Box of Lies with John Cena

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Potato Tomato
Potato Tomato - 20 hours ago
Where’s Cena I don’t see him.

Because I’m blind. Have a nice day/night if you see this.
Yoon Chang
Yoon Chang - Day ago
there is no way you are telling the truth

welcome to my world

me: does that mean Jimmy is secretly a bug?!?!?!
Pedro Cancelinha
Pedro Cancelinha - 6 days ago
Next time try to show John Cena
Jonestown Autopsy
Jonestown Autopsy - 8 days ago
Furqan Amjad
Furqan Amjad - 8 days ago
0:33 box is floating
Megan Marie
Megan Marie - 17 days ago
John Cena: 👔
Gabriel Chalukian
Gabriel Chalukian - 18 days ago
Jimmy fellon Is fucking Ted mosby of HIMYM
Zynerion - 19 days ago
Why us jimmy acting weird?
He's playing all by himself..
Gé -
Gé - - 19 days ago
Well, it was not in fact a lipstick...
Some Guy Named Steve
Some Guy Named Steve - 21 day ago
John cena looks so sweaty lol
Android Dude Thingy
Android Dude Thingy - 21 day ago
Jimmy playing solo is too awkward to watch
Nuuska Muikkunen
Nuuska Muikkunen - 23 days ago
Why is Jimmy playing this alone?
King PK
King PK - 23 days ago
I can’t see him
Lea Malfoy
Lea Malfoy - 23 days ago
Sil020 - 25 days ago
Why can't we see your guest
Nicole Bruno
Nicole Bruno - 27 days ago
john cena is hilarious wtf
ky_gamingyt - 27 days ago
Hate seeing jimmy so lonely,playing all by him self
Forensic Dragon
Forensic Dragon - 27 days ago
And his name is... 6:49
epique wenqa
epique wenqa - 28 days ago
damn his dimples are profound. and he reminds me of heath ledger.
Alexandra Shor
Alexandra Shor - Month ago
Jimmy reminds me of a five year old:)
Sofia Angove
Sofia Angove - Month ago
Tatsuya Hitake
Tatsuya Hitake - Month ago
*Jimmy is talking to himself, poor guy*
sodoko games
sodoko games - Month ago
6:51 when John Cena wins
The Gaming Brit
The Gaming Brit - Month ago
Where is John Cena?
W H - Month ago
The Fonz💜😁😂😂😂😂
vedant agarwal
vedant agarwal - Month ago
Clickbait where is john cena ?
Soulo Dolo
Soulo Dolo - Month ago
4:27 Jimmy should of been like....Are you sure about that?
TechGeorge - Month ago
I cringe so hard every time I see fallon acting like the boxes are heavy
OwellowASF - Month ago
He 100% always knows what is in every box and this proves it
Ferg y
Ferg y - 8 days ago
@hoda aden jimmy fallon is fake af, can you even imagine him being funny without celebrities?
hoda aden
hoda aden - 28 days ago
@Hussain Al-Janaby what I meant was that his luck with guessing lies would get better over time and with practice because he would get more and more familiar with the situation and with what his team usually comes up with.
Hussain Al-Janaby
Hussain Al-Janaby - 29 days ago
hoda aden that doesn’t explain anything. they have different items everytime
hoda aden
hoda aden - Month ago
well i mean he’s played this so many times and everyone he goes up against is playing for the first time..
Dr. LIkhith
Dr. LIkhith - Month ago
Why is Jimmy playing alone
Jsue Rupe
Jsue Rupe - Month ago
Wow.. I used to love and enjoy watching Jimmy Fallon's games till this... Totally screwed John Cena over
Rewatch this video... Jimmy Fallon knew that the lipstick wasn't lipstick... So Jimmy Fallon seen the items in the box before they played... Damn! I knew Jimmy Fallon is a sore loser, and sometimes can't help to cheat to win... But that's pretty messed up
Scribotis - Month ago
He seems like such a nice dude
Astrid Gutiérrez
Astrid Gutiérrez - Month ago
that mantis & bee thing looks like something Spencer Shay would build
Thico - Month ago
Why can i see a floating box
Hanna Gabriel
Hanna Gabriel - Month ago
in all of these games, jimmy always pretends the box is extremely heavy. i’ve never seen it actually be heavy
Jacob Coutts
Jacob Coutts - Month ago
Cena you lied!
John cena looks like phoenix Wright
luke page
luke page - Month ago
Calum Goodwin
Calum Goodwin - Month ago
Mark Knight
Mark Knight - Month ago
Still waiting for someone to pick 9.
Chandler Duryea
Chandler Duryea - Month ago
“This is your game bro!”
collin murillo
collin murillo - Month ago
Kinda lame when they do the show with only jimmy :/
Vyknak - Month ago
Jimmy and John switched outfits lol
Person Persimmon
Person Persimmon - Month ago
John cena is a really good lyer if he had thought about it
Paarth Amal
Paarth Amal - Month ago
Why is jimmy fallon talking to himself and how did the box open on it’s own?
Gorakhnath - Month ago
That Was Hilarious.
daniyal khatib
daniyal khatib - Month ago
If there's a trumpet ill
Gameoledge - Month ago
Omg invicible man ..
Lourd Jory Dagopioso
Lourd Jory Dagopioso - Month ago
Why is Jimmy playing with no one?
Edward Kinsey
Edward Kinsey - 2 months ago
Best one Yet. Do this with Bryan Cranston
Amateur Anime Artist
Amateur Anime Artist - 2 months ago
Lol I thought blue suit man took out a invisible box inside the box
Lets take a moment of silence for SIX GUY
David Fernandez
David Fernandez - 2 months ago
6 guy was Drake
Thor Odinson
Thor Odinson - 2 months ago
Kevin Rouse
Kevin Rouse - 2 months ago
Didn't he technically lose because it's not lipstick?
Jedidr - 2 months ago
Over used joke about John Cena. Let’s see how many likes this gets.
IsabellaWWE Herman
IsabellaWWE Herman - 2 months ago
This is your game.... *BRO*
Karen Santiago
Karen Santiago - 2 months ago
foram doshi
foram doshi - 2 months ago
I can clearly see that Jimmy tries that the other person wins, but he ends in winning himself
Kiefer Wojhan
Kiefer Wojhan - 2 months ago
Jimmy do u think your the master of this game
•Assassinator• TV
•Assassinator• TV - 2 months ago
Why is jimmy playing alone???
pjs - 2 months ago
wait what do you mean john cena? i don’t see him!
Fu Ggl
Fu Ggl - 2 months ago
Jimmy already knew all of the things inside. If he didnt he wouldnt know what is in the "lipstick"
Fu Ggl
Fu Ggl - 18 days ago
@Felicia Royers ohh thanks my bad then
Felicia Royers
Felicia Royers - 18 days ago
it said to open and twist so that's what he did. what fun would it be if he knew what all the things were
6ix9ine Treyway
6ix9ine Treyway - 2 months ago
4:46 6 guy
Shrek The Third
Shrek The Third - 2 months ago
I can't see John Cena but I can see his dimple
10,000 subscribers without any videos challenge
who is the guest Can you help me out I can't see him
Shaun Jack Beaver
Shaun Jack Beaver - 2 months ago
Cena is so boring
Polar Ice
Polar Ice - 2 months ago
John's sweatin!! With bees and praying mantas!!
Kiefer Wojhan
Kiefer Wojhan - 2 months ago
Jimmy u Can’t be serious when U say nothing is heavy to John cena because he super super strong
Lyric Country
Lyric Country - 2 months ago
They literally stole the Dolan Twins Video.
Bang My Eats
Bang My Eats - 2 months ago
Hey come on with my bicycle
Jacob A
Jacob A - 2 months ago
Click bait alert John cena isn’t even in the video
The Gymnast Life
The Gymnast Life - 2 months ago
I have the same Bday as John cena so we are basically twins
OverWatch Enthusiast
OverWatch Enthusiast - 2 months ago
He has hair??!!
Bianca Valdivia
Bianca Valdivia - 2 months ago
I noticed that 4 is a very common first pick in these episodes
Zachariah R
Zachariah R - 2 months ago
Coke is one hell of a drug
anoop gec
anoop gec - 2 months ago
Cena is dumb as fuck
Suzannah Connel
Suzannah Connel - 2 months ago
When John began to describe the car thing with the Fonz he sounded like the dinosaur-kidTM at lunch.
James T Kirk
James T Kirk - 2 months ago
I wonder what it's like to be losing a game but know you could beat the other player to death with the table you're playing on.
BigBoss7777777 - 2 months ago
What a weird comment
SOPH DOPH - 2 months ago
My neighbor looks like John Cena
Samsung Ambassadors US
Samsung Ambassadors US - 2 months ago
Who the fuck is Jimmy talking to??
Bander Yousif
Bander Yousif - 2 months ago
I spent about 5 minutes of the video trying to figure out what was different about John Cena. Then I realized he had hair.
Bander Yousif
Bander Yousif - 2 months ago
I spent about 5 minutes of the video trying to figure out what was different about John Cena. Then I realized he had hair.
American Patriot
American Patriot - 2 months ago
R.I.P to John Cena 😭😭😭
one_ hunnid_bc
one_ hunnid_bc - 2 months ago
Lol u got me!!!!!😂😂
Samsquamsh - 2 months ago
Cena's hair looks atrocious lol
Ibrahim F07
Ibrahim F07 - 2 months ago
6:41 missed handshake
Ibrahim F07
Ibrahim F07 - 2 months ago
is this a solo game???
Desiree Roque
Desiree Roque - 2 months ago
Y is he sweating soo much 😂
Wayne Mccarthy
Wayne Mccarthy - 2 months ago
Cena skill at this game is the same as his acting RIP to his appearances on Jimmy’s show
Elvira-Irina Reisinger
Elvira-Irina Reisinger - 2 months ago
He looks like a living oversized Ken doll in dapper suit😬
RINA PACHCHIGAR - 2 months ago
3:33 It's
Audience: haha
Thea Stowe
Thea Stowe - 2 months ago
TPVids & More
TPVids & More - 2 months ago
Who is he playing with? I hear him but can’t see him!
megan usry
megan usry - 3 months ago
WalkerBrosFilms - 3 months ago
Who is jimmy talking to? He’s clearly off his meds
Simon - 3 months ago
If/when I become famous I definitely wanna play this game with Fallon. You can screenshot this if you like to hold me to it. Thx for your time.
abauman503 - 3 months ago
John looked like he was sweating so much that he would diarrhea everywhere. He seemed scared in front of Jimmy
FRÆK - 3 months ago
I can't see john cena?? Is this a bug?
MH Cook
MH Cook - 3 months ago
Even John Cena's face has muscles when he talk or smiles. Wow
pila bose
pila bose - Month ago
@MH Cook lol
gg wp
gg wp - 2 months ago
MH Cook
MH Cook - 2 months ago
I saw this post and gave it a thumbs not realizing it was my post. Baa ha ha but it's true
iolu ilinca
iolu ilinca - 3 months ago
Why are you playng this game alone?
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