Damian Lillard's game-winning 3 vs. OKC may be the best I've ever seen - Stephen A. | First Take

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Andre Faelnar
Andre Faelnar - 2 days ago
Dame: Talk about throwing shade.
PG13: I am Westbrook's wrath.
Dame: Westbrook is my bitch.
Edgar Martinez
Edgar Martinez - 6 days ago
Kawhi Leonard has entered the chat
slimydick23 - 24 days ago
Wrong answer. When John Stockton hit the shot in Houston that sent the Jazz to the Finals... THAT was the best shot you've ever seen.
Tiney Cole
Tiney Cole - 24 days ago
Hell no
Vegan Sausage
Vegan Sausage - 24 days ago
Everyone complaining about max yet nothing about will Cain??? What wrong with you guys??
Junder R
Junder R - 24 days ago
Tie game up 3-1in the series. It wasn’t clutch in any sense of the word.
Brenda Gray
Brenda Gray - 25 days ago
Max please....you're sitting up there fartin again😱
Mason Wright
Mason Wright - 25 days ago
Max Kellerman is a hater
hen ko
hen ko - 25 days ago
Max saying Lebron over Orlando even though they didnt win the series is better than Dame's shot. ridiculously dumb.
William Durham
William Durham - 25 days ago
Max your just butthurt that the thunder loss the series because max had thunder to get pass the first round
tatt oo sticker
tatt oo sticker - 25 days ago
Oh My Goodness Wormss x1000 in eat >>>>>>> https://youtu.be/ceXFTOFP7nM
SoggyFries - 25 days ago
Maybe next year Lillard will get more all-star votes than Derrick Rose ....
mr win
mr win - 25 days ago
I agree with Steve on this
MikeyB ThailandHoops
MikeyB ThailandHoops - 25 days ago
That was a "bad" in terms of NASTY!
markuseraccount1 - 25 days ago
It is an amazing shot, but Stephen A Smith is a little too excited. This shot will not stand the test of time the way Stephen A Smith believes it will lol. Nonetheless, great shot Damian Lillard.
100% FACTS
100% FACTS - 26 days ago
Na lebrons fade-away baseline 3 against the wizards was the best
hubert vecht
hubert vecht - 26 days ago
Max is a DOOFUS
panggop jio
panggop jio - 26 days ago
Dear Max if you are reading this your ass need to give a black man his props. Stop hating the Black man when he is speaking.
Ken Hasibar
Ken Hasibar - 26 days ago
C'mon Max. You're just trolling for time so sponsors will keep paying, and you'll have a reason for having a "job."
Kuzaku - 26 days ago
6 times it occurred and most of them are against Thunder
king Terrella
king Terrella - 26 days ago
Yall know tht shit rigged
pyledog - 26 days ago
Bad shot??? Well the ball went through the hoop so if thats bad ill take bad everyday.
see thao
see thao - 26 days ago
Damian Lillard has been taking a lot of bad shots but stills make them. He should be more aware of his shots.
Allen Johnson
Allen Johnson - 26 days ago
Max that Lebron shot was a whole Decade ago in game 2 of that series. Fuck nonit wasnt better than this smh. Hating ass
Allen Johnson
Allen Johnson - 26 days ago
Max and PG are haters. Smh Dame knew that shit was going in. He knew he could have gotten a better shot than that but he wanted that shot. Dame waved everyone away and got the shot he wanted. He had 47, last shot of the game, and last game of that series. This goes down as one of the greatest buzzer beaters.
artis ambus
artis ambus - 26 days ago
Oh Yeah ! how can you call it a bad shot when he normal takes that?
Jack Zhu
Jack Zhu - 26 days ago
As always, max is an ass
KingDeezy700 - 26 days ago
Max Stop talking Basketball pls
goomaster - 26 days ago
Max saying Lebron over Orlando even though they didnt win the series is better than Dame's shot. ridiculously dumb.
Fuc U Ph187
Fuc U Ph187 - 26 days ago
Dame wasn't shooting like that until Steph was but damnn that was a tough shot
Dr Pop Pimple
Dr Pop Pimple - 26 days ago
Oh My Goodness Wormss x1000 in eat >>>>>>> https://youtu.be/ceXFTOFP7nM
Mark Roath
Mark Roath - 26 days ago
Paul George had five fouls at the time Lillard shot the game winner, which had something to do with how he guarded him prior to the shot. Of course, Donovan could have developed a better defense strategy but he did not. Game over.
Reese Reese
Reese Reese - 26 days ago
Stephen A the king of eating his own words if okc won he would be saying russ and pg may be the baddest duo since “somebody lap he sat on” smh
Pham Tuan Kiet
Pham Tuan Kiet - 26 days ago
bruh this guy salty af. mad cause he cant shoot like lillard.
James Dawny
James Dawny - 26 days ago
Max stop.... it’s not the best ever but it’s probably too 3 hardest shots ever dfish I would say is 1
tyrell thompson
tyrell thompson - 26 days ago
This god damn boxing guy needs to stop talking basketball lmao
milwaukiedave - 26 days ago
Stephen A is a bit psychotic.
Mr. Washington
Mr. Washington - 26 days ago
Dear Max if you are reading this your ass need to give a black man his props. Stop hating the Black man when he is speaking.
Stanley Kurdziel
Stanley Kurdziel - 26 days ago
I agree with Stephen A! Only second time someone has hit >=10 threes in playoff history (Klay got 11 in a game). Lillard apparently can hit 39% from 30-40 feet, but I'll argue there really is no precedence to expect him to shoot that for game winner. He calmly dribbled down the time - I thought he miss counted the clock and buzzer was going to expire as he made a move. I think Paul George actually realized he was gonna shoot much faster and *did* challenge the shot; however Lillard jumped to the side just before shooting. He shot under 37% from three for the year and the idea that he has a higher percentage at 37 feet doesn't make much sense. If true, it doesn't detract at all from the awesomeness of the shot. It was ultimate swagger to end the series. The fact that the game was tied instead of OKC ahead doesn't detract from the shot, it just means it wasn't a completely stupid thing to do if he had missed. This definitely deserves to be among the most impressive game winners of all time - all you have to do is look at Terry Stotts face to know that a 37 foot shot wasn't expected (even by Lillard fans / teammates). For even more points: https://www.blazersedge.com/2019/4/26/18515376/damian-lillard-buzzer-beater-thunder-nba-playoffs-hidden-highlights
Omar mohamud
Omar mohamud - 26 days ago
Man this is overrated everyone is forgetting about Ray Allen’s 3
A b
A b - 27 days ago
Okay max you r high weed.wtf you talking about... The shot was 37 feet. What if the same shot hit by lebron to end the series like this. Then you will speak about that shot for about entire left season. Common man appreciate it and stop being so cocky and idiot.
dodgethehell - 27 days ago
Who the fuck is this mother fucker piece of shit on the right. go fuck yourself
StocktonNative 209
StocktonNative 209 - 27 days ago
It was a great shot...but this would have went to overtime with Portland winning it anyways. Great shot cause it looked cool.
Mont Brown
Mont Brown - 27 days ago
Aww man and he had 50 you fucking right that was a great shot #SALUTE💪🏿💪🏿
Common Sense
Common Sense - 27 days ago
I’m getting rid of these motherfu*****
2endsformacircle - 27 days ago
Lebron James over Orlando?!? Couldn't have been that great cuz i don't remember that shit...
New Variety PDX
New Variety PDX - 27 days ago
You sound like a hater Max 😂😂😂
Anthony Yalon
Anthony Yalon - 27 days ago
Wait, who said it was a bad shot?
Kibuigut Barsirian Kenduywa Arap Sing'oe
Luis "LowBall" Ortiz
Anthony "Landlord" Joshua
Jarrel "Pharmacy" Miller
Tyson "zero title defense" Fury
Deontay " Quak🦆 duck" Wilder
David " I will end matchroom" Haye
Oleksander "I am feel" Usyk
Derrek "He gluseed me" Chisora
Ryan Derek
Ryan Derek - 27 days ago
Lillard killed it.. bad shot my ^$$ that’s called skill Paul George can’t guard him
Mother Russia
Mother Russia - 27 days ago
LeBron wishes he was this clutch. Finna call up Dame Lillard this summer. This is by far the best playoff game in a looooong time
Late Night Thinker
Late Night Thinker - 27 days ago
I think it was the coldest shot of all time. The very definition of disrespect. The stakes weren't as high, but the statement screamed disrespect
J Bailey
J Bailey - 27 days ago
He said the same thing about steps three against OKC
William Crain
William Crain - 27 days ago
Dame time!!
cov859 - 27 days ago
Max aka new skip
Victor Malone
Victor Malone - 27 days ago
37 footer is NEVER a great shot... MJ, Kobe or the Spurs would never taken a shot like that with game on the line. Damian is a great player, the best PG in the NBA right now in my honest opinion. But he had all the chips 3-2 lead... PG and RW on foul trouble, great odds for the over-time. He took the shot because he can afford to MISS IT, PG made right call not to body up because he would have been beat to the basket with a high percentage shot on a isolation play. Would you be saying same thing if Curry takes same shot and gets eliminated in the playoffs??? So stop being hypocrites, amazing shot but not a great shot, don't mistake.
Jacob Molina
Jacob Molina - 27 days ago
Anyone remember the steph curry shot where he took like 2 steps from halfcourt and made it to beat the thunder in 2016 where they came and won the series after being down 3-1 where he had 12 threes (record at that time) and 46 points?
GetItGang Entertainment
GetItGang Entertainment - 27 days ago
Stephen A just don’t like westbrook get off his dick
Ryan White
Ryan White - 27 days ago
Max stats was dead on this time lol! This man Lillards 3 point shot from 40 feet back is the same percentage as Paul George regular 3 point shot 😂😂
Casey Cox
Casey Cox - 27 days ago
Wow, Kellerman is a complete idiot. Smh
IcePick Slim
IcePick Slim - 27 days ago
Is this nigga drunk? (Stephen Smith) 😂
Mikhel Brown
Mikhel Brown - 27 days ago
I love what Dame did but King James has made several 3s like that. https://youtu.be/jHyJTw9uyOk
vincent muller
vincent muller - 27 days ago
good shot.......when your hot.... your hot
skyline - 27 days ago
Lebron over Orlando? Even lebron was surprised he made it, Lillard took the shot cuz he knew it was going in
Sabu 2ray
Sabu 2ray - 27 days ago
Dolla Dame Lillard
Event Horizon Productions
We all know Max is just unbelievably stupid but, has he EVER played basketball in his LIFE?
Anyone on earth who has played a few pickup games or even 1 year of rec league in grade school knows how legendary and epic that shot was the instant they saw it. There's no need to even go into detail why, it's just so obvious.
I am literally questioning if Max has ever touched a basketball in his life.
ابو فيصل 0
ابو فيصل 0 - 27 days ago
Event Horizon Productions hi
SPLASH_Chaze - 27 days ago
I guess Max is a Thunder fan
Ali Hossain
Ali Hossain - 27 days ago
3:02 stephen A. confused
max kellerman stfu
Michael Kearney
Michael Kearney - 27 days ago
Max needs to shut up with the analytics. Dame was not sitting out there for 10 seconds thinking "Im 39% from 30-37ft, let me pull this shot." so to even bring that up is stupid. This isn't 2k. Dame had the fate of the entire series resting on that one shot and you are going to minimize it by saying he shoots 39% for the year? That has nothing to do with the moment or magnitude of what he pulled off. Get out of hear with that mess
Michael Kearney
Michael Kearney - 27 days ago
Stephen A. was spot on. PG was hatin hard because he got mouthed. The only good point Max made was that PG played crappy D. He literally let Dame size up the shot. The rest of the mess he said about them being a higher seed and the favorites is dumb because they weren't the favorites (they lost Nurkic late in the season, and haven't won a playoff GAME in 2 years) and they were only the higher seed by 4 games. Also, this was the greatest playoff buzzer beater of all time imo because it was a walk off three for the entire series, and it wasn't a desperation shot. It also gave Dame a 50 piece extra crispy to top it all off. The only other shot that might be better was his walk off 3 for the series on Houston because they were down 2
Conqueror&destroyer - 27 days ago
Max......shut up
Big Norm
Big Norm - 27 days ago
Dame asserted himself that night and that shot so far is the best play of the playoffs so far. Idk why fuckin Max Kellerman gotta demote somebody. Nigga needs to stfu, let Damian have his moment, and put some damn respect on his name.
YOUSIF ALBIDAIWI - 27 days ago
Dear Max, it’s hard for you to get 50 points ur whole career 🤣
YOUSIF ALBIDAIWI - 27 days ago
Max, it’s not just the shot! It’s his whole performance! 50pts, and 10 3 pointers!!
Haweya Abdullahi Adan
Haweya Abdullahi Adan - 27 days ago
It is not a bad shot it is a new shot brought and perfected by curry
titomister10 - 27 days ago
can these two ever agree on something? jesus
bennett white
bennett white - 27 days ago
Damian Lillard made the right decision, if he pushed up more for a ‘better shot’ he risked turning the ball over and losing the game. He secured either a tie game or a overtime, no possible way of OKC winning
bennett white
bennett white - 27 days ago
What is Max talking about
no one
no one - 27 days ago
Lillard completely set George up before taking the shot. As soon as Lillard crosses half court, he sized up the shot, called a fake screen then lulled George to sleep before taking the game winner. Spectacular!!!
Zachary Barlow
Zachary Barlow - 27 days ago
Max is a joke
Zachary Barlow
Zachary Barlow - 27 days ago
I don't like max kellerman
caerwalk - 27 days ago
His FACE at the end was the icing lol like the face drose made on cavs
real negah
real negah - 28 days ago
3:29 to 3:36 Stephen A lowkey googled Kellermans statistics 😂🤣
Haoran Zheng
Haoran Zheng - 28 days ago
Max is stupid, always looks on the TV due to lack of basketball EQ, they need to replace him with another guy to pair with Steven A.
SkillTwins Youth Wellesley
so when we gonna see max vs Stephen in the octagon?
Goot Wayz
Goot Wayz - 28 days ago
Everybody mad at Westbrook I'm mad at pg13 for not playing D
Nate Smith
Nate Smith - 28 days ago
Ok.......so what’s the greatest shot ever??? 🤨
Nate Smith
Nate Smith - 28 days ago
The fact that the shot won the series and the difficulty factor of the shot itself puts Dame’s shot in the top 5!
kb o3
kb o3 - 28 days ago
That was an amazing shot but he would have gotten a lot of criticism had he missed that. He had 15s and pulled it from by the logo. Stephen A. Is an idiot. Given the situation he could've taken a much higher percentage shot. That was a horrible shot selection if you Paul George you have to live with the fact he made that and move on. Props to him though.
Okatakyie Nyarko
Okatakyie Nyarko - 28 days ago
My very first time I think I agree with max on something
Mogi Hanes
Mogi Hanes - 28 days ago
The 1 against Houston was pure fire Houston was fauvorite in that series and that shot elimates them
Darious Graham
Darious Graham - 28 days ago
Max hating
Christopher - 28 days ago
Paul should have came to the Lakers. smh
S. Mesut
S. Mesut - 28 days ago
How ARROGANT of them. If by chance the Clippers shock everyone and take it; the Rockets have to travel back to Houston. ... " Early jump: Rockets traveling Friday to Bay Area " ... http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/26604866/rockets-traveling-friday-bay-area ... " Rockets Flying to Bay Area Friday Despite Ongoing Warriors vs. Clippers Series " ... https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2833174-rockets-flying-to-bay-area-friday-despite-ongoing-warriors-vs-clippers-series
wrands M
wrands M - 28 days ago
Max: Portland was the favorite lol Go ask Vegas and all your ESPN co-league who all picked OKC to win.
S. Mesut
S. Mesut - 28 days ago
Right on wrands M . These people are ARROGANT and it shows.
S. Mesut
S. Mesut - 28 days ago
More EVIDENCE of why larger-market NBA names are pumped-up by the major media even if they don't really stack-up to be what they really are; BIGGER MONEY ! Playing with the public's / consumer's psyche. ... " Lakers star LeBron James tops NBA jersey sales " ... https://sports.yahoo.com/lakers-star-lebron-james-tops-233816408.html
Joshua Nwokorie
Joshua Nwokorie - 28 days ago
WTF is Max on? I feel like he just got to go against Stephen A.
Matthew Dave
Matthew Dave - 28 days ago
Let me tell you a joke...

Max Kellerman.

Markee Brandon
Markee Brandon - 28 days ago
steven a be right every time
shamus248 - 28 days ago
Come on Max stop riding LeBron and Jordan's dick
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