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Max R
Max R - 2 years ago
LETS GO IBP COLABING THERE GOING HARD WITH 2K17 I CANT WAIT TO SEE WHAT YOU GOT PLANED quote of the day ibp is going Hard with the bangers of 2K17 by max
Bo2 Best
Bo2 Best - 5 months ago
Dash3R yt
Dash3R yt - 9 months ago
Max R I like trains
Pat Campbell
Pat Campbell - 10 months ago
Ye ye
Jacqueline Ariza
Jacqueline Ariza - 11 months ago
YE YE Guys
Chris R
Chris R - Month ago
Mar Crucor
Mar Crucor - 2 months ago
But how did Brock didn't know that he stupid I knew that
Harley Foubert
Harley Foubert - 2 months ago
Uhhhhh did anyone else see what Ricky did at 2:00?
Ya boi Jim
Ya boi Jim - 2 months ago
God rick sucks at back flips. Nick would of beat him if he didn’t have wet feet
Bubba Reeves
Bubba Reeves - 2 months ago
Hanan A
Hanan A - 2 months ago
Rock can't even do a proper w sign
Hanan A
Hanan A - 2 months ago
I'm more famous than Braden
Elias Gatmaitan
Elias Gatmaitan - 3 months ago
I always what to watch roccopaizzavlogs
funny dolls 1234
funny dolls 1234 - 3 months ago
liooo gamer
liooo gamer - 3 months ago
Imma make nicm a maeme
Ghost Snipez
Ghost Snipez - 3 months ago
I just realised Ricky’s mullet
Johnnion GT
Johnnion GT - 4 months ago
Rocco is a fkin spoilt ass kid.
YoungGod10101 1
YoungGod10101 1 - 4 months ago
It was 2:18 by The way
Tiger Thomas
Tiger Thomas - 4 months ago
Dang you can see the heat wave
Rabbit magic
Rabbit magic - 4 months ago
I hate Rocky why does he have to have to be shirtless the whole video
steven the Crystal gamer
steven the Crystal gamer - 4 months ago
No he did not take the win they forgot about the 30 seconds
Alex Vitunic
Alex Vitunic - 6 months ago
Rocco does scooter tricks
Ring Family
Ring Family - 6 months ago
my sister Elsa, is making me watch tic tac toy thats why im watching you
Ty Cook
Ty Cook - 6 months ago
Ian 8 and I have wochd you for 7 yirs
Blink Galaxy
Blink Galaxy - 6 months ago
I heard those little worm things tastes like yogurt if nick only ate the worms without the thing you made it might not be that bad
Hannah Arscott
Hannah Arscott - 6 months ago
At 6:56😂😂
Lightning Plays
Lightning Plays - 6 months ago
Teeth The Ferret
Teeth The Ferret - 6 months ago
I feel soo bad for Nn
Leah Rzeppa
Leah Rzeppa - 6 months ago
Do more videos with Rocco
Rose Jacobs
Rose Jacobs - 6 months ago
Do 24 hours in the movies😂
Cameran Silbach
Cameran Silbach - 7 months ago
1like =1 rip for ninja nick
rie bennett
rie bennett - 7 months ago
yo sed fish
Henry Sharp
Henry Sharp - 7 months ago
You live in roco niborhood
Ali Umer
Ali Umer - 7 months ago
You should give this dare
Do 5 dares instead of 1
Riel - 7 months ago
Omg ive never seen this video but i love it!!!!
Fabian Garcia
Fabian Garcia - 7 months ago
No I am no filling them because he made Jake sad
Axel Perez
Axel Perez - 7 months ago
It looks like if he snapped his arm 3:19
Bull Rider
Bull Rider - 8 months ago
I have that same inflatable bull
Ahmad Kazmi
Ahmad Kazmi - 8 months ago
Who’s watching in February 19 2019
Just me ok
Ahmad Kazmi
Ahmad Kazmi - 7 months ago
Riel - 7 months ago
Reply back ?
Riel - 7 months ago
Riel - 7 months ago
Yo ive never seen this video but it just popped up and i love
Kayla Campbell
Kayla Campbell - 8 months ago
Can I get a merch I live in Loveland Colorado 813 east fifty eighth street you guys are so cool I wish I could meet you
Nicholas Hernandez
Nicholas Hernandez - 8 months ago
That meal didn’t look good
Nate Anunciacion
Nate Anunciacion - 8 months ago
Don’t click read more

Have a nice day if you did:) you are now immune to any 2019 curses. If you didn’t, it’s ok.
GameHacker 34
GameHacker 34 - 8 months ago
im suprised that nick didn't throu up
Dustin Larson
Dustin Larson - 8 months ago
you now you just killed three worm lives bro
T G - 9 months ago
Does Rocco have a boyfriend because if he does not know a boyfriend and me a girlfriend I’m sorry I keep forgetting mixed up but is it just girlfriend really does that’s weird weird how old is he must be 18 or something
Vortexism Gaming
Vortexism Gaming - 9 months ago
You would be better off swimming than riding the bull
2 awsome kids
2 awsome kids - 9 months ago
It was funny when ninjanick fell off the chair🤣
Sehaj Singh
Sehaj Singh - 9 months ago
Whos watching this in 2019
June Cram
June Cram - 9 months ago
Your. Crasyyyyyyyy IPB
hollie woodward
hollie woodward - 9 months ago
Chloe Grenier
Chloe Grenier - 9 months ago
Ninja nick didn’t throw up but I almost did
Blake VRAZY IDEAS - 9 months ago
please subscribe to my channel
Fam - 9 months ago
Ninja nick the goat
ArSeNaL Gunners
ArSeNaL Gunners - 9 months ago
Brandey got 2:22
FreyRacer 56
FreyRacer 56 - 9 months ago
8:45 why not the Cars scene when McQueen drove into all the cones?
Shakila Aman
Shakila Aman - 9 months ago
I can't believe nick actually done it like this vid and my comment if you thought so. Also it's unbelievable that he actually didn't vomit Ricky is right he always vomits when he eats something disgusting like the cod and my comment if you thought so pls for Ireland boys
Yeah I’m a Hufflepuff
Yeah I’m a Hufflepuff - 9 months ago
Ninja Nick May have not threw up but I did
Michael Christle
Michael Christle - 9 months ago
Michael Christle
Michael Christle - 9 months ago
The pee water is death
Rashiad Todman
Rashiad Todman - 9 months ago
Happy New Year's iron boys did you had a great time let me know in one of your videos thank you love your videos by love you
Rashiad Todman
Rashiad Todman - 9 months ago
Happy New Year iron boys just to let you know from one Hamrick Happy New Years rohantv happiness Ricky happiness I hope you had a great time I like your dreads can you do more you should probably do more 24-hour challenges cuz I I want to see more 24-hour challenge so I wonder if you can make another video by music and send it to my to my favorite RUvideosr
Christian Chikino
Christian Chikino - 9 months ago
At first I thought it was "ROCCO PIZZA"
Chase Krupansky
Chase Krupansky - 9 months ago
6:52 Ricky looked like a fish out of water 💦.
Timothy Autry
Timothy Autry - 9 months ago
10:49 same
aiden boyce
aiden boyce - 9 months ago
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