"Meditative State" Spiritual Relaxing Hip Hop Beat

SHA DRA - 2 months ago
nice 1 🖖💜💡⚡️
Bulg Beats
Bulg Beats - 2 months ago
SHA DRA thank you 🙏🏼
11th Warrior
11th Warrior - 8 months ago
incredible beat!!
Be the light. Keep going. Never stop. You are the light👊🏽
Bulg Beats
Bulg Beats - 8 months ago
Juan Camilo Lovera
Juan Camilo Lovera - 8 months ago
Hi Bulg this is Juan from Colombia,
Man, I need to tell you this experience. I felt today the mandatory impulse to start sharing spiritual messages about God through a Podcast. I just found your instrumental and it's the perfect for the intro of it. I will love that you allow me to use it. It will be a 5 - 10 seconds of it and it's a non-commercial reason.
Will that be ok for you?
Bulg Beats
Bulg Beats - 5 months ago
bulgproductions@gmail.com 🙏🏼
Fatal Coz
Fatal Coz - Year ago
How can I purchase and download?
Bulg Beats
Bulg Beats - Year ago
Email me brother bulgproductions@gmail.com
Praktikos Music
Praktikos Music - Year ago
dope vibes here, feeling this from one producer to another....
Bulg Beats
Bulg Beats - Year ago
thanks brother
Scorpion - Beatmaker
Scorpion - Beatmaker - 2 years ago
Good Job man! sick beat... It's so soulful!!!
Bulg Beats
Bulg Beats - 2 years ago
Thanks for the love Brother
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