Reactions to TJ Dillashaw's failed USADA test, Cody Garbrandt! - Poirier on Holloway, McGregor

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Cerberus - 3 days ago
Did he lose hes belt?
Darrin Nunyah
Darrin Nunyah - 16 days ago
TJ EPOshaw
Excal 23
Excal 23 - 20 days ago
Damn Henry Cejudo fought a juiced up tj steroidshaw. Henry Cejudo goat lmao
Youz1faka - 2 months ago
Maybe he needed it to cut weight? No energy? Used epo to get down to weight class so that we can see the champ vs champ fight? But I guess noone wants to look at the circumstances.
marcb510 - 2 months ago
TJs PED power ruined Codys brain..he cant take a punch the same anymore
Plus555 Plus
Plus555 Plus - 2 months ago
There is competition of who gets the bigger jaw first.
Tony Vang
Tony Vang - 2 months ago
I'm not suprise motherfucker
Anthony Salinas
Anthony Salinas - 3 months ago
Everyone is saying TJ should receive a lifetime ban for testing positive ONCE. Why doesn't Jon Jones receive a lifetime ban??? He has tested positive at least 3 times I can remember.
j j
j j - 3 months ago
Cody stop looking for a reason for you to have a excuse for your lose.
Chef Su
Chef Su - 3 months ago
Is anyone really surprised?
#1 Nets fan
#1 Nets fan - 3 months ago
Idk this dude but he looks like an asshole
PurpleRain500 - 3 months ago
Seriously, Cody Garbrandt needs to shut the fuck UP! Sure TJ fucked his entire life up doing stupid shit that he knew would bite him in the ass, I’m not downplaying that one bit; but this does not give Cody carde blanche to go on a sympathy tour saying “See there, see there, that’s why he beat me.” No bitch, he beat you because your ass talks a truck load of shit and you don’t have chin the first to back it up. Again, I am in no way defending TJ and I could seriously just punch him in the face right now being one of his biggest fans, there are no words for my disappointment right now; but this is not ‘Ol Glass Chin Garbrandt’s time to gloat. He beat your ass twice because you SUCK. Point, blank, period. Step ‘yo game up! If TJ was having a rough time cutting weight then he should have just called the fight off, but this makes him look like a cheater, a liar, a junkie and just a plain coward. I knew he looked really bad going into that fight. I knew something was off about his physical appearance. But with all that said, this is not Cody’s time, Team Alpha Male’s time or anyone else’s time to gloat. Munhoz fucked you up last month, so I guess he was on the juice too right? Gimme a break. Cody and his fans have SEVERAL seats.
ramsy420 - 3 months ago
Bisping got bingoed by Henderson 😂
ramsy420 - 3 months ago
Boi he made that lady turn around and witness this amazing moment
JoshMNL - 3 months ago
Tony Ferguson the type of guy who suspends USADA for PEDs
Jesse Lee
Jesse Lee - 3 months ago
Who the fuck is cj billasaw just goes to show just because you put mma in your channel name dont mean you know anything about it
Something Clever
Something Clever - 3 months ago
"Syrup, painkillers, cigarettes, weed,
Hennessy, vodka, (now epo too)
I'm on everything..."

- Mike Epps
all sports doctor tyson
all sports doctor tyson - 3 months ago
if these faggots had balls and were truth tellers Mike Tyson would have been 0-37 going into the Buster Douglas fight given his steroid abuse..Keeping it real..WAKE UP PEOPLE DO NOT BE LAMBS
Michael Keane
Michael Keane - 3 months ago
Is that right?
William Lacombe
William Lacombe - 3 months ago
The only way to stop substance abuse is to put writing in thhe contract that samples for every figjt must be kept for future testing. Technique down the road. And all the prize money won must be forfeited to the oppoment thst was victimised.these guys are using new stuff that current testing. Does not detect .then when the testing catches upwith the newet stuff they simply move on to something would not be worth it if you knew 5 yrs down tje road you could be caught for a 5 million $ purse you stole from amother figjter and are now being fined 5 million and not a measly 10,000$.
jedwilliamsiscoo W
jedwilliamsiscoo W - 3 months ago
U heard him he speaks the facts
B Newcity
B Newcity - 3 months ago
Fans pay the bills not respect.
That Nigga
That Nigga - 3 months ago
Real question is where did you find this beat I'm trying to make the next anthem with this mfff
Armin Smith
Armin Smith - 3 months ago
Cody garbrant. Is just a little bitch that likes to eat leather and lick canvas. Can't back up his bullshit talk. And wishes he would have never opened his mouth
Handy Home Do It Yourself
Handy Home Do It Yourself - 3 months ago
Dillashaw is a disgrace. Till should give it up and stay home and listen to Neil Diamond records.
Linoge Z
Linoge Z - 3 months ago
why the fuck is this shocking? Everyone saw the body changes he went trough after usada, and we all saw him lose.
Steve Rosebud
Steve Rosebud - 3 months ago
Lol at the fighters going after TJ. They all dope.
Francis Bacon
Francis Bacon - 3 months ago
Lifetime ban
todd booth
todd booth - 3 months ago
Let's see what he popped for before we make judgement... it could be a diuretic he may have injested ..for Fuck sake Jones pops hot weekly and everyone still sucks his ass...
Yohan Vijayan
Yohan Vijayan - 3 months ago
TJ Druggashaw !
Gerardo Gutierrez
Gerardo Gutierrez - 3 months ago
I wonder how sam calvita feels now, all that training truly going to waste
Frank Rizo
Frank Rizo - 3 months ago
Cody is a snitch with no chin! Later bruh
Iron Head
Iron Head - 3 months ago
And cody is a sorry ass snitch bitch!
Iron Head
Iron Head - 3 months ago
Yup ban his sorry ass, no fuckin sympathy, he knew fuckin well n risked it, now that he got caught hell say he’s sorry he was confused, and all of a sudden he found god! Lmfao!! Fuckin joke, here come the excuses...
Tiger Dragon
Tiger Dragon - 3 months ago
Nick and Nate Diaz the type of guys that smoke weed and fight all steroid users.
Sid - 3 months ago
And Nick now says pussy shit like ' i dont want to hurt anybody ' and wastes his life partying. While Nate is #14. Remind me again why these guys are relevant?
B Newcity
B Newcity - 3 months ago
And use em too...
ramsy420 - 3 months ago
And beat em down
Next Level
Next Level - 3 months ago
Man u sound just like The RZA, and I love iiiit.
pauly shore
pauly shore - 3 months ago
Fucken twerp is a cheater who also hits sparring partners after the bell rings. He truly is a cocksucking snake in the grass
joshuatree552 - 3 months ago
TJ took peds to compensate for his huge weight cut at 125 lbs. Cody is making excuses for his 2 knockout losses. Sorry dude but you got knocked out again in your last fight.
TShep704 - 3 months ago
BREAKING: Domick Cruz went to tweet about Dillashaw and tore another ACL
TShep704 - 3 months ago
"how old was Bisping when he got Bingo'd by Henderson?" lmao only referring to a KO as Bingo'd here on out
Seth Ramirez
Seth Ramirez - 4 months ago
Cody a sore loser got fucked up twice and still talks😂😂
lonniebelle - 4 months ago
So team alpha Male uses steroids huh? Way to go cody...
Luke Blacklock
Luke Blacklock - 4 months ago
i SpEaK thE fActS!
CoNnErW 125
CoNnErW 125 - 4 months ago
2:34 are you serious 😂😂😂
Canadian sport_fan
Canadian sport_fan - 4 months ago
I have no respect for team alpha male. They knew he was on stuff and they never said anything until he left. Sketchy are team. I bet faber was on stuff too. Look at him. He looked jacked. It would explain why he was always one of the best but never won the belt
RudeBOY - 4 months ago
Casey Saenz
Casey Saenz - 4 months ago
It’s only picogram size... a grain of salt in an Olympic swimming pool.
Anthony Upstart
Anthony Upstart - 4 months ago
i love watchin Till knock that poor fucker around and then gettin ktfo by Jorge boy HaHa
Richard Keller
Richard Keller - 4 months ago
Poirier will be a pile of hamburger in 2 rounds. When I hear Dustin Poirier, I see the loser that turtled up to Conor The Drunk.
Rajiv Kishore
Rajiv Kishore - 4 months ago
Dan you were on the Till bandwagon as well.
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