Box of Lies with John Cena

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Lite Gamers
Lite Gamers - 23 часа назад
JOHN CENA do do do dooooooooooo
vertigo - 2 дня назад
They should put 2 celebs against each other
Jimmy plays this too much so he'd know how to fake and he'd know when someone's lying
Oh yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah - 2 дня назад
*John Cena needs to narrate my life*
Abby O.Y
Abby O.Y - 3 дня назад
I cringed when I knew what the meaning of the joke people.
cj25singer1 - 4 дня назад
"You Shanghaid me. " That was funny
Jake Swinney
Jake Swinney - 5 дней назад
He’s so good at this game he can play against an opponent he can’t even see.
Goose R
Goose R - 6 дней назад
Who is Jimmy talking to?
amy parra
amy parra - 6 дней назад
A pantsless Fonz... cracked me up!
GYJennyXD34 - 7 дней назад
Yeahhhhh he wasn’t too good at that lol
Sony X
Sony X - 8 дней назад
Who thinks of these props 😂
Solve tube
Solve tube - 8 дней назад
Kevin hart
I Web
I Web - 9 дней назад
It’s weird to see John Cena having a full load of hair!!!
xx Lovely Eilish xx
xx Lovely Eilish xx - 9 дней назад
Jenna Coralenne
Jenna Coralenne - 10 дней назад
legends says.. that until now six guy's number still hasn't been chosen.. forever six guy
Izzy Matthews
Izzy Matthews - 11 дней назад
i can tell this is gonna be hilarious.
Amy Eliza
Amy Eliza - 13 дней назад
You should re do this but just have them do the explanation without laughing. #straightfaceexplanation
nadeen naqaweh
nadeen naqaweh - 14 дней назад
please play this with shawn mendes pleaseeeee
Bhanuka Amarasinghe
Bhanuka Amarasinghe - 14 дней назад
They say “box of lies with John Cena” but there is only jimmy.
There are telling lies to us because it’s “box of lies”
Beast1431 - 15 дней назад
Jimmy knew that lipstick was more then what it was. Game rigged confirmed
Ava Roesler
Ava Roesler - 16 дней назад
whoever created those monstrosities in those boxes is a literal psychopath
András Ács
András Ács - 18 дней назад
Jimmy obviously knows the objects, the lipstick opening gave it away. Apart from going for opening it, he wasn't surprised at all.
Lou Lou
Lou Lou - 19 дней назад
Why don’t they do all the boxes I mean really only three boxes per episode and they have nine up there
The LaughingDragon
The LaughingDragon - 19 дней назад
Dude they should get Tom Holland on this image how weirded out hell be
Trystan DePetro
Trystan DePetro - 20 дней назад
wow this is clickbait he didn’t even pay with John cena. Dislike
Mohammad Asadi
Mohammad Asadi - 21 день назад
love you cena
Nguyễn Đức Dương
Nguyễn Đức Dương - 21 день назад
Jimmy plays with moving suit @@
Djpuppygirl 19
Djpuppygirl 19 - 21 день назад
Bro your good
Helen-Lynn Malcolm
Helen-Lynn Malcolm - 22 дня назад
Preious metals.... This is your game bro!!! 😂😂😂😂
Emily Norris
Emily Norris - 22 дня назад
Own it's great that they are friends
Jessie Girls
Jessie Girls - 23 дня назад
I love this one
Masumbuko Misamu
Masumbuko Misamu - 24 дня назад
Just so you know I'm one of those sleep with you tonight because I'm happy to see your video you're my favorite person on WWE champion
I4MaGoD - 25 дней назад
why jimmy playing by himself :(
Aj morning
Aj morning - 25 дней назад
JayMoney - 25 дней назад
pick number 3 my lord!
heather Jones
heather Jones - 26 дней назад
i hate john cena
Donna Hawkins, CNA
Donna Hawkins, CNA - 26 дней назад
Lmao 🤣 😝😆
Enzo 03
Enzo 03 - 27 дней назад
Do this with Sherlock Holmes LUL
Fanni Handball
Fanni Handball - 28 дней назад
_lovery sugar
_lovery sugar - 28 дней назад
Calista Jane
Calista Jane - 29 дней назад
Where is John cena is this clickbait
Sergio Sanchez
Sergio Sanchez - 29 дней назад
John cena "it's hard" oh yeah
Krizzel Alcantara
Krizzel Alcantara - Месяц назад
Voice of John is very so loud and deep.! But i like it.! He is a very very handsome and cool guy.!! Love you john.!😘😘😘
Sangeeta Singh
Sangeeta Singh - Месяц назад
Who wants to see Box of lies featuring Blake Shelton?
letícia ferreira
letícia ferreira - Месяц назад
box of lies with joana ceddia
angelique Cenamor
angelique Cenamor - Месяц назад
VirtualCry - Месяц назад
Who is the guest guys?
Mr Nolalife
Mr Nolalife - Месяц назад
I like how he is talking about John yet you can hear him but you can't see him
prosketch OFW
prosketch OFW - Месяц назад
6 guy was me btw
Kiki presents
Kiki presents - Месяц назад
Ishita Sareen
Ishita Sareen - Месяц назад
Why does everyone always pick 4? What, are the other boxes empty?
MinimiMax - Месяц назад
It's the closest one to them
Mikhail Torralba
Mikhail Torralba - Месяц назад
When you try to make a john cena meme but you see 80% of the comments are about the exact same thing
Techfyre Tube
Techfyre Tube - Месяц назад
No bumblebees and preying mantis’ were hurt in the making of this video they were paid actors
risa cantu
risa cantu - Месяц назад
You are trying to think of an untruth😂
Gacha_ Zodiac
Gacha_ Zodiac - Месяц назад

Babe Jackson
Babe Jackson - Месяц назад
oh come onnn, invite Brad Pitt already man, he will have the chance to shout "WHAT'S IN THE BOXXXX?!!?!?" u can even put it as a title and get 70milion views
Travione Moss
Travione Moss - Месяц назад
Did he come here straight from Ellen?
Petra Jančová
Petra Jančová - Месяц назад
I'm wearing my glasses, so I see John in FullHD.
andy walgenbach
andy walgenbach - Месяц назад
Why is John cena so sweaty
Daniel Evans
Daniel Evans - Месяц назад
*that tiny hand in that lipstick cracked me up* !!! 😂😂😂
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez - Месяц назад
2:15 He could've given that lipstick to Nikki. Unless they haven't broken up
2:29 Ugh, make that "never!"
Monique B
Monique B - Месяц назад
I remember when i was little i would ALWAYS watch wwe and i was a huge fangirl of John Cena i wanted to marry him 😆❤😌😏😂😂😂
Monique B
Monique B - 4 дня назад
+Moonlight Rider Ya i know me too i would watch him with my cousins when i was like 5 im 12 now so you r older
Moonlight Rider
Moonlight Rider - 4 дня назад
I still wanna mary him and I'm 18 now lol
ronindebeatrice - Месяц назад
The bit where John remembered he mentioned early American television, so he added the Fonze to the driver seat was pretty brilliant really.
ginny weasley
ginny weasley - Месяц назад
*tries to get in the frame*

*Are you sure about that?*
Ansley Blakemore
Ansley Blakemore - Месяц назад
5:05 that... is... TERRIFYING.
Kyla Sharma
Kyla Sharma - Месяц назад
so iconic
PMD15 - Месяц назад
How are you playing this game alone?
Evie-Ru Trout
Evie-Ru Trout - Месяц назад
You know who he reminds me of? The guy who plays Lemony Snicket on A Series of Unfortunate Events. Just a little. His voice and when he's not smiling
عبد الملك العامري
عبد الملك العامري - Месяц назад
jimmy is a great actor I start to believe that someone is playing with him .
Novus Talks
Novus Talks - Месяц назад
John Cena is my new favorite person lmao
Natasha TSAI
Natasha TSAI - Месяц назад
around 2:40. john said "you shang-hi(陷害) me" that means you just trick me/set me up. and it's in chinese.
Orlando Serpa
Orlando Serpa - Месяц назад
Jimmy really be playing by himself. O.o he's so lonely.
Yuna Ali
Yuna Ali - Месяц назад
Bird Box of Memes with Sandra Bullock
Memedeystroyer - Месяц назад
jaiden perry
jaiden perry - Месяц назад
Why is jimmy playing by himself
Georgia Walkinshaw
Georgia Walkinshaw - Месяц назад
Jimmy: honey bee?¿
Me: it's a fucking honey bee😶
Addison Willis
Addison Willis - Месяц назад
“Johnathan Cena”
xxx 82y
xxx 82y - Месяц назад
Friends of BTS.
These invisible Cena jokes are getting really f*king old.
Voxinity - Месяц назад
ow i accidentally bit my own tongue
nell bell
nell bell - Месяц назад
Why is he sweating so much
Fares Bdkkahbsbwhhdmnzhjsnjwhevmeumrhbf
Fares Bdkkahbsbwhhdmnzhjsnjwhevmeumrhbf - Месяц назад
And his name is John Cena
Fares Bdkkahbsbwhhdmnzhjsnjwhevmeumrhbf
Fares Bdkkahbsbwhhdmnzhjsnjwhevmeumrhbf - Месяц назад
And his name is Jimmy Fallon
Fares Bdkkahbsbwhhdmnzhjsnjwhevmeumrhbf
Fares Bdkkahbsbwhhdmnzhjsnjwhevmeumrhbf - Месяц назад
Now it’s
El Bigotes De La Tienda
El Bigotes De La Tienda - Месяц назад
John Cena sucks at this game... lol
bigb Drumboy
bigb Drumboy - Месяц назад
John Cena SUCKS pretentious douchebag that's thinks he's the shit, and tries to hard to be funny..... He's not no
Lily Abou Gouma
Lily Abou Gouma - Месяц назад
Papa johns who?
Fetter Hippo
Fetter Hippo - Месяц назад
Zoan - Месяц назад
"You shanghaied me!"
"Now that would be something to talk about. Heheh."
*Y O U F-*
Weiyan Cheung
Weiyan Cheung - Месяц назад
陷害 poison
Grady Moxley
Grady Moxley - Месяц назад
John needs to know not to go into detail on lies
Sangeeta Dasappa
Sangeeta Dasappa - Месяц назад
What a wast of time, jimmy knows the contents in the boxes, but not necesserly in the right order...well done jimmy! ... you won ! you won! ...Cheater cheater pumpkin eater hahah
Sleeepyy Knight
Sleeepyy Knight - Месяц назад
Why does everyone say that john cena is not there??? In confused and seriously want to know why
SkyMaster Albani
SkyMaster Albani - Месяц назад
because JC says, you can't see me
KND - Месяц назад
is he balding? lmao
Sklouchechi - Месяц назад
Enough with the John Cena jokes it's getting old. He's not even in the video wtf
poke digger 1
poke digger 1 - Месяц назад
John from bull Fernando
Nikki Guindon
Nikki Guindon - Месяц назад

*JoHn StAmOs!!!!*
SUPER PS4 GAMER 14 - Месяц назад
Did you remember I hate cena guy
Comp Som Anichi
Comp Som Anichi - Месяц назад
"It's art." Haha
Maribel Orozco
Maribel Orozco - Месяц назад
He Is 42 years old
Diamondelle84 - Месяц назад
Maribel Orozco
Maribel Orozco - Месяц назад
John Cena
Ashkan - Месяц назад
Does anybody know what song is it at the end of the video?
Dylan Watson
Dylan Watson - Месяц назад
Jimmy playing with himself just like in the bedroom. Even his wife doesn’t like his games.
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