Jamie Foxx on LeBron James & Huge House Parties

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A to Z Softwash
A to Z Softwash - 13 hours ago
Does he only wear shoes for one day and then throw them away? 6:00
Zena Matthews
Zena Matthews - 8 days ago
There is no one more versatile than this man!
Donpaks Eguia
Donpaks Eguia - 16 days ago
Jamie is a really cool cat maaannnn
Hendrie Kelder
Hendrie Kelder - 17 days ago
Jamie is brilliant😂 always have a good laugh.
Hiro - 26 days ago
His Jamie impression is so darn spot on
Brandon Holeman
Brandon Holeman - 26 days ago
His next contrast party will be him showing up to the party with a white lady named Katie Holmes....
HEYHEY - 27 days ago
kinda disappointed that no one got that joke 7:30
Lily 11
Lily 11 - 29 days ago
Wow! He is fabulous in every single way!
jeandiai tonyyeyo
jeandiai tonyyeyo - Month ago
I love how he takes his time with the audience
Rod D.
Rod D. - Month ago
So funny....
Kasey Rhoades
Kasey Rhoades - Month ago
that kevin durant impression cracked me up wasnt expecting that
Manel Pelayo
Manel Pelayo - Month ago
Jimmy Butler?
Niwit Aryal
Niwit Aryal - Month ago
That Jimmy's laughter ..... He he hey hey Enh enh enh enh enh enh enh 😅😅😅
Amin Vasfi
Amin Vasfi - Month ago
Fox is the coolest mf
Kovas Mikutis
Kovas Mikutis - Month ago
Jaimie's RDJ impression is 14/10
Google Account
Google Account - Month ago
That was racist as hell. @06:00
leonardo carnevale
leonardo carnevale - Month ago
Damn man.. coke is hell of a drug 🤣
Vinicius Melo
Vinicius Melo - Month ago
The man’s sole its cleaner than my house
JP - Month ago
Man, Jamie is hilarious. He wasn't even on my radar until not too long ago and I can't believe how smart and eloquent he is. I thought he was just a good actor. No wonder he is killing it.
Nazim Fathi
Nazim Fathi - Month ago
5:59 , i live in Africa , looking at the clean bottom of Jimmy Shoe . Iam very surprised .
eskay ills
eskay ills - Month ago
something to be said about a man who can wet so many whistles
Worst Producer
Worst Producer - 2 months ago
This nigga ain't even that funny lol
AccipiterMagna - 2 months ago
his parties are lit i wish i could be him for a day
AccipiterMagna - 2 months ago
he looks like kevin durant more than kevin durant
LUCKY_LUCIANO_69 - 2 months ago
My brother you're one of us Mexicano Chingon
Opty - 2 months ago
he is all over the place 😂
Danaldo Giraud
Danaldo Giraud - 2 months ago
Jamie is charisma personified
TheOuterLimits - 2 months ago
Kimmel underhanded comment about the gardner aa if he aint puting a mezican on his own talkshow and using him as laughing gag.
Lenard Racaza
Lenard Racaza - 2 months ago
man that ending the show is full of awkard and racist jabs
Hayden Young
Hayden Young - 2 months ago
Man look like lil baby long lost father in that basketball picture 😂😂
Joey Indolos
Joey Indolos - 2 months ago
Adult ADHD 😃
Julian Jongen
Julian Jongen - 2 months ago
Why is every gardener called Manny 😂
Sumit Steve
Sumit Steve - 2 months ago
@8:01 "there a scene when robert yowney yunior prr..." xD hahahahaha omg
Ha? Dog
Ha? Dog - 2 months ago
tbh jamie fox is my favorite guest
forac123 - 2 months ago
5.43 whats that song please
Dieguismama - 2 months ago
"duerme con los angelitos, negritos " lol
Sungazer - 2 months ago
7:15 I think Jamie was genuinely hurt by that joke about raking leaves. Kimmel is the opposite of an empath because he doesn't notice anything
B D - 2 months ago
National treasure
Juhan Voolaid
Juhan Voolaid - 2 months ago
Crazy impressions XD
Walking talking fun
Krishan Simonpillai
Krishan Simonpillai - 2 months ago
Jamie foxx the best story teller of our time. I swear he can turn any dull moment into a great story and make the people involved believe they were apart of an amazing moment
Huddle Crew
Huddle Crew - 2 months ago
Speak for yourself Jamie!
Oshea Bailey
Oshea Bailey - 2 months ago
Good video.
Caesar T
Caesar T - 3 months ago
when you try to be funny like jamie but was just racist.... na jimmy stay in your lane!
Milton Gonzalez
Milton Gonzalez - 3 months ago
That Kevin Durant impression was spot on!
OffRoad UT
OffRoad UT - 3 months ago
Ah shiiiet. Jamie look like KD 🤔
Giaccomo Chiarella
Giaccomo Chiarella - 3 months ago
I just have to say this is such an incredible story lmao I wish they recorded all this stuff lmao
james de kauwe
james de kauwe - 3 months ago
When the f is this movie coming out, sounds insane, my kind of insane =)
Christian Castro
Christian Castro - 3 months ago
Crazy how he loves the mariachi culture !! Bless your heart ,
N8one _
N8one _ - 3 months ago
Jimmy Kimmel laughs like a conehead
cmpiepgrass - 3 months ago
Jamie’s lucky he’s good at telling stories
Tori Temple
Tori Temple - 3 months ago
His energy is amazing.
B Dog
B Dog - 3 months ago
3 of the biggest D bags, lebron, jimmy Kimmel, and jaime fox.
Beautiful Lou
Beautiful Lou - 3 months ago
Jamie Foxx is a eFFin legend in my eyes TEXAS! and it shocks me that he cant get lebron 2 his crib this dude is the man
brownsugarglamour - 3 months ago
When is this movie coming out?! 👀👀 this is the second time he’s talked about it and I wanna see it now
ALSH RAP - 3 months ago
jamie foxx looks like jimmy butler
Ricardo Ignacio
Ricardo Ignacio - 3 months ago
Jamie "Angelitos Negritos" Foxx lol this guy's amazing!!
ONE3 BirdMane
ONE3 BirdMane - 3 months ago
Love Jamie Foxx, Real Nigga God Bless U 💯👑
zen hen
zen hen - 3 months ago
Jamie and i go cruzin together sometimes on beach front while listening to pippin hip hop
Flex - 3 months ago
Man he is so good at imitating 👍
MYTOCHON - 3 months ago
One of the most talented individuals in the world. True renaissance man. Love this guy!
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