennettParsons1 - 6 days ago
“Doing a show in retardville.” would be a solid title for this
Kerri - 6 days ago
Omg it’s like you where a kindergarten teacher...who can curse😂😂😂
mildly infuriating
mildly infuriating - 6 days ago
Anyone else get distracted by the cute doggo on the bed
Big Biscuit
Big Biscuit - 7 days ago
Nice dog Steve
thinkofanamehm - 7 days ago
I was at the show that night and it was a great fun.
Jacob Ulestig
Jacob Ulestig - 7 days ago
I like how Steve said “fucking go” and the dude was like. “I’m fucking leaving!” Like he had enough when he actually got thrown out
Best Conspiracy Documentaries
What is your dog staring at lol
Macie Page
Macie Page - 8 days ago
Just saw this and I'm sad, not just because I didnt go but it's where i live and everyone was so disrespectful :(
Camie Yeahhh
Camie Yeahhh - 8 days ago
The dog at the beginning... it walked into the frame and froze😂😂
Avixk - 8 days ago
"we just exorcised the demons, is what happened"
I laughed way too hard at this
Bluntski - 10 days ago
Incase anyone was wondering "rich" means ghetto in this context.
Comradebusman3 - 10 days ago
Awesome as always steve! Good luck! I can't believe the nerve of this crowd.
Daniel Coneff
Daniel Coneff - 10 days ago
Don't let this stop you from coming to Boise! I still haven't seen you live yet!
I am unable to Can
I am unable to Can - 10 days ago
Hecklers when they get kicked out :
Sarah Brooks
Sarah Brooks - 11 days ago
Liking in the first 19 second because doggo in the background
ty b
ty b - 11 days ago
You can read it to them later lmao
Raven - 11 days ago
Shoutout to the girl that told the table to be quiet👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
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