rhett being inappropriate for 6 minutes straight

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youresoloud - 3 months ago
edit: if you’re confused about the last clip, watch the episode! (pop rock taste test)
thank everyone for being so patient with this video - life has been crazy since vidcon, but there's good things coming so stay tuned 👌
0:00 Kansas City Style Hot Dog Taste Test 
0:36 French Toast Face Art
0:47 Leftover Valentines Candy Food Hacks
0:57 Is Privacy Dead (Ear Biscuits)
1:25 Making Real Food w Play-Doh Toys
1:33 Will It Eggnog Taste Test
1:37 Leftover Valentines Candy Food Hacks
1:55 Restaurant Bread Taste Test
2:17 We Try Ice Eating ASMR
2:28 Cookie Dough Sculpture Challenge
2:57 Is Privacy Dead (Ear Biscuits)
3:08 Home Decorating For Men
3:21 Blind Pickle Taste Test
3:25 Bacon Beer & Vodka Taste Test
3:28 Censored Eating
3:40 Extreme Would You Rather Challenge
3:46 Will It Chip Taste Test
4:12  Is Privacy Dead (Ear Biscuits)
4:45 Hot or Not Celebrity Spawn Edition
5:25 7-Eleven Hot Food Taste Test
5:30 9 Fictional Pets That Should Be Real
5:36 Pop Rocks Taste Test
TytybigGaming - 28 days ago
Squooky - 3 months ago
crushed_leaf_93 and B Buc. It’s actually “but I will come up big”. If you watch the full episode they say that many times.
B Buc
B Buc - 3 months ago
crushed_leaf_93 nope. But I will cup em a bit
crushed_leaf_93 - 3 months ago
@Colleen the Cactus apparently he said 'but I'll still get big.'
burn bees
burn bees - 3 months ago
I got a Rhett and link ad on this vid
Marin Porter
Marin Porter - 9 hours ago
5:11 bitte, nein
VictoryGuard - 19 hours ago
man, i love getting 2-3 more hotdogs shoved down my throat!
Explorer Chan
Explorer Chan - 22 hours ago
will it penis?
hypnotherapy69 - 2 days ago
I want 10 hours of this XD
Cephalon_Enki - 4 days ago
ok this one is 6 min nvm
Grimrepaer 1386
Grimrepaer 1386 - 4 days ago
5:27 I died laughing lol
The Goblin
The Goblin - 4 days ago
Will it penis?!
maddy jaenicke
maddy jaenicke - 5 days ago
wait what did he say in the last clip
Megan Faith
Megan Faith - 5 days ago
Watching this I’m throughly convinced these two have no HR manager
JohnX - 6 days ago
Will it penis?
Continental Crush
Continental Crush - 6 days ago
5:06 see ya!
Ps: yes I’m interested!
Persona Slates
Persona Slates - 7 days ago
So your channel is just editing and reposting parts of videos from a popular channel? And you get payed for this? I'm in the wrong career.
Ryan Ahrens
Ryan Ahrens - 8 days ago
Can someone please explain the beyone joke?
piggy gummball
piggy gummball - 10 days ago
i love that like 20% of the time link has no clue what rhett is talking about, or at least refuses to acknoledge what he said
Miranda Stearns
Miranda Stearns - 10 days ago
rhett has BDE and i didnt see it till now
David Leathers
David Leathers - 11 days ago
4:25 ...............Is it more of an insult if I don’t buy..... or if I do?
Alphawolf - 12 days ago
Will it penis
Amberosia Weston
Amberosia Weston - 13 days ago
5:16 no I would not want to
Thanos Snap
Thanos Snap - 14 days ago
Should be longer
GalacticStar - 15 days ago
Innocent child: daddy, why was your door locked last night?
Rhett: son, there are some things in this world that we just don't question...
every thing
every thing - 15 days ago
The way links says 'noooo' so cute omg
The Mlgcreepergamez
The Mlgcreepergamez - 16 days ago
What really sells these is the fact he just looks straight at the camera
rxsegxld - 16 days ago
“we were wrestling”

*stares into camera*
Jes A Bee
Jes A Bee - 16 days ago
I don't even know why this came up as a suggestion but I'm so glad that it did. 😂
M Vanderlinden
M Vanderlinden - 18 days ago
Ich bin deutsch ,was zum teufel Rhett 0_0 5:06
M Vanderlinden
M Vanderlinden - 18 days ago
du bist durcheinander
Julia Lynn
Julia Lynn - 18 days ago
Will it penis lol
Mystic Studios
Mystic Studios - 18 days ago
5:30 “that’s gonna be taken out of context and posted somewhere!
robin hahn
robin hahn - 18 days ago
like this video if there was a wikibuy ad before the videooo
Gamer Fuchs
Gamer Fuchs - 19 days ago
"Deutsch hat den chat verlassen"
Googie's Kookie's
Googie's Kookie's - 19 days ago
Nobody at all:
Rhett: *Will it penis?*
What did we learn today ,children? Rhett has no shame.
H !
H ! - 20 days ago
I wonder if their kids have seen this😂😂
Guaco Vlogs
Guaco Vlogs - 20 days ago
3:50 out of context
Kitty RocketGamer
Kitty RocketGamer - 20 days ago
2:12 tho
WorthyGamer - 21 day ago
Guys it worked!! wait you dont even know what's going on yet
y e s
y e s - 21 day ago
"will it penis"
mcgamer890 - 21 day ago
Sp Noah
Sp Noah - 21 day ago
Finally a vid where its actually 6 minutes
6laderunner - 21 day ago
I appreciate your use of comic sans.
Uhm what?
Uhm what? - 21 day ago
*P e a w i e n e r*
Ally Mills
Ally Mills - 22 days ago
“Im looking at my cameras...”👀
MiniMello - 22 days ago
eye in da sky
eye in da sky - 22 days ago
2:43 Rhett looks like he shot a courier
ShariceOrNah - 22 days ago
Poor Rhett needs his wife in such vulnerable moments.
AJ Pays
AJ Pays - 23 days ago
Will it penis
VIBE CHECK - 23 days ago
SuperProGamerSP - 24 days ago
4:53 “There’s some country’s where that’s probably a cool thing!”
Sweet home Alabama trap remix starts playing
Hamza Ramadan
Hamza Ramadan - 24 days ago
Chief Keith
Chief Keith - 25 days ago
Is the commentary by a 12 year old?
Ethan Miller
Ethan Miller - 25 days ago
the difference is that rhett knows what hes doing and link does it on accident
Timathor 2005
Timathor 2005 - 26 days ago
“will it penis” is one of the funniest thing I’ve ever heard, maybe the funniest
Kaitlyn J.
Kaitlyn J. - 26 days ago
"I dont know how that happened- you started rubbin between your legs-"
😂😂😂 oh my word...
Barrett Ryder
Barrett Ryder - 27 days ago
The Salmon Gods
The Salmon Gods - 27 days ago
It seems that link does it more because he does it accidentally a lot but rhett definitely does it more on purpose
Levo GAMES - 29 days ago
"Will it Penis?"
Highlight of the episode!
Mr. Memes
Mr. Memes - 29 days ago
You forgot the pain hole video
Peyton Ross
Peyton Ross - Month ago
"rhett and link being the gayest straight people to exist"
The Jersey Ninja
The Jersey Ninja - Month ago
That Beyoncé Red Lobster joke was cleeeean. The delivery was perfect lol
Justin Kim
Justin Kim - Month ago
When he said will it penis it killed me
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