Joe Rogan: I'm Leaning Toward UFOs Being Real

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Blake Green
Blake Green - 15 days ago
most people that see “sasquatch” are just grizzleys standing on their front legs
Arnold Dalby
Arnold Dalby - 24 days ago
The human race are thick as two short blanks of wood, Of course the universe is teeming with intelligent life. Nasa is looking for intelligent life on Earth and cannot find any. Haha.
SayNo 2PC
SayNo 2PC - 25 days ago
I guess the next question would be, if the government's world wide knew that aliens have visited and are currently visiting should they let the world know this? If yes why and if no why.
Kristijan Petrovic
Kristijan Petrovic - 27 days ago
Is that bam
Jason Ingram
Jason Ingram - 28 days ago
Element #115 now confirmed, and created by the exact process Bob detailed.
Good job Bob.
Wonder Woman 11
Wonder Woman 11 - 29 days ago
They are and aren't real.
Jason Witt
Jason Witt - Month ago
The Government wants everyone to believe UFOs are created by them, why because it makes the public believe that the Government is all powerful and there is no stopping them, meaning they can do whatever they want and you can't stop them. But the truth is that there are beings that are capable of stopping them and that scares the Government because they know the truth.
Major woody
Major woody - Month ago
Sasquatch is the REAL strongman🤟
Nathaniel Freyre
Nathaniel Freyre - Month ago
0:54-0:55 HMMMM *black ops 1 zombies sounds lol i also love how no one is talking about element 115 being part of the black ops zombie story... coincidence?
Oyvind Kleven
Oyvind Kleven - Month ago
The problem I have with the element 115 claim is that it was entirely predictable. Scientist have been creating new elements for decades, and steadily creating heavier and heavier elements. The periodic table keeps expanding. So, Bob Lazar knew that the element would eventually be discovered. It probably took a little longer than he had expected, but now he can say “hey, I reported this years ago! See, I was right!”. I think we’re up to element 118 or 119 now.
Jayson Perez
Jayson Perez - Month ago
Lol ufos are the government fucking with all you guys were already in contact with aliens .
Alexandra - Month ago
Please just get Richard Dolan on the podcast. He's the best and arguably the most credible speaker on UFOs. He's very evidence-based - not a fantasist or conspiracy theorist. It would make a fantastic podcast. Get him on along with George Knapp - they're probably friends.
Chris Davison
Chris Davison - Month ago
Knowing that element 115 was real, is like knowing that theres a house number 114 on a street and then guessing that theres a house number 114. Not surprising.
Lance Windsor
Lance Windsor - Month ago
Bigfoot does exist you just got to know where to look
Alaskaguyd - Month ago
We knew element 115 was possible long before 1990. Everything Bob Lazar talks about was known science before he claimed knowledge. In fact they gave element a placeholder name in the 1970's.
Tom Vardin
Tom Vardin - Month ago
My guess ? It was just a coincidence that radar could shoot them down, as it must have interfered with their drive.
We probably shot a half-dozen down before they got smart to it.
Now we've got an intergalactic mess on our hands.
Darrin J
Darrin J - Month ago
Joe not talking about ufo's Rogan.
Icontrolltheworld - Month ago
we should grow weed on mars.
DaffyDubz - Month ago
Let's take a moment of silence for the pick of destiny shout out!... Thank you lmao
Drift legend
Drift legend - Month ago
Joe “waiting for Bigfoot to knock on their zippers” Rogan
Mackenzie Tharpe
Mackenzie Tharpe - Month ago
Love joe but no
niesha patterson
niesha patterson - Month ago
What kind of vehicle looks like star but moves around like a house fly? Drones don't merge together!!!
Ancient Mysteries & Modern Innovations
Invade S4, you guys.
Shane Daniels
Shane Daniels - Month ago
Breaking news: A government scientist knew about an element before it got publicly announced. Therefore... anything else he says is true. Cause and effect.hey guys... I know my shoe size, so I also am telling the truth when I say Jesus is still alive, and lives in my basement. I can describe his beard if you want.
Jethro Furballs
Jethro Furballs - Month ago
The other squatches eat or hide the remains of the dead, otherwise the bones and decomposing flesh would signal their presence to any outside threats. If these things have managed to survive, they've had to have developed some strategies to prevent detection by humans, who are probably their only predators or threats in the state of nature. Other animals show some pretty complex survival strategies to mitigate predation in the state of nature, so I'd assume squatches wouldn't be any different. Not finding remains isn't necessarily evidence that there are not remains out there somewhere. They may also use the bones as tools or instruments, which is why those are not easy to find. It is possible there are bones out there in remote caves under large rocks, or buried under trees, or other places we're likely to never consider looking.
Spaceketeer Is in tha house
I believe if there was aliens we would have been eating them already. Alien lechon? Mmm
Alien taco con todo. I’ll take 4
James Flynn
James Flynn - Month ago
Dude is looking for bigfoot? He is bigfoot
The Doctor
The Doctor - Month ago
Finding Bigfoot was a farce, anyone who knew anything about Bigfoot knew that show was complete BS, its just for show.
The reason Les Stroud is a believer is because he has had his own encounter of sorts and has done research, the facts are overwhelming!
The Doctor
The Doctor - Month ago
Les Stroud? He hasn't lost his mind whatsoever, talk too the guy, find out for yourself.
Before Sasquatch was even on his mind the guy was out in the wild in a tent or making his own, the guys epic!
The Doctor
The Doctor - Month ago
Sasquatch is real, you haven't found a dead one because they won't allow a dead one to surface, the cost in hiding it is a lot smaller then the cost of it being known and all that crap that comes with it and the headaches, its common sense at this point, but they're real if you do your unbiased research Joe and stop focusing on mentally ill people who seem to be the only people you really want to focus on around the subject, which is odd for someone who wants to look at all the facts yet you don't.
Rizz - Month ago
UFO’s are just the Chineses’ more advanced tech it’s all a prank
Jack Bjork
Jack Bjork - Month ago
Mt. Rainier was the answer joe was looking for lol
Man I'll Probably regret this
Give me a break people are dumb as fuck, y'all get hung up on terminology it seems
Unidentified flying objects are real..
Its where there's something in the sky and they dont know what it is..the clue is in the name "unidentified "
Just because the government says ufos doesnt mean ALIENS
The Doctor
The Doctor - Month ago
I have done my research and ... then some and i can say absolutely ET's are real, i was sure to come at the subject unbiased, but the overwhelming evidence and quality of witness's above any and all BS, the outcome is greatly in the favor of ET interaction with the planet and the people here to be 100% accurate.
James Barron
James Barron - Month ago
I'm 99.9% percent sure after what my family and neighbors saw in the 70s. I don't believe in anything (bigfoots, ghost, lockness monsters) or anything like that. I'm a very sceptical person as was my family and neighbors. We all believe something much more intelligent than humans is watching us after that night. I wish I could see them again. I figured someday before I die I'd get see again what we saw that night. They looked exactly like stars they were so high up and moved at unbelievable speeds. They would immediately stop without slowing down and turn at right angles. I don't know how anything living could be inside of something that stops at those speeds. Best we counted was 7. It was difficult to count because they were all zigzagging independent of each other (no formation) There wasn't a cloud in the sky that night and we lived way out in the country away from any city lights. The skys seemed clearer back then before all this pollution and city lights. It was like they were putting on a show for humans to see. They shot off like a bullet after about 10 minutes of us watching them. To me it seems impossible because the habitable planets that can support life are so far away. If I hadn't seen that and you told me there are aliens I'd say your absolutely nuts and a UFO crackpot. I don't believe in boogeymen. There's something way smarter than us out there. They might have put us here for all we know. I still live in the country and 57 years old and look up on clear nights and just wish I could experience that again. My dad really got the UFO bug after seeing that. Him and the neighbor are the 2 that spotted them and he ran in the house telling us to hurry outside to see them. I think I was around 13 years old.
ChopStickZero - Month ago
Looking into Lazar and his claims, it all falls apart, even 115. Where its obtained, at what temp it degrades, usage, etc... And basically this is the only thing holding his WHOLE life story up. Propped up by one tiny tiny stick. Though he likes to hang onto the "hand scanning device" picture which is meaningless, he couldve gotten that anywhere in all his years of BS around.
Hunter Brown
Hunter Brown - Month ago
I think you made the wrong title of this video. It's "Joe Rogan Leaning Toward Bigfoot Being Real."
Pash Rash
Pash Rash - Month ago
Element 115 from call of duty 2
kai russell
kai russell - Month ago
Idk if I believe in bigfoot or not but " we haven't found a dead one " isn't a good enough reason. Say there's 400 of them, and they're nomadic. They're a relic population of previously thought extinct hominid and they're somewhat human. So Theyre intelligent, they bury their dead and are actively hiding from us 24/7. It's no where near impossible.
Ryan Myers
Ryan Myers - Month ago
Ufo's are real it aliens I'm on the fence about
ExotiC FrequencY
ExotiC FrequencY - Month ago
Joe Rogan you dumbass of course UFOs are real. 200 or 300 years from now the future generations will look back at this podcast and laugh their ass off cause of your arrogance and stupidity. These beings are interdimensional and are also telepathic. They are 100% real and far more ancient then us. They may even be time travelers. Read unacknowledged by Dr. Steven Greer. This man left his career in medicine to pursue disclosure on the UFO topic. The truth us being partly leaked but only partly due to the military industrial complex who are against humanity and who dont want the truth to be revealed.
Jayanth - Month ago
You mean a green flag?
Mike D
Mike D - Month ago
Damn he's a big boy!
stratgibson - Month ago
Being realistic & its a circle ,everybody wants a personal visitation whether its Big Foot or UFO,aint gonna happen,then the people that do see & change there mind & tell people & now are on the other side of the fence,its a circle, SMFH.... Big Foot & UFOs are seen worldwide over thousands of years.
Dark Sorcerer
Dark Sorcerer - Month ago
Joe “the trees are like a box of Q tips” Rogan
U down wit O.P.P
U down wit O.P.P - Month ago
UFO's are real. Just not vacuum of space lol
Douglas Smith
Douglas Smith - Month ago
Do you believe in UFOs? You know what, I want sasquatch to be real. What just happened?
Cesar Martinez
Cesar Martinez - Month ago
Look up Luis elizondo
Alvaro Morales
Alvaro Morales - Month ago
Element 115 was predicted in the late 1800's by the creator of periodic table of elements, Dmitri Mendeleev, along with other elements. It was also theorized, during that time, that it could be a stable element. Today, however, having found four variations of it, we know it's not.
Bob Lazar is a fraud. He's always been a fraud and he will always be a fraud. Do a little research, Joe. "How'd he know about 115?" Smh...
salmonilaUK - Month ago
Advertisement is rough
Lord Humungus
Lord Humungus - Month ago
"I'm leaning towards believing in whatever they want us to believe" :Joe Rogan
LOL lmao
LOL lmao - Month ago
Fucking this
ReapersReign 87
ReapersReign 87 - Month ago
Unidentified flying objects.... ... .seriously read the definition..... if your first conclusion is aliens when you can't identify what something is, then you clearly do not use your brain at all.
VA HOSS - Month ago
Joe believes that there are little beings flying around space at 1 million miles per hour, but no way there could still be an animal walking the earth, that was proven to have lived 100k years ago. I don't believe in either, just saying that aliens are a farther stretch than bigfoot
N7 Soldier Adrenaline Rush
The native Americans believe Bigfoot is a supernatural creature that can disappear and reappear anytime it wants. Who knows maybe Bigfoot was an alien experiment they dropped on our planet. 👽
Luke Hayward
Luke Hayward - Month ago
they are real but If they could get here from the planet there tech is way beyond us and how do we no they havent got cloaking devices or anything
Eli Schroeder
Eli Schroeder - Month ago
That mf is a Sasquatch 😂
Mikra B
Mikra B - Month ago
I'm leaning towards the fact that your F.....G RETARDED. A sold soul. Enjoy your fall Joe f... you.
Clary Carrier
Clary Carrier - Month ago
I love Joe, but he has no idea that not only did science long know element 115 had to exist, it doesn’t function at all in the way lazar claims. It’s not stable and it can’t be made stable.
Xan Ax
Xan Ax - Month ago
Wonder what kind of drugs aliens have
Billy Tinajero
Billy Tinajero - Month ago
Area 51 distracts you from DMT
Chaor 1123
Chaor 1123 - Month ago
If your interested in this stuff a less crazy story than Lazar is the UFOs over kazakhstan apparently there insanely frequent over there and they have had some tv shows (destination truth and the like) actually see them and have them classed as unidentifiable by experts apparently, those foo fighters are all over
50GummedPapers - Month ago
Ok Action Bronson is a believer. Way to go!
Andrew TheDrew
Andrew TheDrew - Month ago
Bigfoot in strongman competition
Tommy 2pieceYa
Tommy 2pieceYa - Month ago
Let me tell you all something, it's the fact that the government tried to erase his past that should tell you all everything. You know how many weirdos are out there claiming ridiculous things and the government could give two shits and a f***... Think about that, they literally erased his past on top of him knowing about Element 115, the hand scanners, the flight schedule, and everything else.. You see that's the problem though unless the government comes out and tells you it's true you're going to have doubts because people trust in the word of our government like they trust in the word of God.
tzetzo - Month ago
Sasquatch, total bull crap , but aliens are real! ??? Doesn’t make sense
Satan's Work
Satan's Work - Month ago
Do they don't know what Periodic table is... I just dig some alien shit in my backyard, it's made of element 121. Now just wait till nerds synthesize it annnnnd boom, I'm telling the truth.
A Dog's Human
A Dog's Human - Month ago
Why did I have dreams of other beings when I was a child before I ever watched TV or even could read?
Olympia Lowlife
Olympia Lowlife - Month ago
Mount Rainer Joe!
Olympia Lowlife
Olympia Lowlife - Month ago
My friend was a location producer on Finding Bigfoot and I asked him if he believes in Bigfoot and he said FUCK NO!
Sir_Drastic - Month ago
The most credible bigfoot encounter I heard suggests anyone who's seen a Sasquatch is lucky if they live to tell about it.
T M - Month ago
The other problem is the military can do nothing. These craft vilolate our airspace with impunity!!
T M - Month ago
They are real and have been here for decades! The problem Joe is that this is a matter of national security hence why it's top secret. The military s stance is to deny! 70 years of denials!!
jvyeknom - Month ago
It's Cain
knewdles - Month ago
Sasquatch is - a living DNA test rig/humanoid platform -that can vanish/abducted - whenever any human gets too close to it..
It's area is- monitored intently by off world species.Testing lungs & the eyes as well as food/digestion, then off worlders can have approved organs implanted - that will help them survive here.. or anywhere..
( I often joke about the fish-squatch too..) If a living test rig was being studied - they have the Sasquatch platform "on a string."-to reel it in if we arrive.
Denis Black
Denis Black - Month ago
Why would they be more advanced?)) we are living in a 100% technocracy and dont give a fuck about anything else... we are the aliens, joe we are the aliens
Jordan Baldwin
Jordan Baldwin - Month ago
Bigfoot is real and they aren’t stupid... they burry their dead 🤷🏼‍♂️
Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams - Month ago
Bigfoot is real boys. Check out Dyatlov pass. It's been well documented.. there was also a cover up after mount etna erupted. The army went in to recover the bodys. And they bury there own too by the way.
ders brain
ders brain - Month ago
Dustin from stranger things sure grew into himself
Wrench - Month ago
So now Joes back to believing about aliens.
ALVA 45k
ALVA 45k - Month ago
Minus well talk about the missing 411 with Paulides
Protobot - Month ago
The Bob lazar doc made me more skeptical. I watched Joes interview and expected to get MORE info from the doc, but it was honestly shit. There was less information and just alot of hearsay. It was so over the top with voice distortion and shit. They even had a scene where they went out to the forest and discarded their phones to talk, and then filmed the whole thing, but DIDNT SHOW YOU THE FOOTAGE.... why include that in the doc if you arent going to tell us what was said? That doc is shit.
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