Little Mix - Salute (Behind The Scenes)

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Typical Anthony
Typical Anthony - 3 months ago
My Girls slay again, Perrie, Jesy, Jade and Leigh Anne, I love you. From a Mixer. I love all four of you, I love Girlpower
Julia Sibanda
Julia Sibanda - 3 months ago
leighanne SALUTE!! 😹💕💕💕🔥
Mashadi Losaba
Mashadi Losaba - 4 months ago
Way better than fith harmony
Yakin Tuba
Yakin Tuba - 5 months ago
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍so nice
Yakin Tuba
Yakin Tuba - 5 months ago
Little mix
Dayla Keith
Dayla Keith - 6 months ago
I made a dance to this song, cause I loved it so much! These are some damn good inspiring women! Love yall! And I love the message behind this song! It shows women all around the world to love yourself and to be yourself and not only be yourself but encourage other women to do the same and that's what I love about this! Love yall little mix! And to all the woman out there love you! Be you no matter what and if your ever feeling alone or down listen to Little Mix!!
Rajni Toora
Rajni Toora - 9 months ago
My queens
Niamh Reardon
Niamh Reardon - 9 months ago
Girls I love you all so so so so so much at the glory days I was at the front and you all waved at me thank you so much xxx
Nani Rodz
Nani Rodz - 9 months ago
I love Jade!!!! 🤤🔥😍😘
Shania Lopez
Shania Lopez - Year ago
Yesss❤❤go subscribe to Little Mix of you haven't yet😉❤👍
JASMIN - Year ago
Yes go Girls!! Women rule the world!!👑💕🙏🏻
InternationelQueen LittleMix
Ryan and Riley
Ryan and Riley - Year ago
I love watching little mix behind the scenes!
Harper Thomas
Harper Thomas - Year ago
I love salute I dance to it everyday on my speakers 🔊
ভৈরবী Pracheta
Me too everytime i hear it.. I've remembered all it steps..
FanOfThemAll - Year ago
mthong5228 - Year ago
Please make a new song.PLEASE
Megan Manzenares
Megan Manzenares - Year ago
Jesy killing it! 👍👍😍😍😍👏👏👏👏👏💖💖💖
anna Gowin
anna Gowin - Year ago
anna Gowin
anna Gowin - Year ago
Girls for me you're pretty like brave and I love the girl that I love the cake like so much I love you jewellery I love your hair like I am so so like as I said I mum wouldn't let me dye my hair and they wouldn't let me dye my hair when I go to school because yeah and I also sort of like the dark girl like I'm just like crying out because I'm looking ugly crier and and everyone is just like what's wrong what's wrong and I'm just like leave me alone I'm a piece of hell I don't deserve to be helped because I'm sort of like a tough guy I like really I get mad most of the time and I'm like you better not mess with me and I'm and I just like I'm just like if you do that one more time I'm going to like hate you with something what are you gonna do with a tennis racket wasn't the best decision I made so I do need some bad decisions but I also make some good ones I make decisions that I think are good for me I lose my golden X girls I think we're going to like yeah if I ever met you we would get along I live in England and I need a question from you do you live in England if you do I would I would like ask Mum to get a random city where you do like a concert or something and if you would let me I would meet you so yeah but my mum wouldn't allow me to talk to a and e when I'm older probably won't recognise me but yeah I'm her daughter I'm on my mum's phone so it is said anagram then don't worry because I'm using my mum's phone and I am not actually and again and I admire going I'm like the one that is that stand out for yourself I am just like I'm really good at the English accent and I'm just like really like I want to speak like an American accent or something and I just can't because this is England laughing my parents evening and I'm just like no I'm a Rebel I'm running away from teachers and they chase me but I'm too fast as running when I was like about like when I first got to England when I was five years I didn't know when I started to growl like in Torpoint like I won't be able to sing that good but I really admire you I really like really really really love your music and high like really think you you sound really really different you don't sound like when you're like singing like you have to English accent when you're like no singing and you sound really American when you singing so it's just incredible how you can change your voice from a sort of kind of geeky English guide to like a posh superstar American Girl and yeah I'll see you in the next behind the scenes yeah hashtag 2017
Musiclover 13
Musiclover 13 - Year ago
Musiclover 13
Musiclover 13 - Year ago
This is my Favourite Video😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Johnson - Fintares
Johnson - Fintares - Year ago
Opublikowany 27 lip 2014
Sofia Tz
Sofia Tz - 2 years ago
Salute means bless you in Italy!
Fun Is Everything
Fun Is Everything - 2 years ago
I love Jade
bahah haha
bahah haha - 2 years ago
cmon lets get this to 1million views currently at 901k
Droob Al-Tayseer
Droob Al-Tayseer - 2 years ago
I love you little mix!!!!
Bhavika Sarvaiya
Bhavika Sarvaiya - 2 years ago
love you perrie
chelsboo 1999
chelsboo 1999 - 2 years ago
jesy trying to hard to be something she isn't... sexy
chelsboo 1999
chelsboo 1999 - 5 months ago
@Jessica's Edits I can't believe I said this about her I don't even remember this comment now I feel bad cuz at the time I didn't know she would be one of the strongest ....sexiest humans ever I was young and dumb ig
Little Mix Is Awesome
Little Mix Is Awesome - 10 months ago
If you’re gonna go and hate on the best girl band in the world, just leave and shut up😤
bahah haha
bahah haha - 2 years ago
Chelsea M. lmao jesy is sexy 👏 shes successing in life while your looking like a potato couch 😂
Jessica's Edits
Jessica's Edits - 2 years ago
Chelsea M. this was 2-3 years ago fuck off!!!
Liza smith
Liza smith - 2 years ago
i love you
taylorstale - 2 years ago
I haven't actually seen the comment that everyone is going off about, but if EVERYONE is going off about it, then that comment is in this comment section somewhere, so I will take my share on it. Jesy is a perfect, wonderful person! She is not a slut, this is like the first time she has shown her skin that much, and for her to let millions of people see this, she is obviously confident about her self now, so dont ruin it. I would actually KILL to have Jesys body! Just leave her alone please.. Who in their right mind would think that, that is an okay thing to say to somebody, especially when they have already gotten bullied enough in their life?! Jesy, you are perfect, I love you
Ifeoluwa Adedeji
Ifeoluwa Adedeji - 2 years ago
Why is no one talking about Perrie and Leigh Anne??
Isabela Cameron
Isabela Cameron - 2 years ago
I never knew they were british ...... but that's cool!
Emilia vdW
Emilia vdW - 2 years ago
Love it that little Mix load up behind the scenes Videos
Jhojancy Briceño
Jhojancy Briceño - 2 years ago
alguien habla español por aqui nadien nou
Ninjasqurrel and Fabulous Charlotte
Do little mix say Justin Beiber
MargauxGrolier - 2 years ago
Jade ❤😍
Ellie xox
Ellie xox - 2 years ago
I love this song it's the best song ever xxx Little mix if you get this can you please reply xxax ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😜
ACR Vlogs
ACR Vlogs - 2 years ago
wow love you
Satarupa Ginger Kolay
Satarupa Ginger Kolay - 2 years ago
Can I get Jesy's legs????
Jessica Huang
Jessica Huang - 2 years ago
The whole video is beautiful.
makayla pelekai
makayla pelekai - 2 years ago
omg just looking back on this video made me relize how cute jade it, like shes never sad about anything and always has a good feeling even when things are going bad, and always needs to thanks everyone, big shout out to jade even if she doesnt need it from me
Filipino FunVision Hammy hammy hammy
I Love Little Mix😂😂😍😍😭🙏😵
kelly price
kelly price - 2 years ago
Aswini Anil
Aswini Anil - 2 years ago
I don't know
Amalia Julietta
Amalia Julietta - 2 years ago
i love all little mix song even i love little mix song called SALUTE
Luk Kritzel
Luk Kritzel - 2 years ago
I love this song
Helen Garnett
Helen Garnett - 2 years ago
How can anybody hate this song!! It's so empowering
Lauren Kee
Lauren Kee - 2 years ago
womanlikemegan - 2 years ago
Typical Anthony
Typical Anthony - 3 months ago
@Amber Chan Yeh, Girls are way better than us Boys, I am a proud Mixer, I am Gay, and I love Girlpower. I said it. I love Girlpower ♥️
Typical Anthony
Typical Anthony - 3 months ago
I am a mixer, I love this songs, Boys are jealous cause Girls are way better, by far better. Am Gay and I love Girlpower
The 2 Crazies
The 2 Crazies - Year ago
Frostygirl23 cuz he is a boy. And this song is bout' girl power
XxGoddessxX - 2 years ago
LittleWhiteBoy FromLatvia thx from a girl 😂😂😂🎉🎊♥️
A Youtube Account
A Youtube Account - 2 years ago
Little vanilla dog Yes im saying Go Ladies....I support you
gabriela Varon
gabriela Varon - 2 years ago
I like jade
Wilijam Zemunac
Wilijam Zemunac - 2 years ago
kitty4lifesk1 - 2 years ago
Jesy in this damn video!!!
Kawaii Kid
Kawaii Kid - 2 years ago
Yeah This song is about ladies being strong and not being sexiest
Nastya Gacha life
Nastya Gacha life - 3 years ago
Best Friends Fashion BFF
Best Friends Fashion BFF - 3 years ago
I can dance that #LittleMixIsCool
Mercy L.
Mercy L. - 3 years ago
i love this song
Matt Miller
Matt Miller - 3 years ago
#littlemixisthebest #1eaSBHD2ssA
edaGriani Chan
edaGriani Chan - 3 years ago
just like k-pop style mv and song. i really like it.
Renata Bueno Lefol Arruda
This is my favoriet song little mix
Tigsin Rolol
Tigsin Rolol - 3 years ago
All the haters of Jesy can go to hell cuz she is not fat she is thick which is amazing. Go Little mix!!!
Gen Reyes
Gen Reyes - 3 years ago
jesy looks perfect😘😘❤❤😍
Aniah Renice
Aniah Renice - 3 years ago
And 1:09 haha
Aniah Renice
Aniah Renice - 3 years ago
Lol pause it at 1:05
youraveragelocal 24
youraveragelocal 24 - 3 years ago
Sabah Majid
Sabah Majid - 3 years ago
wgay tcsgysdd
twice is my life
twice is my life - 3 years ago
leigh looks kindalike zecora frommlp
Bluebell Andrews
Bluebell Andrews - 3 years ago
Leigh jade jesy perrie you are so good .
if I was a juge you would be numer 1
B33N N00R
B33N N00R - 2 years ago
Bluebell Andrews They won the X Factor so they are number 1. 😊
Atiay Ahmed
Atiay Ahmed - 3 years ago
they are fantastic singers
Colin Noble
Colin Noble - 3 years ago
luv this song
Jorge Corona
Jorge Corona - 3 years ago
you guys are the best
Jorge Corona
Jorge Corona - 3 years ago
its out all redy
elena KAUSIUTE - 3 years ago
salute is my fav song from the album and AWSOME BEHIND THE SENSE
lousie Coates
lousie Coates - 3 years ago
it colloidal
Ami Walling
Ami Walling - 3 years ago
Hi little mix if your reading this i am called ami and im coming to see you in manchester on the 7th of april cant wait to see ya love u lots
P.s you girls are the best singing group ever
BYE ❤💋
Emmie Louise
Emmie Louise - 3 years ago
I saw them in Manchester on the 7th too❤️ I had the best night ever xx
Rihanna And Little Mix
Rihanna And Little Mix - 3 years ago
Leigh is Queen.
Shanella Pieternella
Shanella Pieternella - 3 years ago
leuke dingen doen. 😂😂😂😂💏💏💏💑👪👪👪👪👪👪👪👫👬👭
ej montalbo
ej montalbo - 3 years ago
What is the group name of the back up dancers? They're dope 👍 does anyone know them? Hihi
Little - 3 years ago
+Bulbakip they do :)
Bulbakip - 3 years ago
+ej montalbo The girls call them the Mix Men, I think they work for them but idk
korniszon_ - 3 years ago
Jee Penaranda
Jee Penaranda - 3 years ago
Jesy is the star for this music video! =)
Antofg 1920
Antofg 1920 - 3 years ago
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jayjay williams
jayjay williams - 3 years ago
They all are!
Emma Stylinson
Emma Stylinson - 3 years ago
I know that Zerrie broke up but I'm just wondering what Zayn's reaction to the video was
rebecca - 4 years ago
Love this song❤️
Mia - 4 years ago
I'm about to go ape shit because there is comments saying jesy is fat and is a slut HOLD THE FUCK UP
She is FAR from a slut. This is the first time in a while I have seen those perfect toned legs. JESY IS FUCKING GOALS WITH CURVES IN THE RIGHT PLACES. So please stop.
tjacobs1414 - 2 years ago
Halsey enthusiast Comment of the day 👏👏👏
Carla - 3 years ago
v accurate. btw u like Halsey and Little mix lez be frens
Tyler Danks
Tyler Danks - 3 years ago
I'm with you the other day I screamed at my friend saying she's not fat
krabbiekassie - 3 years ago
Lema - 4 years ago
Love you a lot Ladies😘
JJ_JerrieShipper xD
JJ_JerrieShipper xD - 4 years ago
Omg they are going ti perform at the Summertime Ball again they did last year (2014) an they are going to do again (2015) im so excited i hear them with ther new song Black Magic (It's the 4th May 2015 Black Magic It's not out yet)
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