Conan Learns How To Survive In The Australian Bush - CONAN on TBS

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‘We Stan’ people need to die.
Kevin and Conan are the best haha
Vicki Jones
Vicki Jones - Day ago
Never go to Australia got it!!
benderuu - 2 days ago
I think Ricky gervais has a long lost brother living in Australia...
victor pasta
victor pasta - 2 days ago
ur like a mormon at the front door XD
HOR1ZON MANIFEST - 3 days ago
Kevin: was that your first friction fire?
Conan: yes that was my first fric.....well
Tiffany Miles
Tiffany Miles - 3 days ago
Omg. I died when he pulled out the book and flipped through the pages. 😣😯then he goes into the woods to find them?! 🤐😲 NO CONAN!! Say it aint so. What is it with ppl playing with death? I'm so glad he made it back to the U.S. Australia seems like the scariest place on earth to me...because of the bugs and poisonous aquatic life. I'd never go in the woods or get in the water. I don't think I'll ever go there. Looks beautiful though! Great video Conan, now I gotta watch em all. 😙😍
Chris Gascoigne
Chris Gascoigne - 21 hour ago
Way too much is made of the wildlife here. You are no more likely to get bitten by a snake, spider, or any other animal than you are to be attacked by a bear in the US. Sure it can happen, but its actually pretty rare for people to be bitten and killed. When it does happen its usually because the person was doing something dumb like poking sticks in spider holes. I'm a 47yo aussie, seen spiders and snakes, never once even come close to being bitten, snakes are actually afraid of people so they will avoid you as much as you want to avoid them.
Mario mario
Mario mario - 4 days ago
This Australian guy knows nothing about those animals lol
Rakesh Kumar Singh
Rakesh Kumar Singh - 4 days ago
Kevin looks like Jack Nicholasan.
Amine MeZ LaH
Amine MeZ LaH - 5 days ago
Conan is the whitest thing my eyes has ever witnessed!
LEL 201
LEL 201 - 6 days ago
Basically in Australia only the air you breath will not kill you. Nature hates humans so much..
ONLY THE GOOD STUFF - 7 days ago
Kevin is super cool!
Enrique Herrera
Enrique Herrera - 8 days ago
Ah conan making me laugh i dropped my burger
Michael Hunt
Michael Hunt - 10 days ago
he sounds like a kiwi
Australian Survival Instructors
Really? I thought Conan sounded like an American. Hey "Mike Hunt" say that fast 6 times in a row.
stanford 95060
stanford 95060 - 11 days ago
“So how many different types of creatures out here can kill me?”

Radioactive Merk
Radioactive Merk - 11 days ago
Who else has by accident stood on a bull and nest
Roger Xavier
Roger Xavier - 12 days ago
Such a good sport this Kevin guy !
NoalFarstrider - 14 days ago
This guy's sounds like real life Korg, from Thor ragnorak.
The Writer
The Writer - 14 days ago
Lesson from this video: Anything in Australia can kill you.
Arvind Kannan
Arvind Kannan - 15 days ago
Is it just me or everyone else here think Kevin looks like Ricky Gervais? 😶
Daniel Yesaya
Daniel Yesaya - 16 days ago
you go to australian bush you dead
dumbo7429 - 16 days ago
Funnel web really like gingers.
PferdOne - 18 days ago
Conan and Ricky Gervais go to the woods...
Swarnadeep Saha
Swarnadeep Saha - 20 days ago
Ricky Gervais is really funny in this video
Melik Kemal Sabuncu
Melik Kemal Sabuncu - 20 days ago
One of the best remotes ever!! 😂😂😂
This Sucks
This Sucks - 20 days ago
Makes fun of Conan's muscles.... Conan's big enough to pick that little guy up and throw him.
A Eight
A Eight - 20 days ago
"...she crapped her pants." said so nonchalantly
I how like is it's. 👍
Milvanus - 22 days ago
Math is not the universal language
Comedy is.
jay 99
jay 99 - Month ago
You watch one conan video you in up watching 50 plus more videos of his
Shane Hansen
Shane Hansen - Month ago
Crocodile dundee doppleganger!!!
bluespeyerful - Month ago
Ding dong, it's kevin with his stick. LOL
buzz McDonnell
buzz McDonnell - Month ago
Kevin's the best
h_grunt - Month ago
Mr. Newton looks like Ricky Gervais. Just me?
Lance Uppercut
Lance Uppercut - Month ago
seeing Kevin have a great time with this really makes the video even better
Nicky O
Nicky O - Month ago
Conan is actually in a good physical shape what the hell
Ronnie Thistlethwaite
Ronnie Thistlethwaite - Month ago
Not the most dangerous creatures are: MEN!!
Mark Arnott
Mark Arnott - Month ago
Grzy Ruth
Grzy Ruth - Month ago
i love kevin
Mr high reza
Mr high reza - Month ago
Where is your eyebrows conan
Zak Hanson
Zak Hanson - Month ago
You don’t need to be strong to survive the bush just a swag a couple cartons of grog and a fishing rod 👌
Australian Survival Instructors
ha ha ha, you know it. :-)
Oly Narvaez Chris
Oly Narvaez Chris - Month ago
Of Legend I Am Born
Of Legend I Am Born - Month ago
Best part was around 4:06 when Kevin is just pointing off in the distance and saying something like "There's another spider." LOLOLOL
Mike Cruz
Mike Cruz - Month ago
Seriously - why even have other late night shows?
shmbbrkr - Month ago
Conan is better than Jimmy fallon
The Viking Dragon SKOL
Jack Daniels root ! I lost it !!! WTF???.
tvsinesperanto - Month ago
Hey! Isn't the same leather vest that guy on university challenge wore like in 2004? Good on you for trying to bring the look back!
Chirag Shukla
Chirag Shukla - Month ago
Is that Ricky Gervais?
Роман Егоров
Is there anything in Australia that doesn't want to kill you?
Lamb Sauce
Lamb Sauce - 2 months ago
kevin seems such a great bloke haha :D
meninist - 2 months ago
even the fruit can kill you
Panda Pulamte
Panda Pulamte - 2 months ago
How the hell all thos jokes come to conan brain...he can make a joke on anything
French Toast77
French Toast77 - 2 months ago
He had the perfect guide 😂
Sean S
Sean S - 2 months ago
even trees want to murder you in emuland lmao
Evan Park
Evan Park - 2 months ago
Is no one noticing that this is a Ricky Gervais clone??
CellGeist - 2 months ago
Conan and Graham are the two best hosts. The other ones including Corden are boring and come off as fakes.
Elizabeth Shogren
Elizabeth Shogren - 2 months ago
Kevin is pure immaturity, bravery, and sunshine.
Miyu Miyu
Miyu Miyu - 2 months ago
There's a spider!
Hominini - 2 months ago
"We shaved my crotch about an hour ago."
Katherine Z
Katherine Z - 2 months ago
I love Australia!
kingsman da savage
kingsman da savage - 2 months ago
That last spider spooked the crap out of me
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