Workshop Hydraulic System/Press conversion

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colinfurze - Месяц назад
POWER IN THE SHOP, this is going to come in very handy just like an air system. So what else shall I make Hydraulic????? Sub Like n Share makers.
Tex Houston
Tex Houston - 22 дня назад
Make a can Crusher
Jac O' B GmbH und co. KG
Jac O' B GmbH und co. KG - 22 дня назад
hey colinfurze, I am currently planning on a project with a friend of mine for what to do after the Abitur (The german end of school). Our plan is to rebuild a van into a "mobile camping base" with mattresses, solar charger, internal power and so on, and I wanted (more because I like overcompicating stuff and hydraulics are cool) to build a hydraulic System that can lift the Van off its wheels. The main use would be to look cool, but it will help when we e.g. have to change a tyre. The problem isnt't the math, I know that (with our cylinders) we will need about 84 bars of pressure, and I got a nice pump going up to 180 bars (I couldn't find a weaker/cheaper one, but I havent searched that serious yet), but I don't get what is needed to build a hydraulic system out of it. The pistons are single-acting hydraulic cylinders as the counter-force will be the gravitational force of the van, but I really get confused with the different explanations of the internet, one saying that I just have to put them together, others telling that I will have to use some complicated valve-system, and I don't know what to do. Here comes your part, it would be really cool if you would make a video in which you explained how to build a hydraulic system with pump, single- and double-acting cylinders, and which valves are needed Thank you, Jack
Ionut Ursachi
Ionut Ursachi - 23 дня назад
I build a buggy from 0...👇
张鹤鸣 - 23 дня назад
Milana Blogs
Milana Blogs - 23 дня назад
Your mom XD jk
Its_ zfox
Its_ zfox - 9 часов назад
What did you study?
zarone z
zarone z - 17 часов назад
Great job!👍
K1SFD - День назад
As a FF/EMT the first thing that pops into my head is 'Wow... now he can run his own Jaws of Life and/or spreader tools!' (Hydraulic Rescue tools to some). And let's be real.... he very well may need to after some of the projects he's done in the past. You know, with all that safety equipment he uses! 😏
As far as everyone being on him for safety equipment, let's be honest... how many of you watch BECAUSE he doesn't use safety equipment? It's like watching a train crash... you know you should look away, but damn it... all you want to do is watch just to see the destruction at the end.
I've been a part of rescue services since I was 16 y/o (let's just say that was a while ago and leave it at that), and the one constant is the number of people who felt that safety equipment was for someone else. I used to keep a pair of safety glasses that had small pieces of metal imbedded in the left lens from a rescue tool shattering. Lost it in a move, but I used them as an object lesson to newbies. Always a painful and/or tragic lesson if it's learnt the hard way. PLEASE consider using safety equipment, your loved ones (and most likely your future self) will thank you. ✌🏼
Aidan MacDonald
Aidan MacDonald - День назад
So you took a hydraulic press scrapped everything but the frame and then built a new hydraulic press using the frame of the old one.
Kage Burn
Kage Burn - 2 дня назад
Walking bug zapper
Bob The Right
Bob The Right - 3 дня назад
Hello Colin! Very neat stuff, I'm new to the channel, binging your videos at the moment.
My grand father was a toolmaker himself, and he made one like yours to chop his wood with an axehead at the tip it. It brings back good memories of his messes!
Love it, keep at it!
Mase Mason
Mase Mason - 3 дня назад
Why didn't you build a more substantial press from scratch and sell your old one. You've obviously got the skill.
METRO - 3 дня назад
Because, obviously, this is Colin Furze.
Bilal Ansari
Bilal Ansari - 3 дня назад
How does he have all this knowledge in all of these fields and then has the skills to put it to use????
METRO - 3 дня назад
I would also like to know
Brandon Ritter
Brandon Ritter - 4 дня назад
Phil Swift comments now that's a lot of damage !!
greg taylor
greg taylor - 5 дней назад
How much oil is released at high pressure - albeit momentarily - when you disconnect those quick-release fittings?
greg taylor
greg taylor - 2 дня назад
@danteelite - Thank you Sir, most illuminating.
danteelite - 2 дня назад
Unlike air, hydraulic fluid or water doesn't compress. So if you have a air hose under pressure, or a car tire and have a rupture that pressure will rapidly expand and explode or in the case of an air hose, you get that *pop* as you disconnect the hoses. With hydraulics, there is no build up pressure because the fluid isn't compressed, so you might get a slight dribble. To use the hose/tire analogy, if you stabbed that hose pushing 10 tonnes of force, you wouldn't get an explosion, you'd get a few drops of fluid and then a slow leak. So assuming those quick release fittings are made to reduce spillage, and have some sort of chamber that stops the fluid from leaking, most likely you get just a few drops. Even if they were under tremendous pressure, same thing. Air hoses, you get a huge blast of air, a loud pop and sometimes the air pressure is strong enough to keep forcing out against the power of the spring meant to close the valve. That is the crazy difference between compressible, and non-compressible fluids. I learned this working at an auto body shop, where my boss told me the bit of air we use to spray paint a car, is much more dangerous than the insane pressured fluid we used to lift those cars up! Rupture one, and you can be seriously injured, deafened, and cause huge damage, and the other... I'll be mopping up a bit of oily fluid. Lol Still blows my mind to this day!
Eric Boss
Eric Boss - 6 дней назад
Lukas Graphen
Lukas Graphen - 6 дней назад
6:27 I’m not sure, but this looks like you could easily touch the contacts. Additionally I would consider wearing safety googles while using the press.
LastHazzerd - 7 дней назад
Even with a high energy host, the DIY part of youtube is very soothing to me.
NAIL - 8 дней назад
HyperDuckFACE - 8 дней назад
colin, why bother buy one when you can build one yourself mate!! hahaha
zeasty beast
zeasty beast - 10 дней назад
Make a ballistia?
Eirikatana - 10 дней назад
You need a hydraulic waffle maker. For EXTRA PRESSURE.
Eirikatana - 10 дней назад
But you also can make...METAL WAFFLES.
Jon Watte
Jon Watte - 11 дней назад
Grinding on a high pressure cylinder, and then pressing without glasses.
Better you than me :-)
Random Engine Stuff
Random Engine Stuff - 12 дней назад
maybe a pair of snippers? you know like firemen have to cut roofs of cars. might be handy
Rami Hodges
Rami Hodges - 13 дней назад
He’s been doing his hydraulic press channel research
C Spiesman
C Spiesman - 13 дней назад
Where is the homemade airplane?!?!?
Ahmet Perkün
Ahmet Perkün - 14 дней назад
Çok yavaş basınç yapıp iniyor daha hızlı ve çılgın bişey yapmalısın Colin NOS bağlayabilirsin NİTRO mesela o zaman ne olacak 1 saniyede güm bam translate Colin u can this
ปรัชญา แก้วพิกุล
Howard Dibble
Howard Dibble - 16 дней назад
I would love too see a robot that walks and eats plastic. Or even can seek out a type of plastic like pet
Phlosen - 16 дней назад
Good thing that Colin doesn't think he needs Nuclear Power in his Shop... yet.
For me Colin is the embodyment of the phrase "If you do something, do it right"
Klyan Gaming
Klyan Gaming - 17 дней назад
7:46 “this will make ya choke”
Rizky Adi Nugraha
Rizky Adi Nugraha - 18 дней назад
Good job bro
De Falt
De Falt - 18 дней назад
I am not sure if its legal wath you do but damn your a genius
Thomas Archer
Thomas Archer - 18 дней назад
Geoff Burgess
Geoff Burgess - 18 дней назад
Hey m8, why do all that silly winding on the vice handle when you could simply add a hydraulic cylinder. Choice.
myazleoful - 18 дней назад
*_You Such A Crazy Brilliant Man_*
ІГОР АНДРЕЙЧУК - 19 дней назад
хороша штука
Evan Mobley
Evan Mobley - 20 дней назад
Did you auto tune that angle grinder?
Simon Bak
Simon Bak - 20 дней назад
Why is there a connecting tube between the supply and return lines? Clearly seen at 9:05, welded between the two elbows.
OLDBOYGAMERUK - 20 дней назад
Wow! Could do with one of these in my shed.
Søfie Amy
Søfie Amy - 20 дней назад
I wish he were my design and technology teacher.
Richard Abbott
Richard Abbott - 21 день назад
we need a colab with the hydraulic press channel
ShadowLight Gaming
ShadowLight Gaming - 21 день назад
Make a loud alarm that sounds every million subscribers you achieve.
Renaldo Van der Merwe
Renaldo Van der Merwe - 21 день назад
Try making the jaws of life
Ahmet Demir
Ahmet Demir - 21 день назад
you crazy
Melias Clarkson
Melias Clarkson - 21 день назад
8:50 That brick had like no elasticity.
Bruno Costa
Bruno Costa - 21 день назад
Seus videos são muito bons cara
Jake Paxton
Jake Paxton - 22 дня назад
Why do I feel like Colin is slowly turning into the protagonist from little inferno?
Steve Jankowski
Steve Jankowski - 22 дня назад
Where are your safety glasses Colin? Hmmmmmmmm?????
Necronomicon - 22 дня назад
And here we go!
Ola Söderlind
Ola Söderlind - 22 дня назад
did you make a hole on the sice of the motor for airflow intake ? ( [2:21] right side here )
Mythbuster - 22 дня назад
Hi Colin, I have a small 12 ton hand press at home, uses a little pot jack. The chassis on that flexes even when using it in standard configuration. I think they're just designed like that :)
Snoto Medic
Snoto Medic - 23 дня назад
You should do a collaboration with Hacksmith!!!
Ash Thisguy
Ash Thisguy - 23 дня назад
Make an exoskeleton!!
Not that Tom Robinson
Not that Tom Robinson - 23 дня назад
I have no idea what half those magical tool Colin has but I'm supremely jealous
Oliver Drury
Oliver Drury - 23 дня назад
This will make you choke 😂😂😂
Squishy GameZ
Squishy GameZ - 23 дня назад
This’ll make you choke! 😂
Péter Friedrich
Péter Friedrich - 23 дня назад
Did I saw a Trelleborg sealing?
Mr. X
Mr. X - 23 дня назад
Maybe a really big project, but i have an invention which i can’t build but maybe you can. What if you make little triangles with little controllable electromagnetes on every corner. And make a way to power them via another one. With those magnets you could get someone to program whatever you want the thing to do since it could do a lot with those magnets if you can power them one by one. I repeat, big project but an invention which could get you a lot of money if working, otherwise it’s just a weird idea in my big mind. Like so he may see
rs2klee - 23 дня назад
will come in well handy for them bearings pressed in :)
pe6o991 - 23 дня назад
The motor for the pump is quite close to the wall,it might block the fan from sucking air and cooling the motor
Jimmay - 23 дня назад
You need protection glasses and you should attach some sort of safety glass around it aswell
MeNorski2 - 23 дня назад
Europe is the worst state in United States of America, the worst city in that state is England.
Faling At Gaming
Faling At Gaming - 23 дня назад
are joking or retarded
jammy pencils
jammy pencils - 23 дня назад
you should make thors hammer with a magnetic system and release to make it stick to something metal so that you can't lift it unless you press the release on the handle
설하랑 - 23 дня назад
If Fred and George Weasly was in one body
Edd Jordan
Edd Jordan - 23 дня назад
But can you feel a circle Collin?
oscar gerald
oscar gerald - 23 дня назад
make a rocket like dudeperfect. pls
Gary Stinten
Gary Stinten - 24 дня назад
please make the biggest one of these..
Drift Dirt
Drift Dirt - 24 дня назад
Give me some money! 100$$$$
Maria Isabel Gonzalez
Maria Isabel Gonzalez - 24 дня назад
Bengo de un poco de todo
Eddie Pieper
Eddie Pieper - 24 дня назад
You should try to make a Sonic pulse machine
kitsune uzimaki
kitsune uzimaki - 24 дня назад
I just thought of something you could make.
how abought a microwave that you can put food in the night before and it would keep the food cold then at a pre set time it would then heat up the food inside so when you wake up you would have hot food ready to eat
Jake Wareham
Jake Wareham - 24 дня назад
You should make a super sonic hoover
MATSKUTHEGAMER - 24 дня назад
Make a hydraulic cucumber slicer to make a good bread
_jonst - 24 дня назад
Colin, check out Sam Pilgrims Video about the Downhill Tricycle ! Would be an awesome collaboration if you would make it full suspension 😄
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah - 24 дня назад
why have hydraulic press when u can have hydraulic stretch
MWYANT19 - 24 дня назад
YT already has a bunch of hydraulic press channels thx
John Hales
John Hales - 24 дня назад
Colin Fart you should make a un maned vehicle that either fly's or drives making rear end noises and released horrible bum smells and deploy it in Germany!...And certainly call it the colon Furze machine!
Sam Forsyth
Sam Forsyth - 24 дня назад
You should build the x-o1 power armour from fallout
Kapildeo Singh
Kapildeo Singh - 24 дня назад
Love from India
You are very amazing person in this world
I am motivated when I see your video ..
Anonymous - 24 дня назад
Is this Home Improvement prequel?
Gaby Lopez.carlos
Gaby Lopez.carlos - 25 дней назад
greeting from Argentina
Dr Wahay
Dr Wahay - 25 дней назад
were you on Lazy Boy Garage the other day? pretty sure you were there trying to buy an Opel Kadett?
Ubaid_ Rashid786
Ubaid_ Rashid786 - 25 дней назад
Colin you savage plz like this I want to show my dad
TheBowTieDude - 25 дней назад
Make a tardis wich is bigger on the inside!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marcus Jenkins
Marcus Jenkins - 25 дней назад
You should put a engine in one of those toy cars for kids
Marc Gini
Marc Gini - 25 дней назад
I just saw a video on YouTube about a yank who built a rollercoaster in his back garden. I’m thinking replacement for the wall of death
Lambda65's Channel
Lambda65's Channel - 25 дней назад
Make psycho umbrella (Psycho-character from Alex Crish's Crazy Storiew cartoon)
nathan smith
nathan smith - 25 дней назад
Make gunpowder
Alex Island
Alex Island - 26 дней назад
bro wear safety goggles when using this thing. super worried for your eyesight
zr madman
zr madman - 26 дней назад
Make a bed that gets you up and dressed
Marc Selby Movement
Marc Selby Movement - 26 дней назад
Colin you should build a jet powered glider!!
Acidic Videos
Acidic Videos - 26 дней назад
Dude love watching your vids while sat in the hot tub smoking a bong.
Tomasz Mikuś
Tomasz Mikuś - 26 дней назад
Hey Colin, what happened to the Furze Invention Show? In case you needed some ideas to bring it back from the dead please consider making a rocket/jet powered mixer - making cakes will no longer be boring and time consuming!
Mr KosovanGamer690
Mr KosovanGamer690 - 26 дней назад
Colin. I got a old hair dryer.... And obviously i dont need it i wanna do a simple but cool project? Got any ideas? Please make a old but powerful hair dryer project please 😂☺
Winters - 26 дней назад
GTX 1050 Games & Benchmarks
GTX 1050 Games & Benchmarks - 26 дней назад
Can you make Far cry new dawn's saw launcher ?. Please 😍
Mac STRANGE - 26 дней назад
I could watch it for hours, excellent conversion.
SNEVELPRO - 26 дней назад
New zuskriver hahaha
joshua lord
joshua lord - 27 дней назад
I've been subscribed since like 10 years ago
Quack head
Quack head - 27 дней назад
can u make a hover car?
Brian Streufert
Brian Streufert - 27 дней назад
Your lack of respect for your eyes by refusing to use safety glasses is wildly troubling. You do realize that you only own one pair of them and staring at a hydraulic press section while pressing steel with hardened chisels is asking to have your gift of eyesight taken away?
Tomas OG
Tomas OG - 27 дней назад
You've got some life yano that? Doing what you love tis the dream.
Ben Lofthouse
Ben Lofthouse - 27 дней назад
Could you make a steam powered ship/plane next?
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