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Linnea TM
Linnea TM - 7 hours ago
sometimes 5minutecrafts shows inappropriate stuff... i mean, *KIDS* watch this...
karen diaz
karen diaz - 16 hours ago
kauts singh
kauts singh - 17 hours ago
Who here after watching 100 accurate Life Hack by Filthy Frank?
DavidTCE Ultra
DavidTCE Ultra - Day ago
6:16 Bout to eat this with no spoon
DavidTCE Ultra
DavidTCE Ultra - Day ago
Who eats tortilla chips with some ketchup? Such low standards aren't even legal!
Robert Mace
Robert Mace - 2 days ago
2:24 the pasta falls on the floor, obviously would make a noise but shes so surprised to see the bag empty.

Also who cut out the bottom of a packet and puts it in the cupboard?
Sandy Scooter
Sandy Scooter - 2 days ago
Glueing glasses does not work form experience
Duco Kerkhoven
Duco Kerkhoven - 2 days ago
These are not life hacks
Tahir Berisha
Tahir Berisha - 2 days ago
I love how they made a “Tea shirt”😂
Yasmin Yo
Yasmin Yo - 2 days ago
Copied from Camille Thompson.
Farwa Nasir
Farwa Nasir - 3 days ago
Who would drink toilet water
Elias Morales
Elias Morales - 3 days ago
This is some of the most useless and laziest content on youtube.
Salem Al Shaiba
Salem Al Shaiba - 3 days ago
Lily Dubois
Lily Dubois - 4 days ago
Has anyone released that some hakes/crafts are overnight but the Chanel is called...

Guity ELIAS - 4 days ago
these hacks don't make any SENSE!!
Amadeo Amadeoamadeo
Amadeo Amadeoamadeo - 4 days ago
Anybody come to see the videos just for the coments
Maddie Hall
Maddie Hall - 5 days ago
Ok At Fortnite
Ok At Fortnite - 6 days ago
2:42 it cuts off
Paintballgamer12310 - 6 days ago
So where the thumbnail at??
Summer’s World
Summer’s World - 7 days ago
this isn’t 5 minute crafts bruh -_-
Rafael Murrieta
Rafael Murrieta - 7 days ago
Rafael Murrieta
Rafael Murrieta - 7 days ago
Danillo Alves
Danillo Alves - 7 days ago
Danillo Alves
Danillo Alves - 7 days ago
Natalie Gonzalez
Natalie Gonzalez - 7 days ago
Why am I watching this I’ve already seen these hacks in other videos but yet I still watch them
Rhena Stroomer
Rhena Stroomer - 8 days ago
12345 6789
12345 6789 - 8 days ago
You broke my phonep
Shawn Martin
Shawn Martin - 8 days ago
your tips and tricks put the ive five
Charles T.
Charles T. - 8 days ago
5 minute crafts: ketchup with chips

Everybody: KeCHuP WIt ChIPs?!?
Kikin - 8 days ago
5:36 this was so pointless
Navi D.
Navi D. - 8 days ago
15:07 has no ink in there but after the lighter boom there is ink in there
Vinícius LIVES
Vinícius LIVES - 8 days ago
Nossa que maneiro
Harpscotch Kog
Harpscotch Kog - 8 days ago
15:57 *goes and buys new lipstick*
MackenzieMiho ROBLOX
MackenzieMiho ROBLOX - 8 days ago
5 Minute crafts: "No toothbrushes were harmed in the making of this video."
Viewers: "yea right"
Alisa Dietzel
Alisa Dietzel - 8 days ago
5 minute crafts: ketchup with chips
j100 cer
j100 cer - 8 days ago
Da hora , sou brasileiro
supreme world super
supreme world super - 8 days ago
Canal ruim
Jessica Vazquez
Jessica Vazquez - 8 days ago
Soak for 1 hour

5 minute crafts?
gta vice
gta vice - 8 days ago
wa ooo
zakari drs
zakari drs - 9 days ago
zakari drs
zakari drs - 9 days ago
Alexis Tex
Alexis Tex - 9 days ago
Intro: "5 minute crafts!"
First craft: "put in tea bags and wait 15 minutes"
Ken Kirkwood
Ken Kirkwood - 9 days ago
in a car for 6 hr right now and kinda hungry and at 41 min in they make a donut
luis leonardo hurtado auilar
pinche pendeja
Mia Perez
Mia Perez - 9 days ago
Why is it called 5 minutes craft and it is not 5 minutes
Simeon Rowe
Simeon Rowe - 12 days ago
0:30 congradulations you have now ruined youre favorite shirt 5 min hack
Tessa Lochead
Tessa Lochead - 12 days ago
I hope that no one actually brushes their teeth with those tooth brushes
Tessa Lochead
Tessa Lochead - 12 days ago
Nate Tredrea
Nate Tredrea - 12 days ago
This is so unhygienic 🤮🤮🤮
Noake2612 - 12 days ago
Muhd Irfan
Muhd Irfan - 13 days ago
not real
Diego Cerda Hernandez
Diego Cerda Hernandez - 13 days ago
Que chidos videos se la rifaron😁😁
Akshay Panwar
Akshay Panwar - 13 days ago
My favorite video
Rodrigo Martinez
Rodrigo Martinez - 14 days ago
Mmm so many ads
Fortkiller -619
Fortkiller -619 - 14 days ago
26:01 i have a better solution get rid of the cat
Karla Flores
Karla Flores - 14 days ago
yo ablo español
Faith Mathys
Faith Mathys - 15 days ago
Yeh and totally eating a rice cake will help clean up noodles am I right?
Faith Mathys
Faith Mathys - 15 days ago
Since 5 minute crafts get so much views u would think they would get a good editor but nope... 2:10
Kotek Motek
Kotek Motek - 15 days ago
Very Fast Dental Drill
Very Fast Dental Drill - 15 days ago
Sure you can lifehack, but can you X-ray?
Max Eubanks
Max Eubanks - 15 days ago
sooo badd
Katie Turcotte
Katie Turcotte - 15 days ago
Not the plastic straws
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