Super Soaker PAINT Gun Pictionary!! *WINNER GETS $1000*

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Keira Vijh
Keira Vijh - 4 hours ago
cool I think jeff will lose
BMX Zoee
BMX Zoee - 7 hours ago
I feel bad for rob😅😅😅
Amy Wood
Amy Wood - 3 days ago
Mitchell Zielke
Mitchell Zielke - 3 days ago
LPS Frosty Fields
LPS Frosty Fields - 3 days ago
9:13 that’s a picture of a sick Webkinz chicken
Otto Unrau
Otto Unrau - 4 days ago
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Gegox Pleys
Gegox Pleys - 4 days ago
69 wtf
MonkeyMan21 - 5 days ago
3:33 what is he sucking on
clinton gregory
clinton gregory - 6 days ago
Yay 😁 Jeff
Pikioune Lote
Pikioune Lote - 6 days ago
TG Cashout
TG Cashout - 8 days ago
chris "its two words" Jeff "X marks the spot" lol
Sophie's Channel
Sophie's Channel - 8 days ago
I was expecting Pikachu
Who else?
Deathstrike 1313
Deathstrike 1313 - 8 days ago
y is chris
so tall?
Keira Halpin
Keira Halpin - 9 days ago
Jeff drawed a bird for the last rouned and in art at my school I tried to draw a bird it was so hard
Jonatan Lindstrom
Jonatan Lindstrom - 11 days ago
Why didn't they use the black paint?
Tyrant Gamer
Tyrant Gamer - 12 days ago
In real I like Jeffrey
Tyrant Gamer
Tyrant Gamer - 12 days ago
Poor Robert hit like if u support him
Ella Olds
Ella Olds - 12 days ago
Jeff finally won a video!!! Yayyyy
Adventure everyday
Adventure everyday - 13 days ago
I know that you probably won’t read this but I love watching your videos and you make me laugh every day and I’m subscribed
Tori B
Tori B - 13 days ago
Where do you get the paint guns
Ninja Ted
Ninja Ted - 13 days ago
Ms. Myself
Ms. Myself - 14 days ago
Jeff saved the camera(us) in the end!
Pranav Sai
Pranav Sai - 14 days ago
9:31 Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? Whatever it is, the Seeking Air Mine will blow it out of the sky.....
Like if you miss Clash With Cam
Random Guy
Random Guy - 14 days ago
Rob's hair looked like Perzival from Ready Player One
Ted Glas
Ted Glas - 15 days ago
Jeff you are my🌊and you always will be
Josua David Iruma
Josua David Iruma - 15 days ago
Hey uys that merch wahts chris weating the laugh daily is from morejstu like if u know them
Renato Reyes
Renato Reyes - 16 days ago
Jeff il help you
Raphie Cammayo
Raphie Cammayo - 16 days ago
You did not use black
Benjiman Schweikl
Benjiman Schweikl - 17 days ago
Hey juff said that Extinck
bryan hernandez
bryan hernandez - 17 days ago
It looks like the game Draw it you should be able to play that game it's free
Team Blue
Team Blue - 18 days ago
The only marshal art they not mention was akido
Mythical Wizard
Mythical Wizard - 18 days ago
I remember when the channel used to be called cam and Jeff
Shriram Thayalen
Shriram Thayalen - 18 days ago
Dangie bros ! It was a wonderful video ! Luv your videos and your jokes ! 😎🤟✌
Fellforcrys - 18 days ago
When you know that its not frankenstein its frankensteins monster
Useless 100
Jacob Clynick
Jacob Clynick - 19 days ago
Not a super soaker
Erica Rayburn
Erica Rayburn - 19 days ago
Chris is wearing "MoreJSTU" merch
Curry Davis
Curry Davis - 19 days ago
Daemon JJ AdVentures
Daemon JJ AdVentures - 19 days ago
Leonardo Briones
Leonardo Briones - 19 days ago
This is how they would do the costume for mystique lol
Rob Roberson
Rob Roberson - 20 days ago
OneNut 202027
OneNut 202027 - 21 day ago
I love them and their channel,who agrees
Adi Oka
Adi Oka - 24 days ago
Treasure island
Bird flu
Adi Oka
Adi Oka - 24 days ago
My favorite drawing is wave,pillow,treasure island,charry
Adi Oka
Adi Oka - 24 days ago
Which your favorite drawing?
Silas Wellenius
Silas Wellenius - 24 days ago
Rob wore the same googels this time and the prisoner escape video where rob won
Saira Mahmood
Saira Mahmood - 25 days ago
Chrisis judo image was so funny aswell as their reactions
Andrew Olson
Andrew Olson - 25 days ago
I subed
Roki Gaming
Roki Gaming - 25 days ago
I am training judo
WWE Master
WWE Master - 26 days ago
9:32 Cam said duck duck goose😂😂 It's funny cause duck duck goose is the title for a 18+ song
I am the sky
I am the sky - 26 days ago
That’s one way to get your hair died.

I guess?🤔
I am the sky
I am the sky - 23 days ago
Nameless Person
Nameless Person - 24 days ago
I am the sky dyed*
Layla Estefania Rodriguez
I Love your video
Layla Estefania Rodriguez
I Love you
Kerri Cowan
Kerri Cowan - 26 days ago
Do y'all know what I just said use a decoder
Kerri Cowan
Kerri Cowan - 26 days ago
Divina Bush
Divina Bush - 26 days ago
Love the channel
clark kent
clark kent - 27 days ago
Low cost avatar cosplay? Lol
MissKittyPlease :D
MissKittyPlease :D - 28 days ago
Nobody used black once.
Pugggy Fluffy
Pugggy Fluffy - 28 days ago
Wow pugs this was a nice and cool funny video one of the favourites for me
Henrik Tafjord
Henrik Tafjord - 28 days ago
snaphap69 - 28 days ago
That was a lot of paint on Robert
Slime kitten
Slime kitten - 28 days ago
Rob look like a bloody Smurf XD
Linkle’s Adventures
Linkle’s Adventures - 28 days ago
This was published on my birthday! This is my birthday present!
snapperhunter 2006
snapperhunter 2006 - 28 days ago
jeff lost the palm tree round even though he has a palm tree on his shirt
Amy Hale
Amy Hale - 28 days ago
Wwe rocks
Epic Eden
Epic Eden - 28 days ago
I have the same water gun
Lacey Pilat
Lacey Pilat - 29 days ago
Woooooooooooooooooooooooooow you are so cool I love you guys so much I licke and subscribe and hit the bell your the best Pepelu ever
Sophie (Student) MO
Sophie (Student) MO - 29 days ago
poor robert
Bennett Hale
Bennett Hale - Month ago
what a come back for jeff congradulations
Linda Evans
Linda Evans - Month ago
I don't know but my gym teacher says a raptor is not a real dinosaur
Udayasree Daripineni
Udayasree Daripineni - Month ago
poor Robert
Lena Reedy
Lena Reedy - Month ago
A 👩‍🎨
could you do a will it float with random objects?
Sweet Treat!
Sweet Treat! - Month ago
Jeff and his perm!!! XD
JanCubes - Month ago
Chris go back on the acc clash with cam
LLAMAgreen !
LLAMAgreen ! - Month ago
Oh them artistic skills ( ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡°)
Ewok Kitty cat
Ewok Kitty cat - Month ago
I had a dream last night that cam and rob came to my house and I cried of happiness and now I’m sad
I meant Jeff and rob
Dice Perfect
Dice Perfect - Month ago
Also love you guys and memes
carl lake
carl lake - Month ago
This is amazing!
nog ops 6094
nog ops 6094 - Month ago
7:19 wat is dat
Tylay 01
Tylay 01 - Month ago
Tylay 01
Tylay 01 - Month ago
Great artist skills
Daryll Saqui
Daryll Saqui - Month ago
At the first
Daryll Saqui
Daryll Saqui - Month ago
Daryll Saqui
Daryll Saqui - Month ago
Feel bad about jeff :P
Daryll Saqui
Daryll Saqui - Month ago
My name is jeff :P
grin girl
grin girl - Month ago
i was not expecting rob\
Maja Subic
Maja Subic - Month ago
monique woods
monique woods - Month ago
Buttercup Estes
Buttercup Estes - Month ago
9:14 They use Webkinz Chicken picture for Bird Flu.
gillian villanueva
gillian villanueva - Month ago
NetCat_07 - Month ago
NetCat_07 - Month ago
Not hater
NetCat_07 - Month ago
Love they vids
Jamie Martinez
Jamie Martinez - Month ago
I dare cam to shave his beard😁
Brendan Heng
Brendan Heng - Month ago
WoW 😮!
Kobe Shaw
Kobe Shaw - Month ago
u have a lagh daily sweater
Alana Handy
Alana Handy - Month ago
The thing he yoused for bird flu id from Webkins
Joseph Garcia
Joseph Garcia - Month ago
Good job jeff
Joseph Garcia
Joseph Garcia - Month ago
SpideyFan 1234
SpideyFan 1234 - Month ago
This video was definitely one of my favorite videos ever. GOOD JOB DANGIE BROS!!!
Annale Ochoa
Annale Ochoa - Month ago
Frankenstein is the scientist not the monster
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