Jamie Foxx on LeBron James & Huge House Parties

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eskay ills
eskay ills - 20 hours ago
something to be said about a man who can wet so many whistles
Worst Producer
Worst Producer - 2 days ago
This nigga ain't even that funny lol
AccipiterMagna - 2 days ago
his parties are lit i wish i could be him for a day
AccipiterMagna - 2 days ago
he looks like kevin durant more than kevin durant
LUCKY_LUCIANO_69 - 5 days ago
My brother you're one of us Mexicano Chingon
Opty - 5 days ago
he is all over the place 😂
Danaldo Giraud
Danaldo Giraud - 6 days ago
Jamie is charisma personified
TheOuterLimits - 7 days ago
Kimmel underhanded comment about the gardner aa if he aint puting a mezican on his own talkshow and using him as laughing gag.
Lenard Racaza
Lenard Racaza - 8 days ago
man that ending the show is full of awkard and racist jabs
Hayden Young
Hayden Young - 8 days ago
Man look like lil baby long lost father in that basketball picture 😂😂
Joey Indolos
Joey Indolos - 9 days ago
Adult ADHD 😃
Julian Jongen
Julian Jongen - 9 days ago
Why is every gardener called Manny 😂
Sumit Vijaykumar
Sumit Vijaykumar - 11 days ago
@8:01 "there a scene when robert yowney yunior prr..." xD hahahahaha omg
Ha? Dog
Ha? Dog - 18 days ago
tbh jamie fox is my favorite guest
forac123 - 19 days ago
5.43 whats that song please
Dieguismama - 21 day ago
"duerme con los angelitos, negritos " lol
Sungazer - 21 day ago
7:15 I think Jamie was genuinely hurt by that joke about raking leaves. Kimmel is the opposite of an empath because he doesn't notice anything
B D - 25 days ago
National treasure
Juhan Voolaid
Juhan Voolaid - 26 days ago
Crazy impressions XD
Walking talking fun
Krishan Simonpillai
Krishan Simonpillai - 26 days ago
Jamie foxx the best story teller of our time. I swear he can turn any dull moment into a great story and make the people involved believe they were apart of an amazing moment
Huddle Crew
Huddle Crew - 27 days ago
Speak for yourself Jamie!
Oshea Bailey
Oshea Bailey - Month ago
Good video.
Caesar T
Caesar T - Month ago
when you try to be funny like jamie but was just racist.... na jimmy stay in your lane!
Milton Gonzalez
Milton Gonzalez - Month ago
That Kevin Durant impression was spot on!
OffRoad UT
OffRoad UT - Month ago
Ah shiiiet. Jamie look like KD 🤔
Giaccomo Chiarella
Giaccomo Chiarella - Month ago
I just have to say this is such an incredible story lmao I wish they recorded all this stuff lmao
james de kauwe
james de kauwe - Month ago
When the f is this movie coming out, sounds insane, my kind of insane =)
Christian Castro
Christian Castro - Month ago
Crazy how he loves the mariachi culture !! Bless your heart ,
N8one _
N8one _ - Month ago
Jimmy Kimmel laughs like a conehead
cmpiepgrass - Month ago
Jamie’s lucky he’s good at telling stories
Tori Temple
Tori Temple - Month ago
His energy is amazing.
B Dog
B Dog - Month ago
3 of the biggest D bags, lebron, jimmy Kimmel, and jaime fox.
Beautiful Lou
Beautiful Lou - Month ago
Jamie Foxx is a eFFin legend in my eyes TEXAS! and it shocks me that he cant get lebron 2 his crib this dude is the man
brownsugarglamour - Month ago
When is this movie coming out?! 👀👀 this is the second time he’s talked about it and I wanna see it now
ALSH RAP - Month ago
jamie foxx looks like jimmy butler
Ricardo Ignacio
Ricardo Ignacio - Month ago
Jamie "Angelitos Negritos" Foxx lol this guy's amazing!!
ONE3 BirdMane
ONE3 BirdMane - Month ago
Love Jamie Foxx, Real Nigga God Bless U 💯👑
zen hen
zen hen - Month ago
Jamie and i go cruzin together sometimes on beach front while listening to pippin hip hop
Flex - Month ago
Man he is so good at imitating 👍
MYTOCHON - Month ago
One of the most talented individuals in the world. True renaissance man. Love this guy!
Alvaro Hernandez
Alvaro Hernandez - Month ago
"Duerme con los angelitos negritos!"
Orlando A Franklin
Orlando A Franklin - Month ago
lmao he ask the brotha in the band..."if thats right?" only there was no brotha in the band.
marques Wofford
marques Wofford - Month ago
Best entertainer. He lyin bout these stories tho lol
Round Robin
Round Robin - Month ago
King Of Everything
King Of Everything - Month ago
Jamie is very charismatic
Shaun M
Shaun M - Month ago
Manny has publishing.
Alexandria State
Alexandria State - Month ago
That’s where I realized there aren’t brother 😆
Tammy Rezzoffi
Tammy Rezzoffi - 2 months ago
I love love love Jaime Foxx! I can’t wait until he and Katie Holmes have babies!!
Jolt Gaming9
Jolt Gaming9 - 2 months ago
Shoutout to manny lmao
Danny Dubon
Danny Dubon - 2 months ago
What a stupid remark... was it weird to see them raking the leaves on Monday?
Raymond Torres
Raymond Torres - 2 months ago
Bottom of Jamie Fox shoes are so clean .. WEALTH
Myron Smith
Myron Smith - 11 days ago
That's the way they could tell what side of the tracks you came form back in the day.Let me see the soles of your shoes
shelley noseworthy
shelley noseworthy - 2 months ago
"i gotchyou, you mine"
Zachary Davis
Zachary Davis - 2 months ago
I wonder if he practices that laugh
Mz K
Mz K - 2 months ago
Ok so, yeah....Jamie is my guy! Too funny.😆😂👍👍❤
PeRsPeCtIvE 1998
PeRsPeCtIvE 1998 - 2 months ago
He's great
Linda Blue
Linda Blue - 2 months ago
I luv, luv, luv him. So underrated... a blk robin Williams so eclectic hard to put him a box. Luv his music, comedy and acting. A special kind of brother..... KUDOS!!!!
Yovanni Prudente Arellanes
What’s the atlanta song the mariachi sang I been looking forever
Quote Pico
Quote Pico - Month ago
me too i wanna know. have u found it?
Wade Hugh
Wade Hugh - 2 months ago
Kevin Durant is as tall as Jimmy?
Ryan Cooke
Ryan Cooke - 2 months ago
I swear he has the same shirt on in like 3 videos
Adja Koumba
Adja Koumba - 2 months ago
Jamie you look fine and funny.
Bob Vanilla ce
Bob Vanilla ce - 2 months ago
Jimmy laughs like waluigi
marouf zakarya
marouf zakarya - 2 months ago
I like when Jamie tried to act like Denzel he makes me laugh and he did it very good.
nice day
nice day - 2 months ago
Jamie will make money whenever he wants, he so talented... Is there anyone in the comments that is able to put up $50k toward building a cell phone product that can be bought by all age group users of cell phones. Your contribution will be worth $500k
Zeth Akatsuki
Zeth Akatsuki - 2 months ago
Man that RDJ impression....
Mr Comer
Mr Comer - 2 months ago
Jimmy Kimmel is light brown.. Is he Italian?
Steven C
Steven C - 2 months ago
He got his tattoo on his head removed
TesGon - 2 months ago
I once lost a DAY re-watching all Jamie Foxx story videos.... and it was the BEST day!
Yaseen - 2 months ago
why dont they get him for next oscar as the host !!
Fero.D Wahid
Fero.D Wahid - 3 months ago
if the magic too good we get scared..hahaha
PlaytheGame OrDie
PlaytheGame OrDie - 3 months ago
I couldn't help but notice that messed up fade.
Antonello di cesare
Antonello di cesare - 3 months ago
Los negritos son asi de exagerados...
Barnabas Jones
Barnabas Jones - 3 months ago
I could watch this interview on loop. So underrated are some brothers.
Gokul Pillai
Gokul Pillai - 3 months ago
Man, I would give a kidney to be in his party 😀
Ma Pupkin
Ma Pupkin - 3 months ago
look like kd
Will Bane
Will Bane - 3 months ago
Jamie Foxx is the goat 😂
Monee Boiii
Monee Boiii - 3 months ago
I wish he would do stand up again
vagabond - 3 months ago
this guy is a natural cool guy
Dean Ryan
Dean Ryan - 3 months ago
The host has perfected his fake laugh
Lowkeybronhater 23
Lowkeybronhater 23 - 3 months ago
Why was his kd impression better than his lebron😂😂😂
Henson Burk-Fawcett
Henson Burk-Fawcett - 3 months ago
Jamie fox has the best stories
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