Little Mix - Strip (Official Video) ft. Sharaya J

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God this is their 2nd worst song after Bounce Back!! This is awful, it’s weird and the beat is weird and it makes their voices worse
Ваня Джунева
Ваня Джунева - 11 hours ago
Kayla Hewan
Kayla Hewan - 12 hours ago
2019???. Anyone. Either ways shout out to Piers Morgan for being an a**hole and saying Little Mix should apologize for stripping naked in the video.
Beatriz Santos
Beatriz Santos - 13 hours ago
Tan Tania
Tan Tania - 13 hours ago
Damn sharaya you reach far
Naila Khan
Naila Khan - 21 hour ago
Guys please don't do a duet you guys are dam good alone
Aliya Ejerbani
Aliya Ejerbani - Day ago
Ugly boob bum
Rebecca Loves Bread
Rebecca Loves Bread - 21 hour ago
U liked your own comment didn't u
atiny eva
atiny eva - Day ago
This song needs more love
aleena javed
aleena javed - 2 days ago
Shrayah j is sooooo amazing at rapping
aleena javed
aleena javed - 2 days ago
This is so cringey but i understand to what they mean
ZaraBlovemusic 21
ZaraBlovemusic 21 - 3 days ago
Perrie: Fierce
Leigh-Anne: Independent
Jesy: badass
Jade: Sassy
Sharaya J: savage
Me: loving it!!!!
CocaColaa Gaming
CocaColaa Gaming - 3 days ago
This is so underrated 😍👏🏻
Anna Meisinger
Anna Meisinger - 3 days ago
Everybody should listen to this Song, in this World are so many women that feel fat or ugly and some boys tell them that they are like that. Little Mix is so perfect your Feminists and your stay in this World just the way you are ❤️
Rebecca Loves Bread
Rebecca Loves Bread - 3 days ago
Yes 💜
Sereima Drotini
Sereima Drotini - 4 days ago
Sharayaaaaaa J ... Who’s here after watching The Four? 😄
Lucia Hricova
Lucia Hricova - 5 days ago
I´m so in love with this song :)
Yuri shika
Yuri shika - 6 days ago
Jade est magnifique *^*
Laureene Bonome
Laureene Bonome - 6 days ago
What a beautiful and strong message !!!💜💜
Zoe Strong
Zoe Strong - 6 days ago
My mum had cancer and she is a bigger girl and I got bullied for that so she had an operation to lose weight
Riley Link
Riley Link - 7 days ago
Unproblematic queens that deserve better.
Marianna Cai
Marianna Cai - 7 days ago
This is an amazing song about being confident. BUT, even if you don’t have a big butt or big boobs you should still be confident in yourself
candyqloss - 7 days ago
I love this song ❤️❤️❤️
Helena Riggers
Helena Riggers - 7 days ago
2:55 hideous. Their bodies are so ugly. They actually think this is appropriate for kids to see? Little Mix are bad influences. Just disgusting.
Rebecca Loves Bread
@Helena Riggers they don't
Helena Riggers
Helena Riggers - Day ago
Rebecca Loves Bread if there’s no such thing as an ugly body why do Little Mix have them?
Rebecca Loves Bread
@Helena Riggers there's no such thing as an ugly body
Helena Riggers
Helena Riggers - Day ago
Rebecca Loves Bread their bodies just look ugly.
Rebecca Loves Bread
@Helena Riggers that's not what I asked. I asked why u think their bodies are inappropriate.
joana - 7 days ago
Kinda jealous and sad for not being in this video because it's just one of the best ever
Kathleen Churchill
Kathleen Churchill - 7 days ago
My favourite song ever
Kayla - 8 days ago
Who’s your favorite little mix star me I like all
Kitty Moon
Kitty Moon - 9 days ago
I so wish i found this song sooner in my life when i didn't feel beautiful at all. But everyone is beautiful in they're own way!!!
Lara Ture
Lara Ture - 9 days ago
this song is amazing it show that all women are beautiful with or without make up we should ignore all the negativity about our body
Sabrin Love
Sabrin Love - 9 days ago
This video should have 100000billon 🌈🌈
Brobot VS Sisticorn
Brobot VS Sisticorn - 9 days ago
Little mix plz reply hello! 🤓😚😍😘
nilmika shiro
nilmika shiro - 9 days ago
i dont like the song
loubna meknessia
loubna meknessia - 9 days ago
Thy still wearing make up
LightingUrMind - 10 days ago
27k dislikes are from Victoria's Secret addicted people.
Sylvia Mungaltenia
Sylvia Mungaltenia - 10 days ago
I find dis song was shit
Demi Shaw
Demi Shaw - 10 days ago
Grace Daing
Grace Daing - 10 days ago
I love how they are hyping each other up throughout the video
Camila Castillo
Camila Castillo - 11 days ago
It would have been better if Perrie had shown her freckles 😍😍
didi Watson
didi Watson - 9 days ago
Camila Castillo she did they're all over her face 0:20
Author J-B
Author J-B - 11 days ago
This is what I thought god is a woman would be it makes me feel so confident and proud if who I am
Ami J
Ami J - 11 days ago
What a load of rubbish
Ami J
Ami J - 15 hours ago
So do it
Ami J
Ami J - 3 days ago
Told u to leave me alone
Ami J
Ami J - 8 days ago
Ami J
Ami J - 8 days ago
This is not an excuse I have gallstones need urgent MRI and operation so I'm really I'll being sick and I'm in so much pain so I'm really ill
hello there
hello there - 8 days ago
@Ami J hahaha I love an excuse
loubna meknessia
loubna meknessia - 11 days ago
Whe all know they trained hard especialy that girl with black shorts to look good oj video. So this video makes no sensr
_Blossom2004_ - 11 days ago
Love it😍😍😍
khyara Ferguson
khyara Ferguson - 12 days ago
I'm a woman don't test me baby I am growing my stretch marks are sexy
Tmoney make ya girl mad tight no homo smith
All in the mirror like awl yea loving my figure like awl yea slim around thick like awl yea DATS MY PART BRUH
Husnain Naeem
Husnain Naeem - 12 days ago
Daaaaaaammmmmm 💕💞💓💘
Nika Sabic
Nika Sabic - 13 days ago
You are beautiful❤We all are
These girls are queens.
Amira Norrie
Amira Norrie - 13 days ago
you are little mix
Daff CABJ - 14 days ago
00:42 Perfecta😻
andreia silva
andreia silva - 14 days ago
Perfeitas , talentosas donas da minha vida ❤️❤️🇧🇷
Olivia Durand
Olivia Durand - 14 days ago
I love how they have all body types in this mv
Alice Ribeiro
Alice Ribeiro - 14 days ago
Love little mix❤
Rajender Singh
Rajender Singh - 14 days ago
I ain't scared anymore ✌️
Maya DZC
Maya DZC - 14 days ago
It takes 4 beautiful and strong women to spread out the message that every woman and man need to hear.
Sexy is when I'm confident.
I love you, Lasses🙏♥️
Gracie McCourt
Gracie McCourt - 14 days ago
Jades hair is my life
Jack Kaufman
Jack Kaufman - 15 days ago
As this song is striped it song is also striped and I love it as i now can FINALLY HERE WHAT THEY ARE SAYING AND I STILLLOVE IT LOTS OF SMILES 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂 AND I AM A MALE LOVE IT
Ayla - 16 days ago
*i needed this boost of confidence*
Gabrielle Shepherd
Gabrielle Shepherd - 16 days ago
I love the song it makes me fell good about myself but in the song you can see tthey have makeup on in some bits
Borci Redentor
Borci Redentor - 16 days ago
I like the old u
Cheyenergy - 16 days ago
I fucking love this song
Cheyenergy - 16 days ago
Naz Haqpal
Naz Haqpal - 16 days ago
I love this song and get the message but why are they still wearing makeup I mean Jesus eyelashes aren’t that long . So their message isn’t that clear anymore but no hate I do know the true value of this and I love it because of the message
Alisha Fraser
Alisha Fraser - 16 days ago
So inspiring
What The
What The - 16 days ago
So why are they wearing make up in the video? Logic fail lol.
Frank Francis
Frank Francis - 17 days ago
It’s funny how they didn’t take their makeup off but still love the song tho
Anomaa Gupta
Anomaa Gupta - 17 days ago

Try and change my mind.
RebeccA Cates
RebeccA Cates - 18 days ago
Love you guys soon much I saw you live with my cousin
Gabrielle Wilson
Gabrielle Wilson - 18 days ago
Aradhana Ramgopal
Aradhana Ramgopal - 18 days ago
I think this song is nice but too much inappropriate stuff
Zara Whittaker
Zara Whittaker - 19 days ago
Little mix make me feel empowered and confident 🤩💜💜
Mathilde Blicher
Mathilde Blicher - 19 days ago
Am I the only one who notice, Perrie has gum while the girls and Sharaya J i standing together?
Angela O
Angela O - 19 days ago
Gotta hope it was opposite for the writing on body part
Nchong20. - 21 day ago
Why do I feel like are still wearing it. No offense but jessys eyelashes are really long...
Co - 21 day ago
I showed this to my friend explaining her why I love Little Mix and then she told me that they are dressed inappropriately, and now I do not know why she does not understand the message they are trying to explain through this song. She must be crazy or something ...
TikTak - 21 day ago
Sara Jo - Nemam vremena za to
Shaylyn Ariana Elizabeth Crain
2:00 is that dina tokio?
Jere_ Minaj
Jere_ Minaj - 22 days ago
I don't know why but I love this 0:43
Emelia Rea
Emelia Rea - 22 days ago
im not tryin to be rude to jade I love little mix but when she sings take off all my make up then why is she wearing make up for that shot
Titi Shitasha
Titi Shitasha - 22 days ago
I love how they say they take off their makeup but still have a full face on, just less bold 😂🤦🏻‍♂️
Megan Mali
Megan Mali - 23 days ago
You might be thinking this is "too innapropreate" for kids
But this is actually great for kids in a way.
I know I know...
His telling you love
Yourself no matter what
Danni Beck
Danni Beck - 23 days ago
Piers morgan is shook
BAAigo! NA
BAAigo! NA - 23 days ago
I always feel so bad with my body cause I'm chubby and everyone call me with bad word like fat girl, chubby and more but this song taught me to love and proud in myself. So when I heard word that make me feel bad I'll listen to this song and more Little Mix's song cause it make me feel like I have someone who understand and always cheer me up. I just wanna say thank you to you guys. Ur song make me feel better and loving myself more. THANK YOU
kim - 24 days ago
1:09 my fav part!
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