James Arthur - Quite Miss Home

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Dk San
Dk San - 5 hours ago
Makes me remember the girl who was the true love of my life that I lost and I still miss her to this day...damn good song James, thank you deeply.
Jahzeel Jeon
Jahzeel Jeon - 7 hours ago
I'm lying here with the rain outside pouring heavily. Next week's gonna be our last week for school and I can't wait to go home. I quite miss home... No, I miss home so bad
Cinnamon_ Bun_Music
Cinnamon_ Bun_Music - 8 hours ago
This is amazing and relatable, which is exactly what i love about your songs! They are so empowering and they can make anyone feel emotions, not to mention your voice is incredible at portraying those emotions! I might even sing this song for my school talent show, because it’s beautiful. Your my idol, and I’m proud to say that.
nia monika
nia monika - 8 hours ago
This is Totally great song..Love u James
Atlantic Blush
Atlantic Blush - 10 hours ago
I was searcing for depressing songs and i fell on this masterpiece. If everyone is dealing with same thing as i do, remember that you are not alone😊Heres a little flower for coming this far🌻
John Smith
John Smith - 10 hours ago
I know this may but a bit off of topic but what kind of dog is that? It’s soooooo cute!
Ayush Gupta
Ayush Gupta - 11 hours ago
Paulo Xavier
Paulo Xavier - 14 hours ago
Quien fue que lloró? pues si, yo. 😢
binesh shrestha
binesh shrestha - 15 hours ago
Come to Nepal a lot of people love your every songs you sing including me and my brother :) our dream is to meet you and see you sing each and every song live :)
tdm_followyourpassion - 15 hours ago
Thank you ! Love this song. 💕
Verónica Colmenares Silva
dear god, is always the same with James, amazing songs and now such a great actor and sweet dog. C'mon
Park Jikook
Park Jikook - 19 hours ago
Rizky Rahmat
Rizky Rahmat - 19 hours ago
Hangover States
Hangover States - 20 hours ago
Got chubbier it’s good
Hangover States
Hangover States - 20 hours ago
On ur cheeks lol
Matteo photography
Matteo photography - 23 hours ago
Ajeng Well
Ajeng Well - Day ago
Love you james arthur
Callie Hensman-Rawls
WOW so pretty and good love your voice always relaxes me when I am stressed unhappy or sad
nikki Gibbs
nikki Gibbs - Day ago
Made me cry but I love it.
Orlando Junior
Orlando Junior - Day ago
Sem palavras ...
Espetacular !!!!!!
Gary Orford
Gary Orford - Day ago
Wow, this is such a powerful piece of musical genius! My wife is still with us but with work I'm away a lot and i can really relate with the words. Thankyou!
DRE BOY - Day ago
This is so beautiful plus the video omg brilliant
C-jay - Day ago
I'm so sad.. :C
Marie Anais Battan
Marie Anais Battan - Day ago
Loved it ❤❤❤
stuart wilson
stuart wilson - Day ago
A fan. But find the lyrics a bit confusing and odd
Eunice Njeri
Eunice Njeri - Day ago
I love you...
purple ٰ
purple ٰ - Day ago
PipaPlays - Day ago
Legit making me miss and want that home he's talking bout
jowtr. - Day ago
After listening the Quiet miss home in original song. Don't forget to listen in fingerstyle version!!https://youtu.be/R9K1BlXwJTk
jose manuel diaz batista
I have never seen something more deep and sad than this.
Lord CiBi
Lord CiBi - Day ago
whenever i feel lonely, i start play this over and over again...feel so good..
Leh silva
Leh silva - Day ago
Algum BR???❤
Anida Nur Auliana
Anida Nur Auliana - Day ago
Heran sama yang pencet unlike :((
Sabera Kharkongor
Sabera Kharkongor - Day ago
Home is tbe bestest place in the whole world if its big or small its HOME .Im felling so emotional right now 😢😭😭
Lez P
Lez P - Day ago
Yeah i quite miss home!
Yasmin Mansur
Yasmin Mansur - Day ago
James has really nice eyelashes.
ica ca
ica ca - Day ago
ⲘᎥꝁαຮα ǤᎪϻᎥภᎶ
James you're a gem ( ˘ ³˘)♥
buzzy buzz
buzzy buzz - Day ago
he always keeps it 100% real! ♥️ lov this guy! so talented ♥️♥️♥️♥️
andeusmc - Day ago
Ah fuck man...straight murdered...I'm done...Beautiful.
WFT Maryna
WFT Maryna - Day ago
I cried a river
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