World's Cheapest Electric Car Conversion

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Life OD
Life OD - Month ago
Subscribe with notifications or we'll convert your gas guzzling car to an EV ! Don't forget @rob_carlsen is giving away a game system of your choice , it's 100% free to enter , just follow him on instagram @rob_carlsen !!!!
chillyfingers123 - 7 days ago
Fuck rob carlson ask him about his charger
CLT SOLO - 10 days ago
Bro put rims on inside out😂
Martin Smith
Martin Smith - 11 days ago
So how much did it cost, then?
Nick Pickering
Nick Pickering - 21 day ago
@Life OD try this again but put the batteries in a series circuit it should go faster!
Marcus60661 - 24 days ago
Put this stuff on a lawn tractor & build independent suspension all around.
JustdoingmeTJ - 4 hours ago
collections shield works
Nimtesh Sharma
Nimtesh Sharma - 19 hours ago
Are you guys trying to kill yourselves. Hilariously entertaining.
david warihay
david warihay - Day ago
you need a variable volt knob...
Benjamin Franklyn
Benjamin Franklyn - 2 days ago
You guy need more batteries and a second motor.
And next time carry a fire extinguisher but not the regular one but the one for batteries cause battery fire are worst to put out.
Kurt Zxcvb
Kurt Zxcvb - 2 days ago
Are you guys in lake Stevens Washington or those the chicken coops by the power lines
Jose A C
Jose A C - 2 days ago
You guys are DANGEROUS
kfl miami420
kfl miami420 - 2 days ago
This is the best Jehu Garcia How to tutorial Sept 2019
Emmanuel Guel
Emmanuel Guel - 2 days ago
fail really it moved its a win not a fail plus u had it loaded with people and one guy looks like he weighed at least 5 people himself :D
strange cal
strange cal - 2 days ago
I'm actually impressed lol
onevia - 2 days ago
Boost a car with an air compressor
Alex S2k
Alex S2k - 3 days ago
(Seeing thumbnail and title) “shits dumb asf” ima still watch it tho 💀💀💀💀💀
Rody's games
Rody's games - 4 days ago
Electronics For Fun
Electronics For Fun - 4 days ago
where is the footage from outside the car?
HO LEE FOOK - 4 days ago
Pulling alot of amps
101kitkat1 - 5 days ago
Use a alternator with a small ass pulley to charge your batteries
101kitkat1 - 5 days ago
Better idea than a tension pulley. You could actually go down the road
AL - 6 days ago
wat u mean test run failed; it moved
Isaac Bushnell
Isaac Bushnell - 6 days ago
Boogie 2988 but a car guy
MR ZION Calvin
MR ZION Calvin - 6 days ago
Plzz put honey instead of engen oil
eel1331 - 6 days ago
No outside shots? Ok
eel1331 - 6 days ago
You would use black for positive and red for negative lmao
chris nguyen
chris nguyen - 6 days ago
Next you need to bag a car using only office chair lift cylinders 😂😂
demondylan09 - 7 days ago
Need to do a video of what happens when you fill a radiator with gas
Fidel Mendiola
Fidel Mendiola - 7 days ago
What controller motor do you use? the guy in the back is using a lever for what? is it a heavy duty controller and converter? thanks
Yofatboy123 - 7 days ago
Just get a 48v motor!
Weird M Amir
Weird M Amir - 11 days ago
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez - 11 days ago
I cant believe that the dewalt sawzall still works
BIG TEEE - 12 days ago
Add like 3 more electric motor lol
hayden waits
hayden waits - 12 days ago
can we just point out that the truck was pushing him and when he wasnt the car was just coasting
9Tlordmafie9 999
9Tlordmafie9 999 - 12 days ago
How the hell was it a fail I would say win!
United Projects
United Projects - 12 days ago
Me and my buddies were there at northwest and 360 looking for a dual point honda TPS. probably 2 hours after you guy's. Haha. I don't know if you guy's ever went to the lake stevens sports authority meets, but my club United Projects used to host them. Although I kinda got out of the scene year's ago. I have the rally 4G63 hyundai, with lights on the hood. Also used to work at the LS autozone. I plan on possibly boosting it with junkyard part's till I can afford to import a half cut Evo I eventually want to go AWD 4g63t. Maybe we could do a collab one day.
Andrei Bautista
Andrei Bautista - 13 days ago
ian sullivan
ian sullivan - 14 days ago
Pour printer ink in fuel tank
tosdude - 14 days ago
What you need to do now is throw the Harbor Freight engine into the mix. DIY Hybrid.
Ethan Lall
Ethan Lall - 14 days ago
There was a truck pushing the car look in the back
c a t
c a t - 17 days ago
I think these boys might have solved climate change
nolan2192 - 18 days ago
the real queastion is is it faster that a tesla
gtzgreatride - 18 days ago
Add an alternator in the circuit to help charge the batteries.
Martin Parker
Martin Parker - 18 days ago
wat speed did you get upto out of interest say 3 gear ?
Martin Parker
Martin Parker - 18 days ago
you'd be better off spending your $$$$ restoring that Sunbeam Alpine/Tiger in the background @1:27
in the UK they sell for £5000-$10000 restored
Andrius VIDS
Andrius VIDS - 18 days ago
you can "borrow" electric accelerator from smart car to install to this civic
นายอัฉชฎาวุฒิ ดวงเพชร
good job I like yourengine haha
Ka Ch
Ka Ch - 18 days ago
Electric Motor swap EG Honda CIVIC VTEC hahaahaa
Owh me not
Owh me not - 19 days ago
Is this a scam?
Nabre Labre
Nabre Labre - 19 days ago
That motor did better than I thought
King Zak
King Zak - 19 days ago
It’s fake you have to be an idiot to believe that they actually drove that
Jay Rodz
Jay Rodz - 19 days ago
Morris W
Morris W - 20 days ago
I think this is a very good idea but you need to put a fan or something to keep it cool so it won't get so hot
wreck king
wreck king - 20 days ago
You should put 3 of those you'll get power
Ben Dino
Ben Dino - 21 day ago
new sponsor is "suspect" lol
coppeis - 21 day ago
What's that thing they used to test the junk yard car batteries?
Martin Parker
Martin Parker - 18 days ago
a voltage drop tester
octaneforce - 22 days ago
could have made the gas pedal the on switch. no need for a clutch just let off the gas to shift
Edward Cannon
Edward Cannon - 22 days ago
there are 666 dislikes right now
TheRealJackassJesse - 23 days ago
I keep forgetting you guys are like 5 miles away from me.
bonnie faz drifts
bonnie faz drifts - 23 days ago
You just made a ricer even worse XD
Bradly Robberson
Bradly Robberson - 23 days ago
Next you need to Route exhaust straight into the intake with a blow off cheapest turbo ever
la lumbre
la lumbre - 23 days ago
That fat guy is so annoying
Ready rc7
Ready rc7 - 24 days ago
Put an engine in a Tesla
CalculatinGenius - 24 days ago
1hp or less of pure electric power
Parker Kostyra
Parker Kostyra - 24 days ago
Wire a momentary contact switch to shift knob, put inverter on pully setup and bigger inverter. You might have something there, if you go with a industrial grinder motor so it holds up better.
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