Macro Pupil Constricting in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

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uciz syahreza
uciz syahreza - Day ago
Nikmat tuhan manakah yv kalian dustakan QS. Ar rahman
SheNoob - 2 days ago
I have a strong stomach, but for some reason, this video made me really queasy
Mahesh soni
Mahesh soni - 4 days ago
That's amazing.
Cyro R. Júnior
Cyro R. Júnior - 4 days ago
What about a video with the reaction of blind people and other deseases?!
Matthew Ingram
Matthew Ingram - 5 days ago
Now take LSD.
Patricia Lynn
Patricia Lynn - 5 days ago
This was a great one!
Pin-Wu Yu
Pin-Wu Yu - 5 days ago
in the name of science, we salute Dan!!!
Hunter Vogl
Hunter Vogl - 5 days ago
That is so weird and gross
Pyro Potato
Pyro Potato - 5 days ago
They should film a Newton’s cradle
Atanu Biswas
Atanu Biswas - 6 days ago
What a creations of mother nature..❤️😍👌
KaitoMarmota - 7 days ago
I was expecting gav to do this one lol
MI MIYYU - 8 days ago
Indonesia hadir:V
jonas lymann
jonas lymann - 8 days ago
jonas lymann
jonas lymann - 8 days ago
Maha maha
Maha maha - 9 days ago
You guys are amazing. Love this. Knowledge is power. Knowledge is realization. Some morons gave thumbs down...
mohamed jamal
mohamed jamal - 9 days ago
if you get more closer the focus will be better. good luck next try!
Harry Marshall
Harry Marshall - 11 days ago
So I've discovered I get very uneasy, almost nausious when up close to another eye like that it. It makes me feel like it's happening to me and that any time my eye is going to get poked...
Anthony Canale
Anthony Canale - 11 days ago
Dans eyelashes made a crisp effect noise in slow-mo. That's totally Grimm! Lol
RAVISH KUMAR - 12 days ago
4:55 best visualisation of eye accommodation 👌
Cross Stitch Bitch
Cross Stitch Bitch - 13 days ago
If you think about it, no one has ever seen Dan’s eye like that before, because obv in the dark you can’t see his eye...pretty mad.
Neeewer - 14 days ago
Can you guys do FIREWORKS UNDER ICE in slow mo !!
Uday Kiran
Uday Kiran - 15 days ago
one of the ugliest things I've seen up close with laowa 24 mm probe lens
Trash .Boat
Trash .Boat - 16 days ago
"how many fingers am i holding up?"
"a donut"
ItzKat - 16 days ago
I am now wondering what the eye looks like witg an eye-glasses user
Horizon Gamers
Horizon Gamers - 16 days ago
7:15 this is an eye screen stabilizer
jhepoy - 18 days ago
2:21 OUH!
that sounded like steve from minecraft
Anita Gofradump
Anita Gofradump - 19 days ago
2:44 All i can see is a pink donut!
Hey! Its lightish red!
Fun with Ra.1
Fun with Ra.1 - 20 days ago
Do one video of stabbing him with knife in his throat and lets see how it looks in slomo...
J7 Squad
J7 Squad - 20 days ago
3:40 WoW !!!! Just WoW
Anzil alimon
Anzil alimon - 21 day ago
Why always Dan?
Abdullah Kha N
Abdullah Kha N - 21 day ago
Gavin free
Gavin cheap
Gavin expensive
Venomorph - 21 day ago
its easyer to keep the targeted eye open if u have ur both eyes opened while doing it xD just saying
RazGrriZz - 22 days ago
La illaha Illallah
GippyHappy - 23 days ago
Dan just called his own eye disgusting
# Bivuti.V. ideas
# Bivuti.V. ideas - 23 days ago
Why don't you both change ur dress..
Artificial Idiot
Artificial Idiot - 25 days ago
So if the eye cannot handle too much light even if the iris is constricted, the eye sends order to close the eye.
Jaws Jaws Jaws
Jaws Jaws Jaws - 26 days ago
we have diamond shapes in our eyes thats pretty cool
Jaws Jaws Jaws
Jaws Jaws Jaws - 26 days ago
wow the accent for when you said 'Garage"" although us Americans came second
Rodrigo Guzmán
Rodrigo Guzmán - 27 days ago
The holes in the iris are called lacunas and show damage to organs and different parts of the body. He also has deposits of sulfur darkening the natural colour of his eyes.
Chaitanya Bhardwaj
Chaitanya Bhardwaj - 28 days ago
This is insanely amazing, makes me wonder why Youtube doesn't have a "WOW 😮" reaction, like facebook
Will Pack
Will Pack - 29 days ago
Please use an audio normalizer on the video before posting. Some parts are louder than others.
Koba Agario
Koba Agario - Month ago
Thakur Arun singh
Thakur Arun singh - Month ago
How many of you had tears in eyes while watching this?
Jimin’s Jams
Jimin’s Jams - Month ago
1:54 omg why did I think you tied him to the chair
Jason P.
Jason P. - Month ago
This is awesome
Misu Satriyo
Misu Satriyo - Month ago
Why is this makes me feel weirdly philosophical?
James Oscar
James Oscar - Month ago
Why 1k dislikes?
LordWaluigi - Month ago
how are there no comments at all
Rambo VXl
Rambo VXl - Month ago
anyone else get the creeps at 3:35 with that blink
poostiu - Month ago
Hi guys. Your videos are awesome. Since u have experience with the eye, human and birds ( awesome video ) , can u please try out also with cats? ( different angles and light shades) . Even if you won't, it's still amazing to se the world trough your eyes.
preben ølkær
preben ølkær - Month ago
I love you two more than Planet slow :)
Rajeev Santhosh
Rajeev Santhosh - Month ago
GAV :- I can get pretty close to your ball
DAN :- My EYE - ball!😂😂😂😂
dyslexius maximus
dyslexius maximus - Month ago
i woke up this morning and had no idea that by night id be amazed by eye jiggle. we live in a fascinating time.
macro kaphta
macro kaphta - Month ago
You should taken someone with blue hair
Dawn Byington
Dawn Byington - Month ago
doing this to your eye could damage it permanently
Piano - Month ago
Oh God❤️
Str33tfalcon - Month ago
Most fascinating Videos!
SultanRind Gamer
SultanRind Gamer - Month ago
Try it with cat eye
William Colley
William Colley - Month ago
It was world book day the other day. My kids dressed up for school. One went as the giant from the BFG. My wife, who is very talented, made dreams in a jar out of coloured water and glitter. Looks awesome. Better in macro slow motion.....
Simon Trembluk
Simon Trembluk - Month ago
I’d love to see a bubble freezing in slo mo.
Walt of All Trades
Walt of All Trades - Month ago
- "How many fingers am I holding up?"
- "One donut."
Priceless! 😆
Mike McCoy
Mike McCoy - Month ago
This was awesome! So cool how gelatinous it is.
sunsh4de - Month ago
You two at 3:43 made me lol so much haha
Bianca Duncan quiltAquilt
Do one looking in the ear like doctors do.
Lawrenzo Green
Lawrenzo Green - Month ago
You both have beautiful eyes.
Rickn Moorte
Rickn Moorte - Month ago
Nerd - Month ago
You guys are great, but shave the neck beard brah! keep the beard just not the stuff on the neck XD
naveen suthar
naveen suthar - Month ago
Doctors should use this technique.
Elani Arkady
Elani Arkady - Month ago
That was fabulous and creepy.
Kenneth Parao
Kenneth Parao - Month ago
Make a slomo of bloodshot eyes
ReadyTo GunYouDown
ReadyTo GunYouDown - Month ago
And this all came from that bigbang 😅what a joke
comedy gaming
comedy gaming - Month ago
ReadyTo GunYouDown theory....
EDITOR K - Month ago
weird billy
weird billy - Month ago
Who else got dizzy af lookimg at that light... i couldnt finish the video
Sonia  Collazo
Sonia Collazo - Month ago
I love it, amazing view, like nebulas....😚😚
383mazda - Month ago
Galileo approves this video
Tobi #1
Tobi #1 - Month ago
Use blue eyes
Katherine Koning
Katherine Koning - Month ago
You have beautiful eyes
Mohammed Zamam
Mohammed Zamam - Month ago
☝️ Allahu Akbar
Khan Salman
Khan Salman - Month ago
Look at the GODs creation Subhanallah ☺️ ❤️❤️
Mohit Sharma
Mohit Sharma - Month ago
Shail Pradhan
Shail Pradhan - Month ago
Yo bro The Eye Guy Looks Like sal Valcano
Simon Ellis
Simon Ellis - Month ago
Can you guys pleeeeeeease release a mega cut off all your slo-mo footage with your awesome soundtrack??? Would watch it for dayzzzzzzz
El cat
El cat - Month ago
Mom, we are humans..
Omg we are humans.
WE. ARE. HUMANS!!!!!! Bless us all. 1 thing we all have in common. Literally every single comment, and view on this human. 🙏 i have that in common with u all :") that's cool.
El cat
El cat - Month ago
Mom, we are humans..
Omg we are humans.
WE. ARE. HUMANS!!!!!! Bless us all. 1 thing we all have in common. Literally every single comment, and view on this human. 🙏 i have that in common with u all :") that's cool.
Jhon Murillo
Jhon Murillo - Month ago
1:26 and 4:21
Jhon Murillo
Jhon Murillo - Month ago
kashan khan
kashan khan - Month ago
la hawla wala quwwata😘
Jacob Tabor
Jacob Tabor - Month ago
People who are uncomfortable with making eye contact beware
Nubie Heroes
Nubie Heroes - Month ago
The Real OIS
Neely Witham
Neely Witham - Month ago
I laughed so hard at the close-up blinking eyelid part! That looked so gross. lol Very cool video, thanks!
choclate girle
choclate girle - Month ago
سبحااان الله
Sbhan ALLAH the creator
Daniel Aguilera
Daniel Aguilera - Month ago
7:13 fat but
HourlongCobra52 - Month ago
I "SEE" what you did😂😂😂😂
Raul Lizarraga
Raul Lizarraga - Month ago
Macro lenses vs Grape in microwave. Please.
RUDE GAMER-/ - Month ago
7:12 aqueous humour
JusT StorMz
JusT StorMz - Month ago
That was so cool to watch the iris open and close in 1000 FPS
ImmortalBucket - Month ago
Dans eyes are a pretty color.
SaphireLuna - Month ago
This has changed my whole perspective on eyes.
Slayer-7 7
Slayer-7 7 - Month ago
Our life is weird & awesome at the same time
Sheikh Nafiun Noor
Sheikh Nafiun Noor - Month ago
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