Assassin's Creed Odyssey: The Secrets of Delphi Uncovered | Ubisoft [NA]

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Venom Snake
Venom Snake - 25 days ago
I am really liking the game Ubisoft looking forward to episode 2 of fate of atlantis
George so-lucky ?
George so-lucky ? - 2 months ago
Im greek and athenian,literally athenian i live in athens and im happy that ubisoft made an ac game based on my country and turned out to be so well also thank you everyone for your love and support😁😁❤❤
Panagiotis Panopoulos
Panagiotis Panopoulos - 4 months ago
Α very nice representation of Delphi but the theatre is not even close to the original. The mountain is not this small and the sea was not at this height during the 5th century B.C. Where is the sanctuary of Athena Pronaia? The Kastalian Spring? The stadium? The gymnasium? Everything else are pretty close to how they were in the site.
gaming4life - 5 months ago
This is the RPG I always wanted.I usually hate RPGs and now suddenly I want to reinstall some RPGs and give them another try especially Skyrim.I'll just imagine it's AC Odyssey without the parkour,naval gameplay,descent combat,interesting locations,story&cutcenes...etc.Yes I will give Skyrim another try after I finished AC Odyssey.
rafdy prasetyo
rafdy prasetyo - 5 months ago
assasins creed legacy of the first fossil
EireNero - 6 months ago
This game is fun when you’ve been to these places before hand, although the mountains aren’t the most accurate but oh well can’t get it all, still amazing to see these in game, although Mycenae is a big weird and is missing its water well (tunnel cut underground to get water with stairs down)
GTX 1050TI
GTX 1050TI - 6 months ago
Jonathan Wilson
Jonathan Wilson - 6 months ago
Hey you guys should make a game where you can decide to play as the Templar’s or asassins and after you get to a certain point you can start games where you battle each other
De Watergeus
De Watergeus - 6 months ago
Next AC Viking Age please. Norway Dennark Sweden (Frisia)
Nicki52 - 7 months ago
The most impressive with this game is the world. Attention to detail with all buildings and statues.
CyberJay1226 - 7 months ago
I have been a fan of this series since the first game! The level of detail you guys do with the history, the places, characters and even the NPC’s behavior is so well executed, I sometimes get a little snap happy in photo mode! Thank you so much for your dedication to your craft, I appreciate it!!
matt bray the wolf
matt bray the wolf - 7 months ago
um ubisoft i have encountered a glitch where a target named Brison was sinked out of the world when i try to get close to eliminate him. can you fix that please?
Xander - 7 months ago
Thanks a lot for AC Odyssey, it’s amazing.
NoTLucas - 7 months ago
Wouldn't hurt to have an codex of sorts, like the previus games had with detailed information on historical places, people and events.
Muhammad Syazani
Muhammad Syazani - 7 months ago
Need lvl 80 cap now!!!!
Brett Kirk
Brett Kirk - 7 months ago
Love this game one of my fav AC titles !
Zachary Alexander
Zachary Alexander - 7 months ago
Please give us the option to leave the animus whenever we want to
KoenJanssen - 7 months ago
I like this game even better now i have ancient greece at school. I can read an part of it translate all the texts in this game
Panagiotis Haritidis
Panagiotis Haritidis - 7 months ago
Its hard to say if its wrong or not because greec mythology has millions of variations so technically everything is correct but you still have a little problem with spartans the never screamed the were quite even at the battles how ever good job 🙂👍
Panagiotis Haritidis
Panagiotis Haritidis - 7 months ago
L L - 7 months ago
Buy it don't own it....
Ramy Eldahtoury
Ramy Eldahtoury - 7 months ago
Hey ubisoft, could I have a code for the ps4? 🤩
Vishal Adhurya
Vishal Adhurya - 7 months ago
from which angel it's an Assassin's game
Where is Assassin's hood
Where is legendary hidden blade
Where is stealth killing
This is not an Assassin's creed game
the fighting liberal
the fighting liberal - 7 months ago
who cares and yes it is.
Péter Juhász
Péter Juhász - 7 months ago
Malákas! This is a best AC game ever. Beautiful, interesting and there is a fkng SPARTAN KICK. I love the mithology part of the game.
Jayme Wheeler
Jayme Wheeler - 7 months ago
This was sick, would love to see more videos like this! Also loved the game.
7AMoOoD.K AlAwaDhi
7AMoOoD.K AlAwaDhi - 7 months ago
Awesome Guys .. Well Done ..
Adeel Raza
Adeel Raza - 7 months ago
Best Assassin's Creed Game !
M.R.M Ziyard
M.R.M Ziyard - 7 months ago
Wasn't Delphi the birthplace of Apollo?
Jens Nys
Jens Nys - 4 months ago
Appolo was (following mythology) born on the island Delos. Delphi is just the place where he killed python
Boomstick Campbell
Boomstick Campbell - 7 months ago
My only criticism is that you pronounce it Del-fee and not Del-fi 😂
It may not be a traditional AC but I've loved every second of it, especially a particular quest in which a maters blood will be spilled on the earth and a pater will scream to the gods in agony, that one made me chuckle.
But seriously damn good job.
Кирилл Ларин
Кирилл Ларин - 7 months ago
Rizki Jyeja
Rizki Jyeja - 7 months ago
Learn history would be more fun 😁
Darkdraco002 - 7 months ago
I just remembered ezio had a parachute. It would be kinda cool if there's a dlc where we get the wings of icarus ( from ( daedelus ? ) his dad )
The Sen8
The Sen8 - 7 months ago
I still remember when everyone was shitting on this game when it came out. Lmao. Turned out to be fantastic, and that's coming from someone who was extremely skeptical of all the changes being made. I hope future assassin's creed games are similar to this style.
jonny s
jonny s - 7 months ago
Henry Brewer-Calvert
Henry Brewer-Calvert - 7 months ago
This game really needs a Discovery Mode.
M.R.M Ziyard
M.R.M Ziyard - 7 months ago
Its getting one soon
Gabriele Leone
Gabriele Leone - 7 months ago
these game is a masterpice,nice job Ubisoft !!! 💪🏻💪🏻
jonny s
jonny s - 7 months ago
Joshua Wrenn
Joshua Wrenn - 7 months ago
Half of me wants to buy this game while the other half wants to buy rdr2. Why couldn’t you have waited a little longer to release? Dammit
M.R.M Ziyard
M.R.M Ziyard - 7 months ago
If you can't buy both, wait for Christmas sales to buy AC odyssey as it will drop in price, RDR2 won't drop in price for a long time.
Crouching Tiger
Crouching Tiger - 7 months ago
1:53 Careful. Any more oil and the U.S. will try to invade it
RIP HUMANITY 666 - 7 months ago
Great game! Not great as an ac but still great 😂
M.R.M Ziyard
M.R.M Ziyard - 7 months ago
It still has some really interesting first civ stuff. Shame that most people won't see that as most won't play the endgame stuff
Gabriel Quiñones
Gabriel Quiñones - 7 months ago
Loving this game so far!!!
Christian Davis
Christian Davis - 7 months ago
Out all artifacts I love spear of leonidas
Kseniya Koyunova
Kseniya Koyunova - 7 months ago
please, make more videos like this! grerat game!
Oje Ojeaga
Oje Ojeaga - 7 months ago
Ubisoft, as someone who was more than a little fatigued of this have created an amazing world and one of the best videogame characters in Kassandra. Take a bow.
Pierk IROULL - 7 months ago
Flat Earth
KleenerBro - 7 months ago
Hated the game before release. Loved it after playing it. Feels good to be wrong sometimes.
Anyway what's up with that giant snake skeleton?
Liam English
Liam English - 7 months ago
Ubisoft is in my top 3 gaming companies for sure
lolfailism - 7 months ago
it's a good game no doubt. absolutely love ancient greece and this game has amazing detail. but dial it down with the microtransactions in single player games, would you? i'm absolutely SURE you make enough money selling the games. this is just greed. you literally make series of games about bad guys and their greed. how you not getting it?
MortalGAGA - 7 months ago
Ubi legacy outfits realese?
Reyhan Alexander
Reyhan Alexander - 7 months ago
Go even further back in time to babylonian in hammurabi or nebuchadnezzar era might be not bad
Raven - 7 months ago
It doesn't provide a game changing experience all it does is add some plot twists and pretty much introduce an improved version of the Order of the ancients
jonny s
jonny s - 7 months ago
KiLLa 96
KiLLa 96 - 7 months ago
This game was amazing!
John Vanderbeck
John Vanderbeck - 7 months ago
This is a great video type to do Ubisoft, and I hope you do more in the future. Its educational, and places things in context to the game which is great. But even you don't play the game, the content of this video is still excellent!
Jordan Starks
Jordan Starks - 7 months ago
As a huge history nerd and assassin's creed fan since the first game, I have always wanted a AC game set in ancient Greece. Thank you ubisoft. Next let us get a Japanese game set during the sengoku judai period. Samurai baby. And ninjas.
BadWolfei - 7 months ago
I hope when New Game Plus comes around we'll be able to change characters in the intro so we can play both without having to completely start over.
Fariz - 7 months ago
where is the first Assassin?
Trutz Von Klodt
Trutz Von Klodt - 7 months ago
Want more of these vids!
alex game player
alex game player - 7 months ago
Έλληνας κανείς
TheCommentGuy - 7 months ago
Shouldn't have spoiled everything
RIPTIDE - 7 months ago
Brother hood and black flag still rules!!!!
Izznogood76 - 7 months ago
This is my first Assassin's Creed game and I'm LOVING it! great job people!
mosheste - 7 months ago
This just wet my appetite for a discovery tour mode even more... It can't come soon enough! I 😊
Pronkman666 - 7 months ago
Anyone else learn about the oracle from poptropica?
the president of gaming
the president of gaming - 7 months ago
No gods of olympus in the game, means no greece in the game, a comment from greece OK UBISOFT !!!
Tor - 7 months ago
What happend to the hoods and hidden blades....
jonny s
jonny s - 7 months ago
who cares?
Hiddenrage - 7 months ago
Snapper - 7 months ago
Please keep videos like this coming! Also release the Discovery Tour!
Michael Wighton
Michael Wighton - 7 months ago
Fantastic game. I am enjoying exploring and discovering the history of Ancient Greece.
Tom Amundsen
Tom Amundsen - 7 months ago
1:53 so much oil that USA need a time machine to get it
A - 7 months ago
Great video and obviously a legendary game you launched out there ubisoft! Well done !
Alex Lion
Alex Lion - 7 months ago
Magic Nut
Magic Nut - 7 months ago
Imagine all the research done for this
Tudor Ciubotaru
Tudor Ciubotaru - 7 months ago
This is what AC should have been from the beginning! A trip through a historical era, not this assassins vs templar bullcrap they shoved up our throats for the last 10 games
Av Praneeth
Av Praneeth - 7 months ago
It's a great game , Looking at the size of the world if a particular small region like Delphi had this amount of historic detail and information , I can imagine how much in-depth research has been done for the other regions. I have a feeling that i must have missed out lot of references in the other areas. We really need a discovery tour for this. As I've mentioned this is a great game but doesn't really belong in the assassin's creed universe :P
MechaG2 - 7 months ago
Wait, wait, wait, wait... I'm pretty sure Ivan killed Apollo.

Ohh LanLa
Ohh LanLa - 7 months ago
Discovery Mode confirmed LOL
Its Abie Art
Its Abie Art - 7 months ago
Release Voksi
Rainier - 7 months ago
Say whatever you want this is not a AC game
Gaurav K
Gaurav K - 7 months ago
1:53 Well Oiled
Lord Fenton Gaming
Lord Fenton Gaming - 7 months ago
Pretty fun place overall and excellent game so far.
J4CKT1C4L - 7 months ago
I really love this game but YouTube is infested with spoilers
Fml man!
L L - 7 months ago
This Assassin's it's one of the best game of Ubisoft and actually in the world
Good job of Ubisoft's TEAM and thank you for this chance to remember the great Greece 🏅🏅🏅🏅🎁
Ohm Charan
Ohm Charan - 7 months ago
Next game With connor and Arno working together to find and kill shay. You could choose either of them to play the game. At the end you have choice to kill or let shay live but you get a really powerful artifact from him which is very important for layla to discover......
jonny s
jonny s - 7 months ago
yeah you are about 5 years too late for that.
Ohm Charan
Ohm Charan - 7 months ago
+jonny s So sad Alexios play Despacito
jonny s
jonny s - 7 months ago
keep dreaming.
IKIGAI - 7 months ago
im lowkey addicted to your game right now and its making me procrastinate irl on a dangerous level.
jonny s
jonny s - 7 months ago
Ashik A
Ashik A - 7 months ago
Can I get a free Assassins creed Odyssey :) I am student and can't afford to buy the game !
consicedisc - 7 months ago
Fam our high school marching band performance is based on the oracle
J & JAY F-ILMz - 7 months ago
I’m actually not liking the rpg mechanics anymore. I did at first with origins but now I’m kinda missing the old mechanics the counter attack’s the hidden blade combat etc etc. This whole rpg and enemies having levels and if you go against a enemy that a higher lever then you will get slaughtered is kinda annoying and not fun at all!!! I just miss the counterattacks and the kill streaks. I just miss when Assassins creed was about “THE ASSASSINS CREED”And Templar’s. If that makes sense
jonny s
jonny s - 7 months ago
you'll get used to it.
J & JAY F-ILMz - 7 months ago
jonny s it’s not even about getting good I am good at the game I’m just not feeling the whole new mechanics that just my opinion
jonny s
jonny s - 7 months ago
get good.
lindvior - 7 months ago
I haven't played AC since Assassin's Creed 2.. glad I've come back to this one, and will get origins too cuz I hear it's similar?
Dan Massimini
Dan Massimini - 7 months ago
Screw the discovery tour. Give me more of these to watch in my spare time!
DRYKO THE GOD - 7 months ago
Can we get decapitations in the next update or game
IKIGAI - 7 months ago
- ERROR - - ERROR - - 7 months ago
Odyssey isn't as good as people are saying it is, it has too much padding out forcing you to do side quests constantly and the choices don't really matter, and the ones that do are so random and stupid
jonny s
jonny s - 7 months ago
yes it does i can tell you have not played thr game so stfu.
- ERROR - - ERROR - - 7 months ago
+jonny s no it isn't and no most of them dont
jonny s
jonny s - 7 months ago
naw you are wrong dude the game is great and the choices do matter dummy.
Jam Com
Jam Com - 7 months ago
Why is the a naga and can we please have the ability to craft merc gear
jda8176 - 7 months ago
Love the game, I like the historic locations feature on the map, but what would be nice is a codex that has bios for important characters and events.
Percy The Park Keeper
Percy The Park Keeper - 7 months ago
I'm 25 hours in and I've only just got to this place. What an awesome game, so much to do
Troye Harmon
Troye Harmon - 7 months ago
What’s the turning point at Delphi ?
YourCasualGamer - 7 months ago
Troye Harmon you literally find out about the order of the antients and how they have your brother/sisters
Troye Harmon
Troye Harmon - 7 months ago
Your Casual Gamer ummm, played the game, didn’t find it hun, try again
YourCasualGamer - 7 months ago
Troye Harmon play the game to find out.
gbfh8 11nm
gbfh8 11nm - 7 months ago
I just wish we could replay missions, in origins too.
Sajad Hunter
Sajad Hunter - 7 months ago
Recht_voor_zijn_raap - 7 months ago
Awesome game.. I absolutely love it.
Mohammad Okour
Mohammad Okour - 7 months ago
keep up these informative/supportive videos that shows off the back history of the various places in game!
Cat People documentarys
Cat People documentarys - 7 months ago
AshedSoul - 7 months ago
You can you fix Caveria in R6 her pistol is the equivalent to an m870 and has more range than a shotgun please fix
sixburn gaming
sixburn gaming - 7 months ago
Whoa stop. You are spoiling the Discovery Tour, we expect it to be 5 times longer than AC Origins.
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