Samsung Notebook 9 Pen: Full Feature Tour (2019)

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VIRAL GAMER 100 - Day ago
That s pen is the same on the galaxy note 9
Amal Dev
Amal Dev - 8 days ago
Best company 👍👍
Diego Lopez
Diego Lopez - 12 days ago
What is the difference between this one and the pro version? Why is this one more expensive?
Glenn Billings
Glenn Billings - 12 days ago
This looks like a very cool laptop.
I am glad that another laptop manufacture is beginning to recognize
that the Keyboard should not have to be the only input into a computer.
A Stylus lets you draw picture "worth a thousand words".
As far as Smart Phones are concerned
Samsung makes a great smart phone because it has a Stylus.
And as smart as Steve Jobs was, 
he was not that smart when he said that you don't need a Stylus;
you use your finger.
Now Samsung makes a great Laptop to work with the same looking
Stylus on their smartphones and tablets.

When will Apple catch up.
They are still living in the shadow of the ghost of Steve Jobs.
They don't even make a touch screen laptop,
much less one with a Stylus.
pfc - 15 days ago
Btw can you sell it at Indonesia
pfc - 15 days ago
This is the collaboration of samsung and intel, nice
Ghost 123
Ghost 123 - 25 days ago
I love samsung😍
Carlukio - Month ago
so... where can I buy this
Josephine Crucena
Josephine Crucena - Month ago
This look's like the future 😍😍😍
Juan Pablo Ascencio
Juan Pablo Ascencio - Month ago
but... how well does it run linux?
Егор - Month ago
Если бы эти ребята знали что такое дизайн...
Antonio Velazquez
Antonio Velazquez - Month ago
The samsung is a perfect mechanism
Alpha 007
Alpha 007 - Month ago
Wow! How much
Lê,h Santos Santinhaaa
O Melhor notebook da Samsung, Essentials E20!❤📿🖒
PichuBloxy - Month ago
Whats the name of the music ?
Ghost 123
Ghost 123 - Month ago
And some people still say Apple comercials are better😂
Ghost 123
Ghost 123 - Month ago
Wow😍 That's an awesome Comercial!😁
Charlie Azcuña
Charlie Azcuña - Month ago
Ernest Cummings
Ernest Cummings - Month ago
Just ordered mine today!
vamos_vamos - Month ago
Por favor vuelvan a colocar el control rapido de volumen
vamos_vamos - Month ago
please reposition, fast volume control
vamos_vamos - Month ago
The new update of android is very bad besides they removed the control of fast volume if you use an application in games the ping raises a lot and occupies more performance
vamos_vamos - Month ago
La nueva actualizacion de android es muy mala ademas quitaron el control de volumen rapido si usas una aplicacion en juegos el ping sube mucho y ocupa mas rendimiento.
Mobile Carnuval
Mobile Carnuval - Month ago
심재일 - 2 months ago
ايمان شيحة
ايمان شيحة - 2 months ago
Now this pen
Khurshid Amos
Khurshid Amos - 2 months ago
What you Think About Samsung Galaxy phone ❔
Khurshid Amos
Khurshid Amos - 2 months ago
Samsung Galaxy 1
Maio sui
Maio sui - 2 months ago
Where's the white one? They lied :'c
Maio sui
Maio sui - Month ago
+Klozeminded is not on sale in the usa :c
Klozeminded - Month ago
It's there in the last scene- it's kind of upside down but the white one is to the left
Jeremy Marvin
Jeremy Marvin - 2 months ago
Purchased day after it released. Waiting for Shipment!!!! Can't Wait!
eurodudenj - Month ago
Did you receive yours (2019 model) yet? How do you like it. How is the battery life (that was one complaint of the 2018 version)? Also how is the keyboard - I have seen mixed reviews of the keyboard on the 2018 model.
John Marley
John Marley - 2 months ago
Ele tem rejeição a Palma?
Ubisoft bugsoft
Ubisoft bugsoft - 2 months ago
Name music ??
BuckRogers - 2 months ago
Samsung Notebook 9 Pen is my favorite all-rounder laptop for home use. Macbook Air is a close 2nd, probably highest build quality of anything on the market, but the 2-in-1 feature is just really nice. For my work machine I prefer the Thinkpad X1 Extreme or MBP15. I'm not actively biased, I use everything. Sorry if you read this comment hoping I was either a diehard Samsung person or Apple person. :)
BuckRogers - Month ago
I have both an X1 Extreme and Notebook 9 Pen 15 on the way. On battery life, if you use your machine for heavy CPU/IO intensive work, nothing has good battery life. The X1 Extreme is like my current XPS15, a mobile workstation usually with 6 cores. My XPS has the 97Wh battery (largest legal capacity on airlines) and it's not that good if I try to work with it unplugged. Definitely not the best choice for browsing alone. I prefer 13-14" screens, but have to use an XPS15/MBP15/X1 Extreme for my work. I'd definitely get the Notebook 9 Pro 13 for my personal use, maybe the X1 Yoga.
eurodudenj - Month ago
Have the X1 Extreme (1080P / FHD) but battery life still leaves something to be desired unfortunately. Picked up the Notebook Pen 9 15 to see if it might be time to sell the X1 Extreme. May not open it due to restocking fee and order from Samsung directly instead.
Josephine Crucena
Josephine Crucena - 2 months ago
I just like this cuz this thing has a pen inside ( unlike the other laptops *wink* *wink*) and has super awesome design.
Dexter Diamond
Dexter Diamond - 2 months ago
I love, almost everything Samsung does! #truefan
Josephine Crucena
Josephine Crucena - 2 months ago
Me to, I am a true fan😊😊
Wake Mtz
Wake Mtz - 2 months ago
@samsung Release date?
Burrito Master
Burrito Master - 2 months ago
Note book 10 is coming soon
Elfrey Jude Ochavo
Elfrey Jude Ochavo - 2 months ago
Please release in Canada!
asan osmanov
asan osmanov - 2 months ago
what is the name of this song
VICK 300
VICK 300 - 2 months ago
Ionuț Buzatu
Ionuț Buzatu - 2 months ago
Is just me, or that looks a lot like the Westworld intro? :)))
Ionuț Buzatu
Ionuț Buzatu - 2 months ago
+Josephine Crucena
Josephine Crucena
Josephine Crucena - 2 months ago
What's Westworld?
Byron Lorenzo
Byron Lorenzo - 2 months ago
Cual sera el precio de esta bestia
Nathan Marti
Nathan Marti - 2 months ago
The music is so... beautiful 🤤.
Adityã Singh
Adityã Singh - 2 months ago
Satisfying ad really......!!
Adityã Singh
Adityã Singh - 2 months ago
Samsung is not good but................. very goooooood!!!
Sigurd Rodal Leirgulen
Sigurd Rodal Leirgulen - 2 months ago
Icxx - 2 months ago
I want to buy this. My hearth now see a future love
AxelRusso FX
AxelRusso FX - 2 months ago
Amor a primera vista
Robin Sala
Robin Sala - 2 months ago
Geil ich suche im moment eh einen Laptop
Akash Deep singh
Akash Deep singh - 2 months ago
Wow 😊
Kirtiman Singh
Kirtiman Singh - 2 months ago
Srinivas Goud Marupakula
Srinivas Goud Marupakula - 2 months ago
Sumsung is back with bang
Henry Windsor Rurikovich
Henry Windsor Rurikovich - 2 months ago
Gorgeous one :D
Husain Haq
Husain Haq - 2 months ago
Please dont be a chromebook
Tanishq Hooda
Tanishq Hooda - 2 months ago
Want Samsung to Destroy Apple
chanel bekas berkualitas
chanel bekas berkualitas - 2 months ago
Imagination make dream come true...and samsung suport your dream.....
JiMin Seo
JiMin Seo - 2 months ago
This actually looks so good
ORIGINAL SIN - 2 months ago
I thought this for humans
Abhishek Nair
Abhishek Nair - 2 months ago
It's so good
syed mohend rayendra
syed mohend rayendra - 2 months ago
Bye byee wacom :(
Kevin Salas
Kevin Salas - 2 months ago
Que video más hijo de puta
simeon setiawan
simeon setiawan - 2 months ago
The best
Johnny Matt
Johnny Matt - 2 months ago
Que hermoso
Augen Ohren Katze
Augen Ohren Katze - 2 months ago
Mac is much better
One Click Man
One Click Man - 2 months ago
Kathy Vinh Ton Nu Samsung does have great phone nowadays, the galaxy note 9 is closest one to be perfect ..... but when it come to the laptop, the Mac book is still more powerful laptops. It’s okey to say what you like, but don’t blind yourself with the truth. It only show that you are JUST a crazy fan and not a big fan.
Kathy Vinh Ton Nu
Kathy Vinh Ton Nu - 2 months ago
iSheep confirmed
Confused Rowlet
Confused Rowlet - 2 months ago
I still don't understand why samsung stopped importing their laptops to vietnam
GlichyPixel 2
GlichyPixel 2 - 2 months ago
Samsung 8k ultimate like a boss
Mr unknown Lost
Mr unknown Lost - 2 months ago
I felt as if I am a artist
Aji Ridwan
Aji Ridwan - 2 months ago
Affordable in 5 years to go
Bhupesh Soni
Bhupesh Soni - 2 months ago
When the written equation changed ♥️♥️
A station4
A station4 - 2 months ago
Wow 😍😍😍😍
spooky boi
spooky boi - 2 months ago
Am I the only one wondering how all that cool tech works?!
STAY at ONCE on AHGASEs - 2 months ago
i incredibly need this!!!!!
Rangrez creativareo
Rangrez creativareo - 2 months ago
Abdulshakur Issa Mohammed
Abdulshakur Issa Mohammed - 2 months ago
That laptop is BEAUTIFUL 😍😍😍
jhony hill
jhony hill - 2 months ago
Copy of MacBook... 😜
X E R T - 2 months ago
You're making us hungry😂
Jonathan Rivas
Jonathan Rivas - 2 months ago
Una palabra es: bellísimo 😍
VinodKumar W. Bittiwar
VinodKumar W. Bittiwar - 2 months ago
My next upgrade.
シ RASENKS シ - 2 months ago
シ RASENKS シ - 2 months ago
AliDhafir Al-tamimy
AliDhafir Al-tamimy - 2 months ago
صراحه سامسونج ان شاء الله لن يكون لك منافس في هذا الجهاز
money brings
money brings - 2 months ago
Love you samsung
CorbyScotch Brainiac
CorbyScotch Brainiac - 2 months ago
Sorry, can't afford it
Iván Ángeles Yoplac
Iván Ángeles Yoplac - 2 months ago
Excelente pero ya me imagino el precio, te va a costar dos unicornios 4 Ferraris a tu prima y a tu hermana 😁
Pankaj Chaurasia
Pankaj Chaurasia - 3 months ago
If it is made like this as shown it is the laptop of Legends
talal sawab
talal sawab - 3 months ago
Westworld's notebook
GeneralGaming7274 - 3 months ago
The S Pen looks like the note 9 s pen
Yan - 3 months ago
I am in Indonesia, and i want to buy this guy
Twinkle Tunes
Twinkle Tunes - 3 months ago
I loved the music used , can anybody here name it ?
Btw Note 9 was also amazing
Loyd Daez
Loyd Daez - 3 months ago
Samsung is stepping up the game more. Galaxy S10, Galaxy Fold and now Galaxy Notebook 9 pen. What happen to the apple products they are losing so much already.
Zar Law
Zar Law - 3 months ago
Brother: I want a Note 9!
Me: I want a Notebook!
Dad: Why not both? (Show this ad)
Photo Art
Photo Art - Month ago
@ Zar Law because you are a Samsung account
Mertibert - 2 months ago
Ho Tak Lam You right
Ho Tak Lam
Ho Tak Lam - 2 months ago
But you can't make phone call...
Jehan perera
Jehan perera - 3 months ago
Samsung 🤮🤮🤮
Kautsar Huudtaryo
Kautsar Huudtaryo - 3 months ago
The Note 9 design comes to a notebook😍
Isnaini Oktin Safaah
Isnaini Oktin Safaah - 3 months ago
Mauuu 😍😍
Momna Naveed
Momna Naveed - 3 months ago
is this how laptops/notebooks are made....everything is floating in the air and there you go you got a notebook😂😂
shoaib akhtar
shoaib akhtar - 3 months ago
Anyone after release of S10 here?
xxx xxx
xxx xxx - 3 months ago
Dashoded Gaming
Dashoded Gaming - 3 months ago
That note is freaking beautiful!!
Trey Henry
Trey Henry - 3 months ago
This....this was beautiful😭
BONNIE - 3 months ago
Price ?
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