Jamie Foxx on LeBron James & Huge House Parties

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Raymond Torres
Raymond Torres - Day ago
Bottom of Jamie Fox shoes are so clean .. WEALTH
shelley noseworthy
shelley noseworthy - Day ago
"i gotchyou, you mine"
Zachary Davis
Zachary Davis - 5 days ago
I wonder if he practices that laugh
Karen Grant
Karen Grant - 5 days ago
Ok so, yeah....Jamie is my guy! Too funny.😆😂👍👍❤
PeRsPeCtIvE 1998
PeRsPeCtIvE 1998 - 8 days ago
He's great
Linda Blue
Linda Blue - 9 days ago
I luv, luv, luv him. So underrated... a blk robin Williams so eclectic hard to put him a box. Luv his music, comedy and acting. A special kind of brother..... KUDOS!!!!
Yovanni Prudente Arellanes
What’s the atlanta song the mariachi sang I been looking forever
Wade Hugh
Wade Hugh - 9 days ago
Kevin Durant is as tall as Jimmy?
Ryan Cooke
Ryan Cooke - 12 days ago
I swear he has the same shirt on in like 3 videos
Adja Koumba
Adja Koumba - 14 days ago
Jamie you look fine and funny.
Bob Vanilla ce
Bob Vanilla ce - 14 days ago
Jimmy laughs like waluigi
marouf zakarya
marouf zakarya - 17 days ago
I like when Jamie tried to act like Denzel he makes me laugh and he did it very good.
nice day
nice day - 17 days ago
Jamie will make money whenever he wants, he so talented... Is there anyone in the comments that is able to put up $50k toward building a cell phone product that can be bought by all age group users of cell phones. Your contribution will be worth $500k
Zeth Akatsuki
Zeth Akatsuki - 18 days ago
Man that RDJ impression....
Mr Comer
Mr Comer - 19 days ago
Jimmy Kimmel is light brown.. Is he Italian?
Steven C
Steven C - 20 days ago
He got his tattoo on his head removed
TesGon - 20 days ago
I once lost a DAY re-watching all Jamie Foxx story videos.... and it was the BEST day!
Yaseen - 23 days ago
why dont they get him for next oscar as the host !!
Fero.D Wahid
Fero.D Wahid - 24 days ago
if the magic too good we get scared..hahaha
PlaytheGame OrDie
PlaytheGame OrDie - 24 days ago
I couldn't help but notice that messed up fade.
Antonello di cesare
Antonello di cesare - 24 days ago
Los negritos son asi de exagerados...
Barnabas Jones
Barnabas Jones - 25 days ago
I could watch this interview on loop. So underrated are some brothers.
Gokul Pillai
Gokul Pillai - 26 days ago
Man, I would give a kidney to be in his party 😀
Ma Pupkin
Ma Pupkin - Month ago
look like kd
Will Bane
Will Bane - Month ago
Jamie Foxx is the goat 😂
Monee Boiii
Monee Boiii - Month ago
I wish he would do stand up again
vagabond - Month ago
this guy is a natural cool guy
Dean Ryan
Dean Ryan - Month ago
The host has perfected his fake laugh
Lowkeybronhater 23
Lowkeybronhater 23 - Month ago
Why was his kd impression better than his lebron😂😂😂
Henson Burk-Fawcett
Henson Burk-Fawcett - Month ago
Jamie fox has the best stories
Aghilas - Month ago
1:43 jimmy kimmel with the fake laugh
Nagaw Kahn
Nagaw Kahn - Month ago
Jamie Foxx look like Denzel Washington from training day
Glen Choi
Glen Choi - Month ago
The 'raking leaves' comment was racist as hell! Jamie got awkward
SupremeSaiyan - Month ago
I hate it when black people only say brother to other black people..always talking about racism but this is were their own racism starts. We are all brothers and sisters.
Joffy Jaffer McJaffy
Joffy Jaffer McJaffy - Month ago
My buddy is in the Mariachi group that Jamie is talking about. Its a huge group with musicans and 'Folkclorico' (mexican folk) dancers, that Jamie hires a few times a year to perform at his parties. Celebrities like Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Quincy Jones, Bradley Cooper and others frequent Jamies house parties. And Denzel told my friend he got into mariachi music since filming the movie 'Man on Fire' in Mexico and sonce then loves the music.
Ibby .k
Ibby .k - Month ago
His impressions are so good
Ruben Hernandez
Ruben Hernandez - Month ago
That RDJ impression was 🔥
BillinBrigz - Month ago
this is why the graham norton show is the best coz he asks questions and then lets the guests speak there mind without interrupting them
mohr cowbell
mohr cowbell - Month ago
Jamie Foxx has to be the best guest ever
noe lemus
noe lemus - Month ago
Hands down the best celebrity guest on any late night show
Lord Raizen
Lord Raizen - Month ago
Jamie must be on coke bro. Hes juste Nevers stop talking omg
RATATA - 2 months ago
Best story teller
BizTalk With Rey
BizTalk With Rey - 2 months ago
Hahaha man Jamie is a beast. Major props
Jean Claude van Damian
Jean Claude van Damian - 2 months ago
Where can I get that shirt?
whatcha lookinat
whatcha lookinat - 2 months ago
This guys a millionaire and hes painting hair on his head. Hes a g still.
President Camacho
President Camacho - 2 months ago
his denzel was more of an obama lol
Fahd Danazimi
Fahd Danazimi - 2 months ago
Black pipo dont like magic... it an African thing.
Matt Indii
Matt Indii - 2 months ago
Is Jamie coked up or something... lol seriously.
Amber Luckes
Amber Luckes - 2 months ago
Deepak KM
Deepak KM - 2 months ago
The man could literally walk into the dullest of shows and light it up . What a talent. And his Denzel & RD Jr. impressions were spot on.
Warren Jeter
Warren Jeter - 2 months ago
California curl? How about a Carefree Curl!😂😂 Jamie funny AS
6teen Trade
6teen Trade - 2 months ago
he looks like lil baby in that pic
Maricar Ga
Maricar Ga - 2 months ago
Jamie Foxx, only dude that name drops and doesn’t come off as a d bag. Seem like chill guy
Jade 333
Jade 333 - 2 months ago
Out raking leaves Kimmel? How racist of you.
Pshyco Man
Pshyco Man - 2 months ago
This man is super cool wow
Gaurav Soni
Gaurav Soni - 2 months ago
I can say one thing .. confidence drips all through jamie fox
Stan Shepard
Stan Shepard - 3 months ago
He talks a lot
Tomas - 3 months ago
Jimmys laugh sounds like a DUCK bro
Pierre Tulifau
Pierre Tulifau - 3 months ago
Jamie Foxx giving Manny an opportunity. an inspiration to help others. God is good.
Deepak Negi
Deepak Negi - 3 months ago
@7:53 when kimmel is yawned to death by jamie :p
rajinbin - 3 months ago
I got to find this movie that Jamie Foxx directed.
Missandei King
Missandei King - 3 months ago
jamie foxx always got stories to tell and they be funny asf tho
Daniel Faust
Daniel Faust - 3 months ago
Damn jimmy went full blown racist here thinks every Mexican is cutting grass picking up leaves what a little hypocrite.
Will Turner
Will Turner - 3 months ago
a true showman
Manny García
Manny García - 4 months ago
The gardener joke bombed. Thank god a profesional comedian was there to pick it back up.
prepro - 4 months ago
Name someone more talented than Jamie Foxx...
Gustavo The Big Saint Gonzalez
You can tell jamie wasn't really feeling those gardener jokes about Mexicans. He really didn't feed into it. Brush it off and made manny look like a talented guy. Jamie is a great man! You can tell he has love for everyone! I've been a big fan of his since I was a kid. I know Jimmy has a job to do but that really wasn't funny.
mark safronsky
mark safronsky - 4 months ago
Too much talent for one man...
OurOwnMasters O2M
OurOwnMasters O2M - 4 months ago
Just want to put it in case anybody was wondering the translation "Duerme con los angelitos, Negritos" translates to "Sleep with the angels, Black ones" which properly translates to "Sleep with the black angels" Meaning (hope you have dreams with little black angels) which would be a cute phrase to say to a black child growing up as it was said to me as a young kid. Mr Foxx you are amazing and super funny, never stop doing your thing until you legit cant no more! God Bless
Maria Lewis
Maria Lewis - 4 months ago
Who doesn't LOVE Jamie Foxx...he is dynamite squared....
Gilbert Moon
Gilbert Moon - 4 months ago
He talked 'bout Mexican mariachis in a racist way but somehow I don't feel offended. Jamie's impersonations are just awesome
ll 6dbqp9 ll
ll 6dbqp9 ll - 4 months ago
Lmao at denzel part.. On spot..
cia dummy mission Jason Bourne
If the magic is too good, we get scared 😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭
Ryan uzell
Ryan uzell - 4 months ago
Why does he get downey to play a mexican when benicio del Toro is in it ?
West Baltimore Giovane
West Baltimore Giovane - 4 months ago
Yo do an impression of everybody 😂 and it be on point
Arnas Rindzevičius
Arnas Rindzevičius - 4 months ago
Whats the song called that the Mariachi fellow Louis sings? ITS A BANGER
Beth Zane
Beth Zane - 4 months ago
I wanna see this project he directed!
Hasan A.
Hasan A. - 4 months ago
Master of impersonating people with just facial expressions
USA NEWS TODAY - 4 months ago
S K - 4 months ago
"There's something about black people and magic. if the magic is TOO good...we get scared." My friend, who is black, is laughing his ass off right now saying how true it is lol
Amithosh Reddy Gunna
Amithosh Reddy Gunna - 4 months ago
Kimmel is so much better at handling guests than Fallon, Fallon looks awkward while interviewing
adam skoniecki
adam skoniecki - 4 months ago
You know you’re successful in life if you make it to one of Jamie Foxx’s parties
Mohammed Almusawa
Mohammed Almusawa - 4 months ago
- There are no brothers.
- I was playing a racist white cop.
He is funny, but if he was a white man, the media bitches would have torn him.
IM internet mash
IM internet mash - 4 months ago
jamie foxx is da boamb !!!
Sumit Vijaykumar
Sumit Vijaykumar - 4 months ago
@7:19 when he mimic Robert omg!!!! brilliant
Adam Mackey Smith
Adam Mackey Smith - 4 months ago
He needs to do a whole comedy special of just imitating peoples walks...
Falko Ollermann
Falko Ollermann - 4 months ago
he is amazing at storytelling!
Cristóbal Rodríguez
Cristóbal Rodríguez - 4 months ago
Jimmy kinda racist in this clip
Galactic Warlock
Galactic Warlock - 5 months ago
Gotta love it!
John - 5 months ago
Singer, comedian, actor, basketball player, impersonator...damn this guy is a god !!!
dameoftruth - 5 months ago
Jaime and Kevin Hart!
William Johnson
William Johnson - 5 months ago
Come on, Jamie! Helping people with the come up! Even the gardner! (Jamie also had Ed Sheeran stay with him before his big come up!) Jamie is the exact opposite of crab in a barrel mentality. 👏👏👏
Benin Badyal
Benin Badyal - 5 months ago
*watches Jamie Foxx tell a story
*stays dead forever
Conquerer13 - 5 months ago
This guy is literally the most interesting person in the world. Genius storyteller and a fantastic eye for talent and good people.
Jade Davis
Jade Davis - 5 months ago
He was looking for a band like Colbert or Fallon's lol
Manu Jolicoeur
Manu Jolicoeur - 5 months ago
Man his denzel impression was so good. Couldn't get enough of it.
Aravind Nair
Aravind Nair - 5 months ago
That split second Robert Downey Jr impression was amazingly accurate.
baldy hardnut
baldy hardnut - 5 months ago
I swear every interview with this guy is about parties.. like for real aint there another subject to talk about. Theres only so much you can talk about parties...?
Matus Hricik
Matus Hricik - 5 months ago
I got genuinely scared at 4:45, real life metamorphosis
Denis Pak
Denis Pak - 5 months ago
A bit scary how all of a sudden you see Denzel in the chair
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