The Spiders and the Bees

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Payton Leetz
Payton Leetz - Hour ago
I just had 2 bees come in my house and my mom is illergect to bees and she had to kill him
#1 Accidentals fan
#1 Accidentals fan - Hour ago
Artistically, this is my favorite Odd1sout video
I_dont_ _even_know
I_dont_ _even_know - Hour ago
I live in Minnesota so like, there is no poisonous spiders or stuff like that
Muhammad Hamimi
Muhammad Hamimi - Hour ago
i just know that denis and alan becker watch your video
marcus irizarry
marcus irizarry - Hour ago
a bee was on my backpack and i didnt notice and i droped the backpack and it died or was it a wasp
be gone thot
be gone thot - Hour ago
I bees goes excited we would die
Sardius Sandoval
Sardius Sandoval - Hour ago
Can i get no likes

Thx so much >3
Sardius Sandoval
Sardius Sandoval - Hour ago
Oh yeah im a wasp

I like to hurt people

(Nobody)Why do you even exist
Sardius Sandoval
Sardius Sandoval - Hour ago
Still no pinned comment?
Xx_neghar_ xX
Xx_neghar_ xX - Hour ago
0:51 oh.....well then

*i live in Australia*
Cole Heckathorn
Cole Heckathorn - Hour ago
Lol 0:38 lol
XxFoxy PawsxX
XxFoxy PawsxX - Hour ago
Get this comment to..

420 likes XD
Not asking for likes It’s just a goal that we can do together! Dont like if ya dont want to!
Youhavemycreditcardonfile Letmereviewmypurchases
I woke up with a brown recluse however ypu spell it on my shoulder one time.
brooklyn - Hour ago
I’m moving to Arizona and I’m scared of every type of bug
Dylan Higgins
Dylan Higgins - Hour ago
0:38 That Lennyface spider is hilarious!
Eric Rocha
Eric Rocha - Hour ago
I got stung by a wasp once it hurt😭😭😭😭
Luna øGamesø
Luna øGamesø - Hour ago
The thing we should hate is MISQUITOS!
Derek Dieger
Derek Dieger - Hour ago
One time I swallowed a live bee and it stung me in my mouth
ᑌᑎIᑕOᖇᑎ ᑭᖇᗩᑎᑕEᖇ
Salwa Sayed
Salwa Sayed - 2 hours ago
6:30 anyone else realize that that’s Scorbunny from Pokémon Sword and Shield?
Nosson Koval
Nosson Koval - 2 hours ago
3:54 and 3:58
Honeyxhoe - 2 hours ago
when i was little i was walking barefoot outside and stepped on a bee, i feel rly bad about it now
Marisha Merwahl
Marisha Merwahl - 2 hours ago
Was the opening scene inspired by Detroit become human? lol
Dingo 154
Dingo 154 - 2 hours ago
A bee once landed on my hand and it just flew away and I was happy also a got bitten by a Bear Spider it hurt but I’m fine...
Nosson Koval
Nosson Koval - 2 hours ago
Ozymandias WO
Ozymandias WO - 2 hours ago
Wait.. James , have you been wearing your overalls to the shower?
Thesupersneakysnake - 2 hours ago
4:42 so freakin accurrate
Kayleigh Haines
Kayleigh Haines - 2 hours ago
I live in Australia.....
X-2-Phantom -2007
X-2-Phantom -2007 - 2 hours ago
If u get stung by a bee and wasp there wont be much pain cuz science n stuffs
cc watermelon
cc watermelon - 2 hours ago
Damn i am in australia
Darcy Kipnis
Darcy Kipnis - 2 hours ago
James, you make bees and spiders look adorable in this vid.
Markus Yeet
Markus Yeet - 2 hours ago
Look at 3:59
June Rose Lipinski
June Rose Lipinski - 3 hours ago
What we have learned is that what are evil and rest try to kill you
Famous Cryp
Famous Cryp - 3 hours ago
0:47 why does it look like he shited out a frigin spider
Demetria Willow
Demetria Willow - 3 hours ago
We have learned not to throw rocks at wasps
Bendy Mates
Bendy Mates - 3 hours ago
1:47 can we talk about how that shark looks like the poop emoji
Im Hassan
Im Hassan - 3 hours ago
They have 8 legs dude. Do u need any more of a reason?
Ranger Dawg
Ranger Dawg - 3 hours ago
7:34 Holy frick
Legend Yuzwenko
Legend Yuzwenko - 3 hours ago
This video came out on my 🎂 birthday😻😾😼😺😽😸🙀😹😿
KBeast diamond
KBeast diamond - 3 hours ago
As I was watching this video I saw a spider and punched it... and broke my door
Evieawesome 88
Evieawesome 88 - 3 hours ago
We should be saving both the bees and spiders. Actually, make that every animal species.
Gary Padden
Gary Padden - 3 hours ago
Yes exactly, that's the correct way to plant flowers, right on man...
Mia Nunez
Mia Nunez - 3 hours ago
I got bit by a spider on my neck
Anichan Gacha
Anichan Gacha - 3 hours ago
6:03 lol
relics species
relics species - 4 hours ago
James:So wut did we learn

Kermit Chan
Kermit Chan - 4 hours ago
A couple years back I murdered a bee with a shovel
TVG_ Wolfee
TVG_ Wolfee - 4 hours ago
LazarBeam: BALL SACKS.
LazarBeam: Its not a swear word it's part of the Male anatomy
AY - 4 hours ago
No, bumblebees hog all the flowers
Frank Calcagno
Frank Calcagno - 4 hours ago
I live in Australia help meee
Roblox Gamer
Roblox Gamer - 4 hours ago
James said Web design. I laugh too.
Rosa Aguirre
Rosa Aguirre - 4 hours ago
When u sad there children. It kinda sad
kitty cat
kitty cat - 4 hours ago
I love spiders
Aaron Lycan
Aaron Lycan - 4 hours ago
Arachnophobia tho 😂 i don’t have arachnophobia but like people who do i would randomly see them start screaming and running around because of it lmao and start screaming at me to kill it
Rosa Aguirre
Rosa Aguirre - 4 hours ago
U should be a teacher jams 👌👌👌👌👌
Aidosbrady707 On tŵītçh
I live I. Australia
LonelyLarry - 4 hours ago
0:29 "M O M ?"
Mark and Jack!
Mark and Jack! - 4 hours ago
3:04 when you playing Minecraft on a new computer and its render distance is 2 chunks
Craig Krogstad
Craig Krogstad - 4 hours ago
I laughed at that web design joke
Dexter Black
Dexter Black - 4 hours ago
um i almost got stung be a bee so i was playing with my friend and i picked up a stick and there was a bee on it and then i drop the stick
lily sifers
lily sifers - 4 hours ago
There's a huge harry spider in my school's hallway
Dexter Black
Dexter Black - 5 hours ago
um i live in aus
Lickmyflipflop Nuget
Lickmyflipflop Nuget - 5 hours ago
I once had a bee on my head for five minutes
Strahinja Strasni
Strahinja Strasni - 5 hours ago
4:58 Why are moths the 3rd most important insect on Earth
Betsy Mills
Betsy Mills - 5 hours ago
Ok but wasps we the worst
Ashay Rane
Ashay Rane - 5 hours ago
Callan H
Callan H - 5 hours ago
I save about 6 bees a day from drowning in my pool
Ashay Rane
Ashay Rane - 5 hours ago
#team spider
Noore Falah
Noore Falah - 6 hours ago
One time in my school a bee came on my arm and was on my clothes, it didnt sting me because i was rock solid like you xp btw the video is funny i kept rewinding it xp
EmiweeDeKittyCat :3
EmiweeDeKittyCat :3 - 7 hours ago
I got a fear of bees because my friend once got stung in year 3 I think in her ear and I never got over the fear

Tiny Gamer
Tiny Gamer - 7 hours ago
i love spiders in mincraft
Tiny Gamer
Tiny Gamer - 7 hours ago
Tiny Gamer
Tiny Gamer - 7 hours ago
omg i hate spiders
Evil Gamer
Evil Gamer - 7 hours ago
I am so scared of bees and wasps eventhough i have never got stung by one
Billy Boat
Billy Boat - 7 hours ago
This video was made by killer spiders !!!!
Billy Boat
Billy Boat - 8 hours ago
Sees spider :
still runs screaming and throws shoes at it
While running freaking out !!! ahhhhhhhhh
Just the way it is .... this video changed nothing NOTHING !!!!!!

Bees are your friends I hate mosquitos
Caison Turner
Caison Turner - 8 hours ago
At least I know what to do next time I see a spoder (spider)
Karin DE GRAAF - 8 hours ago
actualy wasps kill maskitos and other anoying insects
I'm watching you TV
I'm watching you TV - 8 hours ago
Poor spiders
Violet ‘s bunny GAMING
Violet ‘s bunny GAMING - 8 hours ago
I live in Australia...... ;-;
Denis Vasiloiu
Denis Vasiloiu - 8 hours ago
i like the bees and hate the wasps i one day it was ten wasps and was coming to me and i run 1km they are still in my back rip energy rip me
Mr. Madness
Mr. Madness - 8 hours ago
No one:
Wasp: I want to inflict pain
slayer 1
slayer 1 - 9 hours ago
7:58 I have never been stung by a spider and I have never been bitten by a bee. And you are not well.. at all LOL
hilding paaso
hilding paaso - 9 hours ago
Spiders are adorable
Gaming Weirdo
Gaming Weirdo - 9 hours ago
I have been srung by a wasp two times.
Red MIC - 9 hours ago
Am still afraid of spiders because
but am not afraid of bees
slayer 1
slayer 1 - 9 hours ago
220 let's see 6000 bugs 365 days that would be 16 to 17 bugs everyday I greatly doubt that one
Mason_Ant21 __
Mason_Ant21 __ - 9 hours ago
So what did we learn?
*Don’t throw rocks at wasp nets*
Mary jane Dularte
Mary jane Dularte - 9 hours ago
I have been stung bye a bee 9 times
Adam Le
Adam Le - 10 hours ago
In Australia spiders are afraid of spiders there’s a video
BossCost man
BossCost man - 10 hours ago
Wasps should die
Janina Cole
Janina Cole - 10 hours ago
James: technically sharks are like the least dangerous besides puppies cause they don’t wanna eat humans
Me talking to my doggo : storm you’ve been trying to eat me this entire time no wonder you bite me All the time
blood and 766899 rajo
blood and 766899 rajo - 10 hours ago
If you see a bee just look at the bee DO NOT HIT THEM
Willow_ ChanXD
Willow_ ChanXD - 10 hours ago
I have the BIGGEST fear of bees and I mean THE BIGGEST FEAR OF BEES I know I know you don't mess with them they wouldn't sting you but....... IDK I'm just super SUPRER scared of them
scarlxtr - 11 hours ago
I hate that one movie with giant spiders that turned my love for spiders to a phobia ;-;
I’m Kinda Odd
I’m Kinda Odd - 11 hours ago
Ok, but what if they’re ANTS? Ya can’t just pick up an ant or put it under a cup, because ants, are never alone
Barely Human
Barely Human - 11 hours ago
Spiders, never been bitten
Bees, never been stung
FREAKING WASPS, only been sung once I WAS SLEEPING
Brittany Owens
Brittany Owens - 11 hours ago
ι ѕwear. yoυ never ғaιl тo мaĸe мe laυgн.
SmilyJune 7
SmilyJune 7 - 11 hours ago
The Game Theorists collaborated with the Odd1sout. Love that for us
Fluffy Bear
Fluffy Bear - 11 hours ago
Okay let straight up tell you why am I afraid of spiders
They're creepy AF with those tiny pointy creepy legs with or no fur and are even creepier with those eyes and are even 10 times more worse with a stomach and how they walk and literally look has if it was some sort of kidnapper person that will later eat you while you sleep
Its not about what they do but rather how they look and it's discriminating and racist you could say(in a weird way) but they're Still creepy
gamingwithsara cat
gamingwithsara cat - 12 hours ago
bees are not agressive wasps like yellow jackets wich are common are more willing to attack and they do hurt I got stung because I didn't realize the bee was on my head phones
gamingwithsara cat
gamingwithsara cat - 12 hours ago
spiders are just so gross a furry little bittie thing plus what do you do when there is taranchula in your car
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