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pumalypp - Hour ago
One of the hackers is pz4 Regina
Courtney Chandler
Courtney Chandler - 16 hours ago
Vy the hacker love you.
Avneet Chana
Avneet Chana - 19 hours ago
Stop it pz4
Elicia Stopford Proctor
Elicia Stopford Proctor - 21 hour ago
vanessa reyes
vanessa reyes - 21 hour ago
jessica chestnut
jessica chestnut - Day ago
Pedro Cruz
Pedro Cruz - Day ago
pz4 name is reagna
Mohammed Haroon
Mohammed Haroon - Day ago
I love you 😍vy Quaint
Hemnauth Gobin
Hemnauth Gobin - Day ago
I love you vy qianit
Carmen De Pina Fonseca
Carmen De Pina Fonseca - 2 days ago
Rachael Thibodeaux
Rachael Thibodeaux - 2 days ago
Oh my gosh project zorgo really needs to stop it's driving me crazy I don't want y'all getting hurt because if y'all did you couldn't make any more videos and I don't want that to happen please be safe they keep starting all this stuff I'm really going to be mad goplease be safe and don't let them hurt you or anything please because I love your videos and I'm so obsessed with your videos
Tanya Brown
Tanya Brown - 2 days ago
what happed to vy
Ubah Adan
Ubah Adan - 2 days ago
I downloaded the spy ninja network yesterday
Muhammad Rieko
Muhammad Rieko - 2 days ago
Vy I hope Chad and Daniel save you quickly 😭😭
Marielle Montinola
Marielle Montinola - 2 days ago
I have the Spy Ninja Network
Katherine Draffin
Katherine Draffin - 2 days ago
You got this
Richard Harvey
Richard Harvey - 2 days ago
Vy you are like me. Iam achater everyday
Payton Cannon
Payton Cannon - 2 days ago
I got the spy ninja network
will steele
will steele - 2 days ago
I hope you Gus win the battle
Annie Songco
Annie Songco - 2 days ago
Oh no pz 4 your evil no waaaaaaaaaaa
Annie Songco
Annie Songco - 2 days ago
Thats pz4 vy
abraham sidik
abraham sidik - 3 days ago
VY ARE YOU OK And I Love you'r app, and video's
gianna flournoy
gianna flournoy - 3 days ago
gianna flournoy
gianna flournoy - 3 days ago
Mohammad Ashfaque
Mohammad Ashfaque - 3 days ago
i do not say blablabla
Dahiro Ahmed
Dahiro Ahmed - 3 days ago
Fight. Her
sub2 Electronic Gamer
sub2 Electronic Gamer - 3 days ago
There's a person called hackerspy and she's a hacker
Jonathan Grebby
Jonathan Grebby - 3 days ago
hi pz4
tarun preer
tarun preer - 3 days ago
Let her go
Anne Elle Dwaine Dusaran
Chad vs pz48💢💢💢💢💢💢💢💣💣💣
Anne Elle Dwaine Dusaran
You need des song pz48 loves you😥
Clifford John Bonjoc
Clifford John Bonjoc - 4 days ago
Its joking
Jamila J
Jamila J - 4 days ago
If you love Vy and Chad give this a big 👍up
Rishi jr Mathai
Rishi jr Mathai - 4 days ago
That's the Tesla
Lori Hofer
Lori Hofer - 4 days ago
She not my only favorite Chad
Scorpion 123
Scorpion 123 - 4 days ago
Ha ha ha is vy quaint is dum spy ninja I am in project zorgo steam I. Am Justin
Elizabeth Durocher
Elizabeth Durocher - 4 days ago
We have to help vy and chaud
Fathimath Rasheedhaa
Fathimath Rasheedhaa - 5 days ago
that is pz4
Suwito Halim
Suwito Halim - 5 days ago
PZ4 !!!!
Nur Qaseh Darwisya
Nur Qaseh Darwisya - 5 days ago
If you guys love vy anda Chad give
This comment a thumps up
Jhonatan López
Jhonatan López - 5 days ago
I got spy ninja network I know you guys goodbye guys
TOYS LOVA reas - 5 days ago
Vy i
Killer Dude
Killer Dude - 5 days ago
I downloaded the network just now and I am a level 5 all ready
Jalal Uddin
Jalal Uddin - 5 days ago
I am so 😱😨😰😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨
Valerie Le Blanc
Valerie Le Blanc - 6 days ago
Badr Azouz
Badr Azouz - 6 days ago
She is doing a trke on you PZ4
Lpie Ljm
Lpie Ljm - 6 days ago
Cynthia Flores
Cynthia Flores - 6 days ago
Your home is pz4 riginia
Cynthia Flores
Cynthia Flores - 6 days ago
Pz4 you are bat an Y no your name
jackson playz
jackson playz - 6 days ago
Bro that’s just a vr headset
Lisa Frame
Lisa Frame - 6 days ago
Booby Does
Booby Does - 6 days ago
Dinner ready
Rylie Hopkins
Rylie Hopkins - 6 days ago
I love you Uy and Chad
Mallory Cox
Mallory Cox - 6 days ago
Vy a hacker has a crush on you I think vy
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers - 7 days ago
Youre eyes look like a cat or a lion eye it looks cool
Smantha Buckley
Smantha Buckley - 7 days ago
Pz 48 loves u vy
Missy Gilchrist
Missy Gilchrist - 7 days ago
vy pz48 is rienig qa love song to you
SMH My Slow Internet!
SMH My Slow Internet! - 7 days ago
jacob slime
jacob slime - 7 days ago
That what's PS 4
Its Juliehale
Its Juliehale - 8 days ago
Vy is with pz 4
lovecaoxytv pfox
lovecaoxytv pfox - 8 days ago
O no
DuhItzzScarls MSP
DuhItzzScarls MSP - 8 days ago
one like=cwc crue
Victor The skeleton
Victor The skeleton - 8 days ago
Let her go
Lakeisha Bellas
Lakeisha Bellas - 8 days ago
👋 hi 👋
Lakeisha Bellas
Lakeisha Bellas - 8 days ago
Hi vy and pz4 myn pz4 😡😠😤🤬🤯🥵
Your name is Regina
Aminah Tribble
Aminah Tribble - 9 days ago
Regina come down
Jordan Basnet
Jordan Basnet - 9 days ago
Vy you are awesome I also playing spy ninja network kickbump
Its_CleoGachaxox xox
Its_CleoGachaxox xox - 9 days ago
Wait why was pz4 there
Amanda Schoonover
Amanda Schoonover - 9 days ago
Pz4 is dum
Amanda Schoonover
Amanda Schoonover - 9 days ago
She is dum
Alicia Dilley
Alicia Dilley - 10 days ago
Shana Thompson
Shana Thompson - 10 days ago
Vy Battle of them project ago and Chad.💙💜❤️💚
Breanna Mills
Breanna Mills - 11 days ago
Go Chad go vy
XOUknownXoXo Nmukiopljkhgbvfcdxsyaqwertzuiop R.M.
That was PZ4 I think before she changed her hoodie and her mask was destroyed up to her forehead and the mask got a big chunk taken out of it on the left side.
Hailey O
Hailey O - 11 days ago
Plz 48 loves you
Essence Marlow
Essence Marlow - 11 days ago
are you okay if i were there i'd help you
tiffany accinelli
tiffany accinelli - 12 days ago
Lorenzo De Guzman Sr
Lorenzo De Guzman Sr - 12 days ago
Hi vy i love you i always watch your show every day even after school lol
Ella Stronach
Ella Stronach - 12 days ago
It was funny when vy spilt her water 💦
Rhayzel abbie Presisto
Rhayzel abbie Presisto - 12 days ago
Jakey The Kid
Jakey The Kid - 12 days ago
Jennifer Maruri
Jennifer Maruri - 12 days ago
You aré the best vy and ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💝💝💝💝💝💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💕💕💕💕💕💜💜💜💜

If you love vy and chad
Kaitlyn Cawood
Kaitlyn Cawood - 13 days ago
You scared me so bad
Kaitlyn Cawood
Kaitlyn Cawood - 13 days ago
I love you vy
Amy Visser
Amy Visser - 13 days ago
a. Pz. member was in the background
Zaynah Dawood
Zaynah Dawood - 13 days ago
I. Love. You. Guys
Alexander Jorge Cunanan Lim
Yousser Albadri
Yousser Albadri - 13 days ago
I just found out how to make a comment section but really that does have anything to do but never mind.
naomie morales
naomie morales - 13 days ago
Let her go now!!!!!!!!!
naomie morales
naomie morales - 13 days ago
👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 for vy
Erica Laukon
Erica Laukon - 14 days ago
That not nice
Erica Laukon
Erica Laukon - 14 days ago
That is pz4
AydenYoutube - 14 days ago
PZ9 is the FBI agent
Irianny Bueno
Irianny Bueno - 14 days ago
Liam 101
Liam 101 - 15 days ago
I like chad!
Millie Jackson
Millie Jackson - 15 days ago
Pz4. Send. That. You Wer Hmin
Ian Lister
Ian Lister - 15 days ago
Fresh Freddy needs you're help
BriTay - 15 days ago
Katie York
Katie York - 15 days ago
Go go go go Chad and vy
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