HIGHLIGHTS | Joshua vs. Miller Press Conference

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anil rawat
anil rawat - Day ago
Miller lost this Championship he have overConfidence
Christian G.
Christian G. - 3 days ago
We lost a great debacle. ;(
Dimitris Sel
Dimitris Sel - 4 days ago
This guy Miller should have a word with Mcgregor... that would be so funny..!!!!
Who the fook is that guy...!!!!!???
Luce Bello
Luce Bello - 5 days ago
When Miller finished taking drugs he start behaving like an animal
Luce Bello
Luce Bello - 5 days ago
Heart of a warrior don't fast, AJ is the real warrior
smile cute
smile cute - 5 days ago
Bigger than peds
Arnab Sharma
Arnab Sharma - 5 days ago
the average height on this stage is 6' 2".
Ayks - 5 days ago
Thanks Miller for wasting the boxing fans and AJ's time, you just had to hit the juice because you don't believe in beating AJ on your own
ottoman90atrix - 5 days ago
Fatboy vs a complete fighter Aj ftw
Rich Thomas
Rich Thomas - 8 days ago
Big bitch Miller a bouncer on drugs knew he wasn't going to fight AJ so he acted tough at the conference smh at these chumps who talk a good game
A A - 10 days ago
Americans just hype know action!!!! Straight facts
Richard Keller
Richard Keller - 11 days ago
Miller.....all talk....gonna get mauled.
NubianEmpress Sphinx
NubianEmpress Sphinx - 11 days ago
Big bitch baby
NubianEmpress Sphinx
NubianEmpress Sphinx - 11 days ago
This shows you Americans talk to much. And do to much
Aka London
Aka London - 12 days ago
obi conrad
obi conrad - 16 days ago
Miller is talking too much and he is talking rubbish
Spit Fire
Spit Fire - 21 day ago
We knew he was on roids then.
Miller is a straight embarrassment. No class. No heart. No honor.
khel frampton
khel frampton - 22 days ago
Anthony will beat ut fat stupid lookin ass to the canvas wit a smile.ur a dunce miller.u dont kno how to conduct urself.u are weak an scared pulling on a savage mask to hide it. U are a clown.u sound uneducated an dumb af.dis is big dis is big dis is big stfu.its wudda be ur biggest knockout u lucky u took drugs u cunt
Ryan Currell
Ryan Currell - 25 days ago
Miller could have taken all the drugs in the world and he would have still got knocked out by aj within 7 rounds this guys a fat fucking cheat, never wanted aj to knock out a loud mouth american so much there all the same all talk but they won't fight aj, wilder keeps ducking him, they're all talk and no game..
anesti mihalchev
anesti mihalchev - 26 days ago
Craig Dobbin
Craig Dobbin - 28 days ago
Boo hoo ya cheating cunt
Harambe - 28 days ago
Well this was all for nothing.
Du5ty - 29 days ago
Was looking forward to seeing this until someone “snuck” steroids in millers burger 🍔 lol
Du5ty - 29 days ago
Well that fight went down well lol
Hamza Amir
Hamza Amir - Month ago
Fookin drug dealer
destoo Ik
destoo Ik - Month ago
Well we all know this isn’t happening anymore
hoggath hogg
hoggath hogg - Month ago
3:32 ..................... the pure liquid cringe this man produces. oozing out of his cheesie face
Ash Jaeger
Ash Jaeger - Month ago
PhdMusic03 - Month ago
I’m rooting for the American but miller is all over the place. He should take notes before he speaks bc this speech of his was all over the place.
Solomon Tabase
Solomon Tabase - Month ago
Put him Apollo creeds place aj put him in a coffin with no one to remember him
John King
John King - Month ago
Steve CHILVERS - Month ago
Skip to 16:12. That's when it gets good
HorlicksB4Bed - Month ago
AJ needs to teach this prick some respek! 👊😖
David Clarke
David Clarke - Month ago
David Clarke
David Clarke - Month ago
millers blown it now and failed a 2nd test for HGH.So fight is defo off and miller is finished.
John King
John King - Month ago
3rd now
norvinzor - Month ago
now he failed 3rd test lmao
Bereshit bara Elohim
Bereshit bara Elohim - Month ago
Clearly Miller is realizing he's going to get his ass wooooopppppeeedd hahahaha so he made his last speech. It was an impressive push however I didn't expect that from a guy who wears a skirt in a boxing ring
safwan wail
safwan wail - Month ago
All that talk and the push now that fight is not happening because of cheat bastard baby Milly has let him and his family down!!!!! What a disgrace this man is 😬😬
Le Fez
Le Fez - Month ago
Miller 💉💉💊💊💊💉💊💊💉
Vbastard - Month ago
"this is bigger than boxing"..baby miller..Then Takes performance increasing drugs, basically won the lottery and ripped up the ticket
Eli Salazar
Eli Salazar - Month ago
miller is literally a dumbass
Joseph Dinsley
Joseph Dinsley - Month ago
17:28 🤦🏽‍♂️
anynameyouwant - Month ago
So AJ was right all along! Big Baby has been juicing and has been caught using a product that used to be well hidden by masking agents. Not any more, Big Baby, so what are you going to do now? Run to your mamma crying, I should imagine.
Tiff Sky
Tiff Sky - Month ago
Miller IS a big baby 👶🏽 maybe don’t be a knucklehead and articulate yourself better and your life Will change the news said his urine test came back with an adverse substance so the fight may be canceled. Tough guy.
Tiff Sky
Tiff Sky - Month ago
I’m American, but it’s American behavior like this that is so embarrassing. So not classy to push Anthony like that. Miller is very threatened by Anthony.
Sean Buchanan
Sean Buchanan - Month ago
You have some nerve. Im not a Joshua fan but Miller accuses him of drugs. But who fails the tests. Miller. This is why Joshua will keep his belts. No one steps up. Pathetic
elliott Burgess
elliott Burgess - Month ago
Why do all these fighters act like they are the only ones who had hard lives? Stop about something else already.
Sojourn RnR
Sojourn RnR - Month ago
Ok Miller dared joshua but joshua bitched up.
Henry Bullock
Henry Bullock - Month ago
Joshua gained twenty pounds cause he went from a big man to a huge man. He was 18 when he won the Olympic s I swear. Millers deluded saying bodybuilders don’t put on that much muscle a year. They don’t because they are already fucking huge and would rather be conditioned.
Le Fez
Le Fez - Month ago
+Henry Bullock Sorry but it's hard for someone to put 20 lbs full of muscle within a year.
Henry Bullock
Henry Bullock - Month ago
Le Fez fair enough I didn’t know about the age but 20lbs isn’t a huge gain seeing as he bilked out a lot in general
Le Fez
Le Fez - Month ago
I love Joshua and all but he was 23 when he was in the Olympics and not 18 and the muscle gain is suspicious but not conclusive.
Darius Chinoy
Darius Chinoy - Month ago
AJ is gentleman who will pick up a trashed banana peel and put it in the dustbin. That's what Miller is.
ifixyourhom - Month ago
i hope AJ knocks him the fuck out
Vidsweekly94 - Month ago
Easy fight for AJ miller doesn’t have a chance
Luke Schneider
Luke Schneider - Month ago
Are there subtitles for MILLER'S English ? :-)
Enoch Charlie
Enoch Charlie - Month ago
Tuan Thanh
Tuan Thanh - Month ago
Thăng mâp láo nay mai đanh chêt me nó luôn
Outside Mayor
Outside Mayor - Month ago
Shut it miller ffs 😂,
Tbh though,
it’s good to see AJ biting too ! 😝
Nils Holgerson
Nils Holgerson - Month ago
Big bitch miller !!! And
The Best man win !!!
Foster Asare
Foster Asare - Month ago
Nigeria 🇳🇬/Britain 🇬🇧 eba vs America burger 🍔 😂😂😂😂Miller you gonna get your damn ass kicked 👊👊
Wayne p
Wayne p - Month ago
The can with the least in it rattles the most
Gloria MPS_ Inves
Gloria MPS_ Inves - Month ago
Miller the cheeseburger king!
Gloria MPS_ Inves
Gloria MPS_ Inves - Month ago
Miller voice is louder than his punch on June 1.
MrHustlerHD - Month ago
Fuck me get 🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻for Miller god
Reece Mills
Reece Mills - Month ago
Miller your a child weres the sportsman ship at u big headed fool AJ you got this ur his landlord as u r saying ull show this hippo what a boxer is he's all fat an water ull have him
young abu
young abu - Month ago
Stupid nonsense ass I can see his back just front back of his head.
I met really educated and proud black Americans and I have so much love for them including a lot celebrities Obama and his First Lady but feel sorry for those stupid one you have in there they brain blowin
Locke der Boss
Locke der Boss - Month ago
Miller you fat lil bastard
AZO - Month ago
20:46 we can actually saw his fat ass 😂😂
AZO - Month ago
10:54 look at the guy who roles his eyes on the left 🤣🤣
Andrew Garland
Andrew Garland - Month ago
Joshua will knock this fat shit out in 2 rounds easy night work
Josiah Paz
Josiah Paz - Month ago
We in America don’t claim Miller
GERMAN FORCE - Month ago
Ezra Pound
Ezra Pound - Month ago
Miller ... sad
Just Incase
Just Incase - Month ago
Is Miller serious.....I just can't understand his word!!!
Imhotep Pease
Imhotep Pease - Month ago
AJ is going to embarrass baby miller.
K M - Month ago
WOW! I ain't cried so much in my life. That poor man. Poor, poor man. Phfff! BOOM! BANG! Zzz Zzz. "Ambulance for Miller"
rodeo 4
rodeo 4 - Month ago
I know right.. But I felt AJ could of shown a bit more tact and not dozed off while miller shared his Sad childhood
Joseph Williams
Joseph Williams - Month ago
Miller acting imature and he is a real weirdo
Trey Peterson
Trey Peterson - Month ago
Andrew - Month ago
miller is so ugly
maksym binczak
maksym binczak - Month ago
Time will tell that why we have this fight
Kelvin Buff Mann
Kelvin Buff Mann - Month ago
Fucc this fat American ferg Joshua gonna ko your fat ass
Sardar Aayan
Sardar Aayan - Month ago
I love aj but drake's curse in combat sports in so bad and drake is with aj😞😞
Piotr Czaszka
Piotr Czaszka - Month ago
Sardar Aayan.hh
shy land
shy land - Month ago
what position in soccer did you play STANDAROUND or ZIPPASTME
Robbie Wizz
Robbie Wizz - Month ago
Soccer ???!!! We play football mate
shy land
shy land - Month ago
bro u been focusing on donuts brownies and little Debbie not AJ u been at the corner store spending baby shoe money on Twinkies
shy land
shy land - Month ago
oh your fat ass had some sugar
Gabor Didier Edoh
Gabor Didier Edoh - Month ago
Big baby is messing up with a British guy with Nigerian blood I guess he don't know what for fight is waiting for him. Screaming I am home I am home he will see fireworks Only if Joshua remember how big baby denigrates his mother seriously this fight I something personal
Leohardson Stevenson
Leohardson Stevenson - Month ago
That Miller guy is like a bag of shit and fat
Elvis Mengisto
Elvis Mengisto - Month ago
I slept for 18 years on the floor with no bed, well in June Jerrell you gonna be sleeping on the canvas. He had his chance to talk shit but won't Anthony have his say, peace of shyte
Bokane25 - Month ago
BBM is full of shit and he looks like one
Frengy Synaga
Frengy Synaga - Month ago
God Aj 👍
Heragoth - Month ago
Miller's starting to expose this clown a bit.
Isaac Smith
Isaac Smith - Month ago
AJ is the least intimidating person 😂
Twiggz Williams
Twiggz Williams - 14 days ago
Isaac Smith tell that to Anthony Joshua
Miname nomo
Miname nomo - Month ago
Too much noise asshole.. AJ will fight the shit out of his big mouth..
Delrach Dubal
Delrach Dubal - Month ago
Maybe I might be the only one... Joshua... Don't sleep on Miller. He has nothing to lose and everything to gain. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if someone early on Miller catches Joshua with some good shots but... Joshua definitely won't be denied. This has the potential to be a good one. Only time will tell....
Dynamite Jones
Dynamite Jones - Month ago
So tired of the "I grew up hard, I was broke" ... Damn near everybody know somebody who grew up ruff, it doesnt mean you are entitled to win
KLJF - Month ago
only I have the intelligence to know what AJ means by "landlord coming for the rent" TRUST ME , AJ HIMSELFE DOESN'T KNOW WHAT HE HAS JUST REVEALED ABOUT HIMSELF WITH THOSE WORDS .
KLJF - Month ago
school boy error , banging your hands down on a table .... you could break a bone you twat .
GammaRay Burst
GammaRay Burst - Month ago
How old are you??????
Ned Achilles
Ned Achilles - Month ago
that fat pig is so full of shit, what can i say! Muricans xD
Ultra instinct Yusein
Ultra instinct Yusein - Month ago
Khabib and Joshua are very calm fighters tbh
raymond rembert
raymond rembert - Month ago
I hope big greasy Miller can back up that talk. If he get pass 5 rounds its over
paul kelly
paul kelly - Month ago
femi gbadeyan
femi gbadeyan - Month ago
omo........ filling that yoruba acsent "i am your landlord"
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