When Hip-Hop and D&D Collide - Key & Peele

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Earnest Steve
Earnest Steve - 6 hours ago
No fucking way is the dude at 1:08 the same ripped soldier from Kong: Skull Island
holy shit
nyquil michael
nyquil michael - 6 hours ago
"i grabbed money out the register"
nyquil michael
nyquil michael - 6 hours ago
"id like to enter kanye on this adventure"
Kristen Scott
Kristen Scott - 8 hours ago
well-endowed wenches lolol
Mr M0nty
Mr M0nty - 11 hours ago
Kanye is the most based motherfucker in all of the land
Dylon James supertramp
Dylon James supertramp - 16 hours ago
This makes me wanna play DnD
dotsNfeathers - 22 hours ago
'where Dem bitches at'
Killy Shoot
Killy Shoot - Day ago
I love smoking dutches and playing some D&D
bigbaddawg101 - Day ago
I recently learned that alcohol and D&D can be hazardous. My naive druid somehow managed to unknowingly sneak into a thieves guild in a major town, somehow managed to be charismatic enough to become a member of the thieves guild, and invited thieves to set up a guild in the town where the adventurer's guild was based out of and specifically mentioned a wealthy noble as a target for thieving.
Jack Crater
Jack Crater - Day ago
I just imagine the whole story being acted out by a giant Kanye West wearing just sunglasses and a loincloth doing whatever he wants slapping bitches around.
Job Mausali
Job Mausali - Day ago
Wills Wesseh
Wills Wesseh - Day ago
Does he looks like Tyler the Creator?
William salter
William salter - 2 days ago
I'd like to join Kanye on his quest
Tyler H
Tyler H - 2 days ago
This is how it feels when I join on for this stuff.
Brian Joshua
Brian Joshua - 4 days ago
16 tiddiez fall out
Favorite Mustard
Favorite Mustard - 4 days ago
Glad he didn't roll an odd number,
there @ the end..!!
Jnoj1988 - 5 days ago
So glad this was reposted! I saw this year's ago on Vimeo. Still super funny!
Right AsReign
Right AsReign - 5 days ago
More like GTA meets D&D.
XYZdude0 - 6 days ago
Sounds like he would be a great shadowrun dm
scubajimmer - 6 days ago
"Uh, dear cousin" got me.
MARVO WILLIAMS - 7 days ago
Watt is D&D?
Kscott McCauslin
Kscott McCauslin - 8 days ago
dude I just learned how to play d&d the right way.
contrasvoid - 8 days ago
Dude from the gas station that reluctantly lets Michael use his phone when Jim leaves him behind. The Office.
Ash Amazon
Ash Amazon - 10 days ago
male nerds aren't good guys they're just douche-wannabes
Fatal - 11 days ago
D&D lit, but I need friends
Justin Warembourg
Justin Warembourg - 11 days ago
I also join Kanye the Giant on his quest!
Prynce Al
Prynce Al - 11 days ago
Realistic representation of lames that dont get or never had no pussy!! Ijs
DexterMullen - 12 days ago
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MrBla342 - 12 days ago
I would improv the shit out of Tyrell’s actions. Sounds like a lot of fun could’ve been had, especially since everyone else around the table are enjoying it too.
YourHorridDaydream - 12 days ago
These two are some of the best actors I've seen. Their skits are funny, but they go into their characters all the way. Even though the same guy will be playing different people, you never lose the fantasy that the character they are currently in is THAT character.
Someone give these guys an Oscar for best acting.
joe m
joe m - 12 days ago
Wow I didn’t realize Tyler the Creator was such a good actor!
-- - 13 days ago
Isn't that Pillboy from The Good Place? The first guy that says he'd like to join the quest?
colin chou
colin chou - 13 days ago
“Kanye the giant slaps that bitch.” “ Ohoh” 😂
Asdfjkl Aflj
Asdfjkl Aflj - 13 days ago
Love the stuffy nose voice
Tahjay Bernard
Tahjay Bernard - 13 days ago
The eye of oden opens up ..16 titties fall out
Ed Zehoo
Ed Zehoo - 13 days ago
941 titties disliked this video
Pelvis Wrestley
Pelvis Wrestley - 13 days ago
The new anime fanbase in a nutshell.
Joseph Carmody
Joseph Carmody - 14 days ago
This quest needs to be animated
GOLDLION25$ - 14 days ago
Yo dat be me if I had to play D&D I would not take that shit seriously
Urban Mnguni
Urban Mnguni - 14 days ago
Yall better not show this to Sheldon Cooper.
castricv - 14 days ago
Never played d and d, but i did play a version twice called vampire in my boarding school. This is badically all i did. I want to be big and crush people....but but you cant, so id just do it anyway and roll whatever. 15 min later game was done
worthless human
worthless human - 14 days ago
I remember it being hip pop when did it turn in to hip hop wtf
Douglas Foley
Douglas Foley - 14 days ago
LMFAO!!! 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 theres no cd’s but there are suv’s???......... 😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂
That Guy
That Guy - 14 days ago
"I want some bitches"
Reyna - 15 days ago
A new one!!!
Jonathan Newman
Jonathan Newman - 16 days ago
This is a true depiction of how stupid and hopeless blacks are shallow pcs of shit money bitches jewelry that's it ...
Kathy Kaguara
Kathy Kaguara - 16 days ago
The kids from stranger things are all grown up😂😂😂
Lucius - 16 days ago
There are literal bevies of well-endowed wenches? I haven't played DnD. It seems I have yet to start truly living my life.
dose of gaming
dose of gaming - 16 days ago
Who agrees they need to renew key and peele
Top Top
Top Top - 12 days ago
Peele is no longer going to do sketch comedy.
ImScaredofFame - 17 days ago
Key is basically Will in Stranger Things season 3.
Petra is best girl
Petra is best girl - 17 days ago
Finally! I've been looking for this forever.
Elan Fullmer
Elan Fullmer - 17 days ago
I love the “Hurrah!” at the end
Tommy Vang
Tommy Vang - 18 days ago
I accept Kanye The Giants gods.
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson - 18 days ago
Alizee is hot
Colby Dipsen
Colby Dipsen - 18 days ago
Anyone else think Jordan looks like Tyler the creator in this?
Sethington - 18 days ago
how are people that nerd though?
Savannah Jackson
Savannah Jackson - 18 days ago
Kanye the giant orders Alize 😂
Gabriele Genota
Gabriele Genota - 19 days ago
Damn this DM is unfun
Theo Tsachiltzis
Theo Tsachiltzis - 19 days ago
Where the club at at Iseldor yo?
JonesiBoy Beastmode
JonesiBoy Beastmode - 19 days ago
Reminds me of when Will wanted to play D and D...
Comrade Noniabyz
Comrade Noniabyz - 19 days ago
Pretty sure that this was just a standard Shadowrun session.
celkat - 20 days ago
Hats off to the supporting actors in K&P's skits. Always top drawer!
Alex Mackie
Alex Mackie - 20 days ago
Gbone Philly
Gbone Philly - 20 days ago
Apparently You Tube is pushing K&P because it keeps coming up in my feed and I am not subrscribed. But every other video in my feed is K &P. Totally not interested
Con mc22
Con mc22 - 21 day ago
stranger things sure has changed
spwan10 - 21 day ago
To funny
ali g
ali g - 21 day ago
keegan has a cold in this one
Lilith Dalais
Lilith Dalais - 21 day ago
DMs that are uncomfortable with homebrewing aspects that include players of different backgrounds are weak af. Want the G to go on a fantasy quest? Have the BBEG kidnap his best bitch and keep her in a loot room full of iced out chains and watches and Versace belts.
Bryan Ganz
Bryan Ganz - 21 day ago
Wow they actually got the small details correct. They must play for real.
Emelia Onichi
Emelia Onichi - 21 day ago
Derrick Williams
Derrick Williams - 21 day ago
Basically will in stranger things
Lee Jones
Lee Jones - 21 day ago
It's not an adventuring party until you've stolen something together, picked a hopeless fight, and rolled to flirt an enemy into submission
M Diesel
M Diesel - 21 day ago
LMFFAAAOOOOOO although. Leta keep it real #JesusISTheTruth k&p is funny AF hahaha
giveagoodsong - 21 day ago
Tyquaan Staton-Fuller
Tyquaan Staton-Fuller - 22 days ago
So when's the second episode?
IC - 22 days ago
I'm a nerd...and Key's voice makes me want to give him a wedgie
aap - 22 days ago
the fact that key can speak the whole duration of the skit as if his nose is full of flem is darn impressive already. lol
General Fletch
General Fletch - 22 days ago
The dude could’ve just been a Goliath duh
Kristofer Canoli
Kristofer Canoli - 22 days ago
*the eye of odin opens up and sixteen tiddies fall out*
Maria Main
Maria Main - 22 days ago
This made me laugh way more than it Should have 😂
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