Workshop Hydraulic System/Press conversion

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colinfurze - 3 months ago
POWER IN THE SHOP, this is going to come in very handy just like an air system. So what else shall I make Hydraulic????? Sub Like n Share makers.
dogefort - 9 days ago
Since you're improving the shed, how about making a hydraulically-driven fridge? Just because. Also cool drinks in between welding.
dogefort - 9 days ago
Hydraulic blender. For those workshop liquid lunches.
RedGod - 10 days ago
Colin add some type of protection glass or plastic because we all know your gonna crush some crazy stuff that may back fire and shoot at you...
frozenthunderbolt1 - 14 days ago
Try making diamonds
universal hydraulic
universal hydraulic - 21 day ago
Brett Palmer
Brett Palmer - 4 hours ago
Ben Stafford
Ben Stafford - 2 days ago
No safety glasses!
Ω…Ψ­Ω…Ψ― ΩΩˆΩ†
Maurik Van Kets
Maurik Van Kets - 3 days ago
Yeet somebody 2019
JUAN ECHEVERRIA - 4 days ago
Master, you got it. This is the best hydraulic system that I've ever seen. Congratulations from Ecuador (South AmΓ©rica)
Joe Keele
Joe Keele - 5 days ago
jaws of life.
Cade Burchland
Cade Burchland - 6 days ago
Do you know why i love your channel because you know what is and isn’t boring and you skip that dumb stuff
Mechanical mind 05
Mechanical mind 05 - 8 days ago
11 year old me with a engineering degree
AintBigAintClever - 8 days ago
What voltage is that trailer socket being run at?
Edmur JΓΊlio
Edmur JΓΊlio - 8 days ago
FantΓ‘stico. Obrigado
Sean Thomas Of The Rauchert Family
MaDD best recommendation youtube made in a while love ur style mate! U must be skateboarder judging by ur sweater!
Yandari Abarca
Yandari Abarca - 8 days ago
ActΓΊa como un payaso fome
Astor Pereira
Astor Pereira - 10 days ago
colinfurze voce e demais e divertido
pilot sempor
pilot sempor - 10 days ago
How to make gun...
joshh465 - 10 days ago
Mug ordered, keep up the good work sir. Making Lincolnshire proud
derrick solomons
derrick solomons - 11 days ago
Can u make a video of how u got to be so smart in engineering... What did u have to do to get to where u are today and how long did it take....plzzz
Sanek g
Sanek g - 12 days ago
Ρ‚Π°ΠΊΠ° хирня
hippy bill
hippy bill - 12 days ago
That would be great for a blacksmith forge press 😍😍😍😍😍 do you have blue print for the machine 😍😍😍
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith - 13 days ago
Hydraulic impact drill!
robert hesse
robert hesse - 13 days ago
Are you slightly mad lol
Jachthund Inst
Jachthund Inst - 13 days ago
Nice and simple hydraulic systemπŸ‘.. In the video, I saw a waterjet.. Is this a diy waterjet?
James Kilroy
James Kilroy - 13 days ago
Dude, eye protection!
Deivison Muller
Deivison Muller - 14 days ago
Loko kkkk
Engine World
Engine World - 15 days ago
Why can't this dude reach a freaking 1Billion subscriber?
sir assalot
sir assalot - 16 days ago
How did you do the '''' text on the press? cant be a stencil since the O's has ''holes'' in them as well as the b's and e's. someone please answer me :)
Hugo SelstrΓΆm
Hugo SelstrΓΆm - 16 days ago
Get some fuba cups, helps with the gas flow and it has s vetter gas coverageπŸ˜€
Shukuru Kihwelo
Shukuru Kihwelo - 16 days ago
wolfe1970 - 17 days ago
How about making a Hydraulic shredder, more powerful than the electric motors
Brad Taylor
Brad Taylor - 19 days ago
Very nice! Another addition to the shop coming soon.
ನಡೀನ್ K
Hi nice practicle
I am new to this hydraulic field
I want learn more in hydraulic
Your used motor with hydraulic tank that is available in india?
Which brand it's?
Please send me more details
Andres Morando
Andres Morando - 23 days ago
Build something for skateboarding because it's obvious you skate with those brands!!!
Robert Buckner
Robert Buckner - 28 days ago
Epic! can't wait for 8,000,000. I've done my share.
Rachel Matt
Rachel Matt - 29 days ago
would be very entertaining to see you make a Hydraulic tubing Bender that is effective. And accurate.
universal hydraulic
universal hydraulic - 21 day ago
Oliver Kauper
Oliver Kauper - Month ago
Now you've done it. I want to make one with my everlast welder now. That is a bloody great idea.
Willy Mans
Willy Mans - Month ago
als je normaal doet zou het beter zijn
Jamie Finn
Jamie Finn - Month ago
Only just really realised he has a uniform for work.
Emy Bear
Emy Bear - Month ago
You obviously don't have much value on your eyesight! Man wake the fuck up!.. Great video though πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ
Edgars Lacis-S
Edgars Lacis-S - Month ago
cal et the hidrulic pres 9 millione
PhallicNipples - Month ago
What brand press do you have?
Erik - Month ago
Is this old man trying to be funny? Is it a kids show? I don't know, but he has some cool projects.
MyTime - Month ago
Very good !!
jamlord 2061
jamlord 2061 - Month ago
why do i feel like your home is gonna be one of the industrialized home on earth
Loweec - Month ago
You should also include some coolikg system to your circuit, so the oil will last longer and you won't screw your circuit.
Jared Knapp
Jared Knapp - Month ago
comfy shoes. had a pair in primary school. +rep
Jake Ruthrauff
Jake Ruthrauff - Month ago
At around 8:21 you can definitely see the chassis flex to the side, wouldn’t have noticed had he not said anything, good catch mate πŸ‘πŸΌ
Nigel - Month ago
Is that Epiphone sticker from the guitar video?
Joshua Japitan
Joshua Japitan - Month ago
Now make a new channel: Colin Press Channel
Govind rana
Govind rana - Month ago
sir please hindi me bolo na
Mad House
Mad House - Month ago
Made for the job, under the counter
Rene Jr. Jonkman
Rene Jr. Jonkman - Month ago
Rene Jr. Jonkman
Rene Jr. Jonkman - Month ago
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Atrax R
Atrax R - Month ago
That's one weak ass press frame for a 10 ton press.
Edit: ah, I see you noticed that as well...
The Tigers
The Tigers - Month ago
I wish I could make stuff as complicated as that sound as easy as he does
sponge bob
sponge bob - Month ago
Where did u learn all of this I love it 🀯😁😁
cd rom
cd rom - Month ago
careful with heat managment if you hide a pump some where, check to make sure its not overheating. it might need a fan blowing in there
Dr. Novane Cote
Dr. Novane Cote - Month ago
Major. Communist
Major. Communist - Month ago
Iron man of real life
Chase Smith
Chase Smith - Month ago
You should build yourself a bigger workshop. Like the videos a lot man. The things you build are amazing my friend keep it up.
LAYNE TheDragonRider
LAYNE TheDragonRider - Month ago
so he took apart a hydralic press and made a new one from its corpse
AMS -workshop
AMS -workshop - Month ago
Mad max build
Dream Big
Dream Big - Month ago
Cool! I am amazed at how you make things that are difficult to do seem much more easier to do.
Santosh Piya
Santosh Piya - Month ago
Interesting person, isn't he?
Its_ zfox
Its_ zfox - Month ago
What did you study?
zarone z
zarone z - Month ago
Great job!πŸ‘
K1SFD - Month ago
As a FF/EMT the first thing that pops into my head is 'Wow... now he can run his own Jaws of Life and/or spreader tools!' (Hydraulic Rescue tools to some). And let's be real.... he very well may need to after some of the projects he's done in the past. You know, with all that safety equipment he uses! 😏
As far as everyone being on him for safety equipment, let's be honest... how many of you watch BECAUSE he doesn't use safety equipment? It's like watching a train crash... you know you should look away, but damn it... all you want to do is watch just to see the destruction at the end.
I've been a part of rescue services since I was 16 y/o (let's just say that was a while ago and leave it at that), and the one constant is the number of people who felt that safety equipment was for someone else. I used to keep a pair of safety glasses that had small pieces of metal imbedded in the left lens from a rescue tool shattering. Lost it in a move, but I used them as an object lesson to newbies. Always a painful and/or tragic lesson if it's learnt the hard way. PLEASE consider using safety equipment, your loved ones (and most likely your future self) will thank you. ✌🏼
Aidan MacDonald
Aidan MacDonald - Month ago
So you took a hydraulic press scrapped everything but the frame and then built a new hydraulic press using the frame of the old one.
Kage Burn
Kage Burn - 2 months ago
Walking bug zapper
Bob The Right
Bob The Right - 2 months ago
Hello Colin! Very neat stuff, I'm new to the channel, binging your videos at the moment.
My grand father was a toolmaker himself, and he made one like yours to chop his wood with an axehead at the tip it. It brings back good memories of his messes!
Love it, keep at it!
Mase Mason
Mase Mason - 2 months ago
Why didn't you build a more substantial press from scratch and sell your old one. You've obviously got the skill.
METRO - 2 months ago
Because, obviously, this is Colin Furze.
Bilal Ansari
Bilal Ansari - 2 months ago
How does he have all this knowledge in all of these fields and then has the skills to put it to use????
METRO - 2 months ago
I would also like to know
typicalfortnite gamer
typicalfortnite gamer - 2 months ago
Phil Swift comments now that's a lot of damage !!
greg taylor
greg taylor - 2 months ago
How much oil is released at high pressure - albeit momentarily - when you disconnect those quick-release fittings?
greg taylor
greg taylor - 2 months ago
@danteelite - Thank you Sir, most illuminating.
danteelite - 2 months ago
Unlike air, hydraulic fluid or water doesn't compress. So if you have a air hose under pressure, or a car tire and have a rupture that pressure will rapidly expand and explode or in the case of an air hose, you get that *pop* as you disconnect the hoses. With hydraulics, there is no build up pressure because the fluid isn't compressed, so you might get a slight dribble. To use the hose/tire analogy, if you stabbed that hose pushing 10 tonnes of force, you wouldn't get an explosion, you'd get a few drops of fluid and then a slow leak. So assuming those quick release fittings are made to reduce spillage, and have some sort of chamber that stops the fluid from leaking, most likely you get just a few drops. Even if they were under tremendous pressure, same thing. Air hoses, you get a huge blast of air, a loud pop and sometimes the air pressure is strong enough to keep forcing out against the power of the spring meant to close the valve. That is the crazy difference between compressible, and non-compressible fluids. I learned this working at an auto body shop, where my boss told me the bit of air we use to spray paint a car, is much more dangerous than the insane pressured fluid we used to lift those cars up! Rupture one, and you can be seriously injured, deafened, and cause huge damage, and the other... I'll be mopping up a bit of oily fluid. Lol Still blows my mind to this day!
Eric Boss
Eric Boss - 2 months ago
Lukas Graphen
Lukas Graphen - 2 months ago
6:27 I’m not sure, but this looks like you could easily touch the contacts. Additionally I would consider wearing safety googles while using the press.
LastHazzerd - 2 months ago
Even with a high energy host, the DIY part of youtube is very soothing to me.
NAIL - 2 months ago
HyperDuckFACE - 2 months ago
colin, why bother buy one when you can build one yourself mate!! hahaha
zeasty beast
zeasty beast - 2 months ago
Make a ballistia?
Eirikatana - 2 months ago
You need a hydraulic waffle maker. For EXTRA PRESSURE.
Eirikatana - 2 months ago
But you also can make...METAL WAFFLES.
Jon Watte
Jon Watte - 2 months ago
Grinding on a high pressure cylinder, and then pressing without glasses.
Better you than me :-)
Random Engine Stuff
Random Engine Stuff - 2 months ago
maybe a pair of snippers? you know like firemen have to cut roofs of cars. might be handy
Rami Hodges
Rami Hodges - 2 months ago
He’s been doing his hydraulic press channel research
C Spiesman
C Spiesman - 2 months ago
Where is the homemade airplane?!?!?
Ahmet PerkΓΌn
Ahmet PerkΓΌn - 2 months ago
Γ‡ok yavaş basΔ±nΓ§ yapΔ±p iniyor daha hΔ±zlΔ± ve Γ§Δ±lgΔ±n bişey yapmalΔ±sΔ±n Colin NOS bağlayabilirsin NΔ°TRO mesela o zaman ne olacak 1 saniyede gΓΌm bam translate Colin u can this
ΰΈ›ΰΈ£ΰΈ±ΰΈŠΰΈΰΈ² ΰΉΰΈΰΉ‰ΰΈ§ΰΈžΰΈ΄ΰΈΰΈΈΰΈ₯
Howard Dibble
Howard Dibble - 2 months ago
I would love too see a robot that walks and eats plastic. Or even can seek out a type of plastic like pet
Phlosen - 2 months ago
Good thing that Colin doesn't think he needs Nuclear Power in his Shop... yet.
For me Colin is the embodyment of the phrase "If you do something, do it right"
Klyan Gaming
Klyan Gaming - 2 months ago
7:46 β€œthis will make ya choke”
Rizky Adi Nugraha
Rizky Adi Nugraha - 2 months ago
Good job bro
De Falt
De Falt - 2 months ago
I am not sure if its legal wath you do but damn your a genius
Thomas Archer
Thomas Archer - 2 months ago
Geoff Burgess
Geoff Burgess - 2 months ago
Hey m8, why do all that silly winding on the vice handle when you could simply add a hydraulic cylinder. Choice.
myazleoful - 2 months ago
*_You Such A Crazy Brilliant Man_*
Π†Π“ΠžΠ  ΠΠΠ”Π Π•Π™Π§Π£Πš
Evan Mobley
Evan Mobley - 2 months ago
Did you auto tune that angle grinder?
Simon Bak
Simon Bak - 2 months ago
Why is there a connecting tube between the supply and return lines? Clearly seen at 9:05, welded between the two elbows.
Simon Bak
Simon Bak - Month ago
+daleroy good point
daleroy - Month ago
I think it's supporting them, not actually joining the lines internally.
slashii - 2 months ago
I wish he were my design and technology teacher.
Richard Abbott
Richard Abbott - 2 months ago
we need a colab with the hydraulic press channel
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