Little Mix - Shout Out to My Ex (Live from Capital FM's Jingle Bell Ball)

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DW 001
DW 001 - Day ago
*1st Vocalist, period.*
MinSana 96
MinSana 96 - 2 days ago
Just love how she says hadid
retona smith
retona smith - 3 days ago
On point tho
Milk Sips
Milk Sips - 3 days ago
Jesy you rock!!
Lisa Thompson
Lisa Thompson - 3 days ago
Love this song
min suga
min suga - 3 days ago
This is a shout-out to my ex heard he in love some MODEL chick.......

Hope she ain't faking like HADID baby🤣🤣🤣
Just remembered that line haha
a - 4 days ago
Little mix >>>>>>>>>>>> blackpink
wdw_marais37 - 5 days ago
Little Mix didnt only bring down Zayn

*They killed him*
Khadeeja Ibrahim
Khadeeja Ibrahim - 5 days ago
Perrie that what you get Zane
Perrie:go with Gigi now 😂😂😂😂
Claire Rose
Claire Rose - 6 days ago
i love your songs
Am13ica K3l
Am13ica K3l - 7 days ago
Zayn Malik has...zayned.
Lilly may Evans
Lilly may Evans - 7 days ago
I keep hearing this is a shout out to my eggs 😂
KayKayTV - 8 days ago
That WALK is life 🥺🥺💜💜😍😍🥵
KayKayTV - 9 days ago
I stand for these outfits 😍😍
Melly Rizal
Melly Rizal - 10 days ago
Hallo? Saya seneng banget sama litle mix
naila jilani
naila jilani - 11 days ago
All credit to zayn he broke up and we got a legendary song!! Don't take me at the wrong side .
Elsa Summerriver
Elsa Summerriver - 12 days ago
The part where it says “hay look at me now” the people who bullied Jess well I mean their at home watching this now and are thinking wow I was wrong
Andree Camile Claridad
Andree Camile Claridad - 12 days ago
I Really LOVE the song
Asia Repetto
Asia Repetto - 14 days ago
can’t believe I’m seeing them live in two weeks
Alexmar Agaton
Alexmar Agaton - 15 days ago
Pure Vocals Haters ♥️
TherenceJamre Bote
TherenceJamre Bote - 17 days ago
When Zayn malik smiled at me. It killed me. 😘
Siddhant Ray
Siddhant Ray - 17 days ago
Shout to Zayn Malik.
Lovely Bunny
Lovely Bunny - 17 days ago
Perries voice is definitely the strongest.
Violeta Beshiri
Violeta Beshiri - 18 days ago
Leigh-Anne is looking very great with that hair and dress💕💕💕
Always new news
Always new news - 19 days ago
Layan 55
Layan 55 - 20 days ago
I’m glad zayn Malik broke up with perrie. Bcz I’m obsessed with alerrie. Alex and perrie.
Janiellealexis Rosales
Janiellealexis Rosales - 20 days ago
2019 anyone?
Overwatch Gaming
Overwatch Gaming - 22 days ago
Is her ex boyfriend really there?
Shreya Bhala
Shreya Bhala - 22 days ago
Jade looks so cute
cute animals
cute animals - 23 days ago
You all don't know the full story.. you don't know what really happened. Stop hating on zayn and as well as perrie. Stfu you are no one to say anything
Jade Welch
Jade Welch - 24 days ago
*Zayn immortalised in song form for not being the best in bed... Poor fella!!*
Jade Welch
Jade Welch - 24 days ago
I LOVE this songs. Even though me and my ex fiancé get on great. He did cancel the wedding to my mum when I was unconscious waiting for an ambulance though lol. I always sing this at the top of my lungs lol 😂.
Denice Bercero
Denice Bercero - 24 days ago
Perrie said this is shout to my eggs
S7ar Malik
S7ar Malik - 26 days ago
I love Zayn :)
Kerin Yusuf
Kerin Yusuf - 26 days ago
I like little mix
Sofia sheila Bulalacao
Sofia sheila Bulalacao - 26 days ago
2019 everyone?
violet marsh 122311
violet marsh 122311 - 28 days ago
me singing teacher is doing covers and i begged her to sing this song for me after the lesson i was SOOOO happy
Rita Cardelus
Rita Cardelus - 28 days ago
Perrie say helo Zayn Malik JaJaJa 🤣
Rui Mendonça
Rui Mendonça - 29 days ago
The playback is strong
camila Jesus
camila Jesus - 29 days ago
Música foda
Katie Bruxelles
Katie Bruxelles - Month ago
hate to be a nerd but there's a thread of people talking about how little mix doesn't sound British when they sing - it's because when people sing they shape their vowels. Americans speak with the worst vowels. That's what generally separates speaking accents; vowels.
Iv An
Iv An - Month ago
Zayn contrubuting a lot to music industry
Even with breakup thing also
Chingte Tonsing
Chingte Tonsing - Month ago
They are best in their own way😓❤️
John legend Legend
John legend Legend - Month ago
Love fom India
Meena ojha
Meena ojha - Month ago
When the live's better than actual song 😍
Ne Znam
Ne Znam - Month ago
The Song of Love
The Song of Love - Month ago
wooow love this song so much
Kevin Grandfather
Kevin Grandfather - Month ago
2019 but still watching 💕💕💕
Kevin Grandfather
Kevin Grandfather - Month ago
2019 💕💕💕
Kevin Grandfather
Kevin Grandfather - Month ago
2019 💕💕💕
Ranu Debnath
Ranu Debnath - Month ago
I love you Zayn Malik.💓. No matter what, u r my king 😍💞💕
Trisha Rathore
Trisha Rathore - Month ago
Plz dont blame zayn
He just wanted good for perrie
It’ll break her heart even more if they’re marriage didnt went well

And you got a great song
Trisha Rathore
Trisha Rathore - Month ago
alexei she said nothing like that happend HE DIDNT BROKE UP WITH HER THROGH A TEXT and perrie said that on LIVE tv If u dont know
alexei - Month ago
He broke up with her trough text
Sarah Jameelah
Sarah Jameelah - Month ago
If perrie never loved zayn malik she would have a better life like if u agree
Melissa Florenzano
Melissa Florenzano - Month ago
Hey jeff look at me now .... Lol im laughin my as* off
james labz
james labz - Month ago
illuminate girls
Müzayn Malik
Müzayn Malik - Month ago
nidhi chaudhary
nidhi chaudhary - Month ago
when you will come to india
love from india 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Harshita - Month ago
zigi broke up and "the chick" can't even sing this to her ex.
Ramie Evans
Ramie Evans - Month ago
Every comment on this song is about Perrie shading Zayn but I swear Jade is always the shadiest one in every performance 😂😂😂
Maryam AL QURAISHI - Month ago
Ppl:Shut up to my EX(( XD ik it's shout out))
Meh: but I don't have one I am a single Pringle UwU
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