Making Our Super Mario Maker 2 Levels Gameplay - Nintendo Minute

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NintendoJJ - 8 days ago
Who else I getting it soon
Gabriela Dean
Gabriela Dean - 12 days ago
Super Mario maker 2 is my favorite game!🙂
sans the skeleton
sans the skeleton - Month ago
0:04 I'm playing that level right now!
Super A Gaming_064
Super A Gaming_064 - Month ago
Can you upload your levels or at least give the player ids?
KoishiWii8 - 2 months ago
I'm happy to see those two people make their own levels in Super Mario Maker 2 and I sure would at least give those a chance before judging the qualities. As a level designer, I may focus on the Super Mario World game style thanks to some inspirations from the ROM hacks. But wait, I can still make my decision to buy the game.

Don't get me wrong. I am well aware of Nintendo's family friendly policy and I also know how to interact with the mistress of the scarlet devil mansion.
Naheed Hassan
Naheed Hassan - 2 months ago
I have
EMYHR - 2 months ago
I want that Mario hoodie
hyper 0 6
hyper 0 6 - 2 months ago
?:Did you get super Mario maker 2
?:what did it cost
Me: money
gavin - 2 months ago
i leared alot
Anton Winters
Anton Winters - 3 months ago
How do I get my courser in hand held mode?
nathan white
nathan white - 3 months ago
Talal J
Talal J - 3 months ago
It’s offline too Nintendo your the best
massimiliano giovannoni
massimiliano giovannoni - 3 months ago
Grande creatore di livelli Nintendo
Super A Gaming_064
Super A Gaming_064 - 3 months ago
Can you give us the Id of your levels please?
Mariann Mariann
Mariann Mariann - 3 months ago
Why didn't you use coop making?
Syed Mehdi
Syed Mehdi - 3 months ago
I watch your channel on 2ds
Syed Mehdi
Syed Mehdi - 3 months ago
I watch your channel on 2ds
Mario's Revenge Utube
Mario's Revenge Utube - 3 months ago
I make everything feel connected. Pipes on ground.
Pokemon Catch
Pokemon Catch - 4 months ago
Hello noobs

Read more
Dario 1
Dario 1 - 4 months ago
Please come back Miitomo
Dario 1
Dario 1 - 4 months ago
Per favore rivoglio Miitomo
Dajo Stankovic
Dajo Stankovic - 4 months ago
A bulid up?Long wait?Please this game shoud not exisist how beyond perfect it is and if it does it should come arouned 2030
tiffany Stayton
tiffany Stayton - 4 months ago
Make super Mario maker 2 free on the eshop please
Damangowizard _
Damangowizard _ - 4 months ago
I had much higher expectations for this video :(
gurkaochgurka .gurkan
gurkaochgurka .gurkan - 4 months ago
demonablkhrt - 4 months ago
?????:Hello I'm The One Who Comments & Replys To Every Video I Can Find
demonablkhrt - 4 months ago
?????:Please Let Me Reply To Everything If Somebody's Confused About Something
Denpa men fan
Denpa men fan - 4 months ago
Pls have an update to super Mario mAker 2 where we have
For super Mario bros 3 the frog suit and hammer suit
For new super Mario bros u
The acorn the mini mushroom and the penguin suit
For super Mario 3D world
The boomerang the Tanioku
Pls add those
Cagney Carnation
Cagney Carnation - 4 months ago
where are tracks
I'm trying to remake World 1-2 of SMB 1 in the 3D World style
Bailey Whitton
Bailey Whitton - 4 months ago
A sketch? For a video game level? Water good idea!
Jack Sorenson
Jack Sorenson - 4 months ago
How do you put flagpoles to end the level
emily wright
emily wright - 4 months ago
How does fire work under water
Pro Posiedon36
Pro Posiedon36 - 4 months ago
Who voted on the Instagram poll? I know I did :D
ryan pflanzner
ryan pflanzner - 4 months ago
76B-PCQ-PMF everyone try out my first level!!!
Itz Chip
Itz Chip - 4 months ago
Play against each other on your levels!!!
Edit - I can get it when I get back from camp! Yayyy
dragons lair Gaming
dragons lair Gaming - 4 months ago
dragons lair Gaming
dragons lair Gaming - 4 months ago
Mario And His Friends Is On Super Mario Maker 2
lewis chin
lewis chin - 4 months ago
VideoGun - 4 months ago
Julius Toivola
Julius Toivola - 4 months ago
Hey i bought this game with the 12 months online bundle but i didnt get the online. Do i need to claim it from somewhere or should it activate automatically?
Supreme Paper
Supreme Paper - 4 months ago
Is everything unlocked from the start or do you have to unlock it yourself
Ronald mineblox Gaming Paul HD
Fish bone was not even in the trailer but I wanted it there
The Fiend Valorhymn
The Fiend Valorhymn - 4 months ago
Am I the only one that doesn’t care about having online multiplayer? That wasn’t something I was looking at all
Xomvoid Gaming
Xomvoid Gaming - 4 months ago
Both of them had three sections with different themes… I like it, you have to have an overall mini theme but have slightly larger themes in three zones. Then you ad more par-core, a hidden bonus area with some more platforming going up to it, a small puzzle or underneath… ahhhh yes I’ll have a level soon. In like 3 weeks I’ll probably have to code so I’ll edit this…
Soredli Empire
Soredli Empire - 4 months ago
we need nes power ups on every gamestyle
This Guy
This Guy - 4 months ago
I can’t wait to get this game and make easy levels like I always do
Jaydon Phillips 2
Jaydon Phillips 2 - 4 months ago
Luigi wins SMM2 while doing absolutely nothing!
C & C Miller
C & C Miller - 4 months ago
Oh I can't wait to get it!
GecKyo - 4 months ago
For those of you complaining about playing with friends online, I'm sure an update will come. Nintendo has updated many switch games.
Caleb - 4 months ago
You don't need online play with friends if, you know, you have friends in real life that you can play with.
Alexander Williams
Alexander Williams - 4 months ago
Build it together I mean you can
CosmicBeast - 4 months ago
This is how many people want Nintendo to add Play with friends online
BipMan_1 - 4 months ago
ducking stop teasing me with the game
Smiley - 4 months ago
Is it possible to play 2 player local offline? (I don't mean creating a level together just playing)
Nunya Bizness
Nunya Bizness - 4 months ago
I can't wait for the game to release! I kind of wish that it wasn't just YouTubers who could play the game early. Like if you agree.
Fantastic Banana
Fantastic Banana - 4 months ago
can you pls release it earlier pls
Captain Cronch
Captain Cronch - 4 months ago
Are you serious
Snoop Seal
Snoop Seal - 4 months ago
How do you turn the element voices off?
Preston Gaming
Preston Gaming - 4 months ago
Cody H
Cody H - 4 months ago
I’m gonna make a racing game!
Yellowboy Playz
Yellowboy Playz - 4 months ago
Who else is wondering what does friends mean?
Corey Peachey
Corey Peachey - 4 months ago
“I have a much grander vision for this level then you did”
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