The Spiders and the Bees

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ULTRA COMBO!!!!!!! - 8 minutes ago
‘Sees spider’ ah shit, here we go again...
duke doberman
duke doberman - 10 minutes ago
James do i see a yiff folder at 6:35
Ashley Phillips
Ashley Phillips - 30 minutes ago
2:35 : Put the cup over the Spooder because they are dumb and yeet it out the window

*I die of laughter*
Angie Gonzalez
Angie Gonzalez - 33 minutes ago
Wen you were going to say how many times you've been stung I thought 6 or 5 I wasn't paying attention much I was drawing so yeah also I seen this video like 10000 * Sometimes I don't get bored of bed cuz I don't want to watch other videos cuz I don't know what's going to be in them I know I'm supposed to click on if I haven't seen them but
Ashley Phillips
Ashley Phillips - 35 minutes ago
1:28 : Soo the most poisonous spiders in North America are the Brown Recluse and the Black Widow?
*Me:* LIES. Another one is the Brown Widow, but Black and Brown Widow are the same thing.
Nyasia Brown
Nyasia Brown - 39 minutes ago
No the spiral win the fight because sharks cannot be out of water
Habibasofia Rahman
Habibasofia Rahman - 55 minutes ago
You funny.I have been kissed by a spider!ITS TRUE.
Logan Gaines
Logan Gaines - 56 minutes ago
That’s a starter Pokémon in sword and shield
Pokemon fan 124
Pokemon fan 124 - Hour ago
hey on my first day of third grade a bee landed on my f#cking FACE
Wired Gacha sisters UwU
I love Spider’s
lunarhiro - Hour ago
We learn to "bee" friendly to our "web" Designer

su drawz
su drawz - Hour ago
The spiders go into your ear and put eggs there or the go eat parts of your brain until you become crazy and die so if you think there's a spider in your ear go to the doctor and get surgery and get them out please😖😖😖😵😵😵
ArtInMotion - Hour ago

Kill them all
Destroy them
Get them out of this world
Get them away from me
Flush them
Step on them
Hit them
(Same goes for all arachnids)
Skunky Ol Coot ?
Skunky Ol Coot ? - Hour ago
3:53, it’s worth your time
Dark Mucroz YT
Dark Mucroz YT - Hour ago
They say that bees stung only that time then me ok ok next time I see a bee I GOTTA GO FAST REEEEEEEEEEEEE
Bloop 284
Bloop 284 - Hour ago
5:02 aww this is cute
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Thepetgetter - Hour ago
Bees can actually sting twice before death's
savvy - 2 hours ago
Bee Sting (0:10)

Spider bite (0:10)

Wasp Sting (0:10
Riva Houkes
Riva Houkes - 2 hours ago
Actually the huntsmen spider have really good eyesight and jumping spider are smart!
Duolingo Owl
Duolingo Owl - 2 hours ago
The only YouTube channel not about language I like
ZXC_ ScoRe
ZXC_ ScoRe - 2 hours ago
I've got bitten by a spider at the worst spot on my nippel…. i know if you are reading this is already laughing (K look i was really young [Without Shirt idk why plz dont ask] Around like 5 - 6 years old it was really in the past in vacation visiting my grandma and i was playing in the garden and i touched a thing made of wood and a spider crawled on my chest to my nippel and i freacked out and tried to get it off but it had the time to bite me.It was a really big one and i needed to go to the hospital welp that's my story you human
No Thanks
No Thanks - 2 hours ago
A brown whatever ya call it lives in my closet.
Its name is jimmy
Dragonsapian - 2 hours ago
7:34 When I accidentally hit a Zombie Pigman in Minecraft
Amazing Toys
Amazing Toys - 3 hours ago
Just like the MEMES say?! Bees dying shouldn't be MEMES
Sahian Fortuno
Sahian Fortuno - 3 hours ago
7:33 *holy frick that's true fear*
Hannah Sporbert
Hannah Sporbert - 3 hours ago
I was stung in the same place not 4 not 5 but 3 times
homie doge
homie doge - 3 hours ago
OMG I love these vids but I hate spiders
Elizabeth Nzomo
Elizabeth Nzomo - 3 hours ago
James: so what did we learn
Me: not to throw rocks at bees
Denton Studios
Denton Studios - 3 hours ago
black widow: fight me you german sheperd german sheperd dog: *eats black widow without getting poisoned* thats how strong german sheperd dogs are
Denton Studios
Denton Studios - 4 hours ago
GIANT HORNET-9999999999999999999999999782787272729272928292927292728827928279282727376363/10000 PAIN
Beanie boos Are CUTE
Beanie boos Are CUTE - 4 hours ago
Actually, bees won’t hurt you unless you hurt them!
Beanie boos Are CUTE
Beanie boos Are CUTE - 3 hours ago
Yea, poor bees! 🐝
gaming demon
gaming demon - 4 hours ago
Yeah we know cause if they sting you the bee that stung you dies.
Diago Machuca
Diago Machuca - 4 hours ago
Last time in the water park a bee landed on my hand then I freak out then the bee landed on sumwun Elise hand and he got stung
The King of Pro players
The King of Pro players - 4 hours ago
0:44 James:their webs are too weak to trap you
3:41 James:the silk that makes a spider web is stronger than the fibers that make up a bulletproof vest
tiffmogs - 4 hours ago
We learn that wasp you automatically when you did to nothing
Gootch Garcia
Gootch Garcia - 4 hours ago
The megaladon is way stronger
Rachel Bennett
Rachel Bennett - 4 hours ago
(The odd 1s out )but when a bee lands on your arm...holy frick
(Me)*dying of laughter *
afekOwOgamer - 4 hours ago
2:35 "and yeet it back into the wild"

*yeet it*
Jeaay - 4 hours ago
I got stung by (one of, i think the 3rd) BIGGEST bee in the ENTIRE USA POPULATION, the red velvet ant "COW KILLER"
GachaMost UwO
GachaMost UwO - 4 hours ago
I'm not scared of bees :D
Zugal Frost
Zugal Frost - 4 hours ago
I got stung by a bee yesterday
Zugal Frost
Zugal Frost - 4 hours ago
On my eyebrow
Ruby Truong
Ruby Truong - 5 hours ago
This was so funny
The Blue Spider
The Blue Spider - 5 hours ago
UncleFlimmy - 5 hours ago
am i the only one who got the poptropica reference at 1:29
PubgBot - 5 hours ago
Ty for making this.
Cristian Rancu
Cristian Rancu - 6 hours ago
oh got bumblebees are scary
Madison Satterfield
Madison Satterfield - 6 hours ago
oh this was my first video i watched on theodd1sout
BashPlayz [GD]
BashPlayz [GD] - 6 hours ago
MilkyWay_ Wolfs
MilkyWay_ Wolfs - 6 hours ago
Bees I got stong 20 times literally
Siv Högström
Siv Högström - 7 hours ago
i feel sorry for the spiders they cant see theodd1sout videos
Bonster Charley396
Bonster Charley396 - 7 hours ago
What is a bed Human?
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