5 Kitchen Gadgets put to the Test Part 27

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Miss GreenEyes
Miss GreenEyes - День назад
That cotton candy maker looks like a portable bidet.
Toasty Boy
Toasty Boy - 7 дней назад
Taras ur a OG youtuber ive been watching since day 1
Elizabeth H.
Elizabeth H. - 8 дней назад
disnySurpriseeggs - 12 дней назад
You love your gadgects lol.
Cristian Portillo
Cristian Portillo - 13 дней назад
Okay I have a very important question........... WHO TF GRATES APPLES?????
S U B S C R I B E T O P E W D I E P I E - 14 дней назад
Potata potata I love these videos
Miss GreenEyes
Miss GreenEyes - День назад
you say potata, I say patata
the tech
the tech - 18 дней назад
Make one vedio 1million kitchen gadgets put to the test
Queenie !
Queenie ! - 18 дней назад
Did he just say the coffee gadget was peeing-
Miss GreenEyes
Miss GreenEyes - День назад
He did.
Sora Plays
Sora Plays - 22 дня назад
Welcome to the carnival my dude
Hello Hello
Hello Hello - 22 дня назад
Will it work with fiberglass?
S0mp - 23 дня назад
Boom cool gadgeks
Tom Draw Channel
Tom Draw Channel - 25 дней назад
One of my colleagues cut his finger while using mandolin
Maximilian Jaxn
Maximilian Jaxn - 26 дней назад
Awe I wanna come over an see all the gadgets you still have 😂 definitely making cotton candy 👀🤫
Cyborg—fizz 12
Cyborg—fizz 12 - 28 дней назад
My brother has a cotton candy machine.
Parto V1
Parto V1 - 28 дней назад
Ownions, potata and cewcumbaz
Amanda Alves
Amanda Alves - Месяц назад
05:13 ew
shakethatbo - Месяц назад
John Kennedyk
John Kennedyk - Месяц назад
Might help if you read the instructions every now and then. LOL
Levi Gordon
Levi Gordon - Месяц назад
It's hash browns 😁👍
Anya Smith
Anya Smith - Месяц назад
Hi Taras! I’ve been watching your shows since last year. Your videos are really great and reviews were very genuine. Just a question, where and how did you purchase the Multi-kitchen dicer from Gourmia? Thanks in advance :)
Vishwanath Deshpande
Vishwanath Deshpande - Месяц назад
Welcome to my labortorvary
Efafmoin Moin
Efafmoin Moin - Месяц назад
Use granular sugar MR HACKER
Barry Smith
Barry Smith - Месяц назад
It makes hash browns that's what it could be called so cool
The way he made and ate cotton candy👻
Noah Yam
Noah Yam - Месяц назад
Amelia But I like Ashley better
Amelia But I like Ashley better - Месяц назад
I have some of those gadgets
Meehir Mahajan
Meehir Mahajan - Месяц назад
I buy the onion slicer
welivedielive - Месяц назад
instructions are for Pu@#$%^!
Ronald Pevahouse
Ronald Pevahouse - Месяц назад
I wonder if for turning a block of normal ice cream into soft serve a verticle cylendar with side crank handle and bottom nozzle with meat grinder screw in center for frozen strawberies
Marlon Mora
Marlon Mora - Месяц назад
Where did you get that egg coffee mug ..
Amber Ibbotson
Amber Ibbotson - Месяц назад
On the cotton candy one he eats like a pig. lol
Sobergirl0629 _
Sobergirl0629 _ - Месяц назад
“Now you can make it whatever that IHOP makes potatoes.” 😁
Hash browns
/MANGO SEED\ - Месяц назад
I love watching "kichin gajiks"
LeslieKarina11 - Месяц назад
Boom ❤️☺️
Jacob Kolsen
Jacob Kolsen - 2 месяца назад
Very simple, instructions are complicated hahaha
Chicken Peep Gaming
Chicken Peep Gaming - 2 месяца назад
All food or kitchen gadgets is basically watching him eat stuff ;D
Carlton Rose
Carlton Rose - 2 месяца назад
Is safty the numvaone priority tho??! 🤣
paranormal channel X
paranormal channel X - 2 месяца назад
It seems all these gadgets aim to make people lazy 🤣
paranormal channel X
paranormal channel X - 2 месяца назад
You didn't. Let the cotton candy maker heat up enough...we had a small version and you had to make sure it was nice and hot and put the sugar in whilst the machine was running 😊
Phúc Nguyễn
Phúc Nguyễn - 2 месяца назад
13:28 uhh..........whut?!!
Phantom Forgotten
Phantom Forgotten - 2 месяца назад
Roland Szilágyi
Roland Szilágyi - 2 месяца назад
Teleshop lol
Jorielle and Azalea’s Doll show
Jorielle and Azalea’s Doll show - 2 месяца назад
Some people say potato some say potaato and some say patata 🤣
Kiwi Keeper
Kiwi Keeper - 2 месяца назад
He's having way too much fun with the potato slicer! XD lol
NotShawki - 2 месяца назад
Middle Eastern Jordan
Middle Eastern Jordan - 2 месяца назад
His breathing though lol
Kimberly Armstrong
Kimberly Armstrong - 2 месяца назад
Blades are SHARP...be careful.
David Eranosian
David Eranosian - 2 месяца назад
I love your videos, but its still kinda disgusting to see the way you eat. Try closing your mouth for once
LALJI MANODRA - 2 месяца назад
LALJI MANODRA - 2 месяца назад
Chopper is nice with onion
Star Galaxy
Star Galaxy - 2 месяца назад
“Whatever that IHOP makes potatoes” 😂😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Tenderized Chicken
Tenderized Chicken - 2 месяца назад
“i think it’s a shoega
English Bob
English Bob - 2 месяца назад
Candy floss
Eclipse Security
Eclipse Security - 2 месяца назад
I always have wondered how much he spends on groceries doing all of these :)
Michael Greer
Michael Greer - 2 месяца назад
9:10 you can make some good hash browns with that
Your local asshole
Your local asshole - 2 месяца назад
Ezz Soliman
Ezz Soliman - 2 месяца назад
Hold it kharezontal 😂😂
Jupiter Saturn
Jupiter Saturn - 2 месяца назад
What do u do with all the stuff you get dude .
Sherie Brodigan
Sherie Brodigan - 2 месяца назад
Watching potato cutting.
Murphys Law
Murphys Law - 2 месяца назад
Pro tip: use jolly ranchers in the cotton candy machine
michy lee
michy lee - 2 месяца назад
That gudetama muggggg
wolfie !!!
wolfie !!! - 2 месяца назад
"Now you can make it whatever ihop makes patatos" -crazy russian hacker
Levi Marychurch
Levi Marychurch - 2 месяца назад
Love coten candy
Xx Suga_Kookie xX
Xx Suga_Kookie xX - 2 месяца назад
Can we talk about that Gudetama mug? 😫😫😫
SUPERMAN51878 - 2 месяца назад
Like the way he says cucumber 😁👍
Moody Blues
Moody Blues - 2 месяца назад
Wayyyyyyyyyy to optimistic
Teresa Nanry
Teresa Nanry - 2 месяца назад
to funny, The coffee bag gadget can be used also to open it up flip the lid on top and put bag around the edge and close the top and snap together. when you use it open the lid and pour and then close lid and store it. Love your videos.
Rebekah F.
Rebekah F. - 2 месяца назад
Your funny without trying to be funny 😄
Rebekah F.
Rebekah F. - 2 месяца назад
Connon cany
Kaitlin Tinker
Kaitlin Tinker - 2 месяца назад
I love watching ur videos :)
Nikolay Minchev
Nikolay Minchev - 2 месяца назад
For that green slicer that you said it's the best in the world... Try Borner thats the thing. My family uses it almost 7 years and it's still sharp as in the beginning. Try that one ;)
XxyoungsauceXx - 2 месяца назад
Have anyone wondered what was he gonna do with all those potatoes😂😂
Carol Jackson
Carol Jackson - 2 месяца назад
The cotton candy, nice.
Take Off
Take Off - 2 месяца назад
ClaireAndFluffy - 2 месяца назад
4:40 “It’s so FRESH and fluffy.” 4:49 “At the supermarkets you can buy cotton candy in a JUG.”😂👏🏼👏🏼 this dude cracks me up
deathvortex - 2 месяца назад
Alpha Wrath
Alpha Wrath - 2 месяца назад
How much of this food do you actually think he eats?
FISHNWHIPS - 2 месяца назад
i think the best gajik was potata sliser!
Felipe Cabrera Schäffer
Felipe Cabrera Schäffer - 2 месяца назад
Mike Breault
Mike Breault - 2 месяца назад
Looks like the cotton candy thing is gunna light on fire
Jt MONEY - 2 месяца назад
4:22 had me the whole video 🤣🤣🤣
Qwerty Kimi
Qwerty Kimi - 2 месяца назад
Crazy kitchen gadgets
Rio The Parrot
Rio The Parrot - 2 месяца назад
Thar u goo
kstol - 2 месяца назад
Ooo that’s a big onyo
Tswizzy Gaming
Tswizzy Gaming - 2 месяца назад
Legit there was an on and off switch on the cotton candy machine 🤦‍♂️
Zin Naing
Zin Naing - 2 месяца назад
Welcome back to school people
Riyaj Mulla
Riyaj Mulla - 2 месяца назад
The way you ate cotton candy was disgusting
Riyaj Mulla
Riyaj Mulla - 2 месяца назад
Part 27
Muris01 - 2 месяца назад
WOW that's amazin
Anthony Fish
Anthony Fish - 2 месяца назад
My favorite one was the coffee gadget
Joseph Hannouche
Joseph Hannouche - 2 месяца назад
I wonder if he ever uses the food that he slices/cuts/chops in his videos. Like if you agree
Joseph Hannouche
Joseph Hannouche - 2 месяца назад
Whatta beauty
Unknown Savage
Unknown Savage - 2 месяца назад
I wonder how many gadgets you have in your house.. lol
Math Boi
Math Boi - 2 месяца назад
i like his accent and his vids
puppy playz gacha
puppy playz gacha - 2 месяца назад
14:59 Even more lol
puppy playz gacha
puppy playz gacha - 2 месяца назад
14:50 lol
D Ramos
D Ramos - 2 месяца назад
*S H U G A*
Victor Marroquin
Victor Marroquin - 2 месяца назад
IHOP makes potatoes
The Last Scout [TLS]
The Last Scout [TLS] - 2 месяца назад
Cotton candy *MASHIN*
Jt MONEY - 2 месяца назад
In his gajik room
Hao Cui
Hao Cui - 2 месяца назад
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