Jimmy on Third World Famine | Jimmy Carr: Comedian

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Jimmy had a face like man in the moon back then🌚🌚🌚🌚
John Redberg
John Redberg - 4 months ago
18 years since the Chernobyl disaster? That must be from... 2004 then? Ahh the golden rule of comedy: Always close with your worst bit from 15 year ago ;-)
Malt Geezer
Malt Geezer - 4 months ago
1:33 that girl in red looks mad shocked
Cantona - 4 months ago
I haven't laughed so much since the last time I trapped my fingers in my car door.
Roy G Biv
Roy G Biv - 4 months ago
1:05 jesus nice rack
Rumple S
Rumple S - 4 months ago
trevor hamlett
trevor hamlett - 4 months ago
0:32 woman in red dress... ( not impressed jimmy not impressed )
Uma Chan
Uma Chan - 4 months ago
And you know who else doesn't get winters? England. Come here and experience a winter in Minnesota where it's -40 degrees and then tell me you get winters. /s
Neville Ross
Neville Ross - 4 months ago
Jimmy Carr a woman hater of note. Cannot stand your purile childish comedy
jakub gadzala
jakub gadzala - 4 months ago
geez u fat krisher e_e da machine
sean - 4 months ago
what a horrible guy
Alec Cap
Alec Cap - 4 months ago
I think this bloke is as funny as rabies in a guide dog home, I'm like this all the time and my wife tells me to shut up, this twat makes a living by being an idiot talking bollocks, I just don't get it
Kellington Link
Kellington Link - 4 months ago
Brilliant. Thanks for the video.
Will Goodfield
Will Goodfield - 4 months ago
DePLORIble - 4 months ago
1:31 Someone doesn't look happy
Jacob Zondag
Jacob Zondag - 4 months ago
@DePLORible: he's not the only one.
Paddle Shift
Paddle Shift - 4 months ago
Jimmy Carr = Boring ripoff
Life ?
Life ? - 4 months ago
The first guy in the first roe,
Was totally waiting for the girl next to him to clap and see her breasts moving .
Judge me after you see him 🙂🙂
Andy Hay.
Andy Hay. - 4 months ago
What a poor excuse for a human.
Jacob Zondag
Jacob Zondag - 4 months ago
@Jimmi K And there's another option: bug those who think the internet is their private playground and own the exclusive right to an opinion, and consider themselves righteous enough to bug others who have a divergent opinion. In my language that's hypocricy, which makes you a... with a disputable sense of humor. Welcome to the internet.
Jimmi K
Jimmi K - 4 months ago
@Jacob Zondag - As I said previously, if you don't like him, watch something else. Or, in the alternative, watch him then trawl through the comment section and annoy those that actually have a sense of humour.
Jacob Zondag
Jacob Zondag - 4 months ago
@Jimmi K Awkward that you would use that in your counter-argument. Do you happen to be expert on the subject? And yes, Carr's portfolio is of poor quality. Of course beggars can't be choosers.
Jimmi K
Jimmi K - 4 months ago
You could always watch something else. There's plenty of gay porn for you.
HateGovernment - 4 months ago
Nobody feels sorry for third world people. Not really. Do stupid things, live a stupid life.
Jon boy
Jon boy - 4 months ago
that chernobyl joke at the end is hilarious :)
Stephen Carter
Stephen Carter - 4 months ago
The Chernobyl joke.... Wish I could understand what he actually said! I've listened to it a number of times with headphones but without success. It's probably funny but it might as well be Klingon he's speaking. Can anyone translate into English for me please?
Terence Da Silva
Terence Da Silva - 4 months ago
Big love from South Africa
Donald Trump With A Small Loan of a Million Subs
I really like his outfit, especially his jacket. I think it really suits him well.
1878EFC2008 - 4 months ago
0.31 and 1.31 is the exact same audience shot.
What's the point?
MrLunithy - 4 months ago
@Jimmi K How did you notice?.... 0:13 the lady in the red top.
Jimmi K
Jimmi K - 4 months ago
Good spot!
lol lol
lol lol - 4 months ago
Jimmy you Tax evader lol
Morticus - 4 months ago
Jimmy Carr, makes me laugh. Thank you J.C.
kunaalqqqq - 4 months ago
This guy is the face of prejudice England....carr is an aggressively ignorant man playing the fool. XD
martin corderoy
martin corderoy - 4 months ago
And you are a typical humourless far left snowflake .So What ?
Godd Howard
Godd Howard - 4 months ago
I love that I can watch all of theese comedy acts for the 10th time and still break my spine laughing
Johnny Flashdance
Johnny Flashdance - 4 months ago
Caolan McGlinchey
Caolan McGlinchey - 4 months ago
FurIouS - 4 months ago
0:14 Don't worry mate i was having a look as well!
asmartist enthusiast
asmartist enthusiast - 9 days ago
Just Gator
Just Gator - 4 months ago
Retro_Computer_King - 4 months ago
Little powdo walks 6 hours a day to get water......
Move your tent nearer to the water?
Mikey McMikeFace
Mikey McMikeFace - 4 months ago
2:02 I guess Jimmy's audience wouldn't have understood had he not explained the joke. 🙄
Will Evans
Will Evans - 4 months ago
Wow...the auto tune in parts of this,no dissing them as singers,But no need for the extras on top . Fantastic performance either way
Mikey McMikeFace
Mikey McMikeFace - 4 months ago
The hell are you babbling?
Renzo - 4 months ago
Lots of people straight faced.
Leonard Breau
Leonard Breau - 4 months ago
He makes people think about his humor, some simply don't get it.
Mikey McMikeFace
Mikey McMikeFace - 4 months ago
I was too for s good portion of this.
Adam Brown
Adam Brown - 4 months ago
Pause at :31 lmfao The girl with her hands on her face in the lower right portion of the screen
phil osophical
phil osophical - 4 months ago
What about her? Big tits?
Visionist - 4 months ago
What show is this from?
B Mja
B Mja - 4 months ago
Very low eyed
ScotianGold 44
ScotianGold 44 - 4 months ago
Your mum
XmanSully - 4 months ago
01:05 naughty director
Jimmi K
Jimmi K - 4 months ago
Well spotted!
yasser - 4 months ago
What they need in africa is for France and the evil UK to get out of there
Africa is richer than all the rest combined
martin corderoy
martin corderoy - 4 months ago
What WE need is for all the ones in Europe to go back to Africa
hisroyalawesomeness1 - 4 months ago
Funny how a white man gets away with these sub- human comments on the 3rd world, yet a white lady goes out to try to help & gets taken to pieces. Strange world...
hope odyssey
hope odyssey - 4 months ago
On point! Thieves, nothing more!
hope odyssey
hope odyssey - 4 months ago
@wufongtan wufong BS
hope odyssey
hope odyssey - 4 months ago
@wufongtan wufong BS, you haven't a clue;
Garrett Hunt
Garrett Hunt - 4 months ago
I'd never heard of Lidl, I honestly thought he said "a Little."
cheekyboy5000 - 4 months ago
It's like Aldi, not that dissimilar.
jb B
jb B - 4 months ago
We've got lidl here in NC, and VA
wes - 4 months ago
@raymond daubney be happy that you dont have them
I like Lizards
I like Lizards - 4 months ago
We have them in Poland, quite decent shop
SKYBLUE 100 - 4 months ago
Best bit in this, the pan shot at 0.33 to the three women without even a grin, and looking quite, err
And clearly at the wrong show.
hope odyssey
hope odyssey - 4 months ago
I'm no leftwing and find his stupid remarks, fukin disgusting, smug bastard.!
young J
young J - 4 months ago
@Kalana Herath well they aren't exactly conservatives
Kalana Herath
Kalana Herath - 4 months ago
Extreme Feminists are not Left wing you idiot
RogueRM - 4 months ago
And @1:32
Skann - 4 months ago
You're over analysing mate, nothing to do with feminism or political views
Daniel Paul Watts
Daniel Paul Watts - 4 months ago
Awesome Jimmy as usual!! 😂😂
David Buschhorn
David Buschhorn - 4 months ago
"Consolidate your bills into one easy, monthly payment!"
Borrow your way out of debt! XD
Jacob Zondag
Jacob Zondag - 4 months ago
@David: that's straight out of "the art of downplaying, economical edition".
Retro_Computer_King - 4 months ago
@ 1298% apr :D
a clown
a clown - 4 months ago
This is some of the shittiest comedy of ever seen from Jimmy Carr
Smash A Commie
Smash A Commie - 4 months ago
No need to joke about this anymore. Theyll all be in Europe in 10 years
xilo301 - 4 months ago
Then will be no famine. Fish and chip for all.
Irungu Erick
Irungu Erick - 4 months ago
@Chris Christian But I see that you basically fucked up your Western culture by letting in immigrants. Now you are stuck with religious extremists roaming your streets and you get tagged with -phobic if you dare utter a word against them . . .
Irungu Erick
Irungu Erick - 4 months ago
@Chris Christian Wish I could help but the Ebola has to be spread somehow . . . Equality for all mankind.
Chris Christian
Chris Christian - 4 months ago
@Irungu Erick can you convince the millions of your buddies to stay there with you?
Irungu Erick
Irungu Erick - 4 months ago
Aaaaah we don't want to come there with all your feminists and LGBTQI BS 😂. . .
Stuart F
Stuart F - 4 months ago
good to see he never changes
Psychoticcherry - 4 months ago
1:32 - She is not amused..... LOL
Jacob Zondag
Jacob Zondag - 4 months ago
@John Bethany: He's not the only one. Poor performance of Carr. I guess he has to take the public that he can get.
Missing No.
Missing No. - 4 months ago
@Kathryn Bell The flying fuck are you talking about? The joke wasnt that funny, thats why shes not laughing. Just because someone doesnt think a joke is funny, doesnt mean its because their feelings are hurt. Grow the fuck up.
RogueRM - 4 months ago
And @0:31
Kathryn Bell
Kathryn Bell - 4 months ago
John Bethany I saw her as I was watching it too! A snowflake that's melting at a bit of harsh humour! Bless her, now pass the mop...
Conor Birkett
Conor Birkett - 4 months ago
I know those 2 can fuck right off miserable fucks 😂
sewpahmon - 4 months ago
"ha ha ha"
eastlondontillidie - 4 months ago
Unlucky at Wimbledon mate , better luck next year 🎾
Batman - 4 months ago
How original
danmar007 - 4 months ago
Blazervitch - 4 months ago
Kevin Conneely
Kevin Conneely - 4 months ago
0:31 some offended looking snowflakes right there
SDRockman - 4 months ago
Aye, the people sitting there in the audience didn't want to have anything said about African people, so they were naturally shocked to hear that nothing was being said against European men. It must of been such a shock for them to hear "Jimmy" come out with stuff that didn't portray European men out to be complete goof balls.
xilo301 - 4 months ago
Some jokes are not for all. But jimmy is hard. If you assist there you better have thick skin.
hope odyssey
hope odyssey - 4 months ago
Liam Collins
Liam Collins - 4 months ago
Look again at 1:32, same 2 not laughing
Kathryn Bell
Kathryn Bell - 4 months ago
Melting before our very eyes. Now pass the mop please...
New Message
New Message - 4 months ago
It's great that he did his starvation bits while he was still chubby.
Jean Kennedy
Jean Kennedy - 2 months ago
It's funny that his body has never been fat, and only his cheeks were chubby.
Slagg CS
Slagg CS - 4 months ago
He had surgery.
Horny Fruit Flies
Horny Fruit Flies - 4 months ago
I haven't seen you in a while!
SiTaK - 4 months ago
Shii i love this posh prick
Matt Kalinovic
Matt Kalinovic - 4 months ago
wow im early
Sachin Sharma
Sachin Sharma - 4 months ago
Love you jimmy
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